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About Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum Stores has been selling Electrolux vacuum units for decades. We carry several Electrolux Central Vacuum System units and everything you need for your Electrolux central vacuum system. Check out our selection of Electrolux central vacuums including the Electrolux QuietClean Central Vacuum Units. We also carry all the Electrolux central vacuum attachment sets, G\garage kits for Electrolux, accessories for Electrolux, Electrolux filters, hoses for Electrolux, and replacement motors for your Electrolux Central Vacuum system. Central Vacuum Stores is an Electrolux vacuum authorized dealer. Always be sure to purchase from an Authorized Electrolux Dealer so you have the weight of the manufacturer behind your product and warranty.

About The Electrolux Company

There is no doubt that Electrolux is a leader in manufacturing household appliances. They sell more than 40 million products each year. The company has been known for their innovations and their listening to their customers' needs to create what the consumer is asking for. Electrolux central vacuum systems are no exception. They are designed with the consumer in mind and live up to the Electrolux reputation. Electrolux manufactures refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and cookers under the brands of Electrolux, AEG-Electrolux, Eureka and Frigidaire. In 2009, Electrolux sold 109 billion and has 51,000 employees.

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How a Vacuum Motor Works

All Electrolux units used permanently sealed motors in their main collection unit. They require no lubrication or oiling. Routine maintenance for typical residential usage should include checking the motor brushes approximately every five years. While checking the motor brushes, make sure the center motor shaft is solid and has no play or wobble. If it does, the bearings are going out and the motor will need to be replaced. If the motor brushes are worn to 3/16 inch long, replace the motor brushes.

If the unit does not have any paper or cloth bag filtration, then a certain volume of debris may accumulate on the motor's internal fan blades. This is not easy to remove and any attempt to remove it has the high possibility of offsetting the balance of the fans. An imbalanced fan causes premature motor failure on the motor bearings.

Here are instructions for checking and replacing vacuum motor brushes. Motor brushes conduct electricity into the motor while touching the center shaft. Over time, they wear down. If they wear all the way down, they can damage the motor.

Click on the image above to understand how a vacuum motor works.

Motor Replacement

Electrolux Vacuum Motor Replacement Help

You have a couple of options when it comes time to replace the motor on your Electrolux Central Vacuum. Contact a local dealer for service, or consider doing it yourself. Motors on the Electrolux vacuum have a few fasteners and wires that need to be unattached, then reattached on the new motor. It should take less than one hour to change your motor(s). Here is a quick "how-to" change your motor:

  1. Use the Electrolux Motor Replacement Parts Chart to find the right replacement motor for your Electrolux model. When your new motor arrives, take some photos of your original motor so you remember how it was wired and secured.
  2. Turn off the circuit breaker or unplug the central vacuum unit.
  3. Access the motor by releasing the outer housing (usually a few screws around the perimeter). Remove the motor and unclip the motor wires from the components.

    Note: Your new motor may not have the correct wire ends. If that is the case, we recommend cutting the wires from the old motor and wire nutting the new motor wire to the old motor wire. Using the original wire with the correct end to attach to the components makes your job a lot simpler and the connections safe and secure.

Note that a motor may have many numbers on it, but typically the complete motor number starts with "11" followed by 4 more numbers and maybe a dash with two more numbers (e.g. 115334-00). Years ago, they didn't put the complete part number on the motor.

For more information, see our detailed Electrolux Motor Replacement Instructions.

Motor Brushes

Electrolux Motor Brush Help

The Electrolux motor has two carbon brushes in each motor that wear down but can be replaced before they damage the motor. Electrolux motor brushes should be checked every five years in typical residential applications and should be replaced if the 3/4 inch-long solid carbon "brush" is worn down to anywhere near 3/16 inch. Here are instructions for Checking and replacing vacuum motor brushes. Motor brushes conduct electricity into the motor while touching the center shaft. To find the replacement motor brush for your Electrolux Central Vacuum, type the motor replacement number (not brand model number) in the search box and the motor brush will come up in the search result; instructions are on the motor brush page.

Know that the Electrolux motor may go bad for other reasons, such as bad bearings or dust build-up in the motor (both are not repairable). If your motor brush doesn't show up under your original motor model number, replace the motor, not the motor brush.

Sours: https://builtinvacuum.com/parts/electrolux/maintenance/
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Popular Questions and Anwsers for Electrolux

Why Won't My Electrolux Central Vacuum Start?

Unit quit and will not turn on. Power is available and the 24v system shows a green light at the entrance to the base unit. The model # is E130G, Serial# J20612G. Unit is 3 yr old. John, Savannah, GA

Hi, do you hear a click when you try to start it? If all you hear is a click, you need a new motor. You can find the motor needed for your model by looking for it on our Filters, Motors & Parts for Electrolux Central Vacuum page.

Why Won't My Electrolux Central Vacuum Shut Off?

The system won't shut off. We have to completely unplug the entire system to stop the suction.

Use our Electrolux central vacuum troubleshooting guide above to get started on the fix.

Why Is My Electrolux Vacuum's Bag Sensor Light On After Replacement?

My Aerus shuts off and the bag full light comes on. However, the bag is not full.

Consider disconnecting the wires that run to the filter. You can leave them undone and the unit will continue to function normally.

Why Does My Electrolux Vacuum Head Turn On and Off?

Electrolux power nozzles turns on and off. I have an Electrolux Aerus Lux 5500. The canister is working fine and I replaced the hose about one month ago. However, the power nozzle will turn on and off as you try to vacuum. The brush works fine. Do I need to replace the whole power nozzle or can I replace something like the cord or breaker? My name is Betty and I'm from South Salem, NY

Typically, an intermittent on/off issue has to do with a connection between the vacuum head and the hose handle. Carefully hold everything still while it is operating and then jiggle, pull, push, and twist each connection area to see if you can find the problem. Even test the hose as it enters the hose handle. From there, you can come up with the best solution.

Sours: https://builtinvacuum.com/parts/electrolux/flowchart/
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How to Maintain and Service your Beam Central Vacuum System


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