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There is a difference between blade area and diameter. On top of that, the rake of the propeller will be more of a determinant of how much water the prop will carry running at an elevated transom height. High rake, 3 blade props can do a great job of lifting the bow while running high as opposed to the stern lift you might experience running a comparable 4 blade prop. The advantage being a 3 blade with more rake and more blade area is going to carry water, while reducing drag, often resulting in a better top speed. In the case where you don’t need as much bow lift or you find it smoother running at high speed, then a 4 blade with a higher rake and the right cupping might perform better than a 4 blade with a larger diameter. More diameter doesn’t necessarily mean better when you are running your engine high at high speeds, in fact some will not carry enough water, resulting in too much slip, slowing you down. Conversely, super light weight boats that don’t need bow lift consequently will not need a high rake prop that many vee pad hulls do.   

If you’re bogging down because your prop can’t break free or you can’t squeeze more speed out of it at the top end, then you may have to look at trying a prop with more rake and less diameter. Keep in mind, if you’re going from a 3 blade to a 4 blade, you can probably raise your engine height .5 to 1 inch higher, while gaining some RPM (50 to 75), offsetting the potential RPM loss of changing props with a higher pitch, different cupping or more rake. As a general rule, every 1 inch you elevate your engine, you might gain up to 100 RPM and for every 1” of pitch up or down, you might lose or gain 100 to 200 RPM, respectively, depending on the prop. If you’re going from a larger diameter 4 blade to a smaller diameter 4 blade, you may want to lower your engine slightly and adjust it up from there for optimal performance and safety reasons.  


Thread: Best bow Lifting prop

I have an old 1780 procraft Bass boat. The hull is 1200lbs. I've widened and made the pad taller. Also blue printed the hull the best I could, hull is flat, all edges sharpened.
200 hp 1984 Cherry 2.4
10" Slide master + 4" notch in hull.
Bob's nose cone with LW pick-up
Always run 3 batteries + fuel and gear

I've tried different props, different engine heights, and as much weight rearward as possible. I just can't get the lift I need to fly the bow.

I'm running a 26 big eared merc chopper to 62 mph at 6000 rpm. I'm getting big slip with this prop at any engine height. I usually run 1" below the pad and have gone as high as even and as low as 4" below.

I have a 23 renegade that gets 60 at 6000 rpm. I've tried a 23 tempest, 23 trophy, and a 24 chopper with the same results. Nothing seems to fly the bow the way I need.

I'd rate the props I've tried as follows for bow lift:

23 Tempest 7/10
26 Merc Big eared chopper 7/10
23 renegade 6/10
23 Trophy 6/10
24 Small Eared Merc chopper 6/10

I listed the pitches as I know some props characteristics change with pitch.

Please list your favorite props the same way according to their bow lifting capabilities. Feel free to add some setup tips. I might be missing something obvious but I think I've tried just about everything.

I'm probably going to trade my 23 renegade for a 24 raker...?


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Which prop for bow lift?

Re: Which prop for bow lift?

Getting much bow lift on that boat is going to be iffy. The blow out in turns is more annoying than not getting the bow as high as you'd like.

Talk to your shop guy and get him to let you test a couple of BRP (Evinrude) SS props. The smallest Raker is the 18", while the Viper is available in 17", which may work better, depending upon what rpm you're getting now with the aluminum prop. With an rpm range of 5500-6000, you only have 500 rpm to play with and since you can expect a moderate drop in rpm when switching to a SS prop, the 17" Viper might be the better choice.

Both of these props are "bow lifters".

My next best recommendation; after the BRP props would be a Solas HR Titan 3 or 4 in 17" pitch. These are bow lifters as well.

That shop should be willing to let you test a couple (free) with the understanding that you're going to buy from him. :)


Jarrett Edwards helps you choose the proper prop

Discount Boat Props

Posted by Dan's Discount Propellersadmin on May 8, 2017 in Boat Propellers, Boating |

There are two kinds of boat propellers – Stern Lifting Propellers and Bow Lifting Propellers. Boat props not only simply push a boat forwards or backwards, they can also determine if the bow is running higher out of the water at speed that means higher speeds because less boat in the water makes the boat faster, less drag. Other propellers can lift the stern of the boat up out of the water from a dead start instead of digging in and having the bow raise up high which causes a slower take off.

The degree of blade rake angle on a boat propeller determines if it is a stern lifting propeller or a bow lifting prop. Blade rake angle is the angle of the blade in relation to the hub of the propeller when looking at it from the side. The less angle of the blade means more stern lift and the more angle means more bow lift.

Stern Lifting Propellers or Bow Lifting Propellers?

What type of boat propeller would work best for your boat? It depends on a few things. Type of boat is one and how you want to use it is another. For high powered light bass boats you want the most speed you can get ,that means a three blade prop with a higher rake degree. This type creates the most speed. Three bladed boat propellers with a high degree of rake are generally faster than a four bladed propeller. Four bladed propellers actually give better stern lift and less bow lift even if it has a high rake degree simply because the extra blade. If you have a sterndrive family style boat, a stern lifting prop is most popular because sterdrive boats are stern heavy and need help getting up and on top of the water quicker.


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