Pool valves diagram

Pool valves diagram DEFAULT

How A Swimming Pool Works

Pool water moves in a continuous cycle driven by the pump. Equipped with an electric motor, the pump has an impeller that drives water through the skimmers (found at the top of a pool) and the sumps (found at the bottom of a pool) take it to the filter. The clean, filtered water is then piped through the return nozzles (a series of small valves placed around the pool).

AstralPool has introduced the Viron XT variable-speed pump range. The pumps have an incredible nine-star energy efficiency, plus fast mode and overdrive functionality, making it an extremely powerful and efficient pool filter.

Diagram of a swimming pools inner workings

To prevent the pump from becoming clogged, the water first passes through a basket-like pre-filter made from plastic. This is in order to catch leaves and other debris that are large enough to block the system or the pump.

From the pump, the water then reaches the filtration system where most small particles of dirt are removed. The water passes through a filter bed of fine sand or glass particles. These particles trap even very fine particles of dirt but allow water to come out the other side. This sparkling clean filtered water then re-enters the pool through the outlet pipe. However, over time the filter bed will accumulate increasing levels of dirt, so will need replacing every one or two years.

The filtration system removes debris that bacteria and algae feed on. This is paired with sanitisation - the other core function of your pool system - to keep your pool clean and attractive. Sanitisation directly destroys the bacteria and algae that enter your pool. An automatic and cost-effective sanitiser is to install a chlorinator, as in the diagram. Chlorinators continuously measure and dose the correct amount of chlorine into your pool, keeping your pool safe, healthy and looking fantastic.

Now the basic components of pools have been covered, but there are two other major components that can be highly beneficial for your pool system.

The first of these is Robotic Pool Cleaners. These machines move over the pool floor cleaning in an intelligent programmatic way. They dramatically reduce pool maintenance and hence have become a mainstay amongst pool owners.

Secondly, many pool owners use heating systems in order to get more out of their pool throughout the year. AstralPool makes two types of pool heater that are both very energy-efficient: our gas heaters and inverter heater pumps..

Sours: https://www.astralpool.com.au/how-swimming-pool-works

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_ecr.ecorebates1017318 = ["SPX0720B","SPX0720P2","SPX0720PE2","SPX0722B7","SPX0722C7","SPX0722D","SPX0722D2","SPX0722ES7","SPX0722ET7","SPX0722F","SPX0722GH","SPX0722P2","SPX0722US","SPX0723ET7","SPX0724C","SPX0724GA","SPX0724J","SPX0727D","SPX0727E","SPX0727H","SPX0727J","SPX0727K","SPX0727M","SPX0727XZ1","SPX0728D","SPX0728H","SPX0733B","SPX0733BA","SPX0733CA","SPX0733D","SPX0733E","SPX0733H","SPX0733J","SPX0733Z1","SPX0733Z1A","SPX0733Z2A","SPX0733Z3A","SPX0735B","SPX0735C","SPX0735D","SPX0735E","SPX0735F","SPX0735GA","SPX0735GH","SPX0735P2"];

Sours: https://www.hayward-pool.com/shop/en/pools/replacement-parts-ball-valves
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Florida Solar Design Group

Pool Plumbing with Solar Pool Heater Explained

A typical pool plumbing system with solar pool heating.

How Swimming Pool Valves Work

With so many people moving to Florida and owning their first pool, it’s not surprising that a majority of pool owners are baffled by their swimming pool plumbing system. When we endeavor to add solar pool heating, the plumbing at the pool equipment pad becomes a bit more complex, but it’s not too hard to understand your plumbing and valves once you understand which way the water flows through each pipe. In this article we attempt to explain the basics of how pool valves work with solar pool heating, and what all of the plumbing does.

When you have a solar pool heater, valves can be broken down into three groups.

  • Pool Suction Valves – these valves control pipes that suck water out of your pool.
  • Solar Valve Manifold – these valves divert water to solar panels, or stop water from entering solar panels.
  • Pool Return Valves – these valves control through which jets and features water is returned to the pool.

Diagrams of Pool Valves with Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heat Plumbing Drawing
Top View
Solar Pool Heat Plumbing Schematic
Side View


  1. Suction Valves

The suction valves control from where water comes into your pump. You can tell which valves are the suction valves because they enter the pump horizontally. The vertical pipe out of the pump is for water coming out of the pump — the discharge side of the pump. Typical suction valves include main drain(s), skimmer(s), suction cleaner(s) (vacuums), and spa suction for pool/spa combinations. These are all of the places that water can be drawn out of your pool.

  1. Pool Pump

Your pool pump circulates water through the filter, solar panels, auxiliary heater, and chlorination system (not pictured). The pump can be a single speed, two-speed, or variable speed pump model, and it is sized to provide adequate water circulation and filtration for your pool and pool features.

  1. Pool Filter

The pool filter takes physical contaminants out of your pool. This may be a cartridge filter (most common), sand filter, or diatomaceous earth filter.

  1. Solar Valve Manifold
    Solar Pool Heating Valves Close Up

    4a. Filter Check Valve
    4b. Solar Diverter Valve (aka 3-way valve, bypass valve, solar valve)
    4c. Solar Isolation Valve
    4d. Solar Return Check Valve

Every well designed solar pool heating system should include four valves for proper directional control, diversion, and isolation.

The first check valve, which allows water to flow only one direction) prevents water from back washing the filter into your pool. When the pump turns off, water drops from the roof mounted solar collectors, and if this check valve was not present, debris in your filter would go back to your pool through the suction plumbing.

The solar diverter valve controls whether water goes up to the solar panels or goes back to the pool without entering the solar panels. There is (should be) a tiny hole in this valve that allows water to drain back to the pool when the pump shuts off. The water drains through the hole and back to the pool through the return plumbing This hold is small enough that only a small amount of water can pass through it when the valve is in the closed position.

The solar isolation valve prevents any water from entering the solar panels. This is important for service purposes and to positively isolate your emptied solar panels when not in use for extended periods of time. Remember that the solar diverter valve has a small hole in it, so without this valve there would be no way to prevent all water from entering the solar panels.

The return check valve allows water to only come down from the roof in this plumbing line. This stops water from going up the return line when the solar diverter valve is in the off position and your solar pool heater is not operating.

Note that this valve manifold may be flipped left to right with the solar diverter valve on the right side depending on the location of the solar panels relative to the pool equipment.

  1. Auxiliary Heater (optional)

Your pool may already have a gas heater or electric heat pump pool heater before you install your solar energy system, or an auxiliary heater may be installed to supplement solar heating depending on your particular circumstance. The auxiliary heater is completely optional with solar pool heaters, but most people with a spa want a traditional heater to quickly heat a spa on demand.

  1. Pool Return Valves

These valves control where water is returned the the pool. The valves can turn on and off the side jets, fountains, waterfalls, bubblers, therapy jets, spa spillovers, and other pool water features.

Pool Plumbing Valve Operation

Pool circulation during normal operation.

Your pool may have a different plumbing and valve configuration, and pools with lots of features can be quite complicated. Pools with attached spas will also have additional 3-way valves to control the spa operation (see below). Some pools only have a single suction and/or single return line, and some suction and return lines may not have valves on them at all. Also, some suction and return valve manifolds may use 3-way valves to reduce the number of valves required and provide extra functionality in selecting a water source or feature return. Valves can also be used to control the flow through features, like the height of a fountain.

Solar Pool Heater Plumbing with Spa

Solar Pool Heater Plumbing with Spa

In the above diagram, there is a 3-way valve on the suction side and the return side that controls spa operation. When the spa is being used, the typical desired configuration is to isolate the spa so the pump only draws water from the spa and returns all of that water to the spa only without a spillover. That way you can heat the spa independently from the pool and maximize the flow rate through the spa jets. In the valve configuration above the pool is in normal operating mode, drawing water from the pool only and returning water to both the spa and another pool jet or feature. This way the pool owner can circulate the spa and pool simultaneously and have a nice spa spillover effect.

Pool plumbing systems are as diverse as the pool builders who build them. You will see all kinds of different valve and plumbing configuration based on the budget, installer skill, philosophy, components, and overall system design. Even solar pool heating manifolds differ. For example, some installers prefer the diverter valve on the return line.

We have explained pool valves with solar pool heating systems. If you have questions specific to your pool equipment, post your comments below and we will do our best to help you!

Sours: https://floridasolardesigngroup.com/pool-valves-with-solar-pool-heating-explained/
How to Read a Spool Valve Schematic Drawing

Pentair Pool Products Parts Diagrams

Pentair Pool Products is a leader in the pool industry, Over the years Pentair has purchased a number fo companies including American Pool Products, Pac Fab, Purex, Rainbow, Sta-rite and others.

Pentair Manual Pool Cleaners

Rainbow Mini-Vac, Model 204 Spa Vac

Pentair Pool Cleaners

Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaners Before 1994

Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner After 1993

Kreepy Krauly Model 2000

Kreepy Krauly Accessories 1994- 1999

Kreepy Krauly Accessories 2000


Pentair Pool Filters

Pentair FNS Plus Filter
Pentair Nautilus FNS Filter
Pentair Tagelus Filters
Pentair Triton TR100C, TR140C Commercial Filters
Pentair Triton II Filters

Pentair Pool Filter Valves

Pentair, Multiport Valve 261124,261185, 261177,261173,261055,2611152

Pentair Multiport Valves, Models 50150111 and 50160111

Pentair Products Multiport Valves, Models 50115100, 50118100,50118200, 50118300

Pentair 2 Inch Multiport Valve

Pentair Pool Heaters


Pentair Pool Pumps

Americana Pump

American II Pump

Challenger Pump

Dynamo Pool Pump

Eagle Pool Pumps

Pinnacle Pump

SuperFlo Pump

Ultra Pump

Pentair Whisperflo Pump

Pentair Whisperflo Pump Motors

Pentair Valves

Ortega 90 Degree Valve Parts
Ortega Staight Through Valve Parts
Ortega Check Valves
Pentair 2 Inch HiFlow Valve
Pentair Multiport Valves

Sours: https://www.mypool.com/Parts-Diagrams/pentair-parts-diagrams.asp

Diagram pool valves

Help me understand this basic Pool & Spa Combination plumbing diagram?

The below diagram is from http://www.poolcenter.com/plumbingSchematics and is described as follows:

Basic Pool & Spa Combination Plumbing Diagram

  • 4 Jandy 3 way valves
  • 1 Jandy 2 way valve
  • 1 Jandy Check valve
  • 2 Jandy Valve Actuators

Common pool plumbing layout for the pool/ spa combo design with shared pool & spa heater and controller.

My question is:

What is the purpose of the horizontal connection from the to the via the ?

There is already a route via the and to the return.

If you wanted to configure the system to pump to "spa only"... you'd want everything going through the , right?

You wouldn't want leakage to the , and you wouldn't want water going past the ?

enter image description here

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How To Understand Pool Valves

The 7 Pool Multiport Valve Positions (Settings Diagram)

Caring for your pool water can be a convoluted process at times. You’ll need to understand each part of the pool, and how they work in unison to provide clean water for swimming.

One important component in pools is the multiport valve. This pool valve is connected to your pool filter, directing water flow.

What makes pool multiport valves so crucial to your pool system? Let’s explore.

Your Valve May Vary

Even though there are 3 types of pool filters (sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth/DE), multiport valves are only used on sand and DE filters.

The tanks have a top opening where this valve is inserted and connected, although sometimes the valve is connected to the side of the tank. The valve comes with a handle which allows you to rotate it to multiple positions, depending on how you want to direct the flow of water in your pool system.

However, not all valves are the same.

Some can have up to 7 different positional modes to choose from, whereas 6 is more common due to the inclusion of a “Winterize” mode to be used during the cold months.

7 Multiport Valve Positions

Each position on a multiport valve is designed for a specific function. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. Filter


The “Filter” position is the most common position you’ll keep the multiport valve set to. Surprise surprise, it’s the position that will filter your pool’s water.

The valve has a “Pump” port which takes in water that’s directed from the pool pump and sends it to the filter tank. Once the water passes through the filter, it will be directed back to the pool via the “Return” port.

For sand filters, water flows top to bottom in the tank, whereas DE filters flow bottom to top. 

2. Waste


The “Waste” setting is a bypass position on the multiport valve. After water is sucked in by the pool pump, it’s directed straight out of the system before it can come into contact with the filter.

This setting is predominantly used when draining a pool. Draining is done for numerous reasons, including cleaning the pool, repairing the finish, or diluting the water due to an overabundance of certain chemicals (ie. cyanuric acid). 

Important: Fully draining a pool can cause your pool to pop out of the ground, so you should only do partial drains when diluting.

This setting can also be used to remove harmful debris in the water, such as algae. Algae can clog up your filter, and even dead algae can be problematic to filter out. This means various types of algae can be blown back into the pool via the return jets. Vacuuming algae to “Waste” is the safest option.

As for how water is actually removed, some pools have a dedicated waste line plumbed in, making it easy to dispose of wastewater. For pools that don’t have a waste line, directing wastewater out of the pool system has to be done by attaching a hose to the filter, and running it to a safe drainage point, such as a sewer.

3. Winter


The “Winter” position on multiport valves isn’t something that’s found on every model. In reality, it’s more of an “in between” position, as it doesn’t lock into place like the standard positions.

“Winter” is used when the pool is closed down for the season. During the cold months, if any water is trapped in the valve, it will expand and freeze. This can cause damage to the valve itself, as the cold weather and ice will cause it to crack.

To compensate for this, moving the valve into the “Winter” position raises the diverter a quarter inch above the valve’s ports, so no water can move through it. Keeping it suspended this way protects the valve from winter’s fury, so it’s ready to go when you reopen the pool.

4. Closed


The “Closed” setting won’t be needed too often, especially since using your pool pump with the multiport valve “Closed” will do serious damage to your equipment.

As such, this position is mainly used when servicing the pool pump, but you can also use other valves in your pool system to accomplish the same thing. 

Additionally, you may choose “Closed” if you’re blowing out suction lines while winterizing the pool. Blowing out ensures there’s no residual water in the pipes that can freeze, resulting in cracks and damage over the winter months. 

5. Backwash


“Backwash” will be a common position you’ll use with your sand or DE filter. It’s a method of filter cleaning that works by reversing the flow of water inside the filtration tank. This means a sand filter will flow bottom to top, and a DE filter reverses top to bottom. 

By switching the direction of the water, it flushes debris that has built up on the filter medium. When it’s in the “Backwash” position, water is sent out the “Waste” port rather than the “Return” port (which sends water back into the pool via the return jets). 

Backwashing is usually done once a week or during your regular maintenance schedule. When the filter’s pressure gauge creeps up 8 to 10 PSI over the initial PSI level, you’ll know it’s time to backwash.

6. Recirculate


Like the “Waste” setting, “Recirculate” is another bypass position on the multiport valve. Instead of going through the filter, the water moves from the pool pump straight to the “Return” port.

Why would you want to send unfiltered water back into the pool?

Sometimes the filter is broken or can’t be used for whatever reason. This setting will allow you to continue circulating the pool water, keeping it from stagnating and ensuring sanitizing chemicals stay well distributed. Pools that are stagnant for long periods are a breeding ground for mosquito larvae to infest your pool.

Keeping your pool water clean, even if only with a sanitizing agent, is still better than nothing until you get your filter fixed.

7. Rinse


“Rinse” is a position that you can set the valve to after you’ve performed a backwash, and is mainly used with sand filters. Sometimes after a backwash, leftover sediment remains in the filter tank and can be blown into the pool once you run the system normally again.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, rinsing for 20 seconds directs water out the “Waste” port, rather than the “Return” port. 

As for DE filters, it’s rare to use the “Rinse” setting with them due to the way the filter is designed. DE filters are the most efficient filters, but aside from being able to backwash them, they require you take the filter out of the tank and hose it down by hand.

Water Go, Where It Flow.

Pool multiport valves are an integral component of a swimming pool.

With each position, you can direct water in a different way, helping you perform a variety of maintenance tasks to keep the pool in top shape.

Sours: https://poolonomics.com/multiport-valve-positions/

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As a pool owner, you may need to install or replace a pool valve actuator. The first thing you will need to understand is – what the heck is a pool valve actuator and how does it work? I cover all of that below and how to decide which type is best for you and what each model offers. Ready? Let’s dive in.

What is a Pool Valve Actuator?

Pool valve actuators provide an automated command by push-button that goes to one of the diverter valves or more in the pool’s water flow system. You will find it on your pool’s diverter valve and it will be wired in the pool’s control box.

How Does a Pool Actuator Work?

Diverter valves can be installed for a manual operation or automated one. With the manual operation, you will set the handle manually to close or open selected ports. With an automated operation, the valve actuator is mounted on the top of the valve and is controlled through a control box digitally.

How to Install a Pool Valve Actuator

The majority of the time, the actuator is sent in the open position when it comes from the factory. You must make sure the actuator and the valve are in the same position before you mount the actuator to the valve. Once you check that the actuator and valve are in the same position, do the following:

  1. Open the valve manually
  2. Remove the valve mechanical stops

Before moving forward, make sure you leave all necessary parts where they are for the proper running of the valve such as gland nut, packing gland, etc.

  1. Ensure the actuator and valve are positioned the same.
  2. Install the mounting hardware on the valve but leave the bolts loose for now. Mount the actuator to the valve and tighten all the nuts and bolts once the actuator screws have been placed.

The actuator conduit entry is usually perpendicular to the pipeline.

  1. Now is the time to remove the actuator cover.
  2. Wire the actuator using the proper wiring diagram. Proper wiring instructions are in a diagram version on the inside cover of the actuator.

Ensure the power is off at the main power box location. Shutting power off is crucial for safety reasons.

  1. Turn on the power to the actuator.

Take caution when you are around live circuits to minimize the risk of electrical shock or death.

  1. Put the valve to the close position and check alignment.
  2. Replace the cover and secure the cover screws.

Types of Pool Valve Actuators

There are different types of pool valve actuators and have various features and purposes. Most pool valve actuators fall into these categories below based on the power applied and the kind of movement needed.

Pneumatic and hydraulic actuators operate similarly but vary in the way the cylinder moves. With hydraulic actuators the actuators move the cylinder by pressurized air while hydraulic actuators use pressurized air.

A pneumatic actuator isn’t a practical choice for large equipment that needs substantial bore cylinders due to compressed air intake. Hydraulic actuators will cost more per unit when compared to an electric or pneumatic actuator. The hydraulic actuator may also leak and require various parts to go with the actuator, like pumps, motors, fluid reservoirs, heat exchangers, release valves, and nose-reduction equipment.

Quarter-turn Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators

Quarter-turn pneumatic and hydraulic actuators are versatile and can be used, even when electricity is not available or when reliability and simplicity are prioritized. These actuators have a vast array of capabilities, including the small actuators that deliver a small number of inch-pounds of torque up to the biggest actuators that are capable of delivering more than a million inch-pounds of torque.

Many hydraulic and pneumatic actuators have a cylinder coupled with mechanisms that run in linear motion and generate the cylinder to move a quarter–turn that is needed for valve function. An opposing spring is added to an actuator for a positive shut down in case of an emergency.

Multi-turn Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators

Multi-turn pneumatic and hydraulic actuators are used for multi-turn output when operating a linear-type valve, like a globe valve or gate valve. Electric actuators are usually used for these kinds of valves, while pneumatic and hydraulic actuators are good options in the application when there is no electricity available.

Multi-turn Electric Actuators

These actuators are one of the most reliable and common kinds of valve actuators. Electric actuators can operate some of the largest valves and are powered by a three-phase electric motor that uses a mixture of gears and level spurs.

These spurs and gears drive the stern nut used to engage the valve stern to open or close. They can include a declutching device and handwheel that enable manual operation if there is a power failure.

Quarter-turn Electric Actuators

The quarter-turn electric actuators are similar to the multi-turn electric actuators but the main difference is the positioning of the final element in one quadrant that has a rotation of 90 degrees.

These actuators are more compact and are in small valves. These valves need lower power generated so link to an energy source like a battery for reliable operation.

Manual Actuators

Manual actuators move through a series of wheels, levers, and gears. The manual actuators vary from automatic actuators because of the external power provided for the automatic valve movement.

Manually operating a valve is not an option for many actuators due to the force required to turn the valve or because the application has valves in more remote pipelines. Manual actuators are not handy with applications that require the precaution of providing immediate shut-down in case of emergency. Manual actuators are not practical for valves located in a hostile or toxic environment.

Jandy Valve Actuators

Industry-standard Jandy NeverLube Valves come with diverter seals with a guarantee for the life of the valve. The Jandy valve actuator and the NeverLube Valve perfectly complement one another, making the JVA/NeverLube duo perfect for an automation solution.

Original Equipment Manufacturers find JVA is ideal for many automation applications such as solar heating. If you are an OEM, then you should be asking what Jandy can do for you. Jandy has built-in safety and simplicity of installation that ensure customers easily understand.

There is no callback for valve setting, and JVA can stop or start the diverters in any position, eliminating the danger of the pump deadheading.

With one touch of an AquaLink RS Control System, you can change water circulation between pool and spa, drain water, and maintain the spa overflow. You can easily automate water features and fountains with the control that allows you to adjust the flow of any water feature.

JVA has the respect of builders and plumbers and is recognized for its solid reputation.

Intermatic Valve Actuators

Quality is foremost in the Intermatic’s 24-volt valve actuators. These actuators provide quality control of 2 and 3-way diverter valves for any pool/spa combinator or water feature. Adjust the water flow for a particular application with the adjustable cam that rotates the diverter valves to multiple degrees.

The cam setting is adjusted easily by removing the lid. The valve actuators are interactable with pool/spa valves of all types offered in the industry and can be retrofitted to suit all pool/spa control systems.

Goldline Valve Actuator

The Goldline valve actuator is simple to operate by design. This actuator is engineered to support both two and three-way valves that are installed easily using just a screwdriver. Extremely adjustable cams act to give this actuator flexibility that many others do not possess on the market.

The Goldline is intended for the Aqua Logic but can be used instead of a 24-volt actuator. The Goldline valve actuator is compatible with Compool, Hayward, and Jandy valves but can replace these actuators completely.

Need Some Maintenance Help?

We partner with HomeAdvisor to help you find the best swimming pool maintenance and cleaning services in your area. Compare quotes for free from fully vetted pool professionals.

Syncing a Pool Valve Actuator

When two valve actuators are in a pool system that operates together, they must perform in sync. You may choose to shut down the spa and open the pool, and the following will explain how to sync two pool valve actuators.

To sync the pool valve actuator, the automated actuators on pool valves one and two must rotate in the same direction when changing from pool to spa mode. If one turns in the opposite direction from the other one, the actuators need to be adjusted to sync them.


Never operate an operated valve while it is under pressure in a live process. Always make sure to disconnect the supply air or voltage before performing any disassembly or maintenance. Be aware of the area categorization for electrical service.

Turn off and remove electrical equipment entirely from any hazardous space before doing any maintenance. Always choose caution over all else.

Bottom Line

Using a pool actuator isn’t as complicated as one might think. You need to determine the type and model of actuator you need before making your purchase.

If you are unable to install the actuator yourself, make sure to contact your pool professionals to do the job right.

Questions about valve actuators? Let me know, always happy to provide a couple of thoughts.

Sours: https://poolresearch.com/valve-actuators/

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