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In 2005, Cassini-Huygens will be the first spacecraft to put probe on a world in the outer Solar System - on the surface of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. The data from ESA's Huygens probe may offer clues about how life began on Earth. Huygens is currently in space, hitching a ride on NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a collaboration between ESA and NASA, and has revolutionised modern astronomy by making many new discoveries. The James Webb Space Telescope will be the successor to Hubble, almost three times as big, and able to study the very distant Universe and look for the first stars and galaxies that ever emerged.

Keep checking our Downloads page for more fantastic images, screensavers and models of current and future ESA Science spacecraft!

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This collection presents the theme of Hubble Space. You can choose the image format you need and install it on absolutely any device, be it a smartphone, phone, tablet, computer or laptop. Also, the desktop background can be installed on any operation system: MacOX, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS and many others. We provide wallpapers in formats 4K - UFHD(UHD) 3840 × 2160 2160p, 2K 2048×1080 1080p, Full HD 1920x1080 1080p, HD 720p 1280×720 and many others.


  1. Tap the Home button.
  2. Tap and hold on an empty area.
  3. Tap Wallpapers.
  4. Tap a category.
  5. Choose an image.
  6. Tap Set Wallpaper.


  1. To change a new wallpaper on iPhone, you can simply pick up any photo from your Camera Roll, then set it directly as the new iPhone background image. It is even easier. We will break down to the details as below.
  2. Tap to open Photos app on iPhone which is running the latest iOS. Browse through your Camera Roll folder on iPhone to find your favorite photo which you like to use as your new iPhone wallpaper. Tap to select and display it in the Photos app. You will find a share button on the bottom left corner.
  3. Tap on the share button, then tap on Next from the top right corner, you will bring up the share options like below.
  4. Toggle from right to left on the lower part of your iPhone screen to reveal the “Use as Wallpaper” option. Tap on it then you will be able to move and scale the selected photo and then set it as wallpaper for iPhone Lock screen, Home screen, or both.


  1. From a Finder window or your desktop, locate the image file that you want to use.
  2. Control-click (or right-click) the file, then choose Set Desktop Picture from the shortcut menu. If you're using multiple displays, this changes the wallpaper of your primary display only.

If you don't see Set Desktop Picture in the shortcut menu, you should see a submenu named Services instead. Choose Set Desktop Picture from there.

Windows 10

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Type “background” and then choose Background settings from the menu.
  3. In Background settings, you will see a Preview image. Under Background there is a drop-down list.
    1. Choose “Picture” and then select or Browse for a picture.
    2. Choose “Solid color” and then select a color.
    3. Choose “Slideshow” and Browse for a folder of pictures.
  4. Under Choose a fit, select an option, such as “Fill” or “Center”.

Windows 7

  1. Right-click a blank part of the desktop and choose Personalize.
    The Control Panel’s Personalization pane appears.
  2. Click the Desktop Background option along the window’s bottom left corner.
  3. Click any of the pictures, and Windows 7 quickly places it onto your desktop’s background.
    Found a keeper? Click the Save Changes button to keep it on your desktop. If not, click the Picture Location menu to see more choices. Or, if you’re still searching, move to the next step.
  4. Click the Browse button and click a file from inside your personal Pictures folder.
    Most people store their digital photos in their Pictures folder or library.
  5. Click Save Changes and exit the Desktop Background window when you’re satisfied with your choices.
    Exit the program, and your chosen photo stays stuck to your desktop as the background.
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The best Hubble Space Telescope images of all time!

(Image credit: Left: E. Persson/Las Campanas Observatory/Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington; Right: NASA/ESA/STScI)

Before Hubble could start capturing incredible pictures of the universe, the telescope's first order of business was to test out its instruments and make sure everything was in working order. On the right is the first image Hubble ever took, which focused on the 8.2-magnitude star HD96755 in the star cluster NGC 3532. On the left is an image of the same patch of the sky taken by a ground-based telescope.

The image, taken using Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera and released May 20, 1990, demonstrate Hubble's improved visibility compared with observatories on Earth, where the atmosphere can obstruct the view. It was also intended to help with focusing the telescope.

"Even accounting for the aberration in Hubble's mirror, the space telescope's image (right) offers more clarity than what was generally possible with ground-based observations," NASA said in a statement. 

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The Best Pictures Ever Taken by The Hubble Telescope

Wallpaper: M82, the Cigar Galaxy

To celebrate the Hubble Space Telescope's 16 years of success, the two space agencies involved in the project, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), are releasing this image of the magnificent starburst galaxy, Messier 82 (M82). This mosaic image is the sharpest wide-angle view ever obtained of M82. The galaxy is remarkable for its bright blue disk, webs of shredded clouds, and fiery-looking plumes of glowing hydrogen blasting out of its central regions.

Throughout the galaxy's center, young stars are being born 10 times faster than they are inside our entire Milky Way Galaxy. The resulting huge concentration of young stars carved into the gas and dust at the galaxy's center. The fierce galactic superwind generated from these stars compresses enough gas to make millions of more stars.

In M82, young stars are crammed into tiny but massive star clusters. These, in turn, congregate by the dozens to make the bright patches, or "starburst clumps," in the central parts of M82. The clusters in the clumps can only be distinguished in the sharp Hubble images. Most of the pale, white objects sprinkled around the body of M82 that look like fuzzy stars are actually individual star clusters about 20 light-years across and contain up to a million stars.

The rapid rate of star formation in this galaxy eventually will be self-limiting. When star formation becomes too vigorous, it will consume or destroy the material needed to make more stars. The starburst then will subside, probably in a few tens of millions of years.

Located 12 million light-years away, M82 appears high in the northern spring sky in the direction of the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear. It is also called the "Cigar Galaxy" because of the elliptical shape produced by the oblique tilt of its starry disk relative to our line of sight.

The observation was made in March 2006, with the Advanced Camera for Surveys' Wide Field Channel. Astronomers assembled this six-image composite mosaic by combining exposures taken with four colored filters that capture starlight from visible and infrared wavelengths as well as the light from the glowing hydrogen filaments.


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