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Frames completely unique to your little one.



A flexible and firm fit.

Tomato Glasses are made from non-toxic FDA approved Swiss-sourced TR90 which allows for their stability. The sturdy material is specifically designed to ensure that the frames are flexible, display strong elasticity and are incredibly durable. If any breakage occurs, individual parts can be replaced instead of the whole frame.


Adjustable nosepiece.

All Tomato Glasses have three different nose pad height settings to accommodate for every sized nose. For children with more solid nose bridges, the nose pad can also be removed completely for a comfortable fit.

The Baby range is more specialised and sports five different nose pad settings.


Comfortable and light.

Weighing between 6g to 9g, Tomato Glasses are very lightweight which makes these frames comfortable for sensitive faces. The soft ear tips are designed specifically to mimic the curvature of the ear which prevents uncomfortable pressure on the back of the head. Tomato Glasses are also soft enough for young children to sleep in.

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A detachable headband.

Tomato Glasses include a detachable headband which can easily and securely be attached at the back of the ear tips. The headband is adjustable and soft enough to be worn with children who are particularly sensitive to any pressure on the back of the head.

The headband also allows children to wear these glasses as sports glasses, as a substitute for goggles.


Adjustable temples.

Temple lengths are specially made to be adjusted and tailor-fitted to each child when they receive their glasses. However, we understand that children (and their faces) grow - so these glasses are made to grow with the child. Temple lengths are designed to be moved backwards, lengthened and then re-secured.


A take home tool kit.

Tomato Glasses equips you with your very own ‘fix-it’ kit for any at-home breakages. Each kit includes:

  • 2 x spare nosepads

  • 1 x headband

  • 2 x spare ear tips

  • 1 x screwdriver

  • spare screws

Parents or carers are also able to make any adjustments at home to lengthen temples or remove nose pads.



Frames We Carry

Dear Families,

Due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, we are forced to postpone all appointments through at least May 15, 2020.

When will we reopen?   Right now, June 1st, 2020 is our tentative date to start seeing patients again. This may be moved up or pushed back, depending on circumstances.  We know many families are anxiously waiting.

Our optical shop is open by appointment only.  Please navigate to our website’s optical page for details on how to schedule an optical shop visit.

In the meantime, we are working hard at figuring out how to make an office visit as safe as possible for all involved – patients, staff and our doctors. Eye exams present unique challenges, as they necessitate close face to face distance, and therefore are especially risky in terms of virus spread.

Going forward, we anticipate reducing the number of appointments per day to avoid crowding, limiting visits to one parent & child (no siblings), requiring pre-visit screening and temperature checks, and other measures.  Parents and children who are old enough will be required to bring and wear face coverings.

We are going to do our best to try and accommodate as many requests for appointments as possible, and hope to extend our hours to ease the current backlog.  Please understand that our staff and doctors face certain limitations like everyone else.  Have patience if we cannot see you as soon as you desire.

If your child has a true eye emergency that cannot wait, please call our office and leave a message with our answering service. One of us will return your call. If you have a non-urgent medical question about your child’s eyes or glasses, please email us at [email protected].

Where appropriate, our doctors may be able to do a telemedicine visit.

Thank you.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Pediatric Eye Associates, LLC

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Why I chose Tomato Glasses?

Well, I have written many a times about the M that’s stuck with me since childhood – Myopia what else?! Big thick glasses and weird looking Spectacle Frames was a harsh reality of my childhood. Finally I got my Lasik done and freed myself to an extent from the crutches of Myopia. Now my kids also have Myopia. Sigh, and the cycle continues…

Ortho-K, Kids’ lens are a few options that I have tried for my girl and they work well but still we always keep our specs handy because nothing is more reliable than a good spectacle. Agree?

Thanks to technology and fashion by innovative ventures like Tomato Glasses Spectacle Frames, my kids can still look smart and stylish with their glasses on. Read on and Don’t forget to join the giveaway at the end of this post.


I wanted to get a new specs for Shrihaan and was searching for a few options – especially frame – we wanted a frame that looks beautiful and most importantly fits well and doesn’t hurt. Kids skin is so sensitive and I absolutely hate to see redness and scars of wearing specs that kids get after prolonged wearing of specs.

How it works?

Just shop for your favorite from these optical shops! Alternatively, get your favorite Tomato Glasses Spectacle frame from their website and visit these optical shops for getting it fit for your kids.

Designed & Manufactured in South Korea by a father for his son who needed glasses, are comfortable, colourful and practical frames expertly constructed for babies and children in mind!


Offering features such as adjustable cable temples for different lengths and adjustable bridge heights to fit any nose, better vision for your child starts today with these multi-award winning frames. Here are my main reasons for opting for Tomato Glasses.

Firm and Non-toxic

The glass frames are made using non-toxic materials that are approved by the FDA. The frames are very flexible, display excellent elasticity and do not break easily. With naughty kids on hand this feature is such a must!


Well-Fitting Frames

Can you guess the weight of Tomato Glasses frames? only 6 to 9 grams!!! There is a cushion on the tip of the frames that matches the complex curves of the ears and will not create pressure points.



Shrihaan’s nose is yet to be fully developed to have a nice shape and that causes his specs to slip down again and again. With Tomato Glasses, the bridge of the glasses matches the curve of the nose and therefore holds the glasses comfortably in place.

Adjustable Temple Lengths and Adjustable Nose Pad Heights

I loved these features because they make Tomato Glasses so flexible. It is easy and simple to adjust the length of the temples. To shorten them, remove the ear tip and cut off the excess length. Replace ear tips and secure these in position using the screws. To lengthen the temples, pull the ear tips back and secure in place with the screws.


The nose pads can be attached to three points of the frame and five points on the baby range frames. As every child’s face is unique, this feature allows the correct placement and height to be achieved for each child.

Available for Babies, Kids and Teens/Adults

There are lots of frames by Tomato Glasses for babies, kids and adults. All look very colorful, aesthetically classy and should suit all types of faces. Unfortunately, even babies and very young kids get eye issues and these frames will be saviours for such cases.

Head Strap

Kids who wear specs are often stopped from jumping and running because the specs can fall and break. What I liked about Tomato Glasses is the head strap that provides security when running and jumping. Active kids and kids with sensitive ears will be greatly benefited with this feature.

Check out more about Tomato Glasses here:

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Phone: +65 6514 0730 (Singapore/Malaysia)
Email: [email protected]

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How to use Tomato Glasses - By Eleven2Six

Glasses designed to be tailor-fitted to every face

1 - A Firm Design

Tomato Glasses are made of strong, non-toxic materials which are approved by the FDA. The sturdy Swiss-sourced TR90 ensures the frames are flexible, display brilliant elasticity and are extremely durable - making these frames the perfect for those with a love for adventure.

2 - A Comfortable Fit

Weighing between 6g to 9g, Tomato Glasses are incredibly light which makes them particularly more comfortable to those with sensitive faces. The ear tips on the end of the frames are soft and designed to mimc the curvature of the ears, preventing uncomfortable pressure on the back of the head.

3 - An Adjustable Make

Tomato Glasses are made to fit each and every individual child through adjustable temple lengths and nosepad settings.

Temple lengths are made to be adjusted to fit the child when they receive their glasses. However, as the child grows the temples can be moved backwards and re-secured in order to grow with them.

The three different nosepad settings allow them to be raised or lowered according to the child’s nose bridge. Alternatively, the nosepads do not have to be worn dependent on the most comfortable fit.

The Baby Range has a unique nosebridge with five adjustable height settings.

4 - A Detachable Headstrap

Whilst a number of children do not require the headstrap due to the soft temples, a headstrap comes as a part of the standard package with every pair of Tomato Glasses. This headstrap locks into the temple tip and can be removed, allowing some children to wear the strap permenantly, others occasionally (for outdoor activities or sports) whilst others will not need to wear it at all. The headstrap is also adjustable.

5 - Your own Take-Home “Fix-It” Kit

Each pair of Tomato Glasses comes with it’s own take-home toolbox, consisting of:

  • two spare nosepads

  • two spare temple tips

  • spare screws

  • a screwdriver.

This kit is perfect for those bound-to-happen breakages as well as it allows parents to perform simple adjustments to lengthen temples or change nosepads and temple tips without the hassle of making your way to our store.


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