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Nomads are going to be the winners of the next couple of decades. They are the very few who will position themselves with the world to connect on a much deeper level. The insight that is gained and understood from Nomads is severely underestimated.
Hard work? 

of course

worth it? 

Clarity We Desire We Must Focus On

Clarity We Desire We Must Focus On


Clarity allows each and everyone of us to be focused with direction and full of energy. For instance, when I get to do what I want, when I want, with who I want. I am in the zone. This puts me, and all of us for that matter in a unique position that allows us to be who we need to be, for others, but more importantly for ourselves. To the point where we can make choices based on our clear vision.…

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Dreams to Help The World

Dreams to Help The World


Some kids dream about writing for others to see, so I am going to let my friend that is 7 years old type the next couple of lines so he can see his work on a website. Maybe one day soon he will begin building his own websites. Here what he dreams to do:  “Funny stuff that I been doing for life I don’t want to buy a gun.” – Sandler And now, back to the post. Dreams Last night I dreamed of flying…

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Writing: We Must Improve

Writing: We Must Improve


Writing The point of this post is writing. We write to communicate our thoughts. To become a better communicator, we have to improve our writing. Through as many mediums as possible, and to do this a category for my blog called #WorkingOnWriting has been made. Thanks to my Snapchat buddy, Blake Croft. Blake Croft Here is his SnapCode so you can follow him as he also improves his writing (and his…

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Mindset of a Millionaire and Money Management

Mindset of a Millionaire and Money Management


When was the last time you thought about money? Chances are it was today for some reason or another. Money is on everyone’s mind, whether they like, hate or love money. So it is important to nurture a mindset that allows us to live the life we desire. Most people don’t want to work for $11 an hour their whole lives nor do they want to be on a whole life plan to retire. However, the lack of…

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The Sexual Double Standard and Cheating

A sexual double standard between men and women has existed for centuries. Women are judged more harshly for the same sexual behaviors than their male counterparts. Some cite the outdated idea that “boys will be boys” as the reason men are allowed more freedom with their sexuality and receive less judgment for it. This misogynistic way of thinking can only be eradicated through acknowledging the systemic double standard that exists for women and their sexuality. Gender roles must be challenged and equality by way of feminism in order to eliminate the sexual double standard that exists in many areas of life, including cheating in relationships. The purpose of this study is to analyze whether women are judged more harshly than men for the same dishonest sexual behaviors.

Differences exist in the way men and women are expected to act as young as in adolescence as evidenced by a study conducted by Eder, Evans, and Parker (1995, as cited in Crawford & Popp, 2003). They discovered that in middle school aged children, girls were likely to be labeled as a slut or whore just for “making a move” or showing any sexual interest, but the same was not found for the boys (1995, as cited in Crawford & Popp, 2003). The study suggested that middle school children did not find it abnormal for boys to have girlfriends but thought girls should not be doing the same thing (1995, as cited in Crawford & Popp, 2003).

The sexual double standard also is demonstrated with regards to salience of information about given scenarios (Marks & Fraley, 2006). Participants were instructed to read a short vignette written from the perspective of a male about his experience with a girl that day (Marks & Fraley, 2006). The study showed that both male and female participants recalled more information from the vignette that was consistent with the sexual double standard than that was inconsistent with it (Marks & Fraley, 2006). Participants remembered the information about the girl “having sex with [him] a few times after they broke up” but failed to recall the positive information about the girl (Marks & Fraley, 2006).

The aforementioned studies demonstrate unwritten laws that govern the way women are treated for their sexual behaviors and how that drastically differentiates from the reality for their male counterparts. Studies such as the ones outlined do not find differences in the way men and women respond to females; both women and men are expected to demonstrate evidence of a sexual double standard. In the current study, participants will read short vignettes similar to Marks’ and Fraley’s study, but half the participants will read a story focused on a male main character and the other half an identical story with a female character.


H1: Female participants reading the story with Tara as the main character will assign more negative words to her than male participants.

H2: Male participants reading the story with Tara as the main character will assign more negative words to her than female participants.

H3: Female participants reading the story with Michael as the main character will assign similar amounts of negative words to him as male participants.


Crawford, M., & Popp, D. (2003). Sexual double standards: A review and

methodological critique of two decades of research. Journal of Sex Research, 40(1), 13-26. doi:10.1080/00224490309552163

Marks, M. J., & Fraley, R. C. (2006). Confirmation Bias and the Sexual Double Standard.

Sex Roles, 54(1-2), 19-26. doi:10.1007/s11199-006-8866-9



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