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The Christmas Nyan Cat, also known as Xmas Nyan Cat, is one of the many spoofs of Nyan Cat.

It was created by prguitarman1, the official creator of the original Nyan Cat and appears on

This nyan cat has a Santa Claus hat on its head and has a present body made up of wrapping paper with the pattern of a cherry poptart's icing, and has a blue bow for decoration. The blushy cheeks are a bright red instead of pink.

The rainbow streak trail is all made up of Christmas colors; green and white and has one single red in the middle. It flies on a blue background with darker blue stars.

Christmas Nyan Cat's music is "Oh Christmas Tree" by Rush shit

, an 8-bit remix of "Oh Christmas Tree" composed with the original Megaman game's instruments.

The main page's gif image saves under the name "xmas.gif" and the "Pick a Flavor" Menu preview icon also saves under the name "xmas.gif".

The title of the page has "Merry Nyanmas!" written at the top, and the options all highlight in pink.

The music is NOT a non-stop loop and fades out at then end; it has a few seconds of silence before looping again.


Christmas Nyan Cat Dog Tag


Christmas Nyan Cat on the "Pick a Flavor" menu


Text Sticker


  • The 8-bit O Christmas Tree music sounds like it possibly uses Megaman Instruments.
  • This nyan cat becomes Nyan.Cat's main page every December.
  • The small preview icon on the "Pick a Flavor" menu shows that the bottom rainbow color is a light grey, not white, but on the main page, it is white.
  • Xmas nyan cat is one of the only official spoofs by prguitarman1 to remix a traditional seasonal song by using video game instruments, the other being New Years Nyan Cat, that uses 8-bit Zelda instruments.
  • There is an old version of its page, it still can be viewable on this old version the light cyan background had gone and the rainbow became the default one.

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