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To connect your Samsung Gallery to OneDrive

  1. Open the Samsung Gallery app settings.

  2. Tap Switch to OneDrive and follow the prompts to move your Samsung Cloud Gallery to Microsoft OneDrive.


  • Samsung Gallery connection to OneDrive is available for certain models and markets only.

  • Your Samsung Gallery can only be connected to OneDrive personal accounts (i.e. not OneDrive for work or school users).

If Samsung Gallery upload to OneDrive isn’t working

  1. If you connected your Samsung Gallery app to OneDrive, and see the error message "Something went wrong", close the app, start the connection again ensuring that all permissions are granted.


    • Your Samsung Gallery can only be connected to OneDrive personal accounts (i.e. not OneDrive for work or school users).

    • If the Samsung Gallery still doesn't sync to your OneDrive, please contact Samsung Customer Support via your device. Go to Settings > Accounts and backup > Samsung Cloud > More > Contact us > Error reports ensuring that Send system log data is enabled.

  2. If you connected your Samsung Gallery app to OneDrive, but images from other folders (e.g. Screenshots, social media folders) are not showing in your OneDrive camera roll, this is because the Samsung Gallery app doesn't support photos from additional folders. To resolve this:

    1. Disconnect your Samsung Gallery from OneDrive - see below.

    2. Ensure that OneDrive camera roll is enabled. Learn how to Automatically save photos and videos with OneDrive for Android.

If pictures are not showing in your Samsung Gallery or OneDrive camera roll

If you delete files from the Samsung Gallery folder in your OneDrive app, or from within the Samsung Gallery app, they will be deleted from the other app too.

Warning: If you delete any files that sync to the Samsung Gallery, they will be moved to the Recycle Bin and deleted from all your synced devices.

To disconnect your Samsung Gallery from OneDrive

If you want to stop the Samsung Gallery app syncing photos to OneDrive and remove the Samsung data sharing permissions to your Microsoft Account, you'll need to edit how you sign-in to Microsoft:

  1. Open your Microsoft Account's Additional security options.

    1. Next to Samsung logoSamsung account, select Remove.

  2. On your mobile device, go to Settings > Accounts.

    1. Scroll down and select your Samsung logo  Samsung account.

    2. Tap Apps and services then Connected services.

    3. Remove your Microsoft account from the list of Linked accounts.

  3. Unlink your Microsoft account from your Samsung account Connected services.

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How to Create a Samsung Account

What to Know

  • Go to the Samsung Account web page in any browser and select Create account.
  • On your Samsung phone, go to Settings > Cloud and accounts > Accounts > Add account > Samsung account > Create account.
  • With a Samsung account, you can locate, erase, lock, and unlock your phone remotely as well as back up your data and use exclusive apps.

This article explains how to create a Samsung account in a web browser or using any Samsung smartphone.

How to Create a Samsung Account on Your Computer

You can create a Samsung account during the setup process on your phone, but you can also do it online via your computer.

  1. Go to the Samsung Account web page in any browser and select Create account.

  2. Read through the Terms & Conditions, Terms of Service, and Samsung Privacy Policy on the next page and select AGREE.

  3. Complete the signup form by entering your email address, choosing a password, and completing some profile information, then select NEXT.

Why Set Up a Samsung Account?

Many smartphone manufacturers encourage you to create user accounts, which often add extra features and services. When you set up a Samsung account, you not only have an easy way to access various Samsung services, but also a fast, simple way to locate, shut off, or even erase your phone if it is ever lost or stolen.

How to Add a Samsung Account on Your Phone

Add a Samsung account to your smartphone from the Add Account section of the main settings.

The interface of your Samsung phone may look different from the screenshots below, but the steps for activating a Samsung account are the same for all devices.

  1. Open the main Settings app on your phone.

  2. Scroll down and tap Cloud and accounts > Accounts.

    If there is already a Samsung account assigned to your phone, you must remove it before adding another.

  3. Choose Add account.

  4. You will see a list of all the accounts that can be set up on your phone. Active accounts will have a green dot next to them, and inactive accounts will have a grey dot. Select Samsung account.

    You must be connected to Wi-Fi or a data network to continue.

  5. On the Samsung account screen, select Create account.

    To add an existing Samsung account, such as one created on your computer, enter your account information and tap Sign in.

  6. Tap Next to accept the Terms of Service.

  7. Enter the requested information including an email address, password, and your name, then select Create.

  8. To access your account information, go to Settings > Cloud accounts > Accounts and tap your Samsung account.

    Once your account is set up, don't forget to set it to Auto sync data in the Accounts section.

What Can You Do With Your Samsung Account?

With an active Samsung Account, you can do all of the following and more:

  • Locate your phone.
  • Erase, lock, and unlock your phone remotely.
  • Use exclusive apps for your phone, such as Samsung Pay, Bixby, Samsung Health, and Samsung Pass (biometrics).
  • Back up your data and photo gallery.

Once you create a Samsung account, enjoy all the Samsung services without having to create or sign in with any additional accounts.

Any Android phone will require you to set up a Google Account. Your Samsung Account is completely different from that and offers features you can't access anywhere else.

Samsung Account Key Features

Setting up a Samsung account will enable several features for your phone in addition to extra features for compatible TVs, Samsung Gear, computers, and more.

Find My Mobile

This is one of the most useful features of your Samsung account. Find My Mobile lets you register your phone to locate it if it gets misplaced. When tracking your lost phone, remotely lock it, make the phone ring (if you think it is lost but nearby), and even set a number that calls to your lost mobile can be forwarded to.

If you think your phone is not going to be returned to you, you can also wipe the phone remotely to remove any sensitive or private data.

Samsung Cloud

If you're someone who takes a million photos and never remembers to download them to your computer, don't stress. Samsung Cloud automatically backs things up every so often. Set your device up to sync:

  • Calendar events and tasks
  • Contacts, email addresses, and business cards
  • Pictures, videos, and stories
  • Predictive text data
  • Voice memos, images, and tasks
  • Reminders
  • Bookmarks, saved pages, and open tabs from Samsung Internet
  • Samsung Pass sign-in information
  • Scrapbooks, images, screenshots, and web addresses
  • S Note action memos, favorites, and categories

Samsung Health

Samsung Health works as your hub for all things health. In addition to helping you keep track of workouts and water intake, it can also sync with running apps to put all the information you want in a single place. There's a lot going on in this app, but the aim is to put you in control of your health.


Samsung's PENUP app is really a social network for artists who like to share their work with others. Use your S-Pen to draw amazing works of art right on your phone.

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