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The best Chrome VPN extension in

Chrome VPN extensions are offered by just about every one of the best VPN providers. They're usually pared-down versions of the desktop app, and while they might not offer every feature, they're a convenient way of changing your location or accessing blocked websites and streaming content.

Not all are created equal, either. A dedicated Chrome VPN extension will sometimes allow you to you control the desktop app from within Chrome, which is excellent in terms of functionality and power. However, others offer totally in-browser extensions, which can be very useful if you're on a computer that doesn't have or allow VPN clients to be installed.

What makes the best Chrome VPN?

When picking your Chrome VPN, you should first consider what you need from it – do you want to stay fully anonymous and explore streaming media from around the world, or do you just want a quick and easy way to check your emails and banking in privacy? 

If you're only after very basic functions, you may find a free VPN for Chrome that suits your needs, but if you're after in-depth features or streaming support, a more premium product will be necessary.

To help you decide, we've put together this list of the five best Chrome VPNs available today. Topping the list is ExpressVPN – it's easy to use, swift and powerful, and offers a powerful Chrome VPN extension alongside its top-rated desktop VPN client. There are other options that are worth exploring, though, so read on to find the five best VPNs for Chrome available today.

1. ExpressVPN – the most powerful Chrome VPN
ExpressVPN's Chrome VPN extension offers total control of the desktop app in-browser, and it's the most fully-featured option available. You can claim three free months through Tom's Guide, and you'll also be covered by a fantastic day money-back guarantee.View Deal

The best Chrome VPN extensions in

ExpressVPN is the most powerful VPN available, period, so it makes sense that you get an absolutely stellar Chrome VPN extension too. And yes, it's a full extension, not just a proxy like some others offer.

What's you get is essentially the desktop app readily available in your browser. While that means you'll have to have the client installed, if you do, you'll have a lot of power at your fingertips. 

Unlike many Chrome VPN extensions, activating ExpressVPN in-browser will give you full protection – not just your browser traffic, but your whole device. It's also really convenient that you don't have to launch the desktop app to use the browser extension – it's right there in Chrome, ready to go.

You'll get WebRTC blocking, location spoofing and HTTPS Everywhere (even when the extension's not turned on) to help keep you and your browsing private, alongside swift connection speeds, other apps for all your devices, and a cracking support system to help if anything goes wrong. Plus, the Chrome VPN blocks HTML5 geolocation from revealing your location – something the desktop app doesn't do automatically.

Find your way onto a streaming service site through Chrome while abroad and Express will have you covered, as it unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and more – impressive when you consider these streaming services are constantly trying to actively block VPNs. 

If you want to give the best Chrome VPN a test run, ExpressVPN offers a day money-back guarantee, but we think you'll find it'll meet – if not surpass – your expectations of what a browser-based VPN can offer.

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2. Windscribe

Powerful and free Chrome proxy extension


Dedicated chrome extension: Yes

Chrome Web Store rating: /5

Servers/countries: +/60

Maximum devices supported: Unlimited

Reasons to buy

+Unlimited simultaneous connections+Free 10GB monthly option+Clear privacy policy+Works without desktop client

Reasons to avoid

-Slightly cramped interface

Windscribe is a great choice if you're looking for a no-fee VPN, but what really stands out is its excellent Chrome VPN extension. While the service is a proxy, you don't need to install the 'real' VPN client on your PC to get it working – that's really useful for work laptops and other devices you might not want or be able to install software on, and addresses one of the main issues of the ExpressVPN extension.

Beyond that, the extension offers an impressive suite of features. There are tons blocking features, covering ads, social media and other trackers, WebRTC, website notifications and malware. You'll also get timezone and user agent spoofing, plus advanced cookie controls which can be set to delete any and all when you leave a page.

Like a fully-fledged VPN, Windscribe's extension can also virtually relocate you and get you access to geo-restricted sites, and by offering servers in 10 countries (over 60 if you decide to pay for a premium plan) you should have a decent selection to choose from, including Netflix-compatible 'Windflix' servers.

As an absolutely free service, there are a couple of drawbacks – chiefly that 10GB data limit – but for such a well-featured extension, that's something we can excuse. If it turns out you do need more than that, premium plans also have unlimited data.

While it can't compete in true power to ExpressVPN's extension that controls the desktop client, it's an entirely different beast. This standalone Chrome VPN extension is one of the best of its kind, and for free, it's certainly worth checking out.

Private Internet Access – or PIA – is an affordable option that offers a huge amount of features in its Chrome VPN extension for the price. It also does this while remaining very easy to use, making this an ideal option for VPN newbies.

There are some great security features you get with its browser VPN extension including a third-party cookies blocker, Flash blocking or disabling, WebRTC leak protection, hyperlink auditing, credit card auto-filling and more. 

Of course, PIA will also take care of the big stuff like blocking your location from websites as well as camera or microphone access, and download speeds remain above average with the VPN running. Also, in our testing we reported that PIA can access Netflix and Hulu – although it does struggle as an iPlayer VPN.

While PIA doesn't offer the amount of server locations of ExpressVPN and support is somewhat lacking, it's a genuinely useful Chrome VPN extension available at a great price, and it's an option worth exploring.

Sign up now on the Private Internet Access website.

CyberGhost is known as one of the top VPNs on the market, and another string to its bow is the free Chrome VPN extension on offer. While not as powerful as the paid VPN, the browser extension can work without installing a desktop client, meaning it's super simple to use.

With 8 servers in 4 countries, there's a decent selection compared to some other free services, but we were really impressed with the streaming unblocking – you'll be able to watch US Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

If you want the full package, for a very reasonable price you can upgrade to a huge 6, VPN servers in 90 countries, plus you'll get access to CyberGhost's excellent desktop app with its streaming and torrenting streaming system. You'll also get a kill switch, customer support and secure Flash access.

While it's not as great as ExpressVPN, for a free Chrome VPN CyberGhost's offering is powerful and eminently usable. And if you upgrade, things only get better.

Sign up now on CyberGhost's website 

Hotspot Shield is a great Chrome VPN extension option if you want something that's simple to use, runs fast and is free. Yup, the free version works with very few strings, although it is basic with only four location choices – plus, it's not such a fast VPN as the premium version.

The reason Hotspot Shield is so simple is that when you fire it up with a single click, it automatically picks the fastest server based on your location – you'll be connected immediately.

For security you have a bit encryption looking after you across the 1, servers spread over 80 countries. However, fans of true privacy will be disappointed in Hotspot's logging policy. While the provider claims not to store anything that can identify you, details like bandwidth used and connections times are.

If you're looking for a quick, simple Chrome VPN, though, Hotspot Shield is a good choice – and with a day money-back guarantee, it's definitely worth giving a go if you just want basic privacy when you're out and about with your laptop.

Sign up now on the Hotspot Shield website.

Best Chrome VPN FAQ

Does Chrome have a VPN?

While Chrome is very well-featured, it doesn't offer a built-in VPN. However, that's not a problem as there are a huge number of browser VPNs to pick from – not least the top five above.

Thankfully, Chrome is also the perfect environment for a browser VPN to work in – it's stable, simple, easy to use and incredibly customisable, so there are some great Chrome VPNs that will work just as reliably as their standalone counterparts.

Is there a free Chrome VPN extension?

A free Chrome extension is a tempting prospect – browsing anonymity and data security for nothing sounds great. However, in practice these free services aren't as great as they seem.

The first thing to consider is where the free service is making its money. It's likely that you'll be seeing ads, or, more sinisterly, it could be skimming your data and selling it for profit. If that's happening, you're better off using no VPN at all.

There are some good free Chrome VPNs out there – like Windscribe at number 2 on this list – but on the whole you'll never be able to get a truly good all-round VPN experience unless you pay.

However, that doesn't have to break the bank. Surfshark, for example, offers a totally secure and fully-featured VPN service forless than $ a month. While its Chrome VPN isn't powerful enough to feature on this list, it works well as a lightweight proxy extension – and at a price you'd barely notice, we think it's worth the investment.

What should the best Chrome VPN extension do?

A good Chrome VPN extension is one that's not only simple to install and use but also, ideally, offers some in-depth features too. While there are basic proxy versions which simply turn on and off within Chrome – and that's useful – we prefer more feature-rich options. 

The option to pick the location you want to connect from is a really basic but helpful feature – perfect if you're looking to watch geo-restricted content in a tab and need a certain location selected. 

Security features are also really helpful with blocking your location from websites, and blocking camera or microphone access are basic necessities. Extras we like to keep an eye out for are third-party cookie blocking, Flash blocking or disabling, WebRTC leak protection, hyperlink auditing and credit card auto-filling. Being able to use Netflix VPN unblocking is also useful.

Whichever option you go for, a VPN Chrome extension is only ever as good as the VPN behind – it so going for a fully fledged and feature-rich standalone VPN is always a good idea. 

Got all you need to know? Now make sure that you're getting the very best VPN service with our expertly assembled top

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While Surfshark's network is smaller than some, the VPN service makes it up on features and speed. Let's start off with the biggest win it offers: unlimited device support. If you want to run your entire home or office on Surfshark's VPN, you don't have to worry about how many devices you have on or connected. It also offers anti-malware, ad-blocking and tracker-blocking as part of its software.

And it's fast. With more than 3, servers in 65 countries, we lost less than 17% of average internet speed during our most recent speed tests. That's faster than the 27% speed loss we saw in previous tests, and pushes it ahead of ExpressVPN to be the current front-runner in our speed comparisons.

Surfshark received generally high marks when its Chrome extension was audited for privacy by German security firm Cure 53 (PDF link of full report) -- though that audit was commissioned by Surfshark.

The VPN provider has a solid range of app support, running on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Fire TV and routers. Additional devices such as game consoles can be configured for Surfshark via DNS settings. We particularly like the feature that allows you to whitelist certain apps and websites to automatically bypass the VPN. For some business uses, this can be critically important. 

Surfshark also offers three special modes designed for those who want to get around restrictions and more carefully hide their online footsteps. Camouflage Mode masks your VPN activity so your ISP doesn't know you're using a VPN. Multihop jumps your connection through multiple countries to hide your trail. Finally, NoBorders Mode "allows [you] to successfully use Surfshark in restrictive regions." Just be careful. Doing any of these three things could be illegal in your country and could result in severe penalties. During our testing, we didn't see a single IP address or DNS leak, and had no trouble accessing Netflix. 

Unlike many of the other VPN providers, Surfshark doesn't offer a one-year plan. Its best offer is $ a month for its two-year plan (you pay about $60 up front). A six-month plan is $ a month (about $39 up front), and month-by-month plans are $ a month. Definitely take advantage of its generous day trial to decide if you like this service and Chrome VPN extension (and if you choose the two-year plan, maybe set a reminder in 23 months to see if you can talk the company into a continued discount rate).

Read more: Surfshark VPN review: A feature-rich service with blazing speeds and a security focus

Read our Surfshark VPN review.

Extensión VPN para Google Chrome 2021 gratis ilimitada y fácil de utilizar

Best VPNs for Chrome in (browser extensions included)

Best VPNS for Chrome

Whether you own a Chromebook or just use the Chrome browser, a VPN can improve your online privacy, bypass censorship, and unblock content. Many of the best VPNs now make browser extensions, but not all of them are trustworthy, and some aren&#;t really Virtual Private Networks at all.

In this article, we&#;ll look at what makes the best VPN for Chrome. We cover a lot of detail, but in case you only have time for a summary, here is our list of the best VPNs for Chrome.

Best Chrome VPN Browser Extensions:

  1. NordVPNOur top choice VPN for Chrome. Easy-to-use apps and corresponding Chrome extension. Extremely fast, private, and secure. Includes a day money-back guarantee.
  2. Surfshark Budget VPN for Chrome. A fast and reliable VPN with a powerful Chrome addon, plenty of security features, and no connection limit.
  3. ExpressVPN Chrome extension is well-designed and protects your browser&#;s traffic. When combined with the app, your device achieves a high level of security and privacy.
  4. SaferVPN This VPN&#;s Chrome extension acts as an HTTPS proxy and is easy to use.
  5. Windscribe VPN with an impressive Chrome extension that can be used as a standalone or in combination with app.
  6. StrongVPN Simple chrome extension lets you change your IP address.

The Best Chrome VPN Browser Extensions

We&#;ve selected VPNs based on the following criteria:

  • App design and features
  • Internet speed and reliability
  • Suitability for streaming (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer etc)
  • Security
  • Customer service
  • Number of servers

We’ve listed our top five most recommended VPNs for Chrome users, based on these criteria.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN Oct Works with ChromeTested Oct

NordVPN is our top recommendation for a Chrome VPN. It checks off all of our criteria plus it adds special servers. They include anti-DDoS, ultra-fast streaming, double VPN, and Tor over VPN. The service is completely log-less and touts top-of-the-line encryption standards. It works with many popular services, including Netflix and Hulu, even on mobile apps. The apps let you easily connect either by choosing a location on a map or a server from a list. NordVPN makes apps for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

NordVPN makes a standalone browser extension that functions with or without installing the native NordVPN app. By itself, the extension only protects Chrome traffic. It also prevents WebRTC leaks that could expose your real IP address from your browser even with the VPN enabled. Nord&#;s CyberSec feature comes built into both the extension and the app to block ads, trackers, and malware.


  • Provides a standalone Chrome extension that can work independently of the app
  • Incredibly fast servers for HD streaming
  • High-grade privacy and security built into apps
  • Vast server network can unblock most geo-restricted content
  • Extensive support documentation and live chat option


  • Desktop app can be awkward to use

BEST VPN FOR CHROME:NordVPN is our top pick. A superfast VPN that works well with Chrome. Connects up to 6 devices simultaneously. Also works well with most popular streaming services and packs excellent security features. day money-back guarantee for a risk-free deal.

Read our full review of NordVPN.

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2. Surfshark

SurfsharkWorks with ChromeTested Oct

Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN that offers apps for every major operating system. If you’d like, you can connect to one of its 1,+ servers (in over 60 countries) using its Chrome extension instead. This VPN works with some of the most stubborn platforms around including Netflix US and BBC iPlayer, plus it works in countries like China and the UAE. Better yet, Surfshark lets you connect as many devices as you like.

The Chrome extension has plenty of security features including HTTPS encryption, leak protection, and a built-in ad-blocker. However, certain features from the desktop apps are missing, namely the whitelister and kill switch. Surfshark accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple although it doesn’t log any personally identifiable data, so you’re protected however you decide to pay. If you need any assistance, you can reach customer support 24/7 over live chat.

Surfshark provides apps for MacOS, Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. This service can also be manually installed on supported internet routers.


  • Chrome extension acts as an HTTPS proxy
  • Even works in countries like China
  • Powerful security and privacy features
  • 24/7 live chat available
  • Accepts cryptocurrencies


  • Smaller network than some others in this list

BEST BUDGET VPN:Surfshark has no connection limit, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to secure all of their devices at once. It also offers a strict no-logs policy, strong security features, and a day money-back guarantee.

Read our full review of Surfshark here.

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3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPNWorks with ChromeTested Oct

ExpressVPN offers great security and performance, combined with easy-to-use apps. Its performance is fast and stable and ExpressVPN can securely access pretty much anything. That includes being able to bypass the Great Firewall and watch Netflix in a browser or on the mobile app. ExpressVPN makes apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux (command-line), and certain wifi routers.

It makes a user-friendly browser extension that manages your device&#;s native VPN connections. This is useful for Chromebook users that can&#;t run the Windows or iOS versions of the app. The extension does not function by itself, and requires you have ExpressVPN installed or configured first. The extension adds in some extra privacy features, including the ability to randomize the location reported by Google&#;s geo-location API to somewhere around the chosen VPN server. This prevents websites from learning your real location both through Google and via your IP address.

ExpressVPN&#;s browser extension recently passed an audit by a third-party cybersecurity firm and all the code is now open source.


  • Dedicated Chrome extension that manages your devices connections from the browser
  • Fast server network is great for streaming and downloading
  • Unblocks Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer
  • Strong security and privacy


  • Some rivals are slightly cheaper

SOLID SECURITY:ExpressVPN has a large network of servers that is fine-tuned for fast connections. User-friendly Chrome extension and apps for all operating systems. Great privacy and security features. day money-back guarantee.

Read our full review of ExpressVPN.

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4. SaferVPN

SaferVPNWorks with ChromeTested Oct

SaferVPN is an Israel-based provider that boasts fast connection speeds and a simple, lightweight app. The service works with US Netflix and a few other geographically restricted streaming sites. The app uses bit AES encryption, DNS leak protection, and an optional kill switch secure the VPN connection. SaferVPN keeps no logs.

A Chrome extension that functions as an HTTPS proxy is free up to MB per month. After that, you&#;ll need a SaferVPN subscription to access the 34 server locations available. Upon installation, the extension requests permission to &#;read and change all your data on the websites you visit&#;, which is a bit disconcerting, but SaferVPN states, &#;There are no ads, no logs and we&#;ll never sell your data to third parties.&#; You&#;ll still need to install the VPN app to protect any apps or processes other than Chrome.


  • Has a Chrome extension that acts as a HTTPS proxy for browser traffic
  • Impressive security and privacy features
  • Doesn&#;t log user identifiable logs
  • Testing revealed good streaming and download speeds


  • iOS and Android apps didn&#;t work with Netflix during testing

SIMPLE INTERFACE:SaferVPN has fast servers. Reliably unblocks geo-restricted content and has great privacy credentials. Lacks some popular features. Includes day money-back guarantee.

Read our full SaferVPN review.

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5. Windscribe

WindscribeWorks with ChromeTested Oct

Windscribe is an up-and-coming VPN service provider from Canada. Among its many perks are unlimited simultaneous connections, no logs, and fast speeds. It works in China and works with Netflix US. Only the strongest encryption is used across a selection of VPN protocols. Windscribe doesn&#;t have a kill switch, exactly, instead opting for a firewall that &#;blocks all connectivity outside of the tunnel to ensure there is zero chance of any kind of leak.&#;

Windscribe makes one of the best browser extensions of any VPN company. It can be used independently but performs best when combined with the native VPN app. By connecting both at once, data is passed through two VPN servers, doubling the already strong encryption and preventing attackers from correlating traffic and tracing it back to the user. Windscribe&#;s Chrome extension also blocks adds and removes trackers, including social media widgets.


  • Most impressive Chrome extension that can perform independently of app
  • App has a native firewall that blocks all non-VPN traffic to avoid data leaks
  • Good for Netflix and similar sites


  • Mobile app is slick but limits user choices
  • No true live chat will frustrate some users

EASY TO USE:Windscribe hits good speeds. Solid for using with Chrome. Stores no logs and uses tunneling techniques for good security and privacy. Lacks true 24/7 support. 3-day money-back guarantee.

Read our full Windscribe review.

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6. StrongVPN

StrongVPNWorks with ChromeTested Oct

StrongVPN is a veteran censorship bypasser, a favorite among users in China. It can also securely access Netflix and Hulu. Users can choose from SSTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN connections. Prompt customer service will be there to help you round the clock if you run into any issues. The network of server coverage spans the globe. Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

StrongVPN makes a browser extension called Strong Proxy for Google Chrome. It&#;s a simple proxy extension that just changes your IP address&#;you don&#;t get any encryption. Several locations are available to choose from, which makes it suitable for unblocking geo-blocked content, but you&#;ll want to rely on the StrongVPN app for privacy.


  • Chrome extension changes your IP address and acts as a simple proxy
  • Reputable for bypassing censorship restrictions
  • Favored by users in China


  • Chrome extension doesn&#;t have any encryption, just IP masking
  • Waning support for manual configuration
  • Speeds were OK during testing but not great on the whole

PRIVATE & RELIABLE:StrongVPN confidently overcomes geo-blocking. Reliable network of servers. Good on privacy and they retain no internet browsing logs. Ample security. Manual configuration can challenge some users. day money back guarantee.

Read our full review of StrongVPN.

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How to use a VPN with Chrome

To use a VPN with Google Chrome, you have a couple options depending on what your VPN provider offers:

How to install a VPN app on your operating system

Most VPN providers make &#;native&#; apps that install directly onto an operating system, such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, or Android. You can download these from the VPN provider&#;s website or an official app store for your device.

  1. Sign up for the VPN (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the app for your device
  3. Open the app and select a VPN server or location
  4. Hit the Connect button and wait a few seconds
  5. Once the connection has been established, open Chrome

All the internet traffic from Chrome&#;as well as the rest of your device&#;should now be encrypted and pass through the VPN server. Your IP address stays hidden and you can unblock region-locked content.

Add a VPN browser extension to Chrome

expressvpn chrome web store

In addition to native apps, many VPN providers these days also make browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. They are typically found on the Chrome Web Store, but be wary of sketchy &#;free&#; offers&#;more on that later.

  1. Find the browser extension you want on the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome
  2. Wait a few moments for it to automatically download and install
  3. An icon should appear at the top right side of Chrome. Click it.
  4. Select a VPN server or location and hit the Connect button
  5. Once the connection has been established, your browser is now protected and able to unblock region-locked content.

Note that these extensions only work with the desktop browser version of Chrome and not on Android. For that, you&#;ll need a VPN app as per the first option above.

Browser extensions vs real VPNs

Turbo VPN, DotVPN, Hola &#; None of these browser plugins are real VPNs. In fact, most Chrome extensions cannot function as real VPNs at all. Instead, they are just encrypted proxies, usually SSL or HTTPS proxies. These Chrome extensions are VPNs in name only.

True, they function in a similar manner to VPNs. Traffic is encrypted (we hope) and sent through an intermediary server. This can help get around censorship, unblock websites, and protect your privacy.

But these &#;clientless&#; VPNs only encrypt traffic coming from the Chrome browser. A true VPN will encrypt all of the traffic traveling to and from your entire device. Furthermore, so-called VPNs that run solely as Chrome extensions are vulnerable to a number of security issues because they do not use OpenVPN or an IPSec-encrypted VPN protocol (L2TP, IKE, SSTP), both of which require a native client to be installed on the user&#;s device. Finally, they do not extend your network to access remote machines, a key defining feature of a genuine VPN.

Charlie Hosner, a security expert from the University of Michigan, details the vulnerabilities of clientless SSL VPN extensions in a blog post. Those vulnerabilities include man-in-the-middle attacks, worms, keyloggers, and remote management tools.

Free Chrome VPNs to avoid

Most free VPN services, whether they run as browser extensions or native apps, are severely limited. They impose bandwidth throttling, data caps, and waiting queues. Many inject tracking cookies and advertisements into your browser, which in effect can actually take a counterproductive toll on user privacy. The worst of them use a decentralized peer-to-peer structure, which eats up idle bandwidth on users&#; machines, exposes them to a litany of threats, and in one infamous case (Hola) leverages everyone connected to the network to perform a massive botnet attack and mine bitcoin.

  • Turbo VPN&#;s Chrome store page doesn&#;t even link to a proper website. Instead, it just leads to a blog post about the VPN. There&#;s no privacy policy, no technical details, and no terms of service. Avoid at all costs!
  • RusVPN stores some connection logs that could identify users.
  • SetupVPN collects extensive logs about your online activity using &#;site analysis tools&#; to retrieve information from your browser including the pages you view, the links you click, your IP address, browser type and language, access times, and referring Web site addresses.
  • DotVPN logs IP addresses of its users.
  • Hola is a peer-to-peer VPN that uses idle bandwidth on other users&#; devices instead of its own servers. It has in the past abused its access to user devices to launch botnet attacks.

As you can see, being at the top of Google search results does not mean the VPN is good or trustworthy.

How to install VPNs on Chromebook

Most VPN providers don&#;t make apps specifically for Chromebook like they do for Windows and Mac. Instead, VPNs must either be manually configured on Chrome, or you must use a browser extension. The latter is certainly the easier option if it&#;s available.

If you want to manually configure a VPN, follow these instructions from Google:

  1. If you haven’t already, sign in to your Chromebook
  2. Click the status area, where your account picture appears
  3. Click Settings
  4. In the “Internet connection” section, click Add connection.
  5. Click Add OpenVPN / L2TP
  6. In the box that appears, fill in the information below
  7. Click Connect

How to prevent WebRTC leaks

Some apps that run inside Chrome require a feature called WebRTC. Those include extensions for torrenting, voice calls, and video chats. WebRTC was built into Chrome and other browsers so that separate plugins wouldn&#;t have to be installed.

A key way that VPNs protect users&#; privacy is by masking their true IP addresses. Unfortunately, WebRTC can expose a device&#;s original IP address even when the VPN is enabled in what&#;s known as a WebRTC leak.

To prevent a WebRTC leak in Chrome, you&#;ll (somewhat ironically) require an extension. A handful are available, but this one is the official release from Google. Once installed, right-click the extension icon and go to Options. Check the box next to &#;Use my proxy server (if present):&#; and exit the pop up window to save your settings.

chrome webrtc limiter

You should now be protected from WebRTC leaks when using a VPN.

Some VPNs come with handy extra features built into their Chrome extensions.

ExpressVPN, for example, lets you spoof not only your IP address, but also the location reported by Google&#;s geo-location API, another method that websites can use to track your whereabouts. It also has a dark mode and will automatically load the more secure HTTPS versions of websites whenever possible.

VPNs for Chrome FAQ

Does Google Chrome have a built-in VPN?

Unfortunately, no, Google Chrome does not have a built-in VPN. Each VPN extension for Chrome is created by a third-party company and so will need to be installed manually. Incognito mode within the Google Chrome app allows you to browse without cookies and cache, but it does not provide the same protection as a VPN - more on that below.

How to check if a Chrome extension is safe?

Here’s how to ensure your Chrome extensions are safe:

  • Only get extensions from the official Chrome Web Store
  • Make sure the developer’s website is real and contact information is listed
  • Watch out for cloned extensions that rip off logos and other marketing from genuine extensions
  • Check the permissions required to use the extension. If it asks for more information than what is needed, move on
  • Check the rating and reviews for feedback from other users
  • Read the privacy policy

All of the VPN browser extensions we recommend above are safe to use.

Can Chrome extensions be viruses?

Yes, Chrome extensions can be malware. 

Several reports have been published, some as recently as this year, showing that malicious extensions have been downloaded by millions of Chrome users. They can be used to steal data, add victim machines to botnets, mine cryptocurrency, and perform other attacks.

Do VPNs give me more privacy than just using private browsing in Chrome?

Yes. Incognito mode, or private browsing, simply limits the cookies stored on your browser and prevents visited websites from being added to your browsing history. In other words, it only makes browsing private from other users of your device and browser.

Private browsing does not hide your IP address, and does not stop your online activities from being tracked by your internet service provider, office, school, or the websites you visit.

A VPN encrypts your data, which hides your online activity from your ISP, school, office, and anyone else who might be listening in. It also masks your IP address, so websites and apps can’t track you by your device’s IP address.

Using a VPN and incognito mode together is a great way to prevent being tracked online.


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How To Install And Use SetupVPN on Chrome Browser


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