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A Guide to Do-it-Yourself Art Fair Display Panels

Are you interested in displaying your photography at art fairs but are turned off by the initial investment? Read along to find a way to save over 60% on your display panels.

For many artists, the thought of selling their work, having it create a lasting and recurring impact on the life of the collector, and earning a living during it all is something that we dream of. Also for many artists, the initial investment of such a venture is a large financial risk, if not cost prohibitive altogether.

This year I finally decided to make the leap into the world of art fairs. I know that it’s going to be a long journey into figuring out what to do, how to do it, and what not to do, as well as a very large financial investment and being the frugal person that I am, I was looking to save money wherever I could when it came to acquiring my booth setup. I am a big believer in quality and astounding presentation, so it’s a delicate line to walk. I wanted to buy Propanels, but didn’t have the money or means to make that a reality.

Years ago, I was passed along the website of Ernie Klevin ( by an acquaintance when inquiring about the display panels that he built. I’ve held onto it knowing that in the back of my mind, someday, I’d likely want to start presenting my work at art fairs. I finally bought Ernie’s plans and produced nine of the panels for approximately $, saving myself over 50% of the cost of Propanels.

I’m not going to provide any insight into the plans themselves, as Ernie is kind enough to offer these plans for only $40, which is a great investment that will save you over $ (or more!) for nine panels and also comes with a bonus manual for knockdown shelves or a folding sales desk. An added value is that you can continue to use these plans for the rest of your art fair career, constantly saving yourself some money. So please support Ernie by buying the plans from his site!

Check out this video talking about the general construction of the panels and some of the things that I encountered along the way. Below the video are some tips that I would suggest to people undertaking this project.

As I stated in the video, doing your shopping online will save you a ton of time and frustration. To help me along, I put together a simple spreadsheet of everything I’d need and ordered at It took a couple of hours for them to pull the order together and text me that it was ready to pick up. The fact that this was free blows my mind! I simply showed up and they loaded it into my truck and I drove away. No roaming the aisles trying to find everything. Just search on their website, set to ‘pickup in store’, add to your cart and you’re good to go.

Here are some helpful tips I learned during the construction of my panels. I highly suggest checking out the accompanying video to get a better idea of the construction of the panels. After watching the video and purchasing Ernie’s plans this list will make more sense:

  • Try to be as exact in your measurements as you can, especially when it comes to the piece of wood along the top. This is the piece of wood that I used to align my carpet. If your measurements are off, your carpet will wrap around in a crooked fashion leaving a misaligned edge.
  • Use a tube cutter to cut your conduit. In my opinion it’s a much easier and level cut than with a hacksaw. I bought a cheap tube cutter which required much more ‘cranking’ on the cutting wheel which gave me blisters after cutting 18 pieces of conduit. If you want to pay more for a larger tube cutter this might save you some effort and blisters.
  • On your conduit, mark the exact spot where your wood needs to align. I did this the whole way around the conduit so that no matter where the conduit was rotated, I had a reference point to align my wood piece. Once you have your wood lined up with the conduit, mark a place on the conduit in the approximate middle of the wood. This is where you’re going to drill and subsequently screw the conduit to the wood piece.
  • Try to drill as straight as possible through both walls of the conduit!
  • When applying the duct tape, don’t give it a ton of tension. I did this and it started to peel up on the ends because the adhesive on the tape wasn’t strong enough to hold the tension.
  • Use a large adhesive spreading trowel. This is another area where I tried to pinch pennies and bought a smaller one which made spreading the adhesive time consuming and frustrating. I went back and bought a large one and it made a world of difference.
  • You’ll get glue everywhere. Seriously. No matter how hard you try. It even ended up on my coffee maker because I must have had some on my hands. As such, wear clothes that you don’t mind getting glue on.
  • Buy the carpet that’s already cut to 6 feet wide and have the Home Depot team cut to the length you need. It’s usually the same price (per square foot) as the 12 feet wide carpet but you won’t have to deal with the hassle of cutting it in half in a super straight line.
  • Crease the carpet where it will wrap around the legs to that it better conforms to the shape of the conduit.
  • Control the amount of glue you apply with the angle of the trowel. Having your trowel closer to 90 degrees to the insulation will leave more glue but holding it at a steep angle will leave enough, but much less.
  • After applying the adhesive and aligning the carpet, use something to smooth it out. I simply removed a large weight from my dumbell and used that, sliding it around to make sure there were no bubbles.
  • When trimming the carpet after wrapping it around the frame make sure you don’t stray too far in or out. I went too far in which left a very visible slice where the other side of the carpet wasn’t long enough to meet the cut mark. You can actually see it in the video if you look close enough. Luckily I caught it in time, but I was extra cautious when cutting the carpet on the rest of the panels.
  • Use paint thinner on a cloth to remove adhesive from the carpet.

I think with following Ernie’s plans and taking these tips into account your building will go a lot smoother.

What Now?

Instead of following Ernie’s plans to use the leftover conduit for support bars, I will be purchasing finishing pieces from Propanels. This includes:

  • Light Bars
  • Stiffeners
  • Support Bars
  • Telescoping Legs - *edit* for these, I ended up using 1/2" conduit inserted into the ends of my panels. I drilled a hole, had a friend weld a nut over the hole, and use a thumb screw to tighten them. This enables me to easily level the panels.

While this will add to the cost of my booth, I feel they’re good purchases and things that I don’t want to skimp on. I want to display with good lighting and anything that IS visible I want to look clean and professional (light bars and support bars). The telescoping legs are just going to help with adjusting to uneven terrain and moving the display area of my panels higher so that more of my work is at eye level.

I hope this post helps you along the way. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions if you decide to take this on.

Here's a final shot of my display. I made the panels, hanging system, and weights myself. A friend build the POS cabinet for me:


Art Display Systems

Our panel and pole display boards have been designed for more than just displaying notices and letters. With robust poles and strong display board, our ranges have excelled when used in art exhibitions and tradeshows. Providing the perfect modular display for easy viewing.

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Universal Panel and Pole Display Boards create the perfect art exhibit and displays that are quick and easy to set up
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How To: Low Cost Art Fair Display Panels

I'm in the process of transferring to this new blog platform so I've been deciding which to move over here from the old platform. When I came across this article, I quickly realized that it has bar far been the most popular so it's a keeper.

I first posted this article on creating low cost art fair display panels about 3 years ago so that 2-D artists just getting started with art fairs could have an economical way to create display walls. And guess what? Three years later, these same display panels are still holding up! After the first show, I decided to recover them with a tan burlap fabric since I thought the black was a little harsh for the backdrop color. Over the years, I've found a couple of cons to these; 1) these can be a little bulky for travel and 2) I think you are more limited in the size of the artwork you can display. Now that I know I enjoy the art festival scene, I'm thinking of switching to the Flourish mesh walls. I think these will be easier to transport and allows enough display space for larger paintings. However, these panels have served me well and I think they are perfect for other artists starting just starting out. The photo here shows the panels in use at an art festival this past fall (). I still have a photo of the original panels at the bottom.

Original Article:

I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago that my goal for is to participate in a few art fairs around the Atlanta area. Well folks, this week I have taken a step in the right direction and completed my display panels. You may recall that I participated in a small fair last year, however, I don’t feel that my set-up looked "professional" enough for these higher-end art festivals. Especially since the look of your tent plays a big factor in the admission/jury process. On the flip side, I’m just getting my feet wet in this area so I don’t think it’s wise to plop down $$ for the Pro Panel display walls just yet.

Through some internet research I came across an artist who had the brilliant idea of using unfinished screen doors to create display walls. As soon as I read through her blog post the light bulb clicked on and I knew this was the answer for cost-effective and professional panels that I had been looking for.

My total cost to create 9 panels was around $ I found this info so helpful that I wanted to share my process in case there are other artists in the same situation as me. Read on for required materials and instructions.

Materials needed:
  • 9 – 36″ wide unfinished screen doors. My tent measures 10’x10′ and so the 9 doors cover 3 sides (3 doors per side.) I found these doors at my local Home Depot for about $22/each.

  • 1 foot roll of 36 in. wide wire mesh. I used this 20 gage chicken wire which cost around $30 for the roll. The beauty is that it’s the same width as the door so no additional cutting! This one roll covered all 9 panels. I only covered the top ft. of each door with the mesh since I know I won’t be hanging any art lower than that. Also, I recommend that you pick-up some wire cutters if you don’t already own a pair.

  • Black felt material for covering– I got my felt from Joann’s – check their website before you go since they usually have a 40% off coupon! I ended up using around 16 yards. Because I have tables sitting in front of 5 of the panels, I didn’t need to cover the entire door since the bottom won’t be seen. However, there were 4 doors where I did cover the entire length.

  • Heavy duty staple gun and a couple boxes of heavy duty staples.

** The cashier at Home Depot gave me a 10% discount off my tab since she thought my project was really cool!! ***


1: Flip the door upside down so that the T-shaped bar is at the top and the screen material is on the bottom. I like having the extra wood bars at the top for additional support. I didn’t bother to remove the old screen since it won’t be seen. Cut off a piece of wire mesh to size and staple it down to the top (the side without the screen).

Note: Make sure that no stray pieces of wire are sticking off the edge since this could snag and tear other panels during travel.

2: Roll out a section of felt. Flip the door over, placing it mesh side down directly on top. Cut the fabric to size, making sure to leave a few extra inches around each side. You'll need this extra material to wrap around the wood edges and staple to the back side.

3: If you've ever recovered a seat cushion this is the same type process. Attach the fabric with your staple gun. Start with the corners first. Staple down the “point” of the corner and then fold the 2 sides over the top and staple. Then move to the corner diagonal from the first and staple it down, making sure to pull the fabric tight as you go. Then, staple the opposite two corners.

4: After you are done securing the corners, finish by stapling the fabric down the four sides. Again, make sure to pull the fabric tight as you staple.

5: After you have finished all of your panels, take a hot bath or sip a glass of wine. Your shoulders and wrists will thank you!

The Finished Product

A Few Notes:

1 – The top of the panels fit pretty well between the support bar and the roof flap to stand-up on their own. But this is the case only if you don’t have your tent “jacked up” to its maximum height. I had to bring it down a notch to make this fit (I’m using the basic 10×10 EZ Up tent).

Also note that the panels on each end are only supported by a small corner of the support bar. In extreme windy situations this could pose a problem. I plan to get small eye hooks to screw into the top corners and use zip ties for additional security.

2 – Be careful not to let your panels fall over into the grass during set-up. If this happens, you will be picking a LOT of grass off of the panels. The felt is a grass magnet!

3- Be prepared to have something available to level out your panels in the event your tent is on uneven ground.

4 – I used drapery hooks to hang my artwork – you can also find these at Joann’s for around $5-$6 a pack (56 hooks to a pack!). I did see where repeated use of these over time will make the felt look worn and ragged.

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Artwork racks are available by the section. Purchase single panels or choose one of our pre-designed configurations complete with feet. With the exception of the countertop model, all styles feature two sections stacked on top of each other. Looking for more ways to hang your artwork? Grid hooks and hangers make displaying paintings, photography, or retail merchandise a snap.

Helpful information:
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