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What Is Hoffman Car Wash?

Hoffman Car Wash is a family business created in by the Hoffman family. It first opened its self-service car wash in Colonie, and since then the company has been expanding its operations. Last , Hoffman Car Wash opened a location at Binghamton. 

Who Owns Hoffman Car Wash?

As of now, the owner of Hoffman Car Wash is Tom Hoffman Jr. He is also involved in other automobile businesses like Hoffman Development Corporation, J.D. Byrider, and innovateIT Car Wash Equipment. 

Hoffman Car Wash Services & Detailing

The car wash provider has different kinds of products and services for the different needs of the customers. Whether you’re in the mood for a deep clean or just a quick car wash, there’s a Hoffman Car Wash product for you. 

  • Hoffman Car Wash Unlimited Club &#; Get your car exterior and tires clean and shiny every day of the month with Hoffman Car Wash Unlimited Club starting $  
  • Hoffman Car Wash Customer Service &#; The staff of any Hoffman branch will be happy to answer your questions and inquiries. For convenience, you can submit your question here. 
  • Hoffman Car Wash Interior Detailing &#; This service includes carpet cleaning, two-step surface cleaning, seat cleaning, tire shine, and full-service car wash for only $
  • Hoffman Touchless Car Wash &#; For customers who like to get more bang for their bucks, you can get a touch-free wash and dry for $8. 
  • Hoffman Mint Car Wash Token &#; The company doesn’t have tokens. Instead, they have touchless car wash cards with no expiration dates.

Hoffman Car Wash Prices: How Much Does Hoffman Car Wash Cost? 

Hoffman Car Wash Prices

Whether you’re looking for a one-time urgent car wash, or you want a shiny car every day, there’s a great Hoffman car wash product for you. We took all the Hoffman price information and presented them on tables for reading convenience. 

How Much Does A Car Wash Cost At Hoffman? 

Hoffman’s best wash is the Ultimate Exterior with Interior Cleaning & Tire Shine. One wash for this plan on retail comes at $40 and is packed with all the services that Hoffman offers. For a basic full-service wash, the price starts at $ Exterior-only washes start at $12 while touch-free car wash services with Express starts at $8. And lastly, you can start the self-service car wash express for as low as $1. 

Hoffman Car Wash Unlimited Plan Prices

There are five membership options for the unlimited club. For as low as $ a month, you can get the basic services, which are soft-touch wash and touch-free drying. The Ultimate Full Serve option is worth $ and includes additional features like undercarriage wash, polishing and protectant, dashboard and windows cleaning, as well as hot carnauba wax. Unlimited plans are renewed monthly. There is also Hoffman 90 Day Unlimited car wash passes sold on a few occasions. 

Prices For All Hoffman Car Wash Customer Services: 

Besides the unlimited club, you can purchase Hoffman Car Wash products at retail prices. This is perfect for people who don’t need unlimited car washes and want to minimize their expenses. 

  • Hoffman Car Wash Hand Wax Prices &#; This service is available with the Ultimate full-service. A single car wash costs $35, but you can get a discounted $60 for two when you opt for a wash card. 
  • Hoffman Car Wash Detailing Prices &#; Features like Nanoskin Surface Cleaner, Tire Shine, and a two-step Surface cleaning is included in Hoffman’s complete detailing at $ 
  • Exterior Car Wash Services Prices &#; For exterior washes, the best offer is the Ultimate Exterior (includes tire shine and hot wax) for $
  • full-service (“Inside & Out” Car Wash Services) Prices &#; Get the best Hoffman Car Wash cleaning experience for $40 per wash. 
  • Touch Free Car Wash Services Prices &#; For a quick and affordable wash, the Hoffman Express Ultimate is one of the greatest choices.

Prices List For All Hoffman Services:

Looking for a comprehensive list of Hoffman Car Wash prices? We got all the prices covered, all you have to do is to find the services you’re looking for. For your convenience, we also included the Jibby Lube Service Menu on this list.

Item: Price:
Hoffman Car Wash Prices For All Services
Express Exterior $12 (C-D), $ (B-V)
Ultimate Exterior $15 (C-D), $ (B-V)
Ultimate Exterior with Tire Shine $18 (C-D), $ (B-V)
Ultimate Exterior with Tire Shine & Hot Wax $21 (C-D), $ (B-V)
Full-service (Inside & Outside)
Full-service $29
Ultimate Full-service $32
Ultimate Full-service with Tire Shine $35
Ultimate Exterior with Interior Cleaning & Tire Shine $40
Touch-Free Express $8
Touch-Free Deluxe $10
Touch-Free Works $12
Touch-Free Ultimate $15

Hoffman Unlimited Car Wash Club Price List

Join the Hoffman Unlimited Car Wash club and have your car look shiny and clean every day. Prices start at $ only, with full-services at $

Item: Price:
Hoffman Unlimited Car Wash Club
Express Exterior $
Ultimate Exterior with Tire Shine $
Ultimate Exterior with Tire Shine & Hot Wax $
Ultimate Full Serve with Tire Shine $
Ultimate Full Serve with Tire Shine & Hot Wax $

Jiffy Lube Services Prices: 

The Hoffmans added their Jiffy Lube services with every Hoffman Car Wash to bring convenience to their customers. Here are the Jiffy Luber services that you can also access in the Hoffman location near you. 

  • Oil Services &#; High mileage, synthetic 1, and Mobil 1 oil services are available. You can also opt for a signature service for only $ Each oil change service has a free Hoffman Car Wash too. 
  • Ancillary Services &#; There are several ancillary services offered in the site, including air filters, tire rotation, antifreeze exchange, and more. 
  • Automatic Transmission Service &#; A fluid exchange service is also available for $ 
  • Fuel System Services &#; Need some fuel injection cleaning or fuel filter replacement? Visit the nearest Hoffman Car wash for their fuel system services. 
  • Gear Boxes &#; Hoffman offers front differential, rear differential, and transfer case gearboxes, all for $
  • NY State Inspection &#; The NY State Safety and emission inspections are available.
Item: Price:
Hoffman Oil Change Price Approximate
Oil Services
Signature Service $
High Mileage $
Synthetic $
Mobil 1 $
Ancillary Services
Air Filters Start at $
Cabin Air Filters Start at $
Power Steering Fluid Exchange $
Antifreeze Exchange $
Lights Start at $
Napa Batteries Start at $
Tire Rotation $
Wiper Blades Start at $
Automatic Transmission Service
Fluid Exchange Start at $
Fuel System Services
Fuel Injection Cleaning $
Fuel Filter Replacement $
Gear Box
Front Differential $
Rear Differential $
Transfer Case $
NY State Inspections
Safety Only $10
Emissions / Safety $21

Free Hoffman Car Wash

Besides getting a free car wash via Oil Change, there are other ways to get your car cleaned free of charge. If you’re a Times Union member with Gold, Silver, or Bronze membership, you get a free Ultimate Exterior with Tire Shine car wash. Fill up the form on this page to avail of this offer.  A barcode will be sent to you after a day or two. Customers can also join the Hoffman Car Wash Club newsletter for a free hot wax. 

Does Hoffman Car Wash Take Credit Cards?

The company is accepting credit cards as a payment option. If you opt for an unlimited car wash plan, your credit card will be automatically charged each month. The plan activation is when the card is charged. So if your plan is activated at the end of the month, your billings will also be given at the end of the month. 

Hoffman Car Wash Coupons & Promotion Code

Competition is harsh, you need to promote your services in New York to get some customers. Hoffman car wash is aware of these advantages, that’s why they offer some Hoffman car wash promo code both for their car wash and Jiffy Lube services. 

Hoffman Car Wash Free Coupon

Unfortunately, there is no Hoffman Car Wash coupon available as of the moment. However, you can get discounts when you buy car wash cards. For example, three separate Works package will cost $ But if you buy a car wash card for it, the price would only be $ 

Hoffman Car Wash Detailing Coupons

For detailing coupons, Hoffman Car Wash partnered with Uber to bring great detailing offers to its drivers. You can get up to a 15% discount on Express Detail Services if you present the app at any Hoffman locations. And last but not the least, Uber drivers can also get additional Jiffy Lube coupons. Head over this website to find out what coupons are available. 

Coupons NY

All of the Hoffman Car Wash coupons are redeemable on any participating New York locations. Take note that store pricing might vary, so the final price still varies from location to location. 

Kingston NY Coupons

Kingston, along with other participating locations, is offering a $30 off on their Signature Service Oil Change with an added free Hoffman Exterior car wash. You can use the code “20PPC20” to get the discount. 

Jiffy Lube Coupons

You can save $20 on your next oil change with the Jiffy Lube coupon for winter savings. Check out this page to know what locations are participating in this promotion. In addition, each Signature Service oil change can be discounted for up to $15 off when presenting the coupon found here. 

Hoffman Car Wash vs. Other Car Washes Prices

If there are no Hoffman Car Wash locations available near you, you can check out great other car wash services below. The prices for Mister Car Wash, Autobell Car Wash, Brown Bear Car Wash, Delta Sonic Car Wash, Quick Quack Car Wash, Moo Moo Car Wash, Zips Car Wash, Mike&#;s Carwash, Crew Carwash, and Goo Goo Car Wash are for their monthly unlimited wash club prices.

Final Thoughts

Hoffman car wash strives to be the best car wash service provider for its customers in the areas it operates. Some reviewers recommend tipping the staff because the car wash employees remember it and hook you up. Visit the car wash today and experience their services first-hand.


Hoffman Car Wash Hours Of Operation Near Me Locations & Corporate Office

Hoffman Car Wash Hours Near Me Locations

There is no such thing as invisible establishments today, especially in the age of the Internet where fast information transfer is expected. Just searching “Hoffman Car Wash Near Me” would give you the location and phone number of an establishment. Take note that as of the moment, Hoffman is only operating on locations such as Colonie, Latham, Schenectady, East Greenbush, Wynantskill, Kingson, Albany, Clifton Park, Binghamton, and other locations listed below.

What Time Does Hoffman Car Wash Open?

Within the weekdays, the car wash typically operates from 8 AM to 8 PM. On Sundays, they are open from 8 AM to 6 PM. Check out their customer service channels for more information on availability during holidays.

Hoffman Car Wash Hours & Location
Locations: Hours: Prices Basic (Per Month) Phone:
Albany NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Central Ave 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Central Ave Albany 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Central Ave Colonie 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Clifton Park NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Colonie NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Delmar NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
East Greenbush NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Glens Falls NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Kingston NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Latham NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Mercedes Estates No Data No Data No Data
Queensbury NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Saratoga NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Saratoga Springs, NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Schenectady NY 8 AM–7 PM Starts at $
Troy 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $
Vestal NY 8 AM–8 PM Starts at $

Hoffman Car Wash Corporate Office:

You can visit the car wash corporate office at Central Avenue, Albany, NY Alternatively, you can check their official website to find out the best location for you. 

Send your written inquiries or call the customer service using this contact information: 

Phone: ()

Fax: ()

Toll-Free: ()

How Do I Cancel My Hoffman Car Wash?

Customers with the unlimited club can cancel their subscription at any time that is convenient for them. However, to cancel the monthly pre-authorized charge, the member should initiate the Hoffman car wash cancel before their next payment. You can initiate plan cancellation by going directly to any Hoffman location, or by submitting your information and inquiry to this form. 

Hoffman Car Wash Jobs / Careers Application:

Hoffman is always searching for people who would like to gain job experience. You can receive benefits such as scholarships and health care package by joining the Hoffman team. Positions available are often for car washing, Jiffy Lube positions, Byrider, facilities, and administrative. 

Take note: as of the time of writing, due to the current medical crisis, Hoffman is not accepting new applications for both Hoffman Car Wash and Hoffman Jiffy Lube locations. 

How Much Does Hoffman Pay An Hour? 

According to reports from Indeed, the average salary per hour is $ for a car wash attendant. For people working as lube and automotive technicians, the pay per hour is $ and $ per hour respectively. 

What Age Does Hoffman Hire? 

As per the state’s requirement, you must be at least 16 years old to work at Hoffman Car Wash, as well as its JIffy Lube locations. For applicants under 18 years old, a working permit might be required, which can be acquired via the school. 

Hoffman Car Wash Fundraising: 

Hoffman Car Wash also offers a fundraising program for non-profit organizations like schools and churches. With the fundraising program, non-profit organizations can raise money quickly by selling car wash tickets. You don’t have to do the paperwork to raise money. To start fundraising, contact the nearest Hoffman location near you. 

Hoffman Car Wash Reviews: Is Hoffman Car Wash Good?

One of the best features of Hoffman Car Wash is its thorough cleaning. Even the most persistent stains like bug splatters, road dust, and rain streaks are cleaned. Self-service is also a great experience, as you can wash your car without worrying about running out of coins or bills for the Coin Operated Car Wash (only if you use a credit card to pay instead). In addition, there is a free vacuum on each Hoffman car wash offered. 

Sours: https://topcarwashcost.com/hoffman-car-wash-prices/

Hoffman Car Wash

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Hoffman Car Wash

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Hoffman Car Wash

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Where is Hoffman Car Wash Corporate office Headquarters

  • Home →
  • H →
  • Hoffman Car Wash Corporate Office Headquarters

Hoffman Car Wash Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: Central Ave
    Colonie, NY
  • Phone Number:()
  • Fax Number: ()
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 
  • Founder: Tom Hoffman Sr.
  • Key People: Tom Hoffman Jr.

Hoffman Car Wash Headquarters Location & Directions

Hoffman Car Wash Headquarters Executive Team



Tom Hoffman Jr.


About Hoffman Car Wash, History and Headquarters Information

Hoffman Car Wash is a car wash company which was founded in the year It has its units in various places in the state of New York. The company started slowly as a single unit and as of now has grown vast with units at 30 locations in the whole of the state of New York with over employees.

The company provides the best high-quality car wash facilities both for the exterior body of the car and the interior body as well as the various parts present in the interiors of the car. The company also uses the best products for the different parts that provide a clean and shining finish and gives a feeling of newness.

The company guarantees complete satisfaction of the customer and aims at giving the best-needed treatment the car needs for the effective working.

Hoffman Car Wash Headquarters Photos

Hoffman Car Wash Headquarters Photo
Hoffman Car Wash Headquarters Photo

Hoffman Car Wash Resources

Sours: https://corporateofficeheadquarters.org/hoffman-car-wash/
Hoffman Car Wash, Vestal - Self Service Bay

Hoffman Car Wash Prices

This website is not associated with Hoffman Car Wash

Hoffman Car Wash was established in , and today the company has 30 locations and more than employees spread throughout New York state. Hoffman also provides full and part time employment for adults and teenagers. Since its founding, the company has only continued to grow.

Here’s a list of Hoffman Car Wash prices:


Exterior Car Wash Services

Express Exterior$
Ultimate Exterior$
Ultimate Exterior with Tire Shine$
Ultimate Exterior with Tire Shine & Hot Wax$

Full Service

"Inside & Out" Car Wash Services

Full Service$
Ultimate Full Service$
Ultimate Full Service with Tire Shine$
Ultimate Exterior with Interior Cleaning & Tire Shine$

Touch Free Car Wash Services


Disclaimer: PriceListo gathers actual pricing information from sources such as on-site visits, business websites, and phone interviews. The prices reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources. Naturally, the prices reported on this website may not be current, and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. To obtain current pricing, contact the individual business location of interest to you.

This family run car care company offers car detail, interior cleaning, exterior car wash and full service capabilities. They also provide Jiffy Lube and self service wash services in all locations. Hoffman also offers JD Byrider franchise so customers can buy good, pre-owned cars a their credit is being restructured.

Customers who join the Hoffman e-club are given a free hot wax upgrade. The company also offers membership to their Unlimited Car Wash Club and an online store for convenient shopping. With a few taps you will also get free e-delivery.

For more information about Hoffman Car wash prices please visit their official website.

Sours: https://www.topcarwashprices.com/hoffman-car-wash-prices/

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Hoffman Car wash


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