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I plan on following kit instructions. Using supplied props and rubber. I plan to place another rear peg position forward of those air coolers when I use more loops of tan rubber. I will be home in about 6 hours and will post a few picture updates.

UPDATE: Just got home a while ago here are some pictures:
Since I was using magnets instead of pins I built the tails up in stages so the magnets would not interfere with each other.

The cockpit nacelle, and stabilizer getting built up, and some reference books.

Still need to add a few more stringers in the tail and longrones in the fuselages

I plan to build the wing this next trip. I will bring my dremel tool to assist with cutting lightening holes I also will pick up more #11 blades as I only had ONE! I plan to remove some wood from the inside of the rudders and tail (about 1/3) then I will add the extra 1/16 x 3/32 support members.

I plan to first fly this with the props and rubber in the kit as I what to show you what you can expect. I like the grey rubber because it has more torque than tan and will give a short flight but enough power to this girl in the air I hope.

There are several "L" parts to make the fuselage & nacelle to wing joint. The wing on this model is a scale wing profile. I will take pictures of the construction of all those parts.

I am using all kit parts and kit wood. As I am building this model for the Guillow Challenge. The plans say for a rubber power model make the model as light as possible. So I will be removing as much as I can. This model is not at all difficult to build the way I am building it. I am building the 'striped down' version of this model as there is a lot more I could do with this kit. But my action 'feature' will see this lady fly I hope.


Guillows P

Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyerView Post

Gyros are quite useful especially on smaller planes as they help smoothen the flight and make the plane less effected by wind gusts etc. Usually they don't really make the plane easier to fly as such, just smoother looking in flight. For the maiden you would want to either disable the gyros or at least have the gain set low. Too high gain can cause violent oscillations which is the last thing you need on a maiden.

Good luck, she looks great!

Thanks JetPlaneFlyer,
Still making some tweaks and tests. Did do some taxi tests and got it tracking straight, even got up a little speed but backed off as she started to rotate - woah girl. Tweaks are kind of a pain, as I wind up having to remove the wing. Got one more to take out some elevator and get it centered. Hoping next weekend I can take two planes to the field.
I'll hold off on the gyro for now, but she is small and could probably use it later on. Kinda crowded in those little fuselages.
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Guillows P Lightning Balsa Plane Kit

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Guillows P-38 Maiden


P38 guillows


Guillows P-38 Maiden


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