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How can I tell if my Vans are fake?

Legit Check: Vans Old Skool
Counterfeit vs. Real 

How do you know if vans are fake?Does zumiez sell real vans?

10 ways to spot fake Vans Sneakers

How do you know if Vans are fake? Today we have two pairs of Vans Old Skool sneakers: a real pair of Vans shoes purchased directly from the Vans Outlet and a counterfeit pair imported from South China. We will examine the small details that show the big story of counterfeit Vans, and you will learn how to tell if a Vans shoe is real or fake. The secret to a Vans sneaker authentification check is in the quality of the shoemaking and the vulcanized construction.

Is the price right?

When shopping for authentic Vans shoes you should expect to pay real Vans prices. If you find Vans at a price that is too good to be true… then it IS too good to be true. Low prices and beat up boxes are your first clue that you have a fake, copy, cloned, counterfeit or illegally smuggled-in B-grade Vans shoes.

Make any mail-order or E-Bay purchases from trusted retailers. Remember, slightly used does not mean the shoes were real Vans to start with.

Legit Check Your Vans Sneakers: What to look for?

Is the Vans stripe real or fake?

The first thing to look at is the sole stripe. The stripe on the rubber foxing tape is a trademark styling cue for the Vans classic. Study the stripe carefully; the authentic Vans shoe stripe is molded-in color. Vans makes the stripe with solid colored rubber that has clean and straight edges. The fake Vans have a painted stripe. You can see the paint job here is not perfect, and you can even see a dab of paint slopped onto the toe foxing.

Real Vans outsole foxing tape.

You can see where the toe tip rubber part is attached to the shoe on the authentic pair of Vans. Meanwhile, the counterfeit Vans sole has a very different surface texture, and the toe foxing is molded directly to the sole unit. This is very suspicious! This outsole may not have been made by vulcanization. On the real Vans shoe, you can see the tiny gap where these two parts come together. The authentic Vans toe tip is glued on, NOT molded together as one piece like the counterfeit Vans shoe.

Counterfeit Vans upper construction

Let’s have a look at the real and the fake Vans upper details. Look at the back edge of the vamp where the shoelaces attach; you can see the counterfeit Vans has alignment nibs to help the workers assemble the shoe. These are not necessarily a bad thing, but the real Vans old Skool does not have them. 

Look below here; you can see the white “Jazz Stripe” on the fake shoe has the same “nibs.” The real Vans side stripe is free of these ugly notches. Now, look just below the stripe; you can see the real Vans shoe has a kink in the accent stitching line while the fake Vans shoe has a smooth curve in the stitching line.

Looking at the heel view, you can see the real Vans has a smooth topline while the fake shoe has a central peak. You can also see more “nibs” on the fake red shoe’s heel counter from the side view.

The toe profile of the real Vans skate shoe is very low. The vamp runs flat. The copy Vans shoe has a rounded toe.

Vans makes outsoles with three layers of rubber foxing tape glued together. While the fake Vans in red may look cleaner, it’s not correct. The real Vans rubber outsole shows how the layers of rubber foxing tape come together in a bulging pileup of overlapping parts. While this may look like poor shoemaking, it is authentic to Vans sneakers.

Is this Vans outsole a fake?

  • How To Spot Fake Vans Shoes: 10 Ways To Tell Real Sneakers 3 Ways to Tell if Your Vans Shoes Are Fake - wikiHow How do you know if vans are fake?
  • How To Spot Fake Vans Shoes: 10 Ways To Tell Real Sneakers 3 Ways to Tell if Your Vans Shoes Are Fake - wikiHow How do you know if vans are fake?

Now it’s time to look at the distinctive Vans waffle bottom sole. First you should look for the secret country code. Vans makes shoes is several countries including China, Vietnam and in South America. Vans may my also use more than one factory in each country. The real Vans shoes will have a letter code in hidden in the diamond pattern. In this Case the fake sneaker does have the code. But looking at the sole closely you can see several other problems with the fake sole.

The fake sole has rubber color bleeding between the white and gum rubber. The real sole will have a clean crisp edge. You can also see the fake sole has a strange straight line alone the edge of the gum rubber perimeter. Finally on the fake sole you can see the bottom area of the waffle sole is not flat. The fake vans shoes has a cheap mold made quality and not to high quality standards, poor workmanship is typical of mold used to make fake shoes.

Look inside authentic Vans shoes

It is time to start cutting! Looking inside the real and fake Vans, you can see some huge problems! The counterfeit Vans are not made by the vulcanization process. The counterfeit Vans outsole is a one-piece rubber cupsole. The factory producing the copy Vans shoe is using the cold cement assembly process. The real Vans waffle sole is made from several assembled parts that have been bonded by vulcanization. (You can read about vulcanization here and in our book How Shoes Are Made.)

  • Look inside Fake Vans Sneakers

In this cutaway section of the Vans shoes, you see blue and grey sponge rubber inside the real Vans shoe. Inside the fake Vans, you see a green lasting board, white Strobel layer, and EVA footbed. Wrong!

Inside the heels of the shoes, you can see the fake shoe is made by Strobel construction. This process is not bad; it’s just not how Vans classics are made! You don’t have to cut open your shoes to check this feature – The real vans shoe will have the footbed glued in securely. The counterfeit Vans may have a removable EVA footbed. In this case, a flat, die-cut piece of EVA.

You can learn more about counterfeit Vans shoes here:
The Counterfeit Report: Vans Shoes

Like this:


Sours: https://www.sneakerfactory.net/2020/12/are-my-vans-fake/

Shoes like Vans are the investment in quality, design and comfort of the user, that’s why you want to be sure that they are original, not fake. But how to do it, when you’ve already bought a new pair of shoes and you are suspicious of the reliability of their origin? Take it easy, we will give you a few tips, which will help you to recognize, whether you’ve purchased the original product.

Original Vans Box

How to Spot if Your Vans Shoes Are Fake or Original

Scan the Bar Code

The bar code located on the box will tell you the truth. The original packaging always has a label with size, country of manufacturing and its code (e.g. CLK – Made in Cambodia,) manufacturer’s index, original colouring of the model and bar code. You can scan the code with special applications, such as ShopSavvy or ScanLife, which recognize the originals and fakes.

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Original Vans Box

Check the Box – How Does the Original Label look like?

You’ll recognize decent shoes by a decent box. You should be led on the counterfeit’s trail by the way they’re packed. Check the box. The original one is distinguished by performance quality – it even has a locking mechanism. Another thing is the protective paper – you should see it right after opening the Vans box. If it’s not there, stay alert!

original vans label

It’s not just about checking whether your shoes have a label, but see how it looks like. Don’t the brand’s font and its logo look suspicious? Aren’t they unnaturally big or small?

vans original label

Where are the original Vans shoes manufactured, how does the original tag look like?

Check the information on the inside of your Vans tongue. It should not only exactly correspond with the information labeled on the box, but also indicate the country of manufacturing. Made in China, Made in Vietnam and Made in Cambodia – these are the signatures that you should find on the original models. You should find the size on the tag (in American, British and European numbering as well as the liner’s length in cm.)

original vans tongue

Trademarks in Vans

The real Vans shoes should have three trademarks: on the insole (solid, not fated logo,) small label outside of the shoe (depending on the style) and the logo on the sole placed at the heel. Check out the details, such as font and “V” letter with a characteristic extension. You can compare the trademarks with those in the Internet or the other pair of the original shoes.

original vans logo

Original Vans – quality of performance

Check out the quality of performance

Outside the box you should find a small QR sticker (Quality Check) with three, two or one letter. CLK, HF or R means country code, where your Vans were manufactured. Next, take your shoe and look at its outsole. So called “Waffle Code” print should imitate shapes of rhomboids and diamonds. There should be the same letter country code in one of the rhomboids, which corresponds to the sticker on the inside of the box. Knowing that, compare the information from the label with tag and QC. They are all identical in the original product.

van sole
vans sole

Stitching and Finishing

In the original Vans there is no place for imperfections, that’s why every double or irregular stitching should draw our attention.

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original vans stitching

Always Verify Opinions about The Dealer

Right before the purchase verify, whether the opinions about the vendor are positive. If you spot any information about trade in counterfeit goods or other buyers suspicions, start looking for a reliable dealer.

original vans

Check out if there is a rubber collar around the toes. This make the shoes last longer. The outsole should bend up slightly and the toes should be bendable in the same direction. Such profiling helps the foot fit in the shoe and make it comfortable to use.

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Home » Brands » Vans » How To Spot Fake Vans Shoes: 10 Ways To Tell Real Sneakers

Over the past five decades, Vans has gone from a SoCal skateboarding staple to a global powerhouse.

The company’s popularity has waned and waxed over the years. But today, especially with the ‘90s fashion revival, the skate shoe brand has become not just an iconic staple within the skating community, but also in the wardrobes of many sneakerheads.

Aside from the average joes, a lot of stylish celebrities are also fans of Vans’ classic cool design. Power couple Justin and Hailey Bieber, for instance, have been seen several times in various Vans sneakers.

Justin Bieber wears pink Vans Authentic sneakers, while Hailey Baldwin opts for Vans Sk8-Hi Check shoes while leaving a spa in Beverly Hills on May 16, 2019Justin Bieber wears pink Vans Authentic sneakers, while Hailey Baldwin opts for Vans Sk8-Hi Check shoes while leaving a spa in Beverly Hills on May 16, 2019

Given the celebrity support as well as its timeless design, it’s not surprising that Vans has become one of the top-selling sneaker brands today.

Since it was acquired in 2004 by VF Corporation—the American apparel company behind famous brands such as Timberland and The North Face— Vans has grown into a $3 billion global lifestyle brand.

In an earnings report released in 2019, VF Corp said that it has gained a 35% increase in Vans sales globally, and it is planning to grow Vans’ revenue by $2 billion to achieve its $5 billion revenue target by the fiscal year 2023. VF Corp was recently been named Company of the Year by the footwear magazine Footwear News.

Vans Old Skool SneakersVans Old Skool Sneakers

Despite the steady revenue growth, Vans has also suffered significant losses due to counterfeiting. One of their most copied styles is the Vans Old Skool. It was introduced in 1977 and it’s the first to feature the iconic side stripe.

There are many illegal manufacturers that produce exact replicas of Vans shoes, and it can be quite challenging to identify a genuine pair.

Vans Era ShoesVans Era Shoes

There are several ways to know if you’re buying the real deal. Before purchasing a pair of Vans, check out the tips below to avoid getting duped.

1. Check the dealer

With the thriving black market, you should carefully inspect the dealer you’re buying from. For online transactions, the first thing you must do is to check the ratings and feedback of the seller for reference.

If in doubt, buy directly from Vans’ official website or from established online retailers like Zappos, Nordstrom, Farfetch, DSW, and Amazon.

You can also check out the store locator to find authorized retailers near you.

2. Compare prices

Vans Old Skool shoes are priced at $60, while the Era, Slip-On, and Authentic sneakers usually start at $50. If the dealer is selling a pair for less than the said price tags, they are most likely a fake.

You can buy discounted Vans slip-on sneakers, high-tops, and skate shoes at Nordstrom Rack.

3. Inspect the packaging

The box should be sturdy and properly labeled. It should also have a locking mechanism, wherein the tab on top of the box is inserted on the inside of the box.

Aside from the logo prints, the box should also have a label on one side that displays the shoe size, style, color, and a barcode. You can scan it through your phone and it should correspond with the shoe details.

On the inside, there should be a logo-printed paper wrapping to protect the shoes. A paper tag sporting the logo should also be tied to the shoe. It’s usually a glossy sticker paper tag with fine color and neat logo printing.

4. Examine the trademarks

Every Vans shoe style has a red rectangular rubber tab with a white logo print (or white rubber tab with black logo) at the heel.

Genuine Vans trademark logo on the heel tabGenuine Vans trademark logo on the heel tab

There should also be a nicely printed, easy-to-read trademark on the insoles.

Vans trademark printed on the insoleVans trademark printed on the insole

Except for Old Skool and Sk8 styles, Vans sneakers usually have a rectangular strip of fabric with the brand’s logo on the lateral side of the shoe.

Most Vans shoes have trademark on the lateral sideMost Vans shoes have a trademark on the lateral side

The Sk8 style, whether mid or high, has a square Vans Off the Wall logo patch made of canvas fabric that is neatly sewn on the tip of the tongues.

Vans Sk8-Hi logo patch on the tongueVans Sk8-Hi logo patch on the tongue

The colors of the trademarks may vary depending on the shoe color, but these trademarks should be spelled correctly and done in the same font.

5. Check the rubber toe caps

Every Vans sneaker has re-enforced rubber toe guards that are neatly bonded to the shoe for protection against wear and tear. It should be textured, while the rest of the midsole should come smooth.

There should also be a slight gap between the rubber toe cap and the shoe fabric. Knockoffs usually have no gap, with the rubber collar extending to the fabric.

Vans sneakers' textured rubber toe capsVans sneakers’ textured rubber toe caps

The toe angle of authentic Vans shoes should point slightly upward. If it’s flat, then they are most likely fake.

Vans shoes should also be easy to bend, with the toes being able to touch the back end of the topline.

Vans shoes toes should slightly face upwardVans shoes’ toes should slightly face upward

6. Check the padding

Aside from the logos, genuine Vans shoes are easily identifiable by the slightly rounded padded collar. The footbed is also padded for added comfort and superior shock absorption.

All genuine Vans shoes have padded collar and footbedGenuine Vans shoes have padded collar and footbed

7. Examine the stitching

Carefully check the stitching. Fake Vans usually have loose or uneven stitching, while original pairs have straight, symmetric and solid stitching.

Vans sneakers' straight and even stitchingVans sneakers’ straight and even stitching

8. Check the laces and eyelets

All authentic Vans shoelaces should be firm. Fake ones have poor quality soft and thin laces.

Vans shoes have neatly painted eyeletsVans shoes have firm shoelaces and neatly painted eyelets

Except for the original Old Skool Vans, which only have raw shoelace holes, genuine Vans sneakers have neatly painted and properly aligned eyelets.

Vans Old Skool has raw eyeletsVans Old Skool has raw eyelets

9. Check the outsoles

Authentic Vans shoes have vulcanized rubber waffle soles that come in rhomboid and diamond shapes.

There should also be a two or three letter country code embossed in the sole, which is a mark to determine the country of production. It should also match the code on the sticker inside the box.

Vans shoes have rubber waffle soles with a two or three-letter country codeVans shoes have rubber waffle soles with a two or three letter country code

10. Feel the weight

Lastly, feel the weight of the Vans shoes that you’re about to purchase. Depending on the style, it should feel slightly heavy and should weigh anywhere between 0.75 (Vans Era) to 2.87 pounds (Vans Sk8-Hi Classics).

Celebrities Wearing Vans

Justin Bieber slips into Vans Classic slip-on shoes while walking in Central London with Hailey Bieber on September 17, 2018Justin Bieber slips into Vans Classic slip-on shoes while walking in Central London with Hailey Bieber on September 17, 2018

Kristen Stewart in Vans Era sneakers outside Jimmy Kimmel Live Studio in Los Angeles on September 23, 2019Kristen Stewart in Vans Era sneakers outside Jimmy Kimmel Live Studio in Los Angeles on September 23, 2019

Kourtney Kardashian in Vans Old Skool shoes while leaving Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills on December 13, 2016Kourtney Kardashian in Vans Old Skool shoes while leaving Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills on December 13, 2016

Gigi Hadid at The Grove in Vans Old Skool shoesGigi Hadid at The Grove in Vans Old Skool shoes on July 22, 2015

Gwen Stefani sports Vans Sk8-Hi leather kicks at Heathrow Terminal 5 in London on July 24, 2014Gwen Stefani sports Vans Sk8-Hi leather kicks at Heathrow Terminal 5 in London on July 24, 2014

Hailey Bieber wearing Vans Old Skool sneakers in Beverly HillsHailey Bieber wearing Vans Old Skool sneakers in Beverly Hills on May 26, 2019

Credit: Vans / Instar / Will Alexander/ Derek Jarvis / Mega / WENN

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