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12 Loom Knitting Patterns

Loom knitting is a fast and easy way to knit without needles, but if you've ever looked at all those sizes and shapes of knitting looms and wondered what you could make with them, wonder no more! From simple scarves to oversized blankets to lacy shawls, you can loom knit just about anything.

Before you tackle a complicated project, start by learning the basics of loom knitting, then make a simple scarf or stockinette stitch hat. After that, learn a few more stitches to ready yourself for other types of projects.

Many of the patterns in this list use large gauge looms that are easy to find in large craft stores. Others use smaller gauge looms like those from Knitting Board. Along with a variety of sizes and styles, they also offer many free patterns, including an adorable toddler tunic.

If you like learning by watching videos, loom knitting experts often share their patterns and special techniques on YouTube. Valena DIY is an excellent channel with tutorials for different stitches, as well as projects like hats, bags, socks, and mittens! And be sure to check out Joanna Brandt's patterns for still more loom-knit styles and designs.

Ready to start wrapping those pegs? All that's left to do is choose one of these loom knitting patterns!

Sours: https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/loom-knitting-patterns-4797732

20 Loom Knitting that are Easy for Beginners

Knitting can seem intimidating and scary to someone who hasn’t done it before.  And while it just takes practice, if you’re a beginner, you might feel more comfortable starting with another option. Here are 20 Loom Knitting Projects for Beginners.

Looms have made it easier than ever to make handmade gifts for the ones we love. Looms are widely sold online and in craft stores. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it possible to create anything you could think up.

Because looms are so versatile, it can be hard to decide where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favorite projects to make on a loom.

From pillows to accessories or just little knick-knacks, 20 Loom Knitting Projects for Beginners provides great gift ideas and will have you knitting in no time.

Beginner’s Loom-Knit Cowl

In case you’re still in search of a great last-minute idea, learn how to make this cute and simple loom-knit cowl.  It’s not crochet, you don’t need knitting needles – you can get this look by using a loom knitter.

ViaHappy Hour Projects

Beginner’s Loom-Knit Cowl

Easy Loom Knit Headband

This is an easy and fairly quick loom project if you’re looking to create a cute and useful accessory.

Via Darice

Easy Loom Knit Headband

Loom Flower

These loom blooms are pretty, easy and super fun to make. This is an awesome project to make with kids and is perfect for stash busting too.

Via Fiber Flux

Loom Flower

Knitting Loom T-Shirt Rug

The double knit creates a thick rug that you can really sink your toes into. It can also be used as a sitting mat or rolled up and used as a neck pillow.

Via Muslin and Merlot

Knitting Loom T-Shirt Rug

Quick Loom Knitted Gift Pouch

This loom knitted gift pouch is super easy to make. This is the perfect size for a piece of jewelry or a gift card. You can make yours larger by increasing the knit rows in the pattern!

Via Knit Mama Knit

Quick Loom Knitted Gift Pouch

Slouchy Hat On A Round Loom

This slouchy hat style is super comfortable, warm and fantastic beginner’s project. Knitting on a loom is easy even if you’ve never done it before and once you complete this slouchy hat you’ll be hooked on loom knitting!

Via Instructables

Slouchy Hat On A Round Loom

Loom Knit Scarf for Beginners

Learn how to make a loom knit scarf with this simple step-by-step tutorial. All you need is some yarn and a loom kit to get started.  

Via One Mamas Daily Drama

Loom Knit Scarf for Beginners

Easy Loom Scarf

This Easy Loom Scarf is perfect for everyone and if youloveto loom-knit here’s how you can make your own beautiful creation without tons of headaches.

Via Slap Dash Mom

Easy Loom Scarf DIY

Loom Knit Leg Warmers

This is pretty easy, quick and super comfy. A 10-inch long loom is used in this pattern and the e-wrap is used to knit back and forth to create a flat panel of knit.

Via Recycled Craft

Loom Knit Leg Warmers

Loom Knit A Cap – E-Wrap Method

This loom knit hat is so very simple that chances are your very first attempt will be perfectly wearable.  All you need is a large round loom and some bulky yarn.

ViaDream A Little Bigger

Loom Knit A Cap – E-Wrap Method

Loom Knit Rolling Waves Cowl

This pattern is easy to knit up and just like the constantly shifting waves of a wind-tossed sea, the loom knit rolling waves cowl is full of texture and movement.

Via Good Knit Kisses

Loom Knit Rolling Waves Cowl

Loom Knit a Hat with a Hem

This loom knit hat pattern is pretty easy and you don’t have to know how to knit or crochet to accomplish this project. This would be really great to do with kids because anyone can do it.

Via Melaniekham

Loom Knit a Hat with a Hem

Alice Wrist Warmers

If you are new to loom knitting this pattern is perfect for you.  They look good and will keep your hands toasty warm.

Via Milly and Tilly

Alice Wrist Warmers

Loom Knit Cowl

This pattern is a loom friendly that will work on any loom using even peg numbers and the urban style cowl features modern fair isle colorwork, a hemmed neckline for comfort and a flattering ribbed bottom border.

Via This Moment Is Good

Loom Knit Cowl Pattern

Easy Loom Knit Flower Earrings

These cute loom knit flower earrings are really easy and don’t need many tools.  The pattern is written out longhand for someone who has never used a loom before.

Via Good Knit Kisses

Easy Loom Knit Flower Earrings

Knitted Nesting Baskets

Make a set of nesting baskets to hold crafting tools, and so much more. Fun and easy with loom knitting!

Via Simplicity

Knitted Nesting Baskets

Clover Oval Loom Sock

These socks pattern will keep your feet covered and warm. The socks may be a little too chunky to wear in shoes but they are absolutely perfect for wearing around the house as slippers.

Via The Chilly Dog

Clover Oval Loom Sock

Loom Knit Coffee Sleeve

The knitting loom makes this project easy and perfect for gift giving. Choose any colors to personalize your coffee sleeve and start knitting today!

Via Consumer Crafts

Loom Knit Coffee Sleeve

Loom Knit Throw Pillow

Create a comfy throw pillow in the perfect colors for your decor with simple loom knitting. Easy project!

Via Simplicity

Loom Knit Throw Pillow

Infinity Scarf On A Loom

This infinity scarf is a quick and easy knitting project that you can do on a rectangular or round loom – whatever you have around!

Via Instructables

Infinity Scarf On A Loom

No matter which project you choose first, we are certain that these 20 Loom Knitting Projects for Beginners will impress you and your loved ones. You won’t be able to stop creating once you see how easy the loom is to use. And who knows, maybe your friends will want to try it out as well!

30 Creative Knitting Projects for Kids to Knit

12 Pattern Ideas for Knitting for Charity

From pillows to accessories or just little knick-knacks, 20 Loom Knitting Projects for Beginners provides great gift ideas and will have you knitting in no time. #loomknitting #knitting #loomknit #easyloomknitting

Sours: https://idealme.com/20-loom-knitting-that-are-easy-for-beginners/
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Why does your mug need a rug? Because they’re cute, quick and easy to make and you can make them from scarps. I am looking forward to a ladies luncheon so I can show off my Mug Rug in many different colors. They also make great gifts when you match them up with a really pretty or cool mug. Most importantly it’s another unisex project. You know that there aren’t enough knitting patterns for men. Here is another good one.

As always this project includes a step by step video tutorial. You can find it at the bottom of the post. I hope you watch it completely before starting the project.

Loom Knit Coaster Mug Rug

Supplies and Information

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Stitches: Flat or Uwrap Knit, Purl

Loom:  Any Loom, long or round with at least 19Pegs. I used a 24 peg Loom

Yarn: Approximately 26 Yards of worsted weight, single strand. I recommend 100% cotton.

Yarn Breakdown: 17 yards of Primary Color, 9 yards of Secondary. I used Peaches and Cream and Sugar N Cream

Tools:  Loom Hook, Yarn Needle, Scissors,Crochet Hook, (optional) 2 double up or 4 single Stitch Markers

Finished Size:  Approximately 8 inches x 4 inches with the fringes already attached

Please watch the video completely before starting the project.

Consider Joining Patreon . For as little as $2 get 2 patterns posted each month. With a higher $5 pledge you get all patterns plus a downloadable video so that you don’t need to be online to create your project. To join Patreon: Click HERE

The Video Tutorial

I highly recommend watching the video completely even before you collect your supplies. This advise is not to discourage you or make you think the project is too difficult. The reason it is stated is because knowing what to expect ahead of times makes the task of knitting the project easier and more enjoyable.

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Sours: https://www.loomahat.com/mug-rug/

Splish. Splash. Squish. Ahhhh!

We all love to feel a soft, cushiony bathmat when we step out of the shower in the morning.  I’m happy to be able to share a new pattern with you for a loom knit bathmat made of t-shirt yarn.  Yes, you heard that right.  You can knit with yarn made from the soft stretchy fabric as your favorite tee.

T-shirt yarn is not only soft, but absorbent and durable.  It can handle being stepped on, dripped on, washed and dried over and over.  It’s really the perfect material for a bathmat!  You can buy t-shirt yarn at your local craft store, find it online or even make it yourself.  I’ve got a tutorial video that can show you how coming up later.


Loom Knit Batmat PIN Image

But first I want to give the details about the bathmat.  It’s loom knit on a long large gauge loom using the triple rib stitch.  I love this stitch!  Why?  (I’m so glad you asked.)  Because it’s the simplest way for even the most beginner loom knitter to make a thick textured rib without any purl stitches!  By using a double rake setup you can get all the depth of a ribbed stitch without ever having to purl.  It’s so easy.  Let’s get started…

Loom Knit Bathmat supplies

Loom Knit Bathmat

By Kristen Mangus


T-shirt Yarn – Approx  195 yds 1 ½” wide T-shirt yarn. (Buy it or see video below for How to Make Your Own T-shirt Yarn.)


11/16” Large Gauge (LG) Long Loom with at least 56 pegs and 2 rails for double knitting –  62 peg Boye orange long loom used in sample. (comparable to Blue Knifty Knitter)
Tapestry Needle
Loom Pick ( preferably heavy duty) – KB Looms Large Ergonomic Hook used in video
Non Slip Rug Pad – DoubleCheck Non Slip Area Rug Pad – Extra Strong Grip
Check out the links below to get your supplies from my the GoodKnit Kisses Amazon Shop.
Disclosure: The links below are affiliate links. That means I get a small commission at no cost to you if you follow the link and decide to purchase any products. Using these links helps support GoodKnit Kisses and allows me to keep providing free patterns and tutorials to you!(affiliate links)


Alt = Alternate
Approx = Approximate(ly)
CO = Cast on
EK = E-wrap Knit
Pat = Pattern
Rep = Repeat
Sl St = Slip Stitch; Do not work this stitch.
St(s) = Stitch(es)




14” (36 cm) x 22” (56 cm) approx.


16 sts and 13 rows per 4” x 4” (10×10 cm) in pattern.


This bathmat features a 3×3 twisted rib body. The bulky Tshirt yarn worked in this double knit stitch pattern makes the textured ribbing extra soft and squishy.  So instead of a flat mat you have a thick soft pad that is stiff enough to massage your feet when stepping out of the shower. The pattern uses a unique one row repeat and does not require purls to get the rib effect. This row is knit working from the front (lower) board to the back (upper) in a slipped stitch panel. You will skip the first peg at the beginning of every row. Numbering on the loom is from left to right. The loom knit bathmat can be made into a larger mat by sewing two panels together at one of the sides.  For more on how to sew together see video here for example.

Loom Knit Bathmat Image


Cast on 56 sts using double e-wrap cast on method (wrap each peg twice and knit over). Cast on lower side of loom first 4 stitches. Alternate from back and forth from lower to the upper side of the loom in multiples of 3 until the last 4 stitches.

Use the following sequence; wrapping each peg twice – CO starting with the left peg & pegs 1-4 of the lower loom, next are pegs 3-5 of the upper loom, then pegs 5-7 lower, rep 3 sts at a time alt upper and lower 14 more sets until you reach peg 28* on the lower. Cast on 4 sts again on the upper. *If you do not want to connect to a second panel for a larger rug CO peg 29 and stop.

Your loom should have 1 set of 4 and 8 sets of 3 on both the upper and lower Total CO 56 sts. *If you are making the smaller rug, your loom should have 2 sets of 4 and 7 sets of three on the lower and 8 sets of 3 on the upper; total CO 52 sts. [see photo/illustration]

Row 1: Sl St. EK remaining sts in same sequence as established; E-wrapping once and knitting off.

Row 2: same as Row 1 working opposite direction.

Rows 1-2 form Triple rib stitch pattern.

Rep Rows 1-2 approx 70 more times until 22” or desired length leaving 5 yds (4.5 m) for bind off.

Stretchy Bind Off:

*Knit 2nd peg. Move 2nd to 1st and work stitch; move to empty peg where 2nd peg was (now will be called first peg). Knit 1st peg. *Repeat these steps until last 3 sts. Pick up peg 2 and move peg 3 on peg 2. Place loop back on peg 2; work stitch. Knit peg 2. Move 2nd to 1st and work stitch. Knit 1st peg and cut tail.  Pull last loop through to a tail and take off the loom. Weave in tail ends with tapestry needle.

Make sure to use a non-slip rug pad under the bathmat to prevent slips and falls.

Loom Knit Bathmat Non Slip Liner


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Loom Knit Bathmat Tutorial:

How to Make Tshirt Yarn:

Seaming Ribbed Panels (for making an extra large mat):

Sours: https://www.goodknitkisses.com/loom-knit-bathmat/

Rug loom knit

The Five Stitch Blanket Pattern on the knitting loom is here for that Jumbo and Super Bulky yarn in your stash!

Pattern to Loom Knit a Five Stitch Blanket. Pattern revised for following corners row by row and revised cleaner edge.

Loom Knit Five Stitch Blanket | Pattern

Version by Kristen Mangus

Original Ten Stitch Design by Frankie Brown

Loom Conversion of Ten Stitch by Charity Windham

A version of the Ten Stitch Blanket originally designed by Frankie Brown. This version was intended for Jumbo gauge loom measuring 1 1/2″ center to center peg with a peg circumference of 2 1/2″, specifically the Zippy loom from KB. A video tutorial was made and will show techniques in the following pattern (http://youtu.be/gL10sl04TBk).

Written Pattern and video tutorial is published with written permission by Frankie Brown. Thank you Frankie!

Please take a look at Frankie’s charity close to her heart to honor her giving free patterns! The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation. Knitters can donate by going to www.justgiving.com/frankiesknittedstuff. It’s a great cause and you can leave a note for Frankie on the page when you find out more. Thanks so much!


Use any gauge loom. Need minimum 6 pegs. 5 main working pegs; 6th is used for pick up stitch. 2 Zippy Looms by KB used in sample; connected


Use appropriate yarn for loom gauge (or hold multiple strands as one as needed). Super Bulky ruffle yarn used in sample.


On Zippy Loom sample, With Ruffle Yarn sample measures roughly 4 stitches = 3″ and 9 garter ridges = 5 3/4″

For alternate loom to try that gauge used two pegs as one on a 31 peg loom for the five stitch blanket. So use 10 pegs for a 5 stitch blanket. The 31 peg loom used in the sample is a knotty Knitter with a regular C2C peg spacing of 11/16″ LG Large Gauge or use similar loom. Yarn used in other test sample was Super Bulky acrylic- Premier Yarns Mega. Super Bulky 6. Thank you to Heather Clark DuLuard for her feedback and valuable contribution! Her width is a snitch under 3″ for 4 stitches and 9 ridges are about 5 1/4″, so just a small variance under the zippy with a Super Bulky Yarn.

For more information, see: http://www.goodknitkisses.com/loom-knit-five-stitch-...

Sours: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/five-stitch-blanket
Loom Knit Diagonal Baby Throw by Lion Brand - Blanket or Washcloth (CC Closed Captions)

Yes, another t-shirt project! I found a knitting loom at the thrift store and decided to try knitting t-shirts together, not knowing how it would turn out.

Well, it turned out GREAT. The double knit creates a thick rug that you can really sink your toes into. It can also be used as a sitting mat or rolled up and used as a neck pillow.

Each rug took 16-20 t-shirts worth of t-shirt yarn.

  • Extra Long Knitting Loom (62 peg)
  • Strong Fork and/or Knitting Hook
  • Scissors
  • Needle & Thread
  • 16-20 t-shirts (Only use T-shirts without side seams and without decals below the armpit!)

Make your Tarn (T-shirt yarn). I measured it into 1 inch strips for rugs. Make a slip knot about five inches away from one end of the yarn.

Hook the slipknot on an end peg. Start wrapping the tarn around the pegs in a figure eight pattern. When you get to the other end, wrap off the yarn on the other end peg and push the yarn down on each peg.

Unloop loose end from the center end peg. The last knitted pegs will not follow the previous figure 8. Bring the tarn down between the last two rows of pegs. Re-wrap the last bottom peg. Now make a figure eight and wrap the last top peg. Resume the figure 8 wraps around the rest of the pegs. Loop the end onto the other center end peg.

See how there are now two loops around each peg? Knit each peg. Use the fork or knitting loom hook to pull each bottom loop up and over each peg. After you've knitted each peg, push all the remaining loops down each peg. I started at one end and pushed down the center with my thumbs until I reached the other end.

Repeat wrapping and knitting. After you've done a few rows, release the slipknot from its peg. Let it fall into the center of the wrapping area. Sew another t-shirt end to your tarn when necessary.

I recommend that you sew the shirt ends together securely (not just the few stitches that are shown in my picture!). I used a no-sew slit-and-slip-through technique when making other rugs. I wasn't impressed with the results.

When you reach the desired length (or you run out of t-shirts!) make sure that there is at least a four-inch tail after the last peg is wrapped and knitted.

Situate the loom so that the yarn tail is on the bottom row. Start pulling the loops from the top pegs onto their corresponding bottom pegs. All loops should now be on the bottom pegs.

Knit each bottom peg.

Start at the end that does not contain your tarn tail.

Pull the loop from the end peg onto the next peg over. Knit.

Pull the loop to the next peg over. PURL: Pull the top loop open towards you. While you hold the top loop open with your finger, use the hook or fork to pull the bottom loop under and through the top loop. With your hook still in the bottom loop, let the top loop come off the peg.

Place the bottom loop onto the next peg over. Repeat until you reach the last peg.

Knitthe last peg. Let the last loop come off the peg and slip the tarn tail through the loop.

Knot the tail. Pull the tail through an inner row of knitting. Knot again. Cut off the excess, leaving enough so that you can sew the last of the tail into the rug. Repeat with the beginning tarn.

Sours: https://muslinandmerlot.blogspot.com/2015/10/knitting-loom-t-shirt-rug.html

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