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20 cute pencil cases that are perfect for back-to-school

These cool cases are sure to give your kids the write stuff for back to school.

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It’s a whole new school year. Do your kids have the “write stuff” to make it a great one? It’s time to stock up on all of the back-to-school essentials, and a brand new pencil case is just what they need to start the school year off right. It keeps them organized, and keeps all of their writing supplies in tip top shape. Snap, zipper, or roll-up tidy, these cases will keep everything in place and easy to find. Say goodbye to dried up markers, busted pencil tips and exploding pens!

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For more back-to-school essentials, we’ve got the best lunch boxes, water bottles, backpacks and more to make sure your child is back-to-school ready.

1. A high-capacity case that shows some shimmer

Shimmery cases in over 15 styles give kids lots of fun options to choose from.

Boys and girls alike will enjoy the shimmery design options of these cool pouches that range in styles from unicorns to sharks. Parents will like that these cases can fit everything they need in one tidy place, with a special detachable section for pencils, a mesh pocket for storage and a wide enough space to hold a pretty sizable marker collection.

Get the Mibasies pencil case at Amazon for $17.99

2. An avoca-dorable pencil case

A sparkly, squeezy, avocado case!

This blushing avocado cutie will be the talk of the classroom, with its eye-catching sparkle and adorable design. It’s cute, it’s squeezable and the zipper closure keeps everything securely in place.

Get the glitter avocado pencil case at Claire’s for $11.89

3. A unicorn pencil pouch for a little magic

Tug the tail to reveal the magic.

Mythical, magical and ready for learning. This unicorn pencil pouch with sequins has a shimmery glitter horn and ears to match. Tug her tail to reveal your school day stash.

The unicorn pencil case at Claire’s for $11.89

4. A creeper case for the Minecraft-obsessed

This creeper case is just right for the Minecraft-obsessed.

What kid isn’t into Minecraft? We know they’re dreaming of their favorite video game all day, but keep the creepers at home. This hardtop pencil case in an iconic pattern opens like a book, revealing mesh pockets, pencil slots and a hidden compartment for even more extra space.

Get the Minecraft creeper pencil case by Soocute at Amazon for $15.99

5. A cute pencil pouch that stands up to attention

Pick just one? Speak for yourself.

Here, kitty, kitty! This stand-up, zip-top pouch converts into a cute desktop caddy that’s certain to inspire lots of smiles. These feline friends, with friendly faces, come in four different colors.

Get the Easthill standup kitty case at Amazon for $9.99

6. A straightforward and classic pencil pouch

This understated satchel is for the super organized.

For the classic kid. This is an understated pouch that looks pretty on the outside, and works hard on the inside. With three roomy compartments, this case is just the right size for everything that needs carrying to and from school, and it keeps things super organized.

Get the Easthill 3-compartment pencil case at Amazon for $10.99

7. A custom case, to express their personal style

With so many cute options, you're sure to find a perfect match for your child's individual style.

If you have a little iconoclast on your hand, a one-of-a-kind case is just what you need. These customized cases not only store all of their school supplies, they are a perfect shout-out to their individual style.

Get the custom pencil case by Compact Design Store at Etsy for $12.99

8. A pencil sharpener and pencil case hybrid

This little case looks sharp, and comes with a built-in pencil sharpener.

Learning will stay on point with this smart little case that’s as cute as it is genius. Hidden in the top is a pencil sharpener to keep things sharp.

Get the Zovota pencil case with pencil sharpener at Amazon for $8.99

9. A towering case with princess power

Your kiddo will live happily ever after with this cute case.

This tiny tower will rule the kiddo kingdom. This enchanting case features princesses Snow White, Mulan, Cinderella and Belle perched in their windows, ready to accompany your child to school. One thing is for certain, any kid who has this pencil case will live happily ever after.

Get the Disney princess pencil case at shopDisney for $12.99

10. A pencil box with puppy power

First day jitters will be banished when they have the puppy patrol on their side.

Who couldn’t use a little puppy power to get through the day? A perfect case for your little one’s very first day; this cute case is sure to quell any first day jitters. This retro-style tin case with a handle is reminiscent of an ‘80s lunchbox, and just as durable.

Get the Paw Patrol pencil box by the Tin Box Company Store at Amazon for $6.99

11. A case that’s wild—and washable

Cute enough to be a pet, but practical enough to keep your kids organized.

These hilarious and colorful cases bring a little bit of wild style to your kids’ days. Our family has these and can vouch that these cases are spacious and can fit an impressive amount of pens, pencils, crayons and more—they even fit a fairly sizable pencil sharpener. A wonderful bonus is these are, surprisingly, machine washable.

Shop Zipit Wildlings pencil cases at Amazon starting at $9.99

12. A monster-style pencil pouch

Pen thieves don't stand a chance against this toothy monster.

This ferocious face will keep pen thieves on their toes. These wacky monsters zip up their sharp “teeth” to hold everything in safely, but when you unzip their lips they’re ready to roar. These styles are super colorful, funky, funny and quirky—and they are also machine washable.

Shop the Zipit monster cases as Amazon starting at $8.99

13. A cute panda case that gives back

This pencil case looks adorable and does good!

This sweet purple panda is made of silicone and stands up for super-easy supply access. Its slim shape belies its space: It holds up to 15 pens while still managing to fit perfectly in a backpack. This is a cute case with a conscience: It’s PVC-free, made with FSC certified packaging and for every Yoobi item you purchase, another Yoobi item will be donated to a child in need, right here in the U.S. through their Yoobi Gives program.

Get the Yoobi purple panda pencil case at Amazon for $9.99

14. A case to settle all disputes

A lifetime warranty guarantee this pencil case will last.

It’s settled. This is one of the cutest pencil pouches around. Made by Herschel, this pencil case is made with the highest quality materials that are built to last. A limited lifetime warranty let’s you know that when they say this pouch is durable they mean it.

Get the Settlement Case at Herschel for $21.99

15. A tween-friendly pouch that’s to dye for

This tie-dye case is totally on trend.

The tie-dye trend shows no signs of quitting, and this cute pencil pouch will keep your kid’s style quotient on point. This sustainably made zip-up case is from recycled water bottles and can be monogrammed to add a little bit of personal flair.

Get the Gear Up rainbow tie-dye pencil case from PB Teen for $12.50

16. A cute case with cuddly monsters that like to give back

Who could be scared of monsters with this cute case.

This little case is so adorable it may be just the thing to cure your child’s monster fears. The backpack-like design has a cute carry loop and the case itself is made from a sturdy poly-canvas blend. Every bag purchased helps support State’s giving initiatives, including donating fully-packed backpacks at bag drop rallies.

Get the State Clinton case at Maisonette for $25

17. A sweet bag with a handmade look

A little UK style for back-to-school

For the kid (or parent) with a cottagecore aesthetic, this adorable pencil pouch sports a handmade style that is just as at home holding art supplies in a meadow as it is taking pencils to and from school.

Get the Liberty of London personalize pencil case at The Tot for $28

18. An Avengers-themed case to marvel over

This pencil case has super hero style.

Bring some super power to their school day. Spiderman, Thor, the Hulk and friends are there to make their day a little bit more powerful and a whole lot more organized.

Get the Marvel Avengers pencil case at Amazon for $12.99

19. A high-capacity case that they’ll roar over

They'll be ready to roar with this cool case.

T-Rex was the king of the dinosaurs and this hard pencil case is the king of kids’ pencil boxes. A double mesh pocket for storage and a six-pencil slip-holder make this case not only cool, but incredibly practical.

Get the dinosaur pencil case by Wepop at Amazon for $15.99

20. A straightforward case with serious style

The dabbing unicorn is our favorite.

True, it’s hard to look at other styles when one of the prints is a unicorn dabbing, but these straightforward, zip-up pencil cases come in an array of super-cute designs that will keep kids smiling. These bags have a sturdy zipper and are lightweight—so they look good without weighing you down.

Get the Aiphamy pencil case at Amazon starting at $7.99

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Cool DIY Pencil Cases for Going Back to School

Now, we know that back to school time has come and passed, but as busy crafters who also like to keep ourselves busy with plenty of other things around this exciting time of year. Last year, we made ourselves all new customized notebooks so that we had something we really enjoyed, but this year we decided to turn our attention to our pencil cases instead! As with any craft, however, we made sure to do a little bit of research and look up as many ways to do it as we possibly could before making a decision.

Just in case the idea of making yourself a DIY pencil case is appealing to you just as much to you as it did to us, if not more, here are 15 of the very best and most unique tutorials that we’ve come across in our search so far!

1. Flat cases with centre zippers


Have you always disliked the way rounded or oddly shaped pencil cases fit in your bag because you tend to carry a lot of things with you at once, since you’re always running off to do things before, after, and in between classes? Then perhaps you’d get along a little better with something like these more flat shaped cases outlined on Sea Lemon! We love the way their tutorial shows you how to make them from several different kinds of thicket materials.

2. Roll up, no-sew pencil case


Besides being a student, are you actually also an artist who has always loved the way art supplies like drawing pencils and paint brushes can be kept so neat and tidy in something like a brush roll? Well, those can be expensive to invest in if you’re looking at the professional kind, but they can also be really useful for keeping writing and not taking or drawing supplies organized in a space efficient way, which is why we were so pleased to come across this fantastic “no sew” DIY brush roll tutorial on Innova Crafts.

3. Pencil box from fabric and a cereal box


Have you actually always been concerned about the idea of putting your precious writing or drawing utensils in your heavy, crowded bag in something that’s soft sided because you’ve have things like heavy textbook break tips off before, but you don’t often find decent looking pencil boxes in portable sizes in stores? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at Instructables to learn about making one of your own from cardboard and scrap fabric.

4. Pencil pouch from a flyer


Are you very intrigued indeed by the idea of making your own upcycled materials pencil box but you’ve also always preferred supplies that look a little different to the norm, or perhaps have some kind of unexpected shape to them? In that case, we have a feeling you might actually be the perfect person to give this fantastic pencil pouch outlined step by step on Miss Debbie DIY a try! It’s just as graphic, just as good for repurposing (it’s made from old flyers) and it still opens like the pencil box that caught your eye, but we really enjoy its cylindrical shape.

5. Buttoned felt pencil slider


Perhaps you actually only have a very few writing utensils that you carry with you to classes on a daily basis and you’re looking for a slightly smaller or space efficient way to carry them? Well, if you happen to have some scrap felt leftover from other projects, or even anything similar, then we think perhaps we’ve found just the project for you! Check out how Martha Stewart made this fantastic buttoning slider pouch in just a few simple steps.

6. Folding pencil case with slides and a zippered pouch


What if you’re actually a Jack or Jill of all trades and you have lots of different things that you’d like to carry with you in a case, but you get tired of searching through a single compartment trying to find the particular thing you’re looking for? Well, if you’re experienced with basic sewing techniques and you’re open to the idea of a small challenge, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how La Petite Cabane de Mavada made this fantastic folding case that features a pocket, slides, and a zippered pouch!

7. DIY box style pencil case


Have you actually beens scrolling through our list and thinking about how, even though you like the look of a squared off pencil box because you think it’s neat and tidy, you’re actually not really into the idea of carrying around a hard sided box all the time because you don’t like the rattling sound the pencils make inside it when you walk? In that case, we think perhaps you might be the perfect person to give this fabric box-style zipping pencil case a try instead! Get the full details for making one of your own on Gathered Threads.

8. Shark pencil case


Just in case you’re still scrolling through because you’ve been hoping for a little bit of guidance on using your creative skills to make a pencil case that’s truly novelty and probably couldn’t be found in stores, here’s a funny character idea that we think all your classmates will get a kick out of, no matter your age or level or schooling. Get step by step instructions for making your very own pencil shark on Handmadiya!

9. Neon painted pencil case


Perhaps you’ve been looking through our list and thinking about how you’re less concerned with the shape or construction of your case, so long as it keeps your pens and pencils in place, but you’re rather find a colour scheme or visual design that really catches and keeps your attention? Then here’s a design that’s both wonderfully bright and slightly subtle at the same time, all for your consideration! Check out how Dear Handmade Life painted a neon stripe along the bottom and lined the inside with brightly coloured geometric fabric, but made the body of the case from something more neutral, just for good balance.

10. Cute cactus pencil case


Were you very into the idea of making yourself a novelty shaped pencil case of some kind but you’re just not sure that the shark is quite the aesthetic you’re going for? Then we think perhaps you might get along a little better making something like this funny little cactus shaped pencil case outlined step by step on Owlipop! We love the way they even made the edges part of the look by cutting them with zigzag scissors to look like prickly spikes.

11. Felt covered toilet roll pencil case


Perhaps the ideas that have caught your attention the best so far have been the ones that involved using some kind of upcycled, recycled, or repurposed material, but you just haven’t seen one yet that’s made from something you have available right now? In that case, we think perhaps you’ll get along very well indeed with this design from One Lmon, so long as you have an emptied toilet paper roll and some felt at hand! This tutorial is so easy to follow that even kids could help with making pencil cases of their very own.

12. Instagram inspired pencil case


Just in case you’re still scrolling in hopes of finding a novelty or kitschy looking design but you’d prefer something a little more pop culture referenced, here’s a DIY pencil case option for the social media lovers out there! Aira Tran guides you step by step through the process of making a simple rectangular pouch with a zipping top that looks just like the Instagram logo. We’re social photo lovers as well, so we think this idea is rather adorable indeed.

13. DIY confetti pencil case


If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make an entire pencil case from scratch, would you rather make something that’s really unique and crafty, and that will perhaps catch the attention of people around you as well? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how The Paper Curator made this fantastic clear plastic pouch that has been filled between the layers with colourful confetti! We love the way the confetti moves around if you shake the pencil case. It’s like a small party every time you need to take notes for class!

14. DIY Pusheen pencil case


If you’re going to make a novelty pencil case from scratch, would you rather make one that’s got a little more character to it, perhaps quite literally by making one that looks like a recognizable character? Well, cat lovers rejoice, because I Wear A Bow is here with a tutorial that shows you all the necessary steps for making a wonderfully cute and super soft pencil case that looks just like the cartoon Internet cat Pusheen! We think this design is so cute we practically want to snuggle it.

15. Wooden pencil top with a tambour top


Perhaps you’re actually more of a handicrafter with a little bit of experience in small woodworking projects and you’re looking to make something that requires a little more patience and skill? Well, we think this project might be better for someone who works at a desk and wants to keep their writing utensils organized in one spot on their desktop rather than carrying it around from class to class, as wood can be heavy, but we couldn’t resist including it anyways! Check out how Wood Archivist created this fantastic wooden pencil box that features a tambour style top that we think you’ll be pleased to learn isn’t actually as difficult to make as it looks!

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  3. Best small trawler
  4. Aio cooler

Cute Pencil Cases for Toting Around All of Your Supplies

If you’re tired of digging around in the bottom of your bag or backpack for pens, pencils or sticky notes, you should get a pencil case. Whether you’re in school or not, pencil cases can help you get more organized, so there’s no more rummaging around in your bags. It’ll also keep pens from leaking all over your bag’s lining. 

Yes, you are allowed to buy a pencil case if you’ve already graduated. There’s no rule that says these cases can only hold pencils and pencils. Maybe you have office supplies you bring to and from work. Or with your side hustle, you find yourself in cafes sipping lattes surrounded by pens and sticky notes. Pencil cases have also evolved a little bit. There are pencil cases with dividers in the middle, so you can prioritize your 4-5 favorite pens. No more digging for your go-to pen. 

We rounded up the best pencil cases for you. These pencil cases are bright and practical. Our picks can hold at least 40 pens and are designed to last. One of our selections is even collapsible, so it can adapt to whatever size purse or backpack that you want to store it in.

STYLECASTER’s mantra is ‘Style To The People’— and our mission is to be an accessible, inclusive, ahead-of-the-trend destination for millennial and Gen Z women who want to live with style and substance. Our fashion, beauty and lifestyle coverage is equal parts informative and inspiring, and at once aspirational yet attainable. If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission.

1. iSuperb Cotton Linen Pencil Case

iSuperb Cotton Linen Pencil Case

Courtesy of iSuperb.

This cute pencil case might look little, but it can fit a lot. You can put up to 40 pens and pencils inside this cotton linen case. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your pencil case becoming unzippered and scattering pens everywhere. This case’s zipper has an auto lock slider, so it stays put. The case comes in pink (pictured), beige, dark blue, gray and yellow.

2. EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Case

EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Case

Courtesy of EASTHILL.

This pencil case also has the ability to hold up to 50 pens, and it has dividers to help keep your supplies separate from your pens. This canvas and cotton pencil case is a little different than other cases, though. If you have a light day and only need to take a handful of pencils, you can flatten this case by zippering the sides. This makes it more compact, and it can fit in smaller bags. The case comes in light blue, khaki, yellow and dark blue.

3. Homecube Pencil Case

Homecube Pencil Case

Courtesy of Homecube.

If you carry around a lot of pens, pencils and highlighters, this pencil case is a must-have. It can fit up to 50 pens and other supplies, like staplers and scissors. The case is divided into two parts by a floating, detachable divider, which you can put four pens in. There’s also space for IDs or credit cards in the inner pocket. It’s available in purple, green, pink, gray, blue and black.

4. Sooez Wide-Opening Pencil Case

Sooez Pencil Case

Courtesy of Sooez.

This extra wide design makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Inside, this spacious pencil case has one large middle pocket and five mesh pockets on the sides of the case. It comes in eight cool colors, so you’re sure to find one that matches your aesthetic.

5. SIQUK Cactus Pencil Case

SIQUK Cactus Pencil Case

Courtesy of SIQUK.

This case is small but mighty, it can hold up to 60 standard pens. There are two separate zippered compartments and layered pockets within each, so you can store sticky notes and calculators and other items separate from your pens and pencils.

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