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How to Choose the Perfect Greige Paint

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How to choose perfect greige paint
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Inside: Learn how to choose the perfect greige paint color for your walls with these simple tricks and avoid ending up with too much pink or beige in your final wall color!

I get this question a lot… “What is the grey beige paint color on the walls in your house?”

Today I’m answering that very question, but more importantly I’m going to explain how to choose the perfect greige paint for your house!

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What is Greige Anyway?

If you haven’t heard of greige, you’ve most definitely seen it.

The color greige is like the perfect beige from the 90’s and the perfect grey got married and had a baby! Greige paint is my favorite neutral for walls because it goes with everything–and doesn’t make me want to hurl like most beiges do.

Greige beige paint goes with both warm colors and cool colors, so it’s perfect.

Now, I hope I’m not offending, but the problem with beige is that it’s really hard to pick the right one and oftentimes people end up choosing a beige wall color that turns out looking pinky beige, or even orange! Ya know what I mean?

My sister in law recently had this problem and it cost her big bucks cause she had to pay her painter to repaint –ugh!  I helped her pick out a perfect greige color the second time around and realized that there’s a definite trick to picking out a perfect greige paint color.Believe me, I’ve made my own pinky beige mistakes in the past, but I’ve learned to avoid them.

When we bought our house, we had it painted before we moved in, and I really honed the skill of picking the perfect greige paint color. We painted almost every interior wall of our house with this neutral greige paint —so it had to be right.

And it was!

How to choose the perfect greige paint for your home with one simple trick

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Why Greige is Perfect for Your Walls

Grey is definitely a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away, but no one wants the walls of their home to feel like cement right?

The trick is to pick a warm grey which means you want a grey paint with some brown in it.

And what do you get when you mix brown and grey? That’s right, greige! Believe me, greige is your new best friend.

Because greige is essentially a perfect mix of brown and grey it’s considered a warm grey and literally goes with everything.

Here is what it looks like in my home:

This is my entryway. You can see that the greige wall color goes really well with wood tones. This space doesn’t get a ton of light, but the greige here doesn’t make it too dark.

How to Choose the Perfect Greige Paint

The greige color palette in my home has a lot of grey and blue tones and the greige walls go perfectly with these cool colors too. Even recently when I updated my family room and added a lot more pops of color, the greige living room walls still go perfectly.

greige paint on walls in dining and living room

You can see here in our kitchen where a lot of activity happens that the greige paint goes with everything. This room gets a lot of warm natural light and the light greige paint is a perfect background for everything else going on.

Convinced yet? Let’s dive into the easy steps to choose the perfect greige paint color for your home…

How to Choose the Perfect Greige Paint

Use the darkest hue on the swatch as your guide.

This will give you an idea of the true undertones that will show up even in the lighter hues.

how to choose the perfect greige paint color

Let’s look at an example.

The second color from the top (image below) would probably be one that a lot of people would grab as a good neutral.

But look at the darkest hue on that swatch. There’s a lot of red in that brown. And so as the hue gets lighter, there will be red or orange undertones that show up in your wall color. You don’t want that.

popular neutral beige paint color

Find a dark greige paint  with the perfect balance of brown and black

Again using the darkest colors on the swatch, look at colors below… (moving left to right)

The first brown has lots of red in it. –No good cause pink will show up on our walls.

Next you can see a lot of purple show up in the darkest shade, so a slight purple tint will show up even when you use the lightest color.

The next swatch has green in it which you can’t see by looking at the lightest shade. But we know better. Looking at the darkest shade tells us there’s a hint of green in this color.

And finally in the last two you can see a lot of black in the darkest hue, so these will read more grey in the lighter shades.

greige paint color palette

From there you can narrow down your search.

Use the lighter shades going up the paint swatch to determine undertones

Once you narrow your search, you’ll want to use the hues going up the swatch to determine the greige color you’ll use on your walls.

You can see that I have two base colors below. One is a true brown, but you can see the grey show up as you move up the swatch. The other base color is a cooler, more true grey and you can see a lot less brown show up as you move up the strip.

Looking for the true color in darker colors is important because these undertones will show up even in the lightest shades of a greige color.

find the perfect greige color palette for your home
requisite grey - the perfect greige paint color

After following those steps I decided on Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray as the perfect greige paint color for my walls. It is just the right amount of grey with a slight warm undertone.

And that is the simple trick to finding the perfect greige for your walls!

By looking at the darkest hue first, you’ll be able to instantly see which undertones will show up in the lightest shades of the color!

What Colors Go With Greige?

Like I mentioned before, greige is both a cool and a warm neutral so it really can go with everything. You saw how you can even add a green or purple undertone to your greige to give it just a hint of color which you may want to do.

Depending on which greige paint you choose, you can pair it with cool colors like blue and grey to warm colors like rusts and yellows. The sky is the limit with this color.

To get you started I broke down 12 perfect neutrals into undertone colors for you. It will give you another run through of this trick to choosing the right paint color but with more variation and give you 12 neutrals beyond greige to try as a starting point based on your color scheme.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing Colors For Your Home

A lot of factors go into finding the perfect greige paint color for your walls.

Things like your home color palette, existing colors in your home (that you may not be able to change), and the color of the natural light, or lack of natural light can change the way a color shows up on your walls.

In my self-paced online color course, Color Made Clear, I walk you through all the steps to choosing and using color in your home to create a pulled together and cohesive look, even if you have things like cabinet color or floors you can’t change. Learn more about the step-by-step video lessons and worksheets inside Color Made Clear to make a complete color scheme for your home. 







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10 Best Greige Paint Colors

If you cannot decide between a cool or warm neutral paint color for your home, say hello to greige. It is the hue you get when you mix gray (a cool tone) with beige (a warm shade). The result is a painted surface that strikes a balance between two extreme color temperatures.

The color works well with the modern farmhouse style design popularized by Chip and Joanna Gaines. Being both trendy and classic, greige doesn't limit what you can do—it frees you to experiment with creative color combinations and bold pops of color. The best greige paint colors pair nicely with white and black, as well as warm brown tones.


  • Color family: A combination of beige and gray
  • Complementary colors: Warm brown tones as well as lighter tones of white, black, and gray
  • Pairs well with: Pops of bright color, farmhouse style, reclaimed wood
  • Mood: Calming
  • Where to use: Great in any room including dining rooms, foyers, bedrooms, and bathrooms

Take a look at this selection of our favorite greige paint colors.

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Greige paint is a combination of beige and grey. Both beautiful and practical, greige brings out the best properties in each colour. In fact, some people are calling greige the perfect neutral because it works well in both warm and cool schemes. It’s the beige undertones that bring warmth and softness, and the grey that adds an elegance and sophistication.

Greige is a versatile shade that not only works well on your walls, but as a great alternative to white ceilings, doors and skirting boards. Naturally, greige paint colours act as supporting shades because of their easy-going nature. They pair perfectly with other colour families to give you a wide range of options for your interiors.

You can use greige paint in any room of your home. But here are some ideas to get you started…

Your bedroom is where you go to retreat and recharge, so you want to choose a greige paint that feels comforting and safe. Why not consider our Colour of the Year , Brave Ground?

It’s a warm, earthy neutral that will create a relaxing space and help soothe you to sleep. Use it as a balanced backdrop to let other shades shine. For example, you can add pops of colour in your pillows and throws to really bring this greige to life.

Paint Colour Review: Perfect Greige, Sherwin Williams SW 6073

9 Favorite Greige Paint Colors

Paint color trends go in and out of popularity and right now greige tones are having a big moment. The gray trend that&#;s been around for over 10 years now has slowly morphed into paints with a warmer undertone, with beige tones becoming popular again. I can remember when no one wanted beige in their homes, but the mix of gray and beige is a beautiful warm backdrop for furniture and accessories.We chose a greige tone for our main color and I thought you&#;d enjoy seeing other colors in this tone as well in case you&#;re in the market for a new paint color, consider the best greige paint colors that are being used.

Many people are going with shades of white for walls and I really love that too. It allows everything to stand out against the backdrop of white. But, if you&#;re looking for something a little more warm, a greige tone might be perfect for you. We have enjoyed our Gatherings greige color so much, it&#;s a Magnolia Home color and I have included it on my paint choices below. These are a few of the popular greige or warmer neutral colors, but there are many more. I&#;ll share examples too.

There are a lot of blog posts and information out there about popular greige colors, many of which explain the science behind paint colors, but I&#;m not going to get into all that. Light reflective value, etc. I&#;ve never really researched all of that when I&#;m looking for paint colors. I&#;m strictly a visual person and testing at home on your own walls is the best way to find the perfect paint color for your home.

Let&#;s look at 9 pretty greige hues and see the versatility of these popular colors.

The main thing to consider with paint colors is undertone. I&#;m no paint expert, but I&#;ve painted my fair share of rooms over the years I&#;ve been decorating my homes. I always test out paint before I commit to gallons and that&#;s the best way to see how a paint will react in your house, with your particular lighting and shading. Undertones can show up so different from home to home and some paints are tried and true and others are known for certain undertones.

You can see from the above paint swatches that you can, for instance, see that Gray Owl has a blue undertone. It works great in certain spaces like our master bathroom where I wanted a slight blue/green undertone, but as you look for paints to use, the undertones will start to jump out at you when you start comparing them.

You can see that some of these appear more beige than gray and the reverse is true with others. The warmth in these tones are very livable as you&#;ll see in the example pictures below. Warm colors are a little easier to live with than cooler tones to me. Also be aware that some gray or beige tones can have purple undertones. You probably don&#;t want that.

Always get test quarts of paint, it&#;s worth the extra expense to avoid making a costly mistake. Paint samples are worth every penny! Always be aware of the amount of light coming in your room as well before you choose a paint color. Lighting makes all the difference too.


Mindful Gray

{via Craftivity Designs}

Kitchen cabinets painted Mindful Gray

{via Pulte Homes}

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray foyer

Repose Gray

{via Pink Peppermint Designs}

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray Bathroom

{via Designing Vibes} 

Repose Gray Bedroom

Agreeable Gray

{via Renovated Faith}

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Bedroom

{via Our Hammock House}

Agreeable Gray Hallway

{via The Palette Muse}

Agreeable Gray Bedroom

Gray Owl

{via Finding Silver Pennies}

Gray Owl Kitchen

Our own master bath has Gray Owl on the walls and it was the perfect choice in there.

Gray Owl Master Bathroom

Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter is also a great greige color and when I helped my friend Andrea with her house a few years ago, we used it in the sunroom and their foyer and hallway.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Sunroom

{via Maison de Cinq}

Revere Pewter Office

{via Kayla Payne}

Revere Pewter Kitchen


Light French Gray

{via Innovate Construction Atlanta}

Light French Gray Bathroom

{via Laine and Layne}

Light French Gray boy&#;s room

{via Kim Wiederholt Pinterest}

Light French Gray Foyer


Gatherings in our kitchen nook.

Gatherings in the foyer

Gatherings in Master Bedroom

{via Liz Marie blog}

Gatherings on a cabinet.

Edgecomb Gray

{via Making it in the Mountains}

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray Contrast Trim in Bedroom

{via Young House Love}

Edgecomb Gray in Dining Room

Anew Gray

From my sister&#;s former house.

Anew Gray in Foyer and hallway

Anew Gray Family room

Anew Gray Foyer

I hope these greige paint ideas help you if you&#;re looking for a good neutral paint color. We are very happy with Gatherings, a warm greige in our house and there are other similar greige tones that would work for you as well. Once you get a great shade of gray color on the wall as a neutral backdrop, the furniture and accessories can shine.The perfect greige paint color is out there waiting for you so keep these in mind for a new wall color!

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Selecting the Right Shade of Greige Paint


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