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MLB Daily Lineups

Starting MLB lineups for October 16,
  • Expected Lineup
  • K. SchwarberL
  • $4,
  • E. HernandezR
  • $4,
  • R. DeversL
  • $5,
  • X. BogaertsR
  • $4,
  • Alex VerdugoL
  • $3,
  • J. MartinezR
  • $4,
  • H. RenfroeR
  • $3,
  • C. VazquezR
  • $3,
  • C. ArroyoR
  • $2,
  • Expected Lineup
  • Jose AltuveR
  • $5,
  • M. BrantleyL
  • $3,
  • Alex BregmanR
  • $4,
  • Y. AlvarezL
  • $4,
  • Yuli GurrielR
  • $3,
  • C. CorreaR
  • $4,
  • Kyle TuckerL
  • $4,
  • Jake MeyersR
  • $2,
  • M. MaldonadoR
  • $2,
  • Expected Lineup
  • Mookie BettsR
  • $5,
  • Corey SeagerL
  • $4,
  • Trea TurnerR
  • $5,
  • J. TurnerR
  • $4,
  • Will SmithR
  • $4,
  • A. PujolsR
  • $2,
  • AJ PollockR
  • $4,
  • Chris TaylorR
  • $4,
  • Max ScherzerR
  • $8,
= Primary Pitcher. This Pitcher is not starting but will pitch multiple innings after the starter.

MLB Daily Lineups - Fantasy Baseball

Below, you can find the MLB Daily Starting Lineups for each MLB game, every day. In fantasy baseball and daily DFS, it is very important check the MLB daily rosters and set your daily lineups. If someone isn't playing, you obviously want to bench him and replace him with someone who's starting. Missing out on key at-bats because you forgot to bench someone can be costly to your seasonal or DFS team's success.

In MLB daily leagues like FanDuel and DraftKings, it is even more critical to be updated on the daily MLB lineups. You don't want to set your roster only to find out that your player is benched and giving you a zero for the night. So check the MLB lineups below, check them often, and set your DFS and seasonal lineups to win!

Today's MLB Lineups - Who's Starting and Sitting

You can find today's Daily Projected Starting MLB Lineups below. Over the course of the season, we'll be adding more info and DFS features to this section. Stay tuned!

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MLB Starting Lineups 10/15/21 MLB Lineups

MLB Lineups Betting and Offers

MLB Managers deserve a lot of criticism. My personal biggest gripe with them: Their general disinterest with setting public lineup cards. I absolutely hate when I place a bet on the Cubs at + only to see that Ian Happ isn’t playing that day. Or, when I take a No Runs First Innings bet, only to see Rafael Devers is batting third tonight instead of cleanup. Luckily, we’ve dedicated this page specifically for to my issue. We track starting lineups for every MLB game on every day and use all our available information to keep them up to date 24/7. So, before you use Caesars Arizona for Arizona Sports Betting on the Arizona Diamondbacks, or login to DraftKings Virginia, or bet the Tigers following the new Michigan Sports betting laws, use’s MLB lineups tool to make sure you stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, take advantage of all that has to offer. For example: Use our BetMGM Bonus Code “LINEUPSRF” to get a $1, free bet when you create a BetMGM account.

An essential part of a winning fantasy sports strategy is setting a lineup using only active players. It's common sense that an inactive player, or someone out of today's game, won't earn your team any points. To be successful in weekly fantasy baseball leagues that allow daily roster changes and daily fantasy sports contests (DFS), you need to know who's playing and who's not. The first winning strategy for MLB fantasy team owners and daily fantasy game enthusiasts is to check the updates every day. Lineups in baseball are an ever-changing landscape. Fickle managers will toy with the batting order or use a player platoon system to take advantage of statistical matchups. Knowing exactly which players are starters each day in professional baseball is a critical fantasy strategy. Players who are placed on the DL should be immediately replaced. Usually, there are starters on other teams who are better additions to your roster than depth chart replacements. The important thing is to know who is going to be active.

Betting the MLB is a full season grind where you need to be locked in year-round to make a profit. Fortunately, baseball is one sport that has so many statistics that you can deep dive into a player's stats to find an edge in every game. Bettors in Michigan will experience this thanks to Michigan sports betting getting close to going online. Baseball is a popular sport to bet during the summer months, and now Michigan will be able to get into the action next baseball season. Michigan bettors can rejoice to bet on the Detroit Tigers and other teams around the league.

BetMGM Michigan will be one of the sportsbooks you can use to bet on baseball. They are offering a great bonus when you sign-up where you will boost your bankroll from day one. BetMGM also lowers the juice on baseball lines during the summer to help get bettors in on the action. The juice is what the sportsbook charges and makes money off of. Normally, standard juice is , but during the summer months in the MLB, the juice could be lowered to or even on an even game. This will help sports bettors make a profit long-term.

Another great sportsbook that you will be able to use during the MLB season is FanDuel Michigan. The sportsbook is waiting for Michigan online betting to go live so that they can launch. FanDuel was one of the first sportsbooks to offer a pre-registration bonus and gives bettors a $50 free bet when you sign-up before online sports betting goes live in the state. Although online sports betting in Michigan will be going on before the MLB season, you could throw the free bet on a future and cash out big. Maybe sprinkling some money on the Tigers as a longshot is a move to make.

DraftKings Michigan will be making sure to get into the Michigan sports betting market right away. DraftKings is one of the best sportsbooks to use during the MLB season for how timely they get the odds out for the next day. You will be able to start betting on baseball games before the games for that day are over. This gives every bettor an edge over the market if they can get a good number early. DraftKings Michigan is also giving away a free bet when you sign-up and you can use it on a baseball future bet or game bet.

Betting on baseball is a day in day out grind that you need to be ready for. Hot and cold streaks happen all the time during an MLB season, so you need to be level headed if you plan on betting all year. Fortunately, MLB has so many statistics you can use to find an edge in the betting market. Understanding pitchers and how teams do for each one is key. There could be an edge in the advanced statistics that normal numbers do not show. This is where the edge comes in so you can make the most out of your MLB betting experience.

A MLB lineup stays fairly consistent throughout the entire season. You will get some off-days, given it is a game season. Coaches will maybe differ a few names depending on the handedness of the opposing pitcher for certain games as well, but for the most part, it is consistent. Putting together a starting lineup has a method to the madness. Your leadoff bat is going to have some good on-base numbers. It is key for them to start things out on the right foot. They tend to also have at least average speed, but teams will shoot for having some plus speed to leadoff a lineup if they can. Looking at the number two hitter, having someone who is patient and has higher contact rates is also going to be looked at here. If the leadoff bat doesn’t get on, you still want someone who gets on base at a plus rate to provide RBI chances for the next two hitters.

Your number three hitter is generally one of the top hitters on the team. He hits for a strong average but also brings more power to the table than the first two hitters. Of course, this is all general, as we have seen names like Ronald Acuna and Mike Trout hit second and/or leadoff at times as well. You still want some patience and high contact rates in the three-hole as this is a spot where they will see above-average chances in bringing in runs. The cleanup hitter is going to have some free-swinging power, and a higher strikeout rate might come with it. The same goes for a fifth hitter, where you are going to want some power here, but the contact rate isn’t as important.

Getting to the bottom third of the lineup, you tend to see some of the weaker bats. They may have some higher contact rates, but you might also see an average middle infield bat or below-average hitting catcher in this range as well. If you are playing in the National League, you are going to have your pitcher hitting eighth or ninth. The strategy of hitting your pitcher 8th is that you have a normal hitter hitting as a potential leadoff man for the top off the order when it turns over.

Handedness of hitters and opposing pitchers are going to be important as well. Managers will mix and match left and right-handed bats in the orders at times. In an everyday lineup, you might see alternating hitters bat from the left and right sides. This is mostly still against right-handed pitching. If a southpaw is on the mound, you might see a lineup that is heavily right-handed. This is where platoon bats that have strong numbers against left-handers may get their chance to get in the lineup. However, when a right-handed reliever comes in, they may be substituted for a pinch hitter.

Using MLB Starting Lineups For Daily Fantasy

Starting lineups are crucial for daily fantasy baseball as well as season-long baseball. Simply we want to be inserting players that are in starting lineups into our fake lineups. Looking at it from a daily fantasy aspect, the starting lineup has more importance in terms of how we select our players. Selecting players that are within the first five in the order is important. They correlate higher with fantasy production, but they also average more at-bats within a game. It is all about maximizing plate appearances within your lineup. Rarely will be select names within the last few of the batting order.

Lineups will remotely stay the same, but on occasion, you will get some new names in the lineup, and potential changes within the order. You can find value for a leadoff bat which is very cheap because that player isn’t an everyday name, or he doesn’t usually hit up at the top of the order. Platoon bats will pop into the order depending on opposing pitchers as well. There are right-handed bats that solely hit left-handed pitching very well, and when southpaws are on the mound, they will find their way into the lineup. Because they are not everyday players, the prices of them are usually a bargain and help you find some salary relief.

If a team rolls out a watered-down lineup, it will give an edge to the opposing pitcher. They might be facing a heavily right-handed lineup, which gives them a great matchup if they are strong against right-handed hitters. The same goes for lefties if they face a team that isn’t rolling out a lot of right-handed bats. Finding those matchups within the lineup is going to be something to look for when researching for your lineup builds. A lineup might have a collectively high strikeout rate giving upside to an opposing pitcher, or it may work the opposite if the lineup is filled with a lot of low strikeout names.

Best Starting Lineups Of All Time

Not every team gets to be called Murderers Row, and the Yankees had one of the best lineups of all-time. Lou Gehrig hit this year, and then you had five players hit over This lineup also had Hall of Famers like Earle Combs leading off, Babe Ruth, and Tony Lazzeri. It was a lethal lineup that is going to be talked about throughout generations and already has been. The Reds, also known as the Big Red Machine team, they dominated that season and had one of the strongest lineups of all time. Pete Rose started it off, but Ken Griffey Sr and Joe Morgan also hit over that season. George Foster lead the team in RBI, and Morgan won the MVP that year. Tony Perez and Johnny Bench also rounded out what was an incredibly strong lineup.

Worst Starting Lineups Of All Time

There are quite a few contenders, but the New York Mets were one of the worst teams in history, going Frank Thomas was the lone bright spot that year, but not the one you are thinking of. Only one hitter hit over , and they had five of their eight everyday hitters hit under They lacked just about everything you could ask for from an offense and ranked in the bottom three in most offensive categories that season. In more recent years, the Detroit Tigers finished the year They ranked dead last in runs hits, stolen bases, batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging.

Best Starting Lineup Of

The Los Angeles Dodgers made a trade for Mookie Betts without putting a dent in their already elite lineup. They have two former MVPs, with Cody Bellinger and now Betts hitting in their lineup. Add in the strong bats like Justin Turner, Max Muncy, and Corey Seager; this is a lethal lineup. They also have young upcoming names like Gavin Lux, who are set for their MLB debut. The Dodgers have really made an effort to build the best offense in baseball, and they look to have done that. While losing Hernandez and Pederson will hurt, they still have a tremendous team.

Worst Starting Lineup Of

A lineup of once-great players like Buster Posey and Evan Longoria cannot mask how bad this lineup is. Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford are below-average production players at this point in their career, and the Giants lack a youthful influx of talent to make this lineup exciting. They struggled on offense in , and that looks to be the case yet again. Those dynasty days of three World Series titles are certainly over. Detroit, Miami, and Baltimore are slightly out of the clear here as they have a few more bats that could breakout in comparison to the Giants lineup. Offense will be a tough find in the Bay Area.

MLB Starting Lineups Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Starting Lineup In Baseball?

A starting lineup in baseball is a confirmed list of players that are playing at each position, which shows their batting order for the upcoming day’s game. A lineup will always be specific for that given day and then can change for upcoming games.

When Do MLB Starting Lineups Come Out?

Starting lineups are rarely released the day before, so on a specific day, a lineup will be released by the manager from up to hours or minutes before first pitch. Generally, you can find a starting lineup between hours before game time.

Will MLB Starting Lineups Change After Posted?

On occasion, a lineup can be changed. This might happen for a few reasons. If there is a pitching change on the opposing team creating a need for a different handed bat, or an injury to the player that needs to be replaced in the starting lineup.

How Do I Read A MLB Starting Lineup?

A starting lineup is going to be listed from one to nine, which indicates the batting order. A player that is third in the lineup is going to be hitting third. Players will also be next to their designated position, which may be abbreviated or in number form.

Why Are AL Lineups Different From NL?

If you are wondering why AL Lineups do not have a pitcher hitting, that is because they have a designated hitter. All games played in AL ballparks will have a designated hitter. In the NL ballparks, pitchers are required to hit. This may change soon.

What Is The Hardest Position In Baseball?

Catcher is the hardest position in baseball, as they have to call games for the pitchers, play an important defensive position, as well as hit. It is also physically demanding, which usually leads to some decline as they get older in their careers.

Week 6: MUST Start or Sit - Fantasy Lineup Advice + Surprising FLEX Options (2021 Fantasy Football)

Major League Baseball Team Starting Lineups

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Week 6: MUST Start or Sit - Fantasy Lineup Advice + Surprising FLEX Options (2021 Fantasy Football)


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