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Quartz pour Homme Molyneux 1995 Eau de Toilette

The name from the realm of minerals goes well with this complex perfume. A raw piece of quartz, for example rock crystal, grown on stone, looks chaotic. Large and small prisms point in different directions, above they are mostly crystal clear, below opaque. Only a longer observation from different points of view reveals the beauty of quartz, because new structures always appear.

In fact, the fragrance begins quite confused. The short, unspecifically citric opening immediately changes into a fresh cider note, which also ends quickly. Now a peculiar intermezzo follows, which does not fit neither to the opening nor to the further course. It is a contradictory mixture that is both pungent and dull and sultry, as if white pepper had been crushed with nutmeg and mixed with freshly cut leaves of coriander and black currant. Fortunately, this is soon gone and forgotten!

Now it will be pleasant. Galbanum makes the fragrance green and vetiver gives it spice, which is given an ethereal note by cardamom. Over it lies a fine floral chord. The narcotically sweet aroma of jasmine and something like lilac or broom gives the perfume that certain something and makes it extremely attractive.

After many hours, in which here and there an apple was peeking out, the scent shows new facets again. Heavy amber, powdery sandalwood and iridescent musk create an undertone that accompanies the green, spicy character of the perfume in an exciting way.

Quartz is not an easily accessible perfume due to its initial bumpiness. At first I disliked it, but after a few test runs I find it pleasant and even quite seductive, also because of its persevering discreet sillage.

Sours: https://www.parfumo.net/Perfumes/Molyneux/Quartz_pour_Homme_Eau_de_Toilette

Quartz Addiction Eau de Parfum Spray Men

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Pink Quartz

“A fundamental stone of universal love and of infinite compassion: compassion towards oneself and towards the Other. The Pink Quartz is linked to heart "chakra". It opens on dreams; it is inspiring, leading to the source of inner peace, of absolute calm and happiness.”

These are the words Olivier Durbano wrote to describe his inspiration for his ode to the symbolism of pink quartz, the rare and light-sensitive crystalline form of rose quartz. Rose is naturally the star ingredient here, a bright, fulsome one that is brought to bursting life in the opening by citrus, saffron and ginger and warmed at its heart with amber, patchouli and musk. Heading into Fall and Winter we can see us keeping this love letter to the most perfect summer near to hand at all times. It's as beautiful as a perfect Technicolor rose garden, it's as calming as a hammock lazily swaying in the summer breeze. It's a lifeline during stressful times and drab, short grey days to a place where the sun shines warmly on your face and all is right with the world.

“From the stone to the flower, a love ritual of healing, a sacred procession, a conversion ceremony leading to such essential qualifies as purity, spirituality and compassion. The rose remains a powerful symbol at the crossroads of our human emotions. The rose represents the dawn of a new era to be reinvented by all human souls together.”

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Sours: https://www.luckyscent.com/product/36907/pink-quartz-by-olivier-durbano
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