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Cars and tracks gathered from all over the place.Use the tabs at the bottom to browse stuff, or CTRL+H to searchIt should be the most complete collection. I keep it updated.

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Assetto Corsa Drifting Guide* Contact me at [email protected] if you want to add content here, or on discord FLO#0144, or leave a comment in this cell. Any content that would work here.* Lots of cells have notes in them, you can see a small triangle in the top right corner.* If you find content that has missing links, or needs editing, leave a comment in that cell, let me know.ASSETTO CORSA TANDEM BUDDY DISCORD SERVERContent ManagerShaders and lights patchSOL Weather plugin/modOfficial LinkOfficial LinkOfficial LinkDiscord ServerDiscord ServerDiscord Server (for alpha and beta versions)UPDATES16.10.2021 22:17:18Track updateCG MOTEL DRIFT V2.116.10.2021 15:14:22RainFX added:

Added RainFX by DeZZie420 fixes for a few tracks, just search for rainFX in the tracks tab

16.10.2021 15:13:46New track:Almoneye's DoorTappin' Paradise08.10.2021 10:14:00New car packCoastline 1st Wave29.09.2021 06:10:00New random carCursed Mustang20.09.2021 06:10:00Track updateCG BASHLANDS v2.019.09.2021 12:46:05New random carDrifttime Chevy Impala -6719.09.2021 12:45:27New random carToyota Cressida GRSD13.09.2021 15:47:13New track:Almoneye's Twin Tandems01.09.2021 16:34:01New track:Coastline Miami Compound31.08.2021 16:01:44Updated car pack:Style Bangers 08:26:00New track:Affinity Circuit28.07.2021 09:35:42Updated car pack:TeamEffort 1.528.07.2021 09:35:42Updated track:Mega Playground Update15.07.2021 21:39:28New random carAkuma Factory R3114.07.2021 16:58:15New? car pack:DSG 202110.07.2021 11:01:59New car pack:T2DC OG10.07.2021 11:01:59New track:CG SUNRISE DRIFT V1.110.07.2021 11:01:59New track:Fuj1ma's Drift Playground 11:01:59Updated download link for this car pack: ACDFR 2021 Pro05.07.2021 16:17:51New track:PineView Run02.07.2021 18:12:11New track:Drift Playground 202102.07.2021 18:12:11New Random Car:Ford mustang Mach 4029.06.2021 05:57:00Updated Car Pack:GravyGarage 1.5.723.06.2021 19:05:41New Track:Englishtown The Gambler19.06.2021 06:04:43New Track:MittSverigeBananBeta0.6519.06.2021 05:29:56New Car Pack:DBZ Comp19.06.2021 05:29:56New Car Pack:ACDFR 2021 Pro Pack19.06.2021 05:29:56New Random Car:Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 o&s base19.06.2021 05:29:56New Track:Ray's Roadside Cafe V0.419.06.2021 05:04:19New Track:Willow Springs Raceway DDM19.06.2021 05:03:52New Random Car:Toyota Chaser JZX100 Missile by Trbvlcoast19.06.2021 05:03:36New Random Car:Beans 8619.06.2021 04:11:00Updated Car Pack:Team hush. V211.06.2021 20:11:30New Car Pack:Link ECU FD V210.06.2021 19:41:59New Car Pack:Tsujigiri Collective Pro Pack04.06.2021 07:01:00New Track:WOODSIDE RACEWAY by Lost Intentions31.05.2021 19:20:53Track update:CG Forest Drift 16:12:35New Random Car:Nissan 180SX Raz Spirit Rei PUBLIC25.05.2021 18:12:47New Car Pack:Team hush.25.05.2021 07:01:00New Track:Nikko Circuit Remastered24.05.2021 10:09:00New Track:Fuj1ma's Drift Mountains 08:16:00Track update:CG Forest Drift 08:55:28New Track:hush. CompoundNew Track:GRASSROOTS BASHLANDSNew Track:Sakina HillNew Car Pack:CFD 2020Updated Car Pack:Style Bangers 08:45:17New Random Car:Driftsnacks Xrotor12.05.2021 20:48:10Sheet Update

Added a bunch of previews for some Random cars. Thanks to Benjamin for doing them

12.05.2021 12:24:00Car Pack UpdateCG Grassroots 1.610.05.2021 15:50:58New Track:Rocky Mountain Drift Club Freelayout10.05.2021 12:49:08Track Update:CG Forest Drift 06:05:00New Car Pack:TeamEffort 1.4New Track:CG Forest DriftTandem Buddy:

Made only 1 channel for finding a tandem buddy so it's even cleaner, region doesn't really matter yet.
Added #role channel let's you assign your self a role based on your tandem skill.

09.05.2021Updated Car Pack

Gravy Garage 1.2

07.05.2021New Car Pack:GravyGarage04.05.2021New Car Pack:QDCTandem Buddy:

All the region channels have 2 minute slow mode,
Added Drift Sessions categories, each with a voice and text channels, where people can post stuff needed for a session, so we can keep the region channels clean.
I recommend muting the sessions text channels, and keeping notifications for the region ones. Also mute the media channel.

Sheet Update:

Updated the guide a bit, added 360 and backies tutorials, and deleted some stuff. It's still relevant, thanks to KameTrick for his awesome videos.

New Track:Molla 202002.05.2021New Track:

90's Golden Drift Spot Project Intermission #5 - Hayato Touge 2.1

New Random Car:

MLZ Toyota Supra

01.05.2021New Track:


New Track:

OTM Musselman Circuit 2021

New Car PackCG Pro Streetz

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Brand list

All brands available for Assetto Corsa. Select your desired brand and browse available cars.

Abarth [12]

Alfa Romeo [14]

Alpine [1]

Alzen Motorsport [2]

AMC [2]

Aston Martin [11]

Audi [34]

Austin Healey [1]

BAC [1]

Bentley [3]

BMW [84]

Bowler [1]

Brabham [1]

Bugatti [2]

Buick [4]

Cadillac [2]

Caterham [1]

Chevrolet [34]

Chrysler [1]

Citroen [7]

Datsun [1]

DMC [2]

Dodge [18]

Ferrari [45]

Fiat [6]

Ford [58]

Formula [78]

Gemballa [1]

Ginetta [1]

Global GT Light [1]

GMC [3]

GoKarts [4]

Gumpert [4]

Hennessey [1]

Henry Clay Motorsports [1]

Holden [3]

Honda [31]

Hyundai [8]

Infiniti [2]

Jaguar [9]

Jeep [1]

Kia [3]

Kinetik [3]

Koenigsegg [5]

KTM [3]

Kutch [3]

Lada [5]

Lamborghini [20]

Lancia [9]

Land Rover [1]

Lexus [5]

Lola [3]

Lotus [21]

Lotus Classic Cars [5]

Maserati [6]

Mazda [31]

McLaren [10]

Mercedes-Benz [24]

Mercury [1]

MG [2]

MINI [6]

Mitsubishi [16]

Morgan [1]

Nissan [72]

Opel [10]

Oreca [4]

Packard [1]

Pagani [4]

Panoz [1]

Pantera [2]

Peugeot [16]

Plymouth [5]

Pontiac [6]

Porsche [72]

Praga [1]

Radical [1]

Reliant [1]

Renault [23]

Renault Trucks [1]

RUF [6]

Saab [1]

Saleen [3]

Saturn [1]

Scuderia Glickenhaus [2]

Seat [15]

Shelby [6]

Spania GTA [1]

Sprint Cars [1]

Subaru [13]

Suzuki [3]

Tesla [3]

Toyota [41]

Vauxhall [4]

VAZ [3]

Volkswagen [18]

Volvo [6]

W Motors [1]

Yugo [1]

Zakspeed [6]

zz-Fictional-zz [11]

ASSETTO CORSA - ASSETTOLAND Cars Showroom - Mercedes - Alfa Romeo - Peugeot


Cars assettoland


✅Best Assetto Corsa Car Mods (Assetto Land Review)


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