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The Vampire Diaries

You wanna know what I did after I became a vampire? I graduated. I went to college. I became a news anchor.

Seline: I sure am trusting you. With a weapon of terrible power.
Caroline: Well, I sure do love a weapon of terrible power.

Caroline: You're much older than you look.
Sybil: Talk to me in a thousand years and we'll see how well you're holding up.

Well, Damon's alive, as you can see. Bonnie and Enzo are late and Stefan's dead. Merry Christmas. I've got gifts.

Damon: Merry Christmas, Ric.
Alaric: I killed you.
Caroline: WHAT?
Alaric: He deserved it.

Caroline: You can't blame this on me!
Ric: Why not, Caroline? My kids should've never been involved in this.
Caroline: Our kids.
Ric: My kids. They're mine, Caroline. Mine and Jo's.

Caroline: You have no right to cut me out of this. Those are my kids!
Stefan: And you're going to be my wife, and Ric is my friend, and Damon is my brother. I have the chance to fix this for all of us so that's what I'm gonna do.

Let me be perfectly clear, Stefan. If Damon gets in between me and my girls, I am going to kill him. So no, you cannot come with me. Don't say anything. Just listen. Until this is all over, there is no us. There is only me, and my kids, and their father. They're all depending on me, and I can't afford any distractions, or compromises, especially when it comes to your brother.

Stefan: I'm at a loss with Damon. I don't know what to do with him anymore.
Caroline: Maybe the best thing to do is to mourn Tyler. We all owe him that.

Caroline: The throne is empty.
Stefan: Right, no, yeah, I was...child-proofing.

Caroline: You snuck into my house and found my old wedding book?
Bonnie: How else was I going to out-Caroline Forbes Caroline Forbes?

Caroline: Is this a bad time?
Ric: No, I'm just getting used to the millennial work ethic.


13 Caroline Forbes Quotes That Sum Up Life

If you are unfamiliar with this sassy blonde vampire, Caroline Forbes is a main character fromThe Vampire Diaries. This show happens to be my all-time favorite and Caroline is my favorite character. She is strong-willed, compassionate and doesn't take crap from anyone.

1. "When anybody tells me I can't do something, I prove them wrong."

Caroline doesn't let anyone or anything hold her back. You could even say her haters are her motivators.

2. "I'm a terrible, awful person but I'm working on it."

Points for honesty, Caroline.

3. "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself."

There's a little perfectionist in all of us.

4. "I know you said to kill her with kindness, but can't I just kill her."

Killing them with kindness is never quite as satisfying.

5. "Just because I talk a lot, doesn't mean I always know what I'm actually talking about."

Caroline embodies the phrase, "Fake it till you make it."

6. "I'm too smart to be seduced by you."

So much more than just a pretty face.

7. "My entire personality is killing me"

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

8. "You are not even worth the calories I burn talking to you."

If you can't say anything nice, don't waste your breath.

9. "I do not let guys mess with my head anymore."

Zero tolerance for mind games.

10. "I don't abandon the people that I care about."

Being a good friend is Caroline's top priority and she doesn't have patience for those who don't feel the same.

11. "I'm basically an insecure, neurotic, control freak on crack."

We have all had one of those days.

12. "Do I look like I do dishes?"

While I couldn't agree more, my mother strongly disagrees.

13. "God, I cannot stop eating."

This one basically sums up my life.

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11 Times Caroline From 'TVD' Was You

Sometimes you never truly appreciate how great something is until you take a step back and admire the whole picture. It's an important lesson and one that I was only just recently reminded of. You see, a few weeks ago I decided to go back and marathon The Vampire Diaries, hoping that it would help to quench my Mystic Falls thirst throughout this summer-long hiatus. Not only did it help me recall just how great all of those Delena and Klaroline scenes really were, but it also made me realize just how much I love TVD 's fiercely feminist vampire Caroline Forbes, who has gone through the biggest (and most positive) transformation by far of any character on this show. And, I'm not just talking about her physical transformation of becoming a vampire.

You may not remember that far back, but once upon a time Caroline wasn't nearly as likable as she is now. At first, the writers tried to portray her as an annoying busy-body more so than anything else. But, as the seasons progressed, so did she, which allowed her to grow into the compelling character she is today. Don't let the fact that she has supernatural strength and speed (not to mention that pesky bloodlust) fool you — underneath those fangs and gorgeous blonde locks lies the un-beating heart of someone who is still extremely relatable to us mere mortals. And, to prove as much, here are 11 of the best Caroline Forbes quotes that can perfectly sum up some of your very own real-life situations.

1. When Your Ex Walks Into The Room

And keep them coming!

2. When A Late Night Craving Gets The Best Of You

And who cares? It's just sooo good.

3. When An Old Flame Drunk Dials You

You are so not in the mood to deal with it.

4. When The Delivery Guy Messes Up Your Pizza Order

Preach, my friend. PREACH!

5. When Your Crush Gives You The Cold Shoulder

Sometimes the dating game can seem like one big practical joke.

6. When Others Expect You To Conform

You aren't ashamed of your own individuality. You embrace it.

7. When Your Roommate Changes The Channel Right In The Middle Of Your Favorite Show

She's now your ex-roommate.

8. When You Accidentally Damage Your iPhone & Beg For A Refund

I'll do better next time. I swear!

9. When Your BFF Betrays Your Confidence

Not cool, my friend. Not cool at all.

10. When You Find Out Your Favorite Show Has Been Canceled

No words can properly express the pain that you feel.

11. Whenever You've Experienced The Horrors Of Catcalling

Bless you, Caroline. You are a true inspiration to us all.

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The Vampire Diaries: 9 Most Romantic Caroline Forbes Quotes, Ranked

Caroline Forbes was searching for love ever since the pilot of The Vampire Diaries. There were times when she worried that she would never find it, as she struggled to create meaningful bonds. However, Caroline grew into a strong and confident woman whom the male characters continuously fell for.

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Caroline is a romantic, which is why she had some of the most intense relationships in the series. She's an open book who's not afraid to tell people how she feels about them even if it means putting her heart on the line. Caroline's most romantic quotes are especially impactful because they're genuine and straight from the heart.

9 "I Think We Both Know I Never Really Hated You."

By admitting that she never really hated Stefan, Caroline was telling him how she felt. The reason why she was so angry with him, to begin with, is because she loved him too much for her own good. No matter how Stefan treated her, Caroline couldn't shake him. The on-and-off nature of their relationship is a big reason why Caroline and Stefan are the most relatable couple on The Vampire Diaries.

Hatred comes from anger, and Caroline was hurt that Stefan wasn't putting an equal effort into their relationship. This quote might not sound like a big deal out of context, but it was an admission that led to Steroline's first kiss.

8 "I Happen To Think That You're Someone Worth Knowing."

Although their story spans almost two decades, fans can track Klaus and Caroline's relationship in 10 pictures in The Vampire Diaries universe. A romance first blossomed when Klaus came to Mystic Falls, but Caroline refused to acknowledge their connection due to everything he had done.

Through this quote, Caroling was indirectly admitting that she valued the time they spent together. The look of surprise on Klaus' face exemplified how much the words impacted him, as it was something he never thought she would say.

7 "I Love You, Even When I Hate You."

Even when they were at their peak, Caroline and Tyler didn't see eye to eye on most things. It wasn't unusual for them to be on separate sides, and they had no problem expressing their opinions or being honest about how they felt.

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No matter how much they fought, viewers never had to worry that they would stop loving each other. This quote summarized Caroline and Tyler's dynamic perfectly, and it was said after they made up from an intense argument.

6 "Someday, You'll Meet Someone New, You'll Fall Madly In Love, And You'll Have Moved On Without Even Realizing It."

Caroline's speech to Stefan is one of several great examples of foreshadowing that paid off in The Vampire Diaries. What neither of them knew at the time, was that Caroline was the person he would end up falling madly in love with.

Everything she predicted came true, and Stefan fell for Caroline long before he realized it was happening. There's no way to pinpoint when things changed between them, but the natural evolution of their relationship is what makes it so special.

5 "Then Stay. Just Be The Love Of My Love. Just Love Me More Than You Hate Him."

This was more of a plea than anything else, which is what made this quote equally beautiful and heartbreaking. Caroline accepted Tyler with open arms and was willing to look past his evil vendetta if he just cared more about her than killing Klaus.

She wholeheartedly believed that Tyler was the love of her life, and if he had felt the same, there's a good chance Forwood would have ended up together. But no matter what Caroline said, nothing was going to stop him from getting revenge on the person he hated most.

4 "I Think A Part Of Me Has Always Known That You Weren't The Villain Of My Story."

Given everything he did during his time in Mystic Falls, this quote says a lot about Caroline's feelings for Klaus. In order for her to believe there was good in him despite all the crimes he committed and the people he hurt, Caroline had to want to.

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It impacted Klaus deeply to know that she didn't see him as her enemy, and she'd actually cared about him the entire time. It leads to an intense almost-kiss between them, which is one of Caroline's most romantic moments in The Vampire Diaries.

3 "I Will Always Remember This Moment. One Hundred Years From Now, I Will Remember This Moment For The Both Of Us."

Caroline's vows to Stefan brought their story full circle, as she referenced the day she first saw him walk down the school hallway. It's difficult to encapture years worth of love into a short speech in front of friends and family, but Caroline managed to do an incredible job.

In a way, this line foreshadowed Stefan's death, as she would be the one left remembering their wedding day for the both of them. It also reinforced that Caroline would still love Stefan, even if he wasn't physically with her.

2 "One Of You Stands, Walks To The Door, But Doesn't Turn Back. Even If Their Heart Aches For Just One More Look ... One More Moment. But You'll Know That The Not Looking Just Means ... I'll Never Forget You."

Caroline and Klaus had been separated several times throughout the years, but this was the first time they both knew they'd never see each other again. Klaus confesses to Caroline that he doesn't know how to say goodbye, and it makes sense given that he thought he'd live forever.

What starts as a discussion about his daughter, turns into their most emotional moment. After sharing a final kiss, Caroline walks away but stops before she goes through the door. She purposely doesn't turn around, which is her way of showing Klaus how much he means to her.

1 "I Will Love You Forever."

Stefan had one of the most heartbreaking deaths in The Vampire Diaries. He made the choice to sacrifice himself for his brother and Mystic Falls on his wedding day, and never got the chance to say goodbye to Caroline.

The voicemail Caroline left him only made the situation more painful, especially because of her promise to love him forever. For a vampire, forever is a long time. Rather than being angry at his decision, Caroline made sure Stefan knew she understood.

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Forbes quotes caroline

Bonnie Bennett : You sober yet?

Caroline Forbes : Nope.

Bonnie Bennett : Come on, I need to get you home, I need to get me home.

Caroline Forbes : Why didn't he go for me?

Bonnie Bennett : I'm not touching that.

Caroline Forbes : Why is it that the guys I want, never go for me? I try so hard, maybe because I'm inappropriate and I always say the wrong things and Elena always says the right things. I mean, she doesn't even try and he just picks her!

Bonnie Bennett : Caroline, it isn't a competition.

Caroline Forbes : Yeah, it is.

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Best 18 Caroline Forbes Quotes

vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes Quotes

“I am gonna drink until someone is hot enough to make out with.” -Caroline Forbes

“I’m worse than shallow. I’m a kiddie pool” -Caroline Forbes

Caroline Forbes Quotes

“I’m a m-m-murderer. I’m a monster!” -Caroline Forbes

“I’m basically an insecure, neurotic, control freak on crack.” -Caroline Forbes

“He’s a bit of a blood-aholic.” -Caroline Forbes

Caroline Forbes Quotes

“I’m a terrible liar… I’m even worse at duplicity.” -Caroline Forbes

“Everyone needs to stop kissing me!” -Caroline Forbes

“My entire personality is killing me” -Caroline Forbes

Caroline Forbes Quotes

“Matt is an innocent, good person who should not be going to dances with evil blood sluts” -Caroline Forbes

“I need to go sanitize my mouth” -Caroline Forbes

“Just because I talk a lot, doesn’t mean I always know what I’m actually talking about.” -Caroline Forbes

Caroline Forbes Quotes

“People who do terrible things are just terrible people.” -Caroline Forbes

 “When anybody tells me I can’t do something, I prove them wrong.” -Caroline Forbes

“I don’t abandon the people that I care about.” -Caroline Forbes

Caroline Forbes Quotes

“He’s Damon. Like a cockroach. Always survives” -Caroline Forbes

“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” -Caroline Forbes

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