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Saya watched Marcus for months upon behalf of King's Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts. Saya convinced Marcus to join and was his first mentor. She does cocaine with her friend Maria, but soon found herself at ends with Maria due to both of their love interest conflict with Marcus.[1]

While out partying, they found a deadly encounter with Chico, Maria's boyfriend who recently discovered Marcus was hooking up with Maria. The altercation ended with Chico being beheaded and his head be taken by F-Face, an old enemy of Marcus.[2]

Later, Saya slept with Marcus after a night of partying.[3] She also tracked down F-face and they group attacked the house to retrieve Chico's head. However, Maria almost let Saya die during the raid as she had discovered her love affair with Marcus.[4] Saya barely escaped with her life and soon saw her making out with Marcus back at school.[5]

Two months after Maria disappears, Saya is approached by Marcus and is told he loves her. However, she callously rejected him and told him she's with his friend Willie now. Marcus continued his emotional breakdown and began wondering what if Maria had been killed by Saya.[6]

Marcus began to push Saya and when he questioned her honor, she punched him in retaliation. Saya distanced herself from Marcus and here and Willie continued to watch Marcus from the shadows.[7]

Kill the Rats

Master Lin soon declared that their final exam was to kill all the rats, those that have disobeyed the school's rules.[8] Saya and Willie were not declared rats and attempted to help Billy who was declared one. When given the choice, Billy left to be with Marcus and Petra who ran from their classmates as it was safer to be with his own kind, the rats, then to be with Saya and Willie who wanted to help him.[9]

Saya and Willie ran as they were pursued by Willie's old gang. They were eventually cornered in the library and Saya promised to protect him. She knew he wouldn't be much help and Willie finally told her the true story. His uncle didn't save him from the gang when he was a small boy. When the gang broke into his home, Willie grabbed a gun and accidentally shot his dad in the head and killed him. He was too afraid to use a gun ever since. Saya understood and turned to protect him. When she got knocked down, she was about to be killed but Willie worked up the nerve to save her by killing his old gang members before they could harm her. As Willie helped her up, he called her out and said she was quick enough to have grabber her sword and saved herself. He knew she had done it to help break him of his fear. They were, however, suddenly interrupted and called into Master Lin's office. There, they were given their next assignment, to kill Marcus for his betrayal to the school or face public humiliation to their own gang's for their failures to kill him. Saya was also warned that she was responsible for Marcus as she had agreed to be his sponsor when he first joined the school.[10]

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Deadly Class: The 7 Worst Things Saya Has Done

Image Comics' Deadly Class has had more than it's fair share of betrayals, twists, turns, and turncoats. While the last three arcs have seen our surviving cast of original characters trying to mend fences after the brutal Freshman Finals arc, there have still been some downright awful acts committed by our core cast of characters.

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One such character is Saya, the katana-wielding badass who initially recruits Marcus into Kings Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts. While Saya is one of the "good guys" she has nonetheless committed some truly atrocious actions against both friends and enemies. With that in mind, here are the seven worst things Saya has done over the course of Deadly Class. Be warned, there are *SPOILERS* ahead.

7 Killing the Cop

Yes, the cop Saya dispatches in the first issue of the series has a gun on Marcus. And yes, the cop himself was a terrible person, that much is evident from the brief dialogue he espouses before his skewering. But should Saya have immediately resorted to murder?

We all know she is more than capable of dispatching a target without outright killing them, so her first kill in the series registers as an unneeded death. Evidently, Saya feels the same way, if the momentary shell-shock she displays is any indication.

6 "Killing" Marcus

Ah, Freshman Finals. The most harrowing and jaw-dropping arc of the series saw the deaths of numerous core characters, such as Billy, Willie and *gasp* Marcus himself? At the blade of Saya no less? It was a game-changer for the trajectory of the series, wiping the slate clean to develop a new cast of Freshman the following semester. But the true kicker came far later, when it was revealed that Marcus was still alive, Sayas blade missing his heart by only a few inches, and living in Mexico with Maria (also alive after her apparent death).

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While it ultimately turned out to be an elaborate plot by Saya to get Marcus out of the school, Remender let the audiences sit with the idea that Saya had murdered him in cold blood for a full 5 issues before revealing the truth. That kind of resentment is hard to forget, even after finding out Saya did what she did for noble reasons.

5 Dating Willie

Young love is so volatile and hard to understand. In easily the oddest pairing of the romantic side of the series, Saya begins to go steady with Willie after the events of the raid at [email protected]#kFace Manor. Despite Marcus' infatuation and their shared history, she opts to be with someone else, which pushes Marcus even further into a depressive cycle following Maria's disappearance.

The couple never seem particularly on the same page, or outright romantic, and both Willie and Marcus espouse the idea that Saya did it to drive them apart, before their deaths in Freshman Finals. Perhaps Saya did actually have strong feelings for Willie, but it certainly reads as ulterior motives from the way it's presented.

4 Hooking Up with Marcus

This one was just all-around not cool. Despite her feelings for Marcus, if she ever really had feelings for him, Maria is supposedly her "best friend." Yet she still feels it's okay to hook up with Marcus after a night at a punk show?

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It's an altogether two-faced move and not something we expect from someone who supposedly cares for Maria. However, Saya certainly experiences some karmic justice during the following raid at Chester's house, in which Maria and her have an admittedly epic battle. Still, not cool. Shame on Marcus too! You have a girlfriend, dude!

3 Killing the Informant

When Marcus spills the truth about Willies pacifism to a member of Willies crew, the "informant" sets out to expose the truth. However, he doesn't get far, as Marcus comes across his corpse strung up outside the school as a pretty obvious message from Willie and Saya: Watch Your Back.

We know Willie wasn't the one who killed him, so it stands to reason that Saya did the deed herself as nothing more than an intimidation tactic, and a ploy to protect Willies reputation. That's pretty cold, even for her.

2 Killing Quan

While Saya certainly had every right to do what she did, Quan's betrayal landing her in the clutches of her abusive and powerful brother, watching Saya stab Quan through the heart still felt downright shocking. Seeing as Quan was the one to help her escape, something Saya would've been incapable of doing otherwise, it seems like Remender was building him towards a redemption arc. But nope!

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Instead, Saya slays him and drops his corpse off the side of a boat. It was brutal and morally questionable...but also mildly satisfying. Quan was a jerk, and Wes Craig uses the same framing he did when Saya stabbed Marcus in a nice visual callback to one of the ost shocking moments in the series.

1 Forcing Willie to Kill

Easily the worst thing Saya has ever done. Willie was a devout pacifist throughout his time in the series. His no-kill, no-fight rule let him act as a bastion of morality to his friends in a school that completely lacked it. But when Finals arrive, Saya forces him t break that code in a tense action sequence involving rogue members of Willies own crew, the Final World Order.

Putting herself in danger so that Willie will have no choice but to gun them down, Saya manipulates Willie to kill and he sees through it right away. In his heartbreaking final moments atop the roof with Marcus, he admits that he thinks she could've gotten to her sword in time. If his theory is true, Saya corrupted the only morally pure character only moments before his death.

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Everything We Know About Saya On 'Deadly Class,' Based On The Comics

Deadly Class may be Marcus' story, but it's Lana Condor's character, Saya, who introduces her new classmate to the underground assassin world. She's the person who convinces him to join the Kings Dominion School of the Deadly Arts in the first episode. And the To All The Boys I've Loved Before star continues to play a major role throughout the show: Saya not only holds an important rank in the secret assassin school, she quickly earns a special place in Marcus' killer heart. Spoilers for the Deadly Class premiere ahead.

The new Syfy series officially premieres Jan. 16, but the network posted the pilot episode online ahead of time. Plus, Deadly Class is based on the graphic novels of the same name, so there's already a fair amount of information to be gleaned about Condor's character. Just like in the comics, Saya is a student at Kings Dominion in 1980s San Francisco. She is tasked by Kings' headmaster, Master Lin, to get Marcus, an orphan living on the streets, to come to the school. And in both the comics and TV show, Saya lets it be known from the get-go that she's a badass with her motorcycle, katana, and impressive fighting skills.

You can actually compare and contrast Saya's big entrance in the graphic novels and the TV show since Syfy provided a "motion comic" of the first issue of the comics. In both versions, Saya helps Marcus escape the cops during a Day of the Dead celebration and brings him to Master Lin, who offers Marcus a place at the school. When Marcus declines, it's Saya who convinces him to attend — and also helps to stop him from committing suicide.

When Marcus gets to the school, he learns that Saya is the head of the Kuroki Syndicate, a group comprised of descendants from a Japanese mob called the Yakuza. She's also a skilled student; in the pilot, Marcus' new friend, Billy, calls her, "part valedictorian, part prom queen — 100 percent b*tch." With tattoos up and down her arms, she certainly has a tough look, but she seems to have a soft spot for Marcus. As shown in the video below, she later takes him on as her "pledge," which means she's responsible for his actions and is essentially putting herself on the line for him.

The two also clearly have a connection. In an interview on the Deadly Class set with Bustle and other publications, Condor explained their pretty instantaneous bond. "Saya sees Marcus' pain and there's a lot that she can relate to, so even though she might not want to let her guard down, she does," Condor says. "When you connect with someone, you can't help it."

Their feelings for one another are complicated by the fact that Marcus is also romantically involved with Saya's friend, Maria. But just like their classes, the interactions between these three assassins-in-training are anything but conventional. As Deadly Class continues, viewers will see how the relationship between Marcus and Saya plays out, and we'll also hopefully learn about what has happened in Saya's past to make her so darn deadly.

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