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Echo Pole Saw Review 2021 – Top 2 Recommended Pole Saw


Looking for a saw that will perform like a knife through butter? Yard work needs convenient tools that can help you complete the job promptly. But Of course, you can finish everything manually; the matter is it will take your too much time with lots of harassment.The best possible solution is to minimize the hassle is a trustworthy pole saw. However, in this echo pole saw review, we will show you some of the amazing poles saw that can give your lawn a new look.

​Hence, the Echo is the ultimate professional choice for reliability and power. Echo never compromise about quality.

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Top Rated two Echo Pole Saw Review :

Echo has come with a wide range of Pole saw which works tremendously. After a lot of research, we selected the top 2 Echo product that won’t disappoint you.

1. Echo Gas Powered Pole Saw:

Gas Powered Pole Saw, 25.4CC, 12 In. L
Gas Powered Pole Saw, 25.4CC, 12 In. L
  • Price For: Each Includes: Powerhead, Shaft Assembly, Gear Case, Strap, Operators Manual, Wrench Starter Type: Recoil Fuel Type: Gas Oil Capacity: 7.6 oz. Chain Oiler: Auto/Adjustable Item: Gas Powered Pole Saw Bar Length: 12" Handle Type: Loop Features: Telescoping Pruner With Rubber Padding On Front And Rear Handles, Heavy-duty Gear Case W/ 12" Bar, Reduced Effort Starter
  • Fuel Capacity: 16.4 oz. Closed Length: 107" Overall Length: 146" Engine Displacement: 25.4cc Country of Origin (subject to change): Japan

​Have a low budget but still want to buy a reliable pole saw for beautifying your yard? Then you should consider this Echo Gas Powered Pole Saw.

It is an ideal solution for people who have larger yards and lawns because this great saw can manage the heavy duty job without any hassle. Despite its sleek design, it comes with professional grade materials. As a result, it can prune and cut the branches without too much hassle.

Here are some points worth mentioning about the pole saw:

  • Handle Type: Loop
  • Length: 12″ Handle
  • Closed Length: 107″
  • Overall Length: 146″
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Engine Displacement: 25.4cc
  • Fuel Capacity: 16.4 oz.

The saw has a sturdy construction that will not easily damage even rough and constant use. The Echo Gas Powered Pole Saw has an impressive shoulder strap which will increase your comfort. At the same time, it is quite useful for manoeuvring. For carrying it easily, the company has designed it like a backpack harness. The feature we liked most is its ability to start in just a few seconds.

The Echo Vortex power unit has the feature with a simple push of the button. However, it is accurate, CRAB compliant, quiet, and more responsive when you compared it with other typical gas-powered pole saw.

      What we liked most:

  • Powerful engine
  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Simple to start

          What we didn’t like:

2. Echo 99944200532 Power Pruner Attachment:

If you need something extra with your saw that can help the pruning, then this echo attachment is the best solution for you. This attachment is a versatile tool. In a word, it’s more than just a simple attachment. Here are some points worth mentioning about this attachment:

  • Length: 57
  • Bar length: 10
  • Weight: 8.22 pounds
  • Item dimension: 58.7 x 6.5 x 4 inches

​You can use it with SRM-210SB/211SB/225SB. At the same time, you can apply it with PAS-225/230/231/260/261/265/266/280. Like other Echo attachment, it comes with 10″ bar and chain which gives excellent cutting capacity. Meanwhile, Genuine OEM Echo Part ensures superior performance.

       What we liked most:

  • Handy gadget
  • Solid performance

        what we didn’t like:

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This Article wouldn’t be completed without mentioning it’s amazing features. In a word, each of the poles saw comes with some great features and benefits. Lets’ have a look at home guide.

Impressive length and reach

The prominent feature of echo pole saw is its magnificent length and reach. Thus, even collapsed these saw ensure more than 8 feet reach on average. At the same time, the compact form gives the chance to prune branches in multiple trees. Some Echo saw like 2620 can be extended to more than 146″ or twelve feet. However, the echo comes with four extensions to provide further reach.

​Automatic Oiling

The next feature we like to mention is its sufficient lubrication through Automatic Oiling. Where most of the saw comes with manual pumps, this Echo saw have automatic pumps which dispense oil. This oil removes all friction and allows the chain to slide around the bar easily. However, a well-lubricated pole saw should be capable of cutting without any problem at all.

If the chain and bar are not well lubricated, gradually the friction caused. As a result, it will damage both the guide bar and the chain.

Improved Gearbox

Another amazing feature of echo pole saw is its improved gearbox. Thus, it features cut steel gears, dual-sealed bearing and manual grease port. On the other hand, it reduces weight at the cutting attachment to provide less fatigue and easier handling.

Aluminum Inner Shaft

Each echo pole saw comes with an aluminium inner shaft which ensures rigidity as well as lower weight. Meanwhile, the outside shafts are made from lightweight fiberglass. Largely tapered aluminium collars occupy on end of the fiberglass shaft to reduce flex in the joint.

At the same time, the large D-ring handle offers a large arch area to access control at different angles.

​Excellent cutting capacity

More than anything, the 10 inch Bar and chain ensure excellent cutting capacity. At the same time, the combination of automatic oiler and Side access chain tensioner makes it durable than rest of the other saw on the market. The PAS power head of the saw allows reaching up to 8 ft.

Echo Pole Saw Extension with Exclusive advice:

  1. Genuine OEM Echo Part: It’s the genuine parts and equipment of the Echo Part. Thus, OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer.
  2. Tool-less coupler: This effective tool can quickly attach between the attachment and PAS power head.
  3. Articulating Hedge (HCA) Trimmer.
  4. Power Pruner attachments.
  5. Hedge Trimmer.
  6. The PAS power head

Important Maintenance Tips For Echo Pole Saw:

For long-lasting performance, always check the oil levels before using your pole saw.

  • Don’t forget to check the oil tank to make sure that the lubrication is sufficient. If not, restock or refill the tank.
  • Before using it, start the pole saw. Then let it run for a few minutes. It is for ensuring that the oil tank is functioning correctly.
  • Allow the chain to rotate around the guide bar.

Wrapping up

Whether you’re cutting firewood, pruning limbs, or taking down a tree, each ECHO pole Saw is designed to provide trouble-free life. To wrap up, we could say that these saw runs smooth, starts easy and ensure years of dependable performance.

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Echo Vs Stihl Pole Saw – Which Brand is Better?

Gardening takes a lot of power tools to keep the plants in good shape and condition. You may perform some of the tasks with just a regular chainsaw, but you also need a pole saw to take care of the hard-to-reach branches of a tree. Hence, choosing an efficient, easy-to-use pole saw comes under the priority list of a gardener. That said, I have come up with two great pole saws to help you decide the right one for you.

Echo and Stihl are two manufacturers of handy tools for gardening and other fields of work. Likewise, they come with their pole saws with some extraordinary features to be a part of your gardening journey. Here, I will discuss Echo vs Stihl pole saw to put forth a clear understanding of these two pole saws. Take a look.

Echo vs Stihl Pole Saw: General Overview

Echo Vs Stihl Pole Saw

Echo Pole Saw

Length is one of the vital attributes of a pole saw. Echo Power Pruner comes with a primary length of 8 feet which is enough to trim bushes and branches of many trees. Echo pole saw can be extended to a length of more than twelve feet for those who deal with higher branches of trees. You can do this just by twisting the T-nut of the collar shaft thanks to the manufacturer.

Another good thing about the pole saw is its aluminum and fiberglass components that made the pole saw lighter. Plus, the D-ring handle allows the user to have a tight grip on it, making it easier for you to control the pole saw. In case you don’t like D-ring handles, there is Echo PPT- 2620, another model of echo pole saw, that includes an in-line handle for the user.

Let’s not forget that the main component of a pole saw is not its pole, rather the chainsaw attached to one end of the pole. So, how powerful is that chainsaw? The 25.4cc engine delivers 1.35 horsepower, enough to cut through any branch of a tree. This helps you save time and effort. Besides, there shall be a harness to provide you an added amount of control.

Specifications of PPT-2620 Pole saw

  • Engine Power: 25.4cc (gas-powered)
  • Primary Length: 107 inches.
  • Extended Length: 146 inches.
  • Fuel Capacity: 20.6 Pre-mix

Additional Features of PPT-2620 Pole saw

  • Extended length (more than 12 feet) helps you reach far-stretched tree branches.
  • A harness ensures greater control on the pole saw.
  • Lightweight and compact design.

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Stihl Pole Saw

Stihl pole saw is widely known for its Esay2Start technology. It is among the most popular pole sawson the market. It is a lightweight and compact pole saw, yet capable of trimming and pruning large branches of trees. With its 27.2cc gas-powered engine, the pole saw can prune bushes and trim any trunk or branch of a tree. It takes no time to start when you turn it on.

As long as you know the cutting techniques, trimming vines, bushes, shrubs, and tall grasses is a matter of minutes to cut.

Moreover, it has an automatic oiling mechanism and an EMATIC guide bars that keep the pole saw in a good condition. The 12.8-Pound pole saw is 9.2 feet long, which is suitable for your home garden. You can reach even further by using a ladder if you want to. By the way, the Stihl pole saw also comes with a gearbox that reduces your labor when you move and maneuver with the tool.

Last but not the least, this compact pole saw maintains low emission of exhaust gas thanks to the Stihl manufacturer.

Specifications of Stihl Pole Saw

  • Engine Power: 2cc (gas-powered)
  • Length: 2 feet long shaft.
  • Weight: 8 Lbs.

Features of Stihl Pole Saw

  • Easy2Start technology reduces hassle in the beginning and offers you a fresh start.
  • The automatic oiling of chains keeps the machine in a good condition.
  • The gearbox helps you maneuver easily.

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A Comparison between Echo and Stihl Pole Saw

There are many ways you can compare the two amazing pole saws. However, I have chosen to see them in terms of two parameters: Engine Power and Length. Take a look.

Engine Power

The difference between the two pole saws is apparent in terms of the engine power. The Echo pole saw has a 25.4cc engine that can perform pretty well on every pruning task. However, if you are looking for a pole saw with a more powerful engine, the Stihl pole saw can be the best alternative for you. It has a 27.2cc engine that can trim branches of a tree really quickly.

Pole Length

Pole length is the most crucial thing when you buy a pole saw. You have to know how long the pole saw is. The reason is you buy a pole saw for pruning tree branches that are hard-to-reach. If they were easy to get access to, all of the pruning tasks could be carried out with a regular chainsaw. So, which wins in this regard?

Certainly, the Echo pole saw has an upper hand when it comes to length. It has a primary length of 107 inches (more than 8 ft.) You can make it even longer by just twisting the T-nut of the pole. The extended length is 12-foot which are long enough to reach the tallest trees of a home garden.

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Last Words

Gardening is a pastime for many people around the world. But it is not just watering the trees in the evening. You have to prune the shrubs and trim unwanted branches of trees throughout the year. A handy pole saw can make all these tasks easy for you. So, make sure you buy the best pole saw on the market. Echo pole saw and Stihl pole saw are among the best options on the market.

Each of them is good in respective areas. The echo pole saw has an outstanding length and the Stihl has an amazing engine. Now choose the one that suits your projects and reduces your hassles. Hopefully, this article has given answers to most of your Echo vs Stihl pole saw queries.

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Ladders and chainsaws mix somewhat like oil and water. Thankfully, I didn’t have to learn the hard way, my best friend did it for me! While pruning some limbs…on a ladder…with a chainsaw, he fell 15-feet, breaking three vertebrae and his elbow. Miraculously, no arms or legs were severed in the accident, and he’s ok now, aside from ongoing back pain. Even with thirty-plus years of landscaping and lawncare under my belt, I use chainsaws and ladders, but not together. If I need to cut limbs overhead, then I reach for the Echo PPT-2620 pole saw, so I can make the cuts, from the ground.

Benefits of Using a Pole Saw

Clearing low hanging branches offer many benefits. For one, increasing the beauty of your customer’s landscape, allowing more light to the lawn and groundcover, hence more color. Next, keeping these branches away from homes or structures inhibits mold growth, moisture damage, and rodent intrusion – including squirrels. Furthermore, trimming and pruning trees help to keep a safer property. After all, even in tree felling (arborists), it’s the widow-makers that cause more then 11% of all fatal chainsaw accidents. A widow maker in the felling world is a rotten, loose, or broken limb in the tree. Regular maintenance and pruning on your trees (or your customers) not only keeps them aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides the opportunity to closely examine these trees regularly.

Cutting Throught Oak - No Problem

ECHO PPT-2620 Pole Saw Features

ECHO PPT-2620 Pole Saw Full PictureThe prominent feature of any pole saw is the length and reach. Even collapsed, the Echo PPT-2620 pole saw provides more than eight-feet (107″) of reach. Just using this pole saw in it’s most compact form allows the user to prune branches in many trees. In Central Florida, we have several species of palm trees, which need continuous love, to keep them looking good. With a quick twist of the T-Nut on the shaft collar, the Echo pole saw can be extended to more than twelve-feet (146″). Add to this, the height of the operator, and the Echo PPT-2620 easily reaches limbs that are fourteen or fifteen-feet high.

Pro Tip: Echo even makes a 4-ft extension to the PPT-2620 to provide an even further reach. We wouldn’t recommend this for the novice, but it can be a great asset for the experienced landscaper. Again, less time on a ladder.

A twelve-inch bar and chain make the cuts on the business end of this Echo power pruner. With the automatic oiling of the onboard bar oil tank, the chain stays lubed and sharp. Er, stays sharp when you stay out of the dirt and keep free from metal shrapnel found when cutting (that’s a story in itself). Adjustments to the chain tension is done with a typical T-wrench, with the flat-blade screwdriver on one end and the socket on the other. A quick loosen of the two nuts on the bar, then adjusting the slotted screw to the desired tension of the chain. The auto-oiler can be adjusted for conditions as well.

ECHO PPT-2620 Saw Blade Tensioning
No Dripping Bar Oil
Pruning Hook and Bar Adjustment

Echo Power Pruner Build Quality

T27 Torx Connects Everything

With a 12-inch bar and chain reaching out more than 12-feet, a chincy and flimsy pole won’t cut it (punn intended). The Echo PPT-2620 pole saw includes an aluminum inner shaft for rigidity and lower weight. The outside shaft is made from lightweight fiberglass, also delivering on more rigidity and control. Large tapered aluminum collars reside on each end of the fiberglass shaft to minimize flex in the joints between the handle and shaft, and shaft and cutting head (bar and chain). A large D-ring handle provides a large arch area for the user to access contols, at various angles.

For those that don’t want the D-ring handle, you can opt for the Echo PPT-2620H power pruner that includes a typical in-line handle.

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Pro Xtreme Power from Echo

"<yoastmarkPowering the Echo PPT-2620 power pruner is the 25.4 cc Pro Xtreme powerplant. Delivering 1.35 horsepower, the Echo provides more than ample power for making the cut in any tree. This Pro Xtreme family of engines is said to be the most powerful 26cc engine family ever developed. I can’t speak for others, but this little beast cranks quickly and puts the power to the chain, where you want it.

In the landscaping world, and others to boot, it’s not just the all-out power, but also the cranking that can save, or consume time. Time is money!! The Echo PPT-2620 pole saw starts quick, every time. Even when cold. A few primes on the bulb, close the choke, two pulls and it fires. Open the choke, and another pull brings the PPT-2620 to life. I have found that if I let the Echo power pruner idle for a few seconds before grabbing a hand-ful or throttle, it has much less bog. Of course, after it’s warm, there is no evidence of any bogging. Also, after the Ehco PPT-2620 is warm, it starts on the first pull, every time.

Echo PPT-2620 Power Pruner

The powerplant hangs off the backside of the pole saw, both keeping the warm/hot engine away from the user, and providing better ballast. Even with the lightweight aluminum and fiberglass pole, the saw end of this Echo PPT-2620 pole saw can get a little heavy. Extra ballast from the engine being on the back helps to assist in balance. It’s not exactly heavy, at just over seventeen-pounds, but it will get to your back when extending outward for long periods. Again, to assist in this hindrance Echo provides a shoulder strap that attaches just ahead of the D-ring handle.

Florida Trees vs. Echo PPT-2620 Pole Saw

As mentioned above, we have palm trees galore in Florida, especially in the southern and central part of the state. While there are many species of palms, they seem to all share the same needs — Pruning!! Year-round palms like to shed their old limbs and grow new, along with any “fruit” they may disperse. This one tree species can keep a landscaper busy with a pole saw. In addition, our Forida oak trees like to grow with wild abandon as well, so keeping these at bay is another great test for the Echo PPT-2620 pole saw.

Pruning Palm Trees - Everyday Florida

Within a few minutes starting the PPT-2620 power pruner, I quickly realize what a time-saver it is to use a long-reach pole saw. It only took seconds to work my way around three palms, cutting the lower limbs, rejuvinating that picturesque Florida palm landscape. Next, a few feet over is a 70+ feet tall oak tree with a 6-inch branch, 14-feet up the tree. No problem, slide the shaft all the way out, grab a handful of throttle, and the branch is on the ground. Voila! No ladder needed.

Final Cut

ECHO PPT-2620 Power Switch

The Echo PPT-2620 power pruner worked extremely well in trimming and pruning trees and shrubs. With minimal work, and without a ladder (yes, I know that I’ve mentioned this a few times), the Echo pole saw makes shorter work of many jobs. I have to admit that I’m a pretty big fan of Echo, and it’s not becuase they’re perfect in evey way. It’s imperitive that my equipment stays running, and it’s inevitable that equipment will break. Knowing that just about any small engine shop can work on Echo equipment provides more confidence that my equipment does stay running. Furthermore, so many of these mower shops sell, stock, and service Echo equipment, so most common parts are easily available.

Coming clean with few of my druthers, I do have a couple to mention. I would love to see Echo go to an auto-return style on/off switch, rather than actually sliding the switch to “On” or to “Off”. Even after many years around this type of equipment, you find youreself pulling and pulling, only to find that the power switch is “Off”. Second, this would be a great opportunity for Echo to have a carbon-fiber shaft, which can not only lighten the load, but also provide less flexing. Of course, adding carbon-fiber will increase costs, but I’d bet that landscapers are willing to pay an extra $40 for a lighter and stronger tool.

Easy Reach for the Echo PPT-2620

Thumbs Up for the Echo Pole Saw

Would we recommend the Echo PPT-2620 pole saw to other professionals? Absolutely! This is not only a more efficient tool for cutting higher branches, but it’s also a safer option than climbing a ladder (there I go again). You can find the Echo PPT-2620 Pro Xtreme power pruner for about $599, and Echo covers the PPT-2620 with their 2-year commercial and 5-year consumer warranty.

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Echo Power Pruner PPT-2620 Specifications

  • ECHO PPT-2620 Extended to Over 12-feet

    Engine Displacement (cu. cm.): 25.4 two-stroke

  • Engine Displacement (cu. in.): 1.55 two-stroke
  • Carburetor: Rotary
  • Length Extended (in): 146
  • Optional Extension (ft): 4
  • Bar Length (in): 12
  • Bar Oil Capacity (fl. oz.): 7.6
  • Starting System: Standard
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 1 17.4
  • Fuel Capacity (fl. oz.): 20.6 Pre-mix
  • Consumer Warranty: 5 years
  • Commercial Warranty: 2 years
  • Length Collapsed (in): 107
  • Rental Warranty: 90 days


Clearing Trails with the Echo ppt 2620 Pole Saw - Pole Pruner Features You'll Want

ECHO power pruners are the best way to trim high branches and prune from the ground. Engineered to be lightweight, well-balanced and robust, with rigid shafts that do not flex and provide professional precision. Whether you're looking for a telescopic or fixed model, ECHO has a power pruner that you can depend on.



Light weight, fixed power pruner with effortless starting built for precision and power.

  • Dry Weight: 5.7
  • Engine displacement (cm³): 21.2
  • Output (kw): 1.11


Light weight and powerful, telescopic power pruner with ergonomic loop handle for maximum …

  • Dry Weight: 7.7
  • Engine displacement (cm³): 21.2
  • Output (kw): 1.11


Powerful, lightweight petrol telescopic adjustable power pruner with ergonomic loop handle…

  • Dry Weight: 7.9
  • Engine displacement (cm³): 25.4
  • Output (kw): 1.0


Professional, light weight petrol power pruner with telescopic adjustable shaft and in-lin…

  • Dry Weight: 7.7
  • Engine displacement (cm³): 25.4
  • Output (kw): 1.0

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