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First things first, if you want to convert your current sensitivity between two games, jump here to our Sensitivity Converter.

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CSGO 2.40 450 1,080
Warzone (CoD)7.54503,375
Fortnite16.5% (x/y)400
Warzone (CoD)6.068004,848

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Are you interested in the Mouse DPI Calculator and eDPI Calculator? If this is the case, then you have come to the right place, my friend. Before getting started, it is crucial to have a clear indication of what is a DPI, and what can it do for you?

DPI implies for Dots per Inch. It indicates the number of pixels your mouse moves in a single inch across the screen on your PC or any electronic computer. Even if your mouse moves by a dot or an inch across the screen, this movement is recorded using DPI.

Usually, the movement of the mouse is calculated in DPI. However, some people also like to figure it in PPI. PPI stands for Pixel per inch. It determines the same concept as DPI but in pixels instead of dots.

For instance, if the DPI of your mouse is 900, then it means that your mouse will measure 900 dots or pixels per movement. This mouse movement shows that your mouse is more responsive.


Mouse DPI Calculator/Analyzer

Do you wonder how this Mouse DPI calculator works and estimates a result? Here is how:

Mouse DPI Converter uses a unique formula to formulate the new sensitivity of your mouse. In this formula, your current DPI is multiply with your current sensitivity and the answer is divided into the new DPI of your mouse. Whatever you get at this point is your new and final sensitivity.

Confused? Here is an example: Let’s say your current DPI is 15, your current sensitivity is 55, and your new DPI for your mouse is 10. When you apply the formula such as (15 * 55) / 10, this will give you a value of 82.5. 82.5 is the new sensitivity of your mouse.

Do you need a high DPI?

The answer is a big no. DPI is a great option to make your mouse extra sensitive and to be more accurate. However, nobody ever says that it is crucial to have a high DPI.

While talking about the DPI, what is a standard DPI?  A too high sensitivity will make your mouse’s movement extra speedy, which can cost you tons of damage while playing games, especially if you are not used to it.

Also, extra-low mouse sensitivity will make it harder for you to place your favorite action games. While saying that, higher DPI will result in more sensitivity to your mouse. Lower DPI will result in less or slower sensitivity of your mouse.

 It is essential to have a great balance about the speed of your mouse’s pointer. A standard DPI is always between 450 up to 1550. Professional game players give this ideal figure. 

mouse dpi

Adjust DPI

Are you not sure how to adjust your mouse’s DPI? No worries, we got you all covered. Some mouse have a good range of DPI whereas; others have an adjustment DPI.

You can easily adjust the DPI of your mouse using the software, or preferably using the hardware. There is a button on the mouse, you can change your DPI for your mouse from the button quickly.

You can also go under your mouse settings. Click on the additional mouse options. A new tab will pop up. Use the pointer of the mouse to drag towards either slow or high. Pick the desired speed according to your likings.

Using the Mouse DPI converter, you can be consistent while playing various games within the same category. It is an online tool that will help you to estimate the new sensitivity of your mouse based on your DPI. All you have to do is to enter your current DPI along with your current sensitivity and your new DPI.


Mouse eDPI Calculator

Another exciting and far-reaching tool to utilize is the Mouse eDPI Calculator. Let’s discuss what an EDPI is, and it works?

eDPI implies for Effective Dots per Inch. When your DPI is converted into your game, this is known as your EDPI. Using the EDPI, you can know about the sensitivity of various players. Sounds great!

eDPI is crucial in the gaming world. You must keep EDPI fresh in mind when you are about to purchase a mouse for your gaming routine.

Mostly, professional gaming players use the EDPI of around 49 eDPI. If you are using an EDPI of anything below 39, then it is estimated to be a very low sensitivity. If you are using an EDPI of anything above 59, then it is expected to be a very high sensitivity.

Using the tool, you can calculate the sensitivity of any player. This tool uses a specific formula to do its required job, it multiples the DPI of your mouse with your in-game sensitivity.

eDPI Calculating Formula

Calculation of eDPI in any game can be done by applying a very easy and simple formula. You simply have to multiply your in-game sensitivity with your mouse DPI i.e.

eDPI = In-Game Sensitivity x Mouse DPI

This can be calculated easily with the help of an online eDPI calculator.

Formula for Calculating Fortnite eDPI


How to check the number of your mouse’s DPI?

There is numerous website that will help you count the right number of your DPI. They will have a ruler set up for you. All you have to do is to move your pointer by an inch, and it will estimate the value for you. The value will display on your screen.

What is the default DPI?

Each mouse has a different DPI. The DPI for a standard mouse is around 1550 DPI. However, the DP I for a gaming mouse is around 3500 to 4100. Please note that this is the default DPI. You have an option to adjust this DPI according to your desires and likings.

Should I use high DPI in every game?

There is no rule to use high DPI in games. DPI is a personal preference.  You can keep it as high or as low according to your requirements. High DPI can cause some damages to your game. Low DPI will cause distractions in your game. Keep a balance DPI when playing games.

How do I change DPI?

Usually, a mouse comes with a button placed at the button of the mouse. You can use the button to adjust the DPI of any mouse. The mouse that design for gaming should have this button. If you are playing for gaming, make sure to buy a button that is designed for this purpose.

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eDPI Calculator

This eDPI Calculator finds your effective mouse sensitivity so you can easily compare it to your friends, no matter what hardware or software you are using. Whether playing CS:GO, Fortnite, Overwatch, Valorant, or another shooter or battle royale, your mouse sensitivity can make or break your game. Here, we show you how to calculate your eDPI depending on your DPI and sensitivity settings.

What is DPI? What is sensitivity?

Let's start with the basic mouse settings. What is DPI? And what is sensitivity?

DPI stands for dots per inch, sometimes called counts per inch (CPI). It defines how many dots/counts/pixels your cursor travels over your screen if you move your mouse 1 inch (2.54 cm) on the table. The DPI is either set via a button on the mouse itself or in related software. This setting then changes the mouse's DPI in Windows, the browser, and so on. A gaming mouse has a DPI in the range of 400 to 1600. But, for high DPI values, the mouse sensor can reach its limits and cause issues like smoothing, where the mouse tries to predict what you wanted to do and ignores the raw input. Most pro gamers use a DPI between 400 and 800 and change the sensitivity in-game to avoid these problems and achieve their best performance.

Sensitivity is an in-game setting which allows players to increase their mouse DPI in this specific game. This method is a more reliable way of increasing your mouse sensitivity than raising DPI to very high levels. Different games can have different sensitivity or sens settings, and sometimes the same settings might mean two different things in different games. Therefore, a general mouse sensitivity is needed so that you can compare it with your friends, or immediately change a new game to your preferred setting.

What is eDPI? And how to calculate eDPI?

We all know that gamers like to compare everything: gear, setup, and also settings. But, as we've discussed above, DPI and sensitivity run into problems here, so we just use another measure - eDPI. eDPI, which means effective dots per inch, defines a real mouse sensitivity based on the DPI and the sensitivity. But how do we calculate eDPI? The formula is:

With this value, players can easily compare their real mouse sensitivity.

For example, with the help of the eDPI calculator, we see that

  • Player 1 with a DPI of 800 and a sensitivity of 0.5; and
  • Player 2 with a DPI of 1600 and a sensitivity of 0.25

have the same eDPI, and therefore the same effective mouse sensitivity. The result does not depend on hardware or software settings, like your screen's size or resolution.

How to calculate the eDPI for CS:GO, Fortnite, or Valorant?

The ideal eDPI varies by personal preference, but there is a general trend for every game as to which setting might be the most successful. And who knew better than the pros. So, let's take a look:

Fortnite eDPI calculator: Since Fortnite requires precise aim for shooting and building, the pros recommend a low range eDPI. In 2019, the most common eDPI range of over 300 Fortnite pro players and streamers was between 32 and 82. To use this calculator as a Fortnite eDPI calculator, you will want to aim in this eDPI scale. Fortnite defines its sensitivity in %, so remember to specify this setting in the calculator. And, in case you want to know how this compares to the decimal sensitivity in other games, this percent to decimal converter can help.

CS:GO eDPI calculator: To guarantee a precise aim and avoid spray, most CS:GO pros prefer an eDPI lower than casual gamers. Still, CS:GO requires, compared to its competitors, a very high real mouse sensitivity. The average eDPI of CS:GO pros is just under 900, although some manage to get in the world elite with a value over 1500. This range is preferable to use this tool as a CS:GO eDPI calculator.

Valorant eDPI calculator: For this FPS with a low time to kill, precision is even more critical. You can not afford to miss too many shots if you can be defeated by a single bullet. This fact means that a lower eDPI to guarantee perfect aim is better. Therefore, the average Valorant pro eDPI is 280. If you plan to use this tool as a Valorant eDPI calculator, keep those values in mind.

How to use the eDPI calculator?

Let's assume you want to set the same eDPI value as your friend. Here is how to use the eDPI calculator:

  1. Check your friend's settings, for example, DPI 1000 and sensitivity 0.8.
  2. Set the sensitivity type for the game you are playing. For CS:GO, this is decimal sensitivity.
  3. Calculate your friends eDPI according to the formula above:
  1. Check your settings, for example DPI 500.
  2. Calculate your needed sensitivity with the formula above:

There you go. That's how you calculate your eDPI settings. No more excuses! Your friend can't blame your win on the better settings anymore.

And if you need a little distraction from the FPS and battle royales - how about a round of Among Us, or a little dive in the Witcher universe.

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Valorant eDPI Calculator

About this eDPI calculator

This calculator allows you to find your eDPI in Valorant. Just enter some basic values and the calculator will do all the hard work for you.

How to use this calculator

To use this calculator, you will only need to input two values; your in-game Valorant sensitivity, and your mouse DPI. Upon entering those two values into the calculator, it will automatically calculate and display your true eDPI.

What is eDPI?

eDPI, or effective dots per inch, is a value which combines your game sensitivity with your mouse DPI to make a much easier way to compare sensitivity speeds with others. eDPI is basically your true sensitivity speed – meaning the higher the number, the faster the sensitivity will be. The lower the number, the slower the sensitivity will be.

The reason why so many people nowadays are using eDPI to compare sensitivity speeds is because it’s simply easier and faster to compare using one whole value rather than two separate values.

What is a good eDPI for Valorant?

From what we have found, most pro players tend to stay within the 200-400 eDPI range. This doesn’t mean that it’s bad if you go outside this range, in fact many players do, but this might give you a good idea for what your eDPI should be.

Sensitivity bracket for Valorant

Low Sens = 0-200 eDPI

Medium Sens = 200-400 eDPI

High Sens = 400+ eDPI

Sours: https://gamingsmart.com/valorant-edpi-calculator/

Converter edpi

eDPI Calculator

What is DPI?

Dots per inch (DPI) or pixels per inch measures how far the cursor moves for every inch of mouse movement. For instance, if there DPI is 1200, the cursor will move 1200 for every inch of mouse movement. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the mouse is. As such, if you are using a mouse that has a higher DPI, any slight movement of the mouse will translate into a more significant cursor movement on the screen.

You can change the DPI setting using the software that came with your mouse or by pressing the DPI button if it is available on your mouse, which is typically the case with a gaming mouse. When you change your DPI settings, the setting will change on the mouse, the browser, and the desktop. The majority of standard gaming mouses have a DPI between 400 and 2000. Pro players typically select a DPI between 400 and 800 and subsequently adjust the sensitivity on the game this wish to play.

What is Sensitivity?

The sensitivity, which may also be referred to as ‘sens,’ describes the mouse sensitivity that will be observed in the game you are playing. As such, the sens measurement will vary across different games, and a mouse can have multiple sensitives.

It is also important to note that the same methods are not replicated across different games when determining sensitivity. As such, the cursor's sensitivity may change from game to game even if the sensitivity reads the same.

What is eDPI?

The Effective Dots Per Inch (eDPI) measurement provides gamers with a means of contrasting the “true sensitivity” of different players regardless of their software settings. eDPI is computed by multiplying the mouse DPI by the in-game sensitivity using the following formula:

eDPI = DPI * In-game Sensitivity

For instance:

If Player A's DPI is 1600, and the in-game sensitivity is 2.

If Player B's DPI is 800, and the in-game sensitivity is 4.

Player A's eDPI = 3200 (1600 * 2)

Player B's eDPI = 3200 (800 * 4)

As this example demonstrates, both players have the same true sensitivity, even though they have different DPIs and in-game sensitivities.

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