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Toy storage is an essential item for any parents who deal with endless kids’ toy clutter to keep the living space clean and organized. At the same time, a toy box offers practical ways to train your little one’s responsibility for cleaning up after themselves. With multiple benefits, the toy box has one noticeable concern: the slam accident from the lid.

Although most toy organizers come with safety hinges, not all of them feature high-quality material and qualified functions. Therefore, it is vital to have additional no slam hinges for toy box that are well-combined with your toy box to protect your kid’s precious hands.

If you plan to make a handcrafted toy chest and give it to your little one as a surprising gift, slow closing hinges will elevate your handmade chest’s quality to match that of in-store products.

The well-made support hinges work as full-proof solutions that either make the lid feel lighter or hold it in the upright with the adjusting tension. Hence, it prevents sudden shutdown action and provides the easy put-in/take-out process for your kiddos.

A wide range of hinges might confuse you from butts, flushes to springs, strap hinges. While torsion hinges are one of the best items to support the box lid due to its internal resistance and uncomplicated assembly process, soft closing types are more advanced in closing and opening assistants.

Besides the diverse operations, parents also have to do some research on bearing capacity, installation process, material, and quality of the hinges. Understanding that safety hinges are permanent solutions, I have compiled an in-depth review of 10 best hinges for toy box that promises to bring out your treasured support hinges.

Table of Contents

Best Hinge for Toy Box Reviews

Each review contains detailed information about products and complete experience that include both installation process and operation functions. For a quick comparison, there is a short advantages/disadvantages list for your convenience.

1. SafeStay Lid Stay

This product from SafeStay is a unique soft close hinge for toy box that ensures the most comfortable lifting action for your kids. The hinges are designed at a maximum 105-degree angle that supports the lid to open fully without hitting the side wall when closing. Thanks to the smart slow-close design, you can be worry-free about crushing accidents.

Despite the hinges being the soft-close type, it still sustains the heavy-duty lid with straightforward and efficient functions.

Depending on your desired lid-degree, you will need to measure the center of the hinge as well as the width of the chest. You can try to put 2-3 screws into the brackets to make sure the hinges lined up first. The brackets have some arrows on them to assist the screws from going straight.

After getting the right assembling process, the safety hinges hold the lid stability so that your kids can freely organize their toys until they want to close it. The motion is impressively smooth and can be well-combined with different boxes’ material.

However, the instruction uses metric measurements, which is confusing because it isn’t standard conversions. The print quality is poor, making it even harder to read and follow it. Fortunately, SafeStay has excellent service customers, so I highly recommend you contact them to have better guidelines about the installation process.


  • Amazing soft-close function
  • Well-sustain for heavy-duty leads
  • Selective material
  • Flexible adjusting angle


  • Confusing instruction guidelines

Overall, this is a high-quality toy chest hinge that is easy to combine in any chest or box. You can build your personal toy test as a gift for your little one then purchase these hinges to ensure the safety functions. Save your money with similar quality features for your favourite toy storage.

2. Douper Lid Support Hinge

Douper Lid brings other sturdy and aesthetically soft-close hinges that won’t let you down. The most prominent part that makes this hinge unique is the Allen wrench, which can easily be adjusted for different lid’s weights. The center wrench is perfect coordination with double mounting to keep intended opening angles.

In detail, you can push a button beside the wrench to control right or left-hand mounting. This toy box lid stay can be mounted in a 75, 90, and 110-degree opening position instead of only the “hold open” option. The compact two lid design also features a non-resistance opening process while preventing slam shut accidents.

Moreover, this compact toy lid support can be installed in two different ways: top-opening and upward-opening. Thus, you can integrate it with various types of furniture like kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and wardrobes. The hinges’ material is a selective Zinc alloy in Satin Nickel that can support a weight of up to 40LB. You can feel how sturdy and durable it is by just holding it.

Compared to other toy box hinges, Douber Lid has a simple hardware process. You only need to mark two points for drilling holes and screwing each mounting bracket into its respective place. My tip is to make sure the two hinges stay at the same tension for an efficient slow-closing process.

Because of the wrench design, this hinge doesn’t feature the totally “soft-close” functions. It will depend on the tension of two hinges. Additionally, you will need to tighten the mechanism whenever you adjust it to prevent the lid from slamming shut.


  • Innovative wrench design for easy adjust with different weights
  • Creative double lids for random opening angles
  • Stability holding functions
  • Easy to assemble and widely suitable for different boxes or shelves
  • High-quality material


  • The level of hinges’ lifting action depending on the wrench

Lastly, this comprehensive toy box hinges deserves a spot in your wish list due to its highly functional and practical use. This product promises to be an innovative household item either for your little one’s toy chest or your cabinet, cupboard, and wardrobe.

3. Apexstone Soft Close Lid Support

Apexstones is a brand with high reputation when it comes to innovative household products, especially its support hinges line. As expected, this soft close hinge for toy boxes is a fantastic chest assistant that is worth every penny.

I love the way Apexstone directly mentions maximum side length and weight (which is less than 30 inches and 30 lbs, respectively). In this way, parents have better ideas when combining the safety hinges with their chests. There is also detailed information of length (8.7 inches) and extended-length (14.2 inches) for the most comfortable measurement check.

These struts are compressed types that will slow down the flow of air when it’s coming out of the spring. Consequently, it isn’t an ideal option if you want an entirely open lid to support the long organizer process. Instead, this toy box lid support has one of the best soft-close functions.

Once you put up the lid, it will take about 5-6 seconds to close consistently and thoroughly. Therefore, no matter how many times you’re little open their toy storage, the hinges secure their precious hand without slamming or smashing accidents.

The assembling process is not easy, but once you figure out the correct ways to do it, they work perfectly. When you install these hinges, you should carefully check if you have 3.5 inches from the back, 7 ⅝ inches from the front, and 8 ⅝ inches from the bottom.

For the best result, I highly recommend installing the hinges with open lids. The instruction guideline is not very easy to follow, so you might have to find yourselves the way.


  • Reasonable price for sturdy hinges desire
  • Clear and honesty requirement instruction
  • Comprehensive soft-close compressed features
  • Constantly and comfortable lifting action


  • Might require a complicated built-in process
  • The instruction is confusing

It comes as no surprise that this toy chest hinge receives tons of positive reviews from the customers. Thanks to compressed function, your kiddos can freely open and close it again and again without smashing injury. Check the toy chest’s dimension carefully, and don’t hesitate to give this durable and sturdy hinge a try.

4. Morinbo Toy Box Lid Soft Close Hinges

Morinbo’s soft closing hinges for toy box are one of the easiest to install. The hinges come with a unique fit-to-install card that has a matching square with a detachable metal base. Whether you choose the left-hand or right-hand mounting, you only need to adjust the right angle as instructed in the manuals.

Furthermore, the innovative bracket design allows 2-way of installation: top-opening and drop-down. Therefore, you can incorporate the hinges with any shelves, storages, or cabins within minutes of setup.

With the capacity of 26 lbs-32 lbs for two pieces, the supports hinges can hold your chest lid open while frankly storing endless items into your chest. If you want to close the lid, just gently press the cover for a slow going-down process. Plus, the bracket is space-saving and won’t take any additional volume from your toy chest.

The reversible mounting is the high-standard design and specializes in tight fit areas. Besides the practical gently-close design, these compact toy chest hinges also support a maximum 90-degree angle for extra comfort.

However, there is one minor drawback of the soft-close function. You might have to support the lid until 45-degree to activate the slow-close mechanism.


  • Simple and joyful setting-up process
  • Exclusive metal bracket design
  • Practical using for a different type of furniture
  • High-quality reversible mounting


  • Requires hand-support to activate the soft-close hinges

To sum up, Morino’s soft close toy box hinges should be your top choice if you’re looking for an effortless installation or don’t have any experience with the hardware process. With comprehensive and high-quality functions, this hinges promise to last for years and ensure no slam shut accident for your kiddos.

5. Gizhome 100N /22lb Safety Lift Support

If you seek the toy chest hinges that strikingly work for a heavy toy box lid, this Gizhome hinge is the best option. Each lid’s tongue weight is 22 lbs, which constructively holds up heavy lids and offers a smooth opening after halfway up.

The most distinguishable part is that this toy lid support is specially made for any storage with horizontal doors. In particular, the gas shocks were designed to hold the upfront side. Therefore, it is not an advanced option for “soft close” because the strut might reach compression and leave no resistance for slowing down the lid.

Accordingly, the durable strut with soft metal brackets provides holding actions with outstanding stability; thus, there is no meantime for your children to explore their toy test. The measurement is in both inches and millimeters and pretty straightforward, so it isn’t too complex to follow. There are two mounting plates to use with different orientations for the easy adjustment process.

As I mentioned above, this support hinge inclines a soft opening instead of slow-closing assist.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent performance for heavy lids
  • Advanced combined with horizontal door
  • Special “soft” material brackets
  • Outstanding soft-opening assist


  • Might not give the desired slow-close functions

Whether your lid is made of metal, wood, or hatch, this is a high-quality toolbox to support smooth opening action, even for little hands. Forget about the tiring situation when you have to hold up the lid and take your stuff at the same time, this toy box lid stay is a life changer!

6. Apexstone 100N/22.5lb Gas Strut

Apexstone conducts other inventive life-supporting gas springs that fulfil all your wishes. As always, this trustworthy brand directly states that this is a lid-stay type with detailed requirement information for the best outcomes. Each strut’s capacity is 22.5 lbs with the 9-11/16” length and 6-⅛” ball mounts distance.

I’m totally convinced of the impressive balance of the hinges when they keep the top-up lifting and staying open up to 100-degree. Hence, you can use both hands inside the cabinets without worrying the top will fall out once you open. Ideally, this fantastic toy box lid support comes with the necessary accessories to right away the assembling process.

The reason behind this hinge support’s powerful holding ability is the well-designed ball socket that ensures the mounting bracket won’t swivel. You even can adjust a couple of degrees of movement. The instruction is well-explained, so if you already have experience with the hardware process, the installation might be done within minutes.

However, note that there is inconsistency capacity among different struts of the set. If you have the same situation, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service to have a replacement.


  • High-grade hinges for stay-open lid support
  • Clear instruction guidelines
  • Widely adjustment degree
  • Smooth resistance open process
  • Great value for the pack of 4 gas spring


  • Inconsistency quality among gas strut

It is a difficult task to find such astonishing safety hinges for box that maintain the lid self-opening and stay-open for a long time. This Apexstone product is the one that you are looking for.

7. QBOSOHeavy Duty Lid Stay Hinges

QBOSO’s lid stay hinges is undoubtedly an enhanced version of strong bearing capacity that up to 50 lbs for a pair. The overall construction of this toy box lid support is extremely stunning at first glance, thanks to premium zinc alloy material. QBOSO even pays attention to laser anti-counterfeiting marks on the hinges’ body.

The arm is made of thickened steel plate with a smooth curve design that can use either right or left-hand mounting. I’m totally impressed by the well-made cylindrical roller and nylon anti-wear module of the Allen wrench, which features the smooth rotation.

Consequently, the wrench is easily adjustable for different weights and provides the right pressure for the lid to slide down gently and thus, protects your little one’s fingers. All you need is to turn the screw in the middle of the arms at your desired angle.

Another plus of this torsion hinge is a flexible maximum opening angle. You can decide whether 75, 90, or 100-degree works best for you. And it’s easy to change later, so don’t worry. After accurate installation, the operation of this safety hinge is enjoyable: it efficiently assists the top and only uses friction in the closing direction.

Having the same case with other support hinges, I don’t find the instructions for its built-up process clear and helpful. Note that you should not use lubricant or similar things to prevent the braking Arm’s unexpected reactions.


  • High-quality and heavy-duty hinges support
  • Thoughtfully corrosion resistance material
  • High-detailed body parts
  • Sturdy and durable arm and Allen wrench design
  • Adaptable adjustment degree

In conclusion, these toy chest hinges upgrade your kid’s play and clean time to the next level. No more pinched or crushed accidents, let them have more time to get along with their toys with these durable and heavy-duty hinges.

8. Katahomie 200N/44lbs Safety Lift Support

Gas strut is always an accentuated choice for heavy-duty function. This toy box safety hinge has an impressive capacity of two hinges up to 88 lbs, which is greater than most standard lid’s struts nowadays. With a sturdy design, you don’t have to worry that your little ones can’t lift the heavy lid to get their toys.

I highly appreciate the efficiency of the mechanism gas strut. This quality function not only makes this hinge highly durable but also features an easy-to-control opening angle. Ideally, the gas struts are also outstanding at dampening the closing speed, guaranteeing no suddenly slam down accident.

Katahomie designs this support hinges specializing in keeping the lift up with appropriate resistance. The heavier your lid is, the better the gas struts support you. In other words, if your top lid is a light type, you might find it will be hard to close.

If you dislike loud noise, these hinges might make some noise both in the installation and opening process.


  • Specialist sustainable for the heavy lid
  • First-rate of strut designs
  • Smooth mechanism operation
  • Perfect for keeping the lid up the whole time
  • Very durable

Stop wondering around for sturdy gas struts because Katahomie product promises to be all you need for heavy-duty toy chest hinges. Don’t hesitate to give it a chance!

9. RUYUFE Lid Stay 105 Degree Open

RUYUFE’s slow closing toy box hinges are comprehensive support lids items that involve all desired functions. This lid-stay hinge is made of nickel-plated steel and cream-coloured plastic that not only has a glossy and eye-catching outlook but also features a large capacity of up to 10 lbs.

It is a pleasure to install this lid support due to the snap-in installation either on the left or on the right side. Unlike other lids, this toybox’s lid support is usually installed using one method: Upward and Top-Opening Flap doors. You can choose either 105-degree upward-opening angle or 90-degree top-opening.

Both style installations operate the horizontal soft-down direction to protect kids from being hurt as well as demand little force to open the lids. The built-in hydraulic dampening device effectively eliminates the slamming doors, and stability holds the lid until you’re ready to close it.

The other advantage of this lid support is the helpful installation instructions that can be downloaded on the Amazon page with an updated version, making the built-in process easy even for first-timers. In contrast, I found the paper instructions not very helpful.


  • Comprehensive and high-quality functions
  • Aesthetic outlook and durable material
  • Easy snap-in installation
  • Flexible installation with effectual soft-close direction
  • Modern updated instruction version


  • Unclear installation instructions

This toy box lid stay is a smart choice for those who don’t have any previous experience with installing hinges. You will find all-inclusive functions that ensure wonderful entertainment time for your little one without smashed fingers, so don’t miss it!

10. Rockler No-Mortise Chest Hinge

There are only no-mortise types of hinges on my list. With the rustic gold finish, these soft close hinges complement well with different box material. The material is selective cast-zinc for heavy-duty purposes. You must be surprised when knowing this item can hold up to 55 inch-pounds.

The fit thickness design is ¾’’, and you can freely adjust the lid angle up to 90-degree. You still can try on other sizes that meet your need, but it might not have well-performed compared to the ¾” plywood. The torsion hinges’ design is the same as that of the hinges used in laptop computers, so it is perfect for children’s toy boxes.

Suppose you hate the complicated and stressful measurement process. In that case, this safety lid support comes with JIG IT for comfortable installation because you can use both overlay and the flush that doesn’t require measurement.

The minor downside of these hinges is that the scew’s heads tend to strip, so don’t forget to lubricate the threads before putting the hinges.


  • Stylish rustic gold finish
  • Sturdy and last-long material
  • Suitable for heavy-duty carrying
  • Perfectly work for ¾’’ cabin size
  • Simple assembling process


  • The crew’s head tend to trip

In conclusion, this is a must-buy mortise hinge for the lid stay. Skip the intricate installation process and make a stunning toy box for your little one with its comprehensive safety functions.

What to Look When Buying Hinges for Toy Box



This is the most important thing to check before buying the hinges. Check the weight of your lid, then make sure your hinge can support and sustain the lid. Commonly, hinge brands will include the maximum weight that the hinge can support in the product label, so remember to check for that. Otherwise, you will have problems adjusting the lid in proper ways.

Dimensions of Box

The next thing to check is whether the hinges match the dimension of your box. Some support hinges required specific height and weight measurements, so you should use a converter to determine the box’s size.

Lid functions

Make sure that you know what types of hinges to purchase. Some support hinges specialize in soft-closed functions while others advance in keeping the heavy lid opening.

Ease of Installation

Many support hinges have complicated or confusing installation instructions, so save your time by going over online guidelines or installation videos. If you don’t have any previous experience converting or measuring dimensions, choosing the safety hinges to have easy-to-adjust installation is a must.


What is a hinge for a toy box?

A hinge is a mechanism attached to a door or lid and allows them to swing as they open or close. Or it could be a movable joint to connect the linked objects. When the toy chest hardware is used in conjunction with the hinges, there is counterbalanced pressure to prevent the lid from slamming shut. In other words, the hinges keep the lids and flaps in position when opening and support smooth and soft close.

How does it work?

The spring-loaded functions keep the toy box lid open and close, making sure no unexpectedly slamming shut to protect the small hands. It also made for built-in design, as the hinges easily mount on the inside lid and box. Depending on what types you choose, the operation of safety hinges for the toy box is slightly different.

Who is this for?

The safety hinges are among the essential functions of one qualified toy box because smash-down accidents are top concerns for parents. If you are a parent who has toy storage in your household, it is always great to have extra replacement hinges or lid support for your handmade toy chest.

What are the different types of toy box hinges?

There are several types of lid stay. The folding lid is the most utilized choice for chest lid and desk flap support. This type also intrudes very little into the box or desk, minimizing the occurrence of interference with shelving. Most folding lid stays are able to open slightly more than 180-degree, so it requires pulling or pushing to close the lid.

However, folding lid support might not be ideal for little kids because it can cause some accidental release. Instead, dual or swing-up with upward and downward opening applications are safer choices for your little one. Plus, dual-action hinges are recommended for 24” lids/flaps thickness.

Finally, the adjustable slow closing lid support hinge is the most popular type recently. Besides holding the door in a fully opened position, this hinge provides appropriate resistance to prevent it from slamming down. Ideally, most adjustable soft close toy box hinges can be left or right mounted.

Why do you need toy box safety hinges?

For any parents who go through stressful situations dealing with kids’ endless mess, a toy box is an essential item to keep all their toys organized and clean. However, the lid of the toy chest is usually too heavy for kids and has the potential to smash kids’ little fingers.

With the assistant of safety hinges, your heavy top chest has proper resistance for soft-close action as well as supports a lighter lifting process.

Moreover, the safety hinges that come with the toy chest are usually easy-to-broke; thus, having separate support hinges is a good idea for better quality and quick replacement.

If you want to make a handcrafted toy box for littles, purchasing the safety hinges is a must to ensure your chest’s safety functions.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted toy box hinge brands?

There is a wide range of trustworthy safety hinges for toy box available to choose from. The easiest way to choose your favourite brand is to decide your type of hinges you want because each brand has its signature lid support lines.

For example, Apexstone is well-known for its high-quality gas strut while you can find high-standard dual hinges with Allen wrench from Douper Lid or RUYUFE. Moreover, SafeStay and Morinbo provide comprehensive safety hinges that can be used for either the left or right hand. All the listed brands with detailed information are included on my review, so turn it into your consulted list.

How do you put hinges on a toy box?

There are different ways to put hinges on a built-in toy box lid depending on the type of hinges. The most crucial step is to have an accurate measurement process before installing the hinges. You also need to ensure the weight of your lid matches your toy box hinges’ maximum capacity.

Most of the hinges can be used for side-mounting or top-mounting, so make sure you know which types work for you before screwing the mounting bracket into the appropriate place. A lot of printed instructions are confusing, so you should refer to the online guidelines or watch Youtube videos for more precise instructions.

Where to buy?

You can easily find soft close hinges for chest toys on any eCommerce platform, such as Amazon, Target, or Walmart with multiple kinds of hinges. Searching on the websites that specialize in hardware supply is also an excellent idea for specific comparison and trusted warranty, such as Thehardwarehut, Homedepot, or Cabin parts.

How to care and clean?

The toy box safety hinge can be built up with dust and dirt; therefore, proper cleaning is significant to keep it last-long and shine. You can always clean the hinges while cleaning the whole toy box; but for the best result, washing the hinges separately after removing them it is a better solution.

The best method is to soak the hinges into a bowl of warm water and then use any toothbrush to scrub them. If it is too sticky to clean, mix a little baking soda with water. For chrome finish hinges, white vinegar is an ideal option to clean your hinges.


Safety is a priority for any kids’ product. The comprehensive toy box keeps your kids’ clutter organized and your house sparling, but it will be harmful if it smashes down children’s little fingers or is hard to lift. Therefore, it is critical to have toy box lid support to protect and support your kids’ playing.

Parents might find the installation process complicated and stressful at first. Still, once you’re familiar with hardware jobs, the safety hinges can be utilized not only for your toy box but also for doors, cabinets, and storages in your house. Stop wondering or be overwhelmed with various brands of hinges; these 10 best hinges for toy boxes promise to satisfy all your needs.

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Finished in statuary bronze, these steel lid supports are used to prevent toy box or chest lids from slamming down.

Rated at 40 to 45 pound·inches each, they are available only as a pair – one left and one right. For a light lid, only one would be needed; for a heavy lid, both would be used.

To determine the pound·inches required, multiply half the distance from the front to the back of the lid by its weight. For example, a 20" lid weighing 8 lb requires 80 pound·inches of support, so you would use both hinges.

Strongly recommended for children's toy boxes, these supports should be used on boxes with solid plank lids. Requires #8 screws (not included).


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Best Soft Close Hinges For Toy Box and Cabinet

Best Soft Close Hinge For Toy Box

Heavy toy boxes are life saviors when it comes to keeping all your kid’s “valuables” in order. From plushies, robots, and Lego blocks, a colored toy trunk is home to good memories you’ll cherish over the years.

On the downside, hefty lids falling on the little one’s fingers is something you’d want to avoid at all costs. And our best soft close hinge for toy box reviews can surely help with that pursuit!

Soft-close struts slow down the closing process so that the lid doesn’t drop on your arms by accident.

Other than making an inexpensive yet super effective fix to the toy chest, your closet, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and storage compartments alike can benefit mightily from an easy-close hinge.

Editor’s Choice:

Table of Contents

6 Best Soft Close Hinge for Toy Box Reviews

Soft-close hinges, however small they might seem, play a significant role in ensuring your child’s safety at home. We are listing six exquisitely engineered hinges below to give you a head start!

List of The Best Chest Lid Support Hinges

  1. Apexstone Soft Close Lid Support Soft Close Lid Hinge for Toy Box
  2. 60 Inch-pound Soft Close Toy Box Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge
  3. SafeStay Lid Stay – Lid Support Hinge for Toy Box and Chest
  4. Douper Lid Support Hinge Soft Close Toy Box Hinge Support 40lb
  5. Douper 200N Gas Struts Heavy Duty Soft Close Lid Support Hinges
  6. Gizhome 100N 22lb Lid Support Hinge Gas Struts for Cabinet Toy Box
  7. Ryf Gas Struts Heavy Duty Soft Close 44lb Best Lid Support Hinge

1. Apexstone Soft Close Lid Support Soft Close Lid Hinge for Toy Box

Best Soft Close Lid Support Hinge For Toy BoxGetting a toy box lid stay for your toddler’s treasure trunk can help you avoid a tear-jerking accident anytime at home. This pair of sturdy soft-close struts will help you take that much-needed safety measure without the help of a handyman.

To begin with, the easy-close struts come in a pair. They can hold heavy toy box lids that weigh up to thirty pounds. The installation is also pretty simple. It’s all about getting an accurate measurement, and once you get it right, the toy box is very safe for your baby to use. From center to center, the compressed strut runs 8.7 inches long. When extended, it becomes 14.2 inches.

Feature Highlights

  • An extended length of 14.2 inches
  • A compressed length of 8.7 inches
  • Suitable for lids with maximum 30lbs weight
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used on kitchen cabinets

The mechanism is foolproof. You wouldn’t have to worry about the soft-close function faltering; unless you’re using them on lids that exceed the weight limit. New parents might have a hard time getting started. So, let’s give you some pointers.

The circular side of the soft-close hardware should be placed below the toy box top at an 8-⅝-inch point. It should also keep a 7-⅝-inch distance from the back wall of the box. And as for the rectangular side of the mounting hardware, it’s to be placed keeping a distance of 3-½-inches from the lid’s bottom. Mark these points and get the drilling started for a flawless connection.

The lid has to be longer than the struts for this system to work, of course. And any excess weight should be met with a stronger set of struts to keep your baby’s fingers safe. You can use a center divider to mount both of the struts for your kitchen cabinets as well.

2. 60 Inch-pound Soft Close Toy Box Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge

Best Soft Close Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge

If you are struggling with a stubborn chest that refuses to get back in place, this is the perfect hinge for you. Firstly, it will offer you the best foolproof installation. You won’t have to chisel any mortise out. That’s convenience at its best.

You will find the hinge securely fitting the stock’s back and lid’s underside. Now, one of the most amazing things about it is the resistance it shows when you open or close it. For, such resistance speaks about the efficiency of a hinge. I mean, what good is a heavy-duty hinge if it gives way easily?

Feature Highlights

  • Incredible durability with the rugged build
  • The installation is a breeze and impressively foolproof
  • Provides great resistance so that there are no hurting fingers anymore
  • Straightforward directions for the setup and use

View on Amazon

The directions are very straightforward with this tool. And it will never hurt your fingers while installing. You might think of the price to be a bit high initially, but the product will earn your approval in no time. Only make sure that the back of the box is a ¾-inch one, and the hinge will work wonders.

The durability is there most of the time. Some users have been using it for a good 6 years or so. However, it might have a durability issue once in a while. And sometimes it makes it to a couple of years. Also, it closes when there are only 6 inches of space left.

3. SafeStay Lid Stay – Lid Support Hinge for Toy Box and Chest

Lid Support for Toy Box and ChestToy boxes without soft close dampers not only pose a risk to your child’s arms but also make the hinges weaker. The SafeStay hinges will keep the lid open up to 105 degrees and close gently in slow motion.

Installing toy box hinges for your kid’s safety has its fair share of troubles. It can take up a good chunk of your weekend, figuring out the measurements. Luckily for you, the SafeStay soft-close struts come with the best comfort. It can hold small to medium-sized toy chests or storage compartments in your home. But let us warn you, this one is a single strut. It doesn’t come in a pair, and therefore, you’ll need to install two of these for heavy wooden boxes.

Feature Highlights

  • Keeps the lid fully open
  • Opens at 105 degrees
  • Single strut in the box
  • Easy-to-read instruction manual
  • Ideal for small to medium toy boxes

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It holds the lid firmly open until you close the lid so that the little one can comfortably access the box. The instruction manual was easy to follow. Not to mention, it follows lucid English and metric measurements, so you don’t get tangled up in conversion.

A common problem that parents face with all-purpose, general lid dampers is that they either don’t open all the way or close faster than you need. You can certainly cross out risky chest hinges from your worries because this one flaunts the premium gas strut function. These soft close lid stay hinges slow the spring’s air flow and prevents the lid from banging shut. Coming at a reasonable price point, we think this strut will do you good!

4. Douper Lid Support Hinge Soft Close Toy Box Hinge Support 40lb

best soft close toy box hinges supportWhether you’re looking for a chest lid support for bringing an inexpensive fix to your kitchen cabinetry or regular storage compartments, the Douper Lid Support Hinges work just as fine for your toddler’s box of toys! It’s a pack of two, and together they support a whopping 40-pound lid.

Flimsy easy-close struts do more bad than good – making you drill holes without doing the job right. The reason why we recommend the Douper toy box lid stay is because it comes with something extraordinary. For example, you have the option to adjust the tension. After setting up the hinges on two sides of the toy chest, you can tighten the system with the help of an Allen wrench. Adjusting tension will not only enable the struts to carry a lot of weight but also change their lid closing speed accordingly.

Feature Highlights

  • Supports lid opening up to 75°, 90°, and 110°
  • Supports up to 40lbs of lid weight
  • Zinc alloy and Satin nickel construction
  • Conditioned soft closing
  • Available in an economical pack of four

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The hinges are made of high-quality, durable Zinc alloy with Satin Nickel. It’s sturdy enough to be used in a variety of cabinetry solutions around your home. That said, your closest chamber, cupboard, window seat, coffee table, etc. are some of the things that benefit from a soft-close hinge. Even for an inexperienced person, installation shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Additionally, you can enjoy true versatility with this set of hinges. If you don’t want the lid to open all the way- which is practically a 110-degree angle from the top of the chest, you may install it for 75° and 90° opening as well. Since this hinge requires top mounting and side mounting for its gas releasing mechanism to work, you still need to do some drilling in order to place the hardware securely.

5. Douper 200N Gas Struts Automatic Heavy Duty Soft Close Lid Support Hinges

heavy-duty soft down lid supportGot a super heavy toy box for keeping your toddler’s plushies, action figures, and building blocks safe? Then buying a toy box soft close goes hand in hand. This one by Douper provides a foolproof safety solution to the heavy-hinged lid.

To begin with, each of the Douper gas struts can support 30 pounds of weight. Since this is a pair of two, a maximum of 60 pounds can be comfortably supported by these excellent struts. The hinges will also hold the toy chamber lid open until you nudge it to close. That said, you wouldn’t have to prop the lip open until you find that one stuffed toy your kid can’t sleep without.

Feature Highlights

  • Maximum weight limit of 60lbs together
  • The lid can be opened from 75° to 105°
  • A 9-inch clearance is required
  • Suitable for storage compartments up to 25″ high and 50″ wide
  • High-quality gas spring dampers

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The strut flaunts a reversible mounting design- you can detach the metal base and use it to your preference. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed; Douper struts are suitable for everyone. Moreover, you’re going to have the most bang for your buck because it’s a pack of two strong, durable struts. You can install one for a lightweight to the mid-sized toy chest and save another for a heavy wardrobe.

Other than sporting a sophisticated design, this heavy-duty soft down lid support offers a couple of angles for opening. You can either choose to open the toy trunk lid all the way up or keep it angled at anywhere up to 75 degrees. Lastly, any lid that exceeds a 50-inch width and a 25-inch height is not compatible with this hardware. You also need to keep a 9-inch gap for the hinges to work efficiently.

6. Gizhome 100N 22lb Safety Lid Support Hinge Gas Struts for Cabinet Toy Box

Lid Support Hinge for Cabinet Toy BoxIf your living room or bedroom carpets are laden with building blocks and stuffed animals, it’s time you got a toy box for your kid; and a pair of soft-close struts for safety. This pair of Gizhome struts is an ideal choice.

For starters, you get two gas struts, necessary screws, and 2 sets of accessories in the box. They keep the lid open in a solid position, so your child doesn’t have to prop it open. Now, let’s talk about dimensions. When compressed, the soft-close hinge measure 8-7/10 inches from center to center.

Feature Highlights

  • Supports 22 pounds of weight on each hinge
  • Comes with necessary mounting tools
  • Durable steel construction with electroplated paint
  • Rust-resistant materials

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Each hinge has the ability to support 22 pounds of lid weight. So, if the high-density wooden lid weighs more than that, you’ll need to install both of these hinges for a 44lbs lid. Any storage compartment in the house with a lid that bangs shut right on the fingers is equally risky. Luckily for you, these hinges are perfectly compatible with wall cabinets, overhead chambers, raised platforms, wardrobes, and cupboards.

And as for the installation, the following three simple steps do the trick, and Gizhome provided the easiest instruction manual so far. Install the gas supported tubular part keeping a 70mm distance from the box’s pivot.

Now keep the door open at a right angle for allowing the strut to stretch. After that, fix the support to the frame of the box in a downward position. Gizhome suggests that you use only one of the lid supports for a door no wider than 60 centimeters.

7. Ryf Gas Struts Heavy Duty Soft Close 44lb Best Lid Support Hinge

Heavy Duty Soft Close best hinge for toy boxSoft-close gas struts are a staple in child-friendly homes. Flaps and lids of heavy furniture, cabinetry, or toolboxes can also benefit a lot from these hinges. Ryf has a pair of budget-friendly struts you’re going to like!

The struts have an excellent cold-rolled steel construction with a  Satin Nickel finish. Top-shelf cold-rolled steel provides extended support. Moreover, the materials are built to resist daily wear and tear,  scratches, and corrosion. Just a head’s up- Ryf pneumatic struts are not suitable for lids that exceed 50 inches on width and 25 inches in terms of height. There must also be a 9-inch clearance for the optimum soft-close function.

Feature Highlights

  • Supports up to 60lbs of lid weight
  • Made of cold-rolled steel and satin nickel
  • Won’t tarnish after use
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant material

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If the toy box lid doesn’t match the specified measurements, then this hinge will not be the best option for you. Moving on to the accessories that we found inside the box, you’ll get two rivets, two round metal chassis, two stainless steel hinges, ten screws for cabinet hinges- a total of sixteen screws for securing the twin hinges as strongly as possible.

No wonder why it’s the best hinge for toy box; its premium finish, attention to detail, and quality screws that don’t break when you thread them in had us sold on this particular pair of hinges as soon as we saw it. And lastly, each strut has the capacity to hold 30 pounds once set up; together, they can easily lift a 60-pound lid, open, and close it without fail!

Toy Box Lid Support Hinge

Buying Guide for Toy Box Lid Support Hinges

While a chest of toys makes your kids’ room complete, its lids are too heavy to handle for a child. It might be swinging in a precarious position or fall unexpectedly on the toddler’s fingers. In that case, installing soft-close hinges on the toy chest is an affordable solution.

Before choosing a soft-close strut for the toy box, don’t forget to check its weight limit, mounting hardware type, construction, and most importantly, the angle at which the door can stay open after installation. Have a look at our buying guide below for more information.

Weight Capacity

If you have a hefty toy box, a single strut might not cut the deal because there is nothing called all-purpose soft-close struts. They come in different sizes to support a variety of lids that differ greatly in sizes. Struts or hinges made exclusively for toy chests are not made for supporting more than thirty pounds each.

That means that if you install two struts in two corners of the box, a wooden or metal lid that weighs up to 60 pounds is not a problem. Yumore and Douper have some pairs of exceptional soft-close hinges that hold a mighty 60-pound door open and close it gently later on.

Material Quality

Metal hinges with a protective coating that prevents rust, corrosion, and scratch marks are an investment because there’s in for the long haul. They won’t become rusted or discolored. The slightest tint can make an immaculate toy chest look cheap. So, choosing the best materials is important.

Most soft close hinges in the market are constructed from zinc alloy and nickel finish. On affordable pricing, this is more than you can ask for. Not to mention, cold-rolled steel struts also work wonderfully.

Installation Process

While making new cabinets or baby-proofing the house, we have struggled much getting through one instruction manual or the other. Following an easy step-by-step manual saves our time and energy. But as a beginner, your untrained eye might not be able to detect a faulty instruction from miles away from other than realizing it during the process.

And the results? Improper placements of drill holes that tarnish the decor to some extent. We found the Apexstone lid stay to be very confusing at first, but the Douper guidance was the easiest to follow.

Mounting Hardware

Setting up a whole new hinge system for a trunk is not overly complicated. Although missing a few screws or other fasteners can spoil the process for you. Struts don’t come in universal sizes.

So, if you pick one that doesn’t come with the required mounting tools, it might be quite difficult looking for the accurate size online or understanding them at least. Whatever the sizes may be, you’ll be needing an Allen wrench, a handheld drill machine, a marker, and a screw driver.

Lid Angle

The maximum angle at which you can open your lid determines the area inside the box that you can access.

Our recommendation would be that you buy a soft-close hinge that holds open the lid and doesn’t release the lid on its own. That is until you push it down yourself.

A hinge that allows up to a 105° opening is convenient because your toddler can see all the plushies together. You may install it for 75° and 90° opening as well. SafeStay has an adjustable easy-close lid with a minimum opening of 75°

Chest Lid Stay hinges Reviews

FAQs about soft close hinges for toy box

1. What are some soft close hinge uses?

Soft close hinges can be used to slow down the lid closure in heavy household trunks. Kitchen cabinets, overhead closet chambers, handmade storage compartments, doors,  wardrobes, and cupboards are some pieces of furniture, for example. Their lids and doors can be heavy, and they might even bang shut on your hands. Soft close struts help prevent these accidents by lowering the momentum.

2. How do I install soft close hinges the right way?

The installation process may vary from product to product, but there is one general rule for how to install soft close hinges. Keep a clearance of at least 9 inches for the struts to perform with their fullest potential. You must keep the lid open at a 90° angle for allowing the hinge to stretch After that, attach the lid support to the box frame in a downward position.

3. What is a self-close hinge?

Unlike soft close hinges, a self-close hinge won’t require any push from your side for bringing the door to a closed position. It works by not letting the door open fully. Moreover, just like a soft close hinge, a self-close hinge won’t bang shut. Both of these hinges are very safe to use.

4. How do soft-close hinges work?

Soft close hinges use a pneumatic gas function. They slowly release the air from the spring as you push down the lid. It prevents the lid from freeing fall on your arm. This gentle closing is more of a safety and support feature than being a decorative piece.

5. Do I need a carpenter for installing soft close hinges?

You neither need a carpenter nor a handyman for setting up soft close struts in your kitchen cabinetry. If you have your toolbox, a drill machine, a screwdriver with all the screws, and an intuitive measurement system mapped in your mind, it’s barely an afternoon’s work.

Final Words

As your newborn becomes a toddler, you need to up your baby-proofing game to keep them out of harm’s way. And installing easy-close hinges in doors and cabinets is a great start. The good news is, you can install soft close struts with the basic hand tools available at home.

This was our rundown on the best soft close hinge for toy box available right now. Hand-picking these quality struts weren’t easy, especially when your little one’s safety and comfort came first. We hope that you found a pair that fits your toddler’s toy trunk perfectly.

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