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TEXTURE NINJA -> 6 x Pastel Pink texture pack

6 x 512 x 512 High quality textures for your designs.

HOW TO USE: To use these textures, rez your product in world and open. Once you have located in your texture file, you can save to your hard drive ->open the texture file->Go 'File' then 'Save Texture As' and download it to your computer.
From there, you can open in your preferred graphics software and use!


* Texture Ninja License terms *

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Anyone caught re-distributing these textures in any form will be reported to Linden Labs!!!
It is your responsibility to read and understand this license. 'Texture Ninja' textures and clothing templates permits you to use it's products within Second Life or on your own computer.

Our license (and the terms and conditions of use) is included in our products and is the buyer's responsibility to read and understand this license. No Excuses!
* Use these textures in your own clothing, furniture or general prim designs for reselling.
* Modify these textures to use in your own clothing, furniture or general prim designs for reselling.
* Copy these textures/templates to your own personal computer for re-use there and then re-upload back into second life for clothing, furniture or general prim designs.

* Sell or distribute any of these textures or templates, to any other person. Only the avatar purchasing the product has rights to use.
* Sell or give away any of these textures (modified or not) as a unique texture or in a texture pack!
* Remove the license from the pack and redistribute it.
* Give these textures away as 'freebies'.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Zephyr Zuzu
TN 'Texture Ninja'

Please send notecarded questions only to: Zephyr Zuzu and I will reply asap.

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Skullz Pink Texture Pack (Texture Pack has 35 Textures)

::: Texture Packs come zipped and in PNG format!! :::
(JPEG format Available upon request! Just e-mail me and I will send out with proof of purchase!)
**All Textures included in this Texture Pack are not displayed. For a full preview of this texture pack, please e-mail me.

Standard RULES:
Please do not sell, share or distribute these Textures!
Editing files, changing color, adding layers, cropping, etc, does not make these Textures your own and DOES NOT give you rights to resell or redistribute.
These Textures generally come 256 X 256 pixel Squares. (Sizes Varies depending on the Texture & detail) They are meant for IMVU users so if you are not an IMVU developer
buy at your own risk.
There are NO refunds, If you have any questions regarding these Textures or other Textures in my shop please contact me at [email protected]

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Top 5 PvP texture packs for Minecraft in 2021

PvP in Minecraft typically takes place within Minecraft PvP servers and has consistently remained as one of the most intensely competitive aspects of the game to date.

Due to the cut-throat nature of Minecraft PvP, players often need every extra edge they can get their hands on. Minecraft PvP texture packs help with this, mainly through specialized effects such as low-fire, which have now become the standard within the Minecraft PvP scene.

Note: This article is solely based on the writer's opinion. The views of others may be different.

5 best PvP texture packs to use in Minecraft

#5 - Quantum v3

Quantum v3 is a 128x pack that features a sleek neon blue theme throughout its style choices. The pack also notably includes a long blue sword design, flaunting custom blue ender pearls to match.

Apart from a few specific blocks, most vanilla block textures remain present in this pack. Low-fire is also present in this texture pack. However, the color of fire remains as the standard orange.

The pack can be downloaded here.

#4 - Danteh Dark Red Revamp

The Danteh Dark Red Revamp pack is a 16x PvP texture pack that primarily utilizes a red theme throughout, with red textures seen in armor, swords, bows, sky, rods, and more.

For fans looking for such a specifically red-themed PvP pack, Danteh Dark Red is a great option. The pack also includes several custom particle implementations, such as red arrow trail effects.

The pack can be downloaded here.

#3 - Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker is a pink-themed 16x texture pack with a focus on custom heart-shaped particles and related effects. It also includes a variety of custom block textures that were specially put together for the pack.

The Heartbreaker pack features bright pink armor, tools, swords, bows, rods, and more. The pack is also low-fire and includes a variety of FPS optimizations, making it a good option for those with lower-end PCs.

The pack can be downloaded here.

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#2 - Crystal Heart

Crystal Heart is a great 16x PvP texture pack that features a myriad of optimizations to improve FPS. The pack also interestingly comes in both a 1.16 and 1.8 version, so players can remain on their favorite version.

What's most notable about the Crystal Heart pack is the custom sky texture included. Also, the cartoony aesthetic is definitely something unique and fits in brilliantly within the general vibe of the pack.

The pack can be downloaded here.

#1 - Dark Pixels

Dark Pixels is an 8x8 PvP texture pack, meaning that it's the best for lower-end PCs and also great for game modes on specific PvP servers that demand high FPS, such as Minecraft bedwars servers.

The actual pack, stylistically, remains somewhat similar to the vanilla Minecraft texture pack, featuring blocks that attempt to remain true to the style. This makes the pack a perfect choice for players who are only looking to boost FPS and nothing else.

The pack, like every other on this list, features low-fire and optimized PvP particle effects.

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The pack can be downloaded here.

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