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Heavy-Duty Shelf Brackets | High Weight Capacity Industrial Brackets

Our heavy-duty shelf brackets are designed to hold a ridiculous amount of weight. They’re able to support more weight than a wall stud and the mounting hardware mounted to the bracket. This is perfect for several applications needing to support a lot of weight and you need reliable support.

Heavy Duty Floating Stud Mounted Shelf Brackets

We have several metal in-wall heavy-duty shelf brackets and wall mount brackets to choose from! We have both standard and heavy-duty shelf bracket options. All of our industrial brackets are built to withstand a high weight capacity. We have floating/hidden brackets as well as standard brackets that are exposed below a shelf.

All of our industrial brackets are coated to protect from corrosion. Our steel shelf brackets are powder coated and standard brackets are clear coated. You can get these steel shelving brackets in 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″, 10″, 12", 15", and several other variants, with 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" options for thickness. Not seeing what you’re looking for? We’d be happy to customize one for you.

256R Series Steel Shelf Support Clip with Rubber Cushion

256R Series Steel Shelf Support Clip with Rubber Cushion

Shelf support clip with rubber cushion for use with glass shelves and the 233 Series, 255 Series and 255AL Series pilaster standards. Bright Zinc finish.



Mortise-Mount Steel





Vertical Adjustability


Available options

Item (Click for detail & option to buy) Component Size Finish Carton Quantity Unit of Measure Order Quantity Price per Order Quantity
256R ZC Pilaster Shelf Support Clip Bright Zinc 100 EACH Full carton $70.00
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Shelf Supports

Whether to store lumber in the workshop or display treasured mementos, installing shelving is an easy, practical DIY project. Not only can you customize the shelf materials, size and spacing to suit your needs, but your choice of shelf-support hardware can also have a big impact on the finished project. From concealed supports for an inconspicuous look to heavy-duty storage-shelf brackets made of galvanized steel, our line of shelf hardware covers a full range of options.

Brackets for Galvanized Heavy-Duty Shelving System


Brass Paddle Supports & Sleeves

(Pkg. of 20)


Adjustable Shelf Holders



Economy Steel Shelf Supports

(Pkg. of 50)


Fast-Mount Bracket for Galvanized Heavy-Duty Shelving System


Connector for Galvanized Heavy-Duty Shelving System


Standards for Galvanized Heavy-Duty Shelving System


Clips for Pilaster Strips

(Pkg. of 12)


5mm Paddle Supports

(Pkg. of 20)


Supports for Glass Shelves

(Pkg. of 4)


Flipper Shelf Supports

(Pkg. of 20)


Kubic Supports for Glass Shelves

(Pkg. of 4)


Spiral Shelf Supports


Shelf Braces

(Pkg. of 20)


Pilaster Strips


Blind Shelf Supports


Lee Valley Shelf Supports & Sleeves


5mm Steel Supports and Sleeves


Sawtooth Shelf System


Wire Shelf Supports

(Pkg. of 10)


Spring Shelf Supports

(Pkg. of 20)


Solid Brass Threaded Sleeves & Supports

(Pkg. of 20)


Steel Sleeves and Supports


Locking Glass Shelf Supports

(Pkg. of 4)


Hidden Shelf Supports

(Pkg. of 10)


90 DIY Shelf Brackets – How To Build A Shelf Bracket - Metal shelves brackets


Shelf supports steel


Making simple gallow shelf brackets / woodworking basics


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