Hippie grunge outfits

Hippie grunge outfits DEFAULT
Teen girls’ long dress boho look

Coral tie and dye print long dress
From Paris to Los Angeles black cap

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Influenced by hippie codes and Boho cool attitude, our Way girls set off their must-have army pieces with neo-vintage and colourful romanticism. Turquoise and coral jazz up indispensable khaki, with a few touches of mustard yellow here and there. Tie-dye print and offset typography graphics punctuate this army chic and nature collection. A collection that maintains its nature and vintage influence, that you can personalise, mix and match as much as you want!

Khaki safari jacket WAY girl look

Khaki parka with palm prints on the back
Off-white WATAHHHH ! T-shirt
Faded blue fringed skinny jeans

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IKKS summer 2020 teen girls’ collection

Off-white SUNSHINE embroidered sweatshirt
Anthracite grey flowing paperbag trousers

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IKKS jumpsuit hippie look

Tie-dye coral short jumpsuit
Light blue denim bag with pink palm trees

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WAY girl vest top hippie chic look

Coral tie-dye top
Faded blue denim Bermudas, fringed hem

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Teen girl T-shirt summer 2020 collection

Off-white WATAHHHH ! T-shirt
Faded blue fringed skinny jeans

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IKKS WAY girls’ slogan T-shirt

Off-white Sunset Lovers T-shirt
Medium blue mom jeans

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Teen girls' embroidered T-shirt look

Medium grey marl rainbow T-shirt
Khaki high-waisted combat trousers

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IKKS WAY girl pleated skirt city look

Off-white SUNSHINE embroidered sweatshirt
Khaki pleated long skirt
Lavender blue LOVE EARTH cap

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Teen girls’ flower print long dress

Khaki flowing floral print long dress
Camel suede fringed bag

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Teen girl hippie grunge trend

Anthracite grey SUMMER Sunshine T-shirt
Medium blue denim shorts, lace edging

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IKKS teen girls' pink sweatshirt

Coral rainbow on cactus sweatshirt
Medium blue denim shorts, lace edging

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IKKS summer collection denim dress and T-shirt look

2-in-1 dungarees-dress with T-shirt
Lavender blue LOVE EARTH cap

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20 Ways to Dress Like a Hippie

Remember Sixties and Seventies clothing? I remember fresh colors, bright hues and self-made styles. Today I want to share with you 20 awesome ways to dress like a real hippie. The following Polyvore collection consists of awesome clothing combinations, including psychedelic colors, tie dye shirts, maxi skirts, fringed accessories, shredded tops and many other interesting complements. Modern day hippies are different from the 60 and 70’s ones. They may still be all about piece and love addicted, though the clothing is combined of various styles and trends. Today’s hippies wear refreshing and individual outfits. This guide will give you the best tips to learn before making your personal wardrobe.

20 ways to dress like a hippie

The tie dye T-shirt looks awesome with ripped, denim cut-offs, rounded black sunglasses, and glossy white flat slippers.

tie-dye t-shirt with bootcut jeans, perforated knitted vest, rounded sunglasses and peace symbol jewelry.

The same colorful tie-dye t-shirt can be worn with bootcut jeans, perforated knitted vest, rounded sunglasses and peace symbol jewelry.

vintage hippie outfit

Keep it hippie – vintage inspired and try on maxi skirt in tribal print, burgundy sweater, worn-effect suitcase and vintage lace-up flat shoes.

printed maxi look

Another printed maxi looks great with cropped black tank top, chunky black leather flat sandals and tortoise framed eyeglasses.

hippie style for winter

Here we see a 3/4 sleeve cropped top teamed with fringed black leather skirt, cool handbag, lace-up suede black booties and fur collar light brown coat, perfect to bring the hippie style to your winter outfits.

outfit with slim fit blue washed jeans

The slim-fit blue washed jeans look amazing teamed with spaghetti strap black tank top, lightweight silken cardigan, fringed handbag, rounded sunglasses and low flat booties.

printed sweatpants with cropped cream white tank, flat sandals, satchel bag and sunglasses.

The palazzo style printed sweatpants look great with cropped cream white tank, flat sandals, satchel bag and pretty sunglasses.

pale turquoise ruffled ensemble with aviator sunglasses

The pale turquoise ruffled ensemble looks great with aviator sunglasses, lace-up white slip-ons and diamond stud earrings.

pale turquoise daisy printed sweater with cuffed denim cut-offs

The shredded pale turquoise daisy printed sweater looks casual teamed with cuffed denim cut-offs, lace-up suede flat booties and fringed shoulder bag.

white grey caftan top with bootcut jeans and wedge pumps

Wide, bell sleeve white grey caftan top with bootcut jeans, wedge pumps, dropped earrings and chunky bracelets.

chambray playsuit looks with wide-brim light grey sunhat, cowboy booties, fringed handbag and silvery jewelry

The chambray playsuit looks great with wide-brim light grey sunhat, cowboy booties, fringed handbag and silvery jewelry.

semi-sheer slipdress with denim vest, rounded sunglasses and grunge grey booties.

The spaghetti strap semi-sheer slipdress looks awesome with denim vest, rounded sunglasses and grunge grey booties.

hippie style with v-neck ensemble for special events

The wrap style V-neck ensemble is an ideal piece for wearing at special events. It’s teamed with rounded plastic sunglasses, wedge peep-toe sandals and chunky jewelry.

outfit with t-shirt, white short and flip-flops

The cropped daisy printed black T-shirt is styled with flip-flops, white high-waisted denim cut-offs and Wayfarer black sunglasses.

look with maxi dress, jacket and boots

The tribal printed maxi gown is worn underneath khaki green field jacket and teamed with dark brown combat boots.

slipdress and sandals outfit

The orange, flowery slipdress looks fun and bright teamed with gladiator high boot strappy flat sandals, aviator sunglasses and fedora.

cropped and sleeveless top and shorts outfit

The white cropped and sleeveless top can be teamed with high-waisted denim shorts, flip-flop sandals, sunflower sunglasses, bright yellow clutch and printed loose-fit cardigan.

t-shirt, shorts and floral vest look

The white T-shirt looks great with lace white shorts, floral vest, mirrored, rounded sunglasses, suede backpack and flowery bracelet.

tank top, shorts and sandals outfit

The mini blue cut-offs look great with white tank top, rounded sunnies and flat brown leather shoes.

tank dress with sandals

Keep it minimal with white Tank dress, brown leather handbag and flat footwear.

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Grunge fashion

a red-and-black flannel shirt and intentionally-distressed blue jeans

Grunge fashion is the clothing, accessories and hairstyles of the grunge music genre and subculture which emerged in mid-1980s Seattle, and had reached wide popularity by the mid 90s. Grunge fashion is characterized by durable and timeless thrift-store clothing, often worn in a loose, androgynous manner to de-emphasize the silhouette. The style was popularized by music bands Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.


The term grunge was adopted by the music industry for a style of music that had become wildly popular in the American northwest during the early 1990s.[1] The term first appeared in 1972, but it did not become a popular term in widespread media until the late 1980s, influenced by the surge and decline of punk.[2] This view made its mark on the youth of the time and translated into their choice of fashion. "Punk is anti-fashion, it makes a statement, while grunge is about not making a statement, which is why it's crazy for it to become a fashion statement." Details editor James Truman said.[3] Therefore, grunge look is different from the punk look. Punk musicians usually wear leather jacket, ripped jeans, shirt without sleeves, metal chains, and dark clothes. In contrast, grunge rockers in Seattle wore mundane everyday clothing to everywhere. For example, Kurt Cobain, singer-guitarist of Nirvana, would simply wear an oversized striped sweater, ripped jeans, a pair of Converse, and an unkempt hair to perform. This low-key style from the Pacific Northwest became popular as grunge entered the mainstream.[4] In an 1998 article for the Journal of Cultural Geography, Thomas Bell said "Flannel shirts and Doc Martens boots were worn as an anti-fashion statement that is undoubtedly related to the unassuming and unvarnished nature of the music itself".[5]

Pop-culture influence on 90s grunge[edit]

One of the biggest influences on grunge fashion was rock star Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the hugely successful band Nirvana. It is widely believed that Cobain represents the core of the grunge movement and the phenomenon of the grunge scene's influence. Cobain's style was a combination from both male and female fashion, and "his Seattle thrift-store look ran the gamut of masculine lumberjack workwear and 40s-by-way-of-70s feminine dresses."[6] Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, was mostly known for her "kinderwhore" sense of style which was used by many female grunge bands. The look consisted of barrettes, tiaras, ripped tights, Mary Janes, slips and Peter Pan collared dresses. Love claims that she drew the inspiration for her kinderwhore look from Christina Amphlett of Divinyls.[7]Pearl Jam made their mark on the grunge fashion scene with leather jackets, corduroy jackets, kilts, shorts-over-leggings, ripped jeans and snapbacks. They were best known for inspiring the Doc Martens trend.[8]

ear rings, a hair band, and lipstick
Accessories used in grunge fashion

Men's fashion[edit]

Grunge fashion/style was influenced by disheveled and androgynousthrift-store clothing, defined by a looseness that de-emphasized the body's silhouette. Men wore second-hand or shabby T-shirts with slogans, band logos, etc. A plaid shirt would accompany the T-shirt, along with ripped or faded jeans.[9] Black combat-style boots, such as Doc Martens, would complete the ensemble.[10] In 1992, The New York Times wrote: "This stuff is cheap, it's durable, and it's kind of timeless. It also runs against the grain of the whole flashy aesthetic that existed in the 80's."[11] As for hairstyles, men followed the "hair-sweat-and-guitars look"[11] of Kurt Cobain.

Women's fashion[edit]

In the 1990s, less was more and dressing-down was an acceptable norm.[12] For shoes, women started wearing clunky combat boots and Doc Martens. They typically wore slip dresses with flannels, flannels and ripped jeans, and plaid in layers. Low-rise and ripped, wide-legged jeans were popular. The clothing was paired with simple jewelry such as chokers and hoop earrings and dark, rich-colored lipstick.[13] Bell-bottom jeans from the 1970s were popular again by 1995, along with the baby-doll T-shirt.[14] When flannels were worn, they were oversized and when it became too hot to wear them, they were tied around the waist.[15] Hairstyles included the half-up-half-down style and messy hair that made the impression nothing was done to it.[13]


When grunge started to be a popular trend in the early 1990s, fashion designer Marc Jacobs was the first designer who brought grunge to the luxury platform. In 1993, Jacobs as the creative director of women's design at Perry Ellis, debuted a spring collection that was inspired by grunge. The collection included some iconic grunge items such as flannel shirts, printed granny dresses, Dr. Martens boots, and knitted skullcaps. Fashion critic Suzy Menkes declared "Grunge is ghastly." New York magazine said, "Grunge: 1992–1993, R.I.P."[16] A few years later, Jacobs and his business partner joined the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton in 1997.[17]

Grunge in the 2010s[edit]

a salmon-coloured slip dress and distressed denim jacket
Updated version of grunge fashion

According to a 2013 Today article, the 1990s made a comeback after New York Fashion Week (NYFW) when designers shared their interpretations of Seattle's early 1990s boho-chic. This led to grunge fashion appearing in shopping malls and grunge-inspired back-to-school looks.[18]

In 2013, Yves Saint Laurent and Dries van Noten were trying to bring grunge back to the runway and made it a trend again.[19][20] Yves Saint Laurent's collection was more youthful and streetwear-like, while Dries van Noten's collection was more mature and formal. Yet, these collections were a ready-to-wear collection. They both used some indelible grunge features such as plaid and floral prints, sloppy cardigan, slip dress, and oversized silhouette.[citation needed]Now in early 2021, grunge is seen as a style that is widely used by teenagers and young adults. They wear the majority of all black clothing paired with either sneakers or boots. It does not have the same negative stigma the style had in the past.


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🌱🌈🏵Grunge Groovy Hippie outfits TIKTOK COMPILATION/Cygrufais/🏵🌈🌱
grunge outfits ideas

With everyone loving the 90’s fashion, who is surprised that grunge outfits 90s has also made a comeback. Girls around the world are loving the vintage trends some even replacing the current fast trends. Aesthetic grunge outfits ideas from the plaid skirt, ripped jeans this style is dominating both streets and the runway. Curious about how to rock this old trend? well, I have gathered some cool grunge outfits ideas to help you out.

What is the Grunge Aesthetic?

Grunge fashion started in the 1980s but gotten really popular in the 1990s. The style was supported by grudge music which becomes broader. It quickly becomes a fashion trend when young people started imitating the look. The aesthetic is a mix of punk rock and heavy metal pioneers such as Kurt Cobain. In the 90s fashion changes and many girls start wearing more thrift-store clothes and making them look good.

The grudge fashion is about being free, young with a rough around the edge look. The style started out as a rebellious fashion statement but became mainstream fast and even on the runway. So the well-known look, ripped denim, oversized silhouettes, flannel shirts, beanie, chunky boots, wide-legged pants were soon everywhere.

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Grunge Fashion

Grunge fashion has made a real comeback today, but it has some newer versions as expected. As fashion evolved there are plenty of sub-genres of grunge fashion. This makes it easy for you to slecet a style to rock with your own personal flair.

28 Aesthetic Grunge outfit ideas

We have listed these in 9 sub categories

  • ’80s grunge styles
  • ’90s grunge outfits
  • Soft grunge looks
  • Cute grunge outfits
  • Indie grunge looks
  • Hippie Grunge
  • Vintage grunge outfits
  • Grunge shoes

1 . 80s Grunge Styles

The origin of the grunge style is from the late 80s then becoming more popular in the 90s. At the time the style has a lot of punk rock elements with a more edgy alternative to a glamorous look. Think of a crop top, colorful pants, stripes, band t-shirt, and leather biker jackets.

80s Grunge Styles

Colorful pants

80s Grunge Styles

Crop top

’80s grunge styles

2 . 90s Grunge outfits Ideas

The ’90s were really good for grunge fashion and the return of this popular trend. If you want to rock the rebellious aesthetic look. If you are ready to embrace the imperfect style, ripped jeans, flannels, doc martins, jean jackets, band tees you can also style with messy hair to complete the look.

Aesthetic Grunge Outfits Ideas

source : pinterest.com

Aesthetic Grunge Outfits Ideas

Grunge Outfits Ideas


Grunge Outfits Ideas

Modern ’90s grunge style

3 . Soft grunge aesthetic

This has been one of the most popular ones for millennials. Pastel colors, florals, pink, and tights are a must. The modern influencers love the soft grunge aesthetic appearance. This is a go 2 look for anyone who wants to look grunge without a complete wardrobe change. You will look fashionable, blending the grunge aesthetic with basic clothes.

Grunge Outfits Ideas

Aesthetic grunge outfits

Grunge Outfits Ideas

Source : weheartit.com

Grunge Outfits Ideas

shop similar: Cute plaid skirt here | Black sweater here| Faux Leather Lace-Up Combat Boots here

grunge outfits soft

4 . Cute Grunge Outfits Ideas

A grunge aesthetic can be quite cute and easy when you match the right garments. This look is sweet and edgy, wear a skirt or dress and pair it with a jacket or crop top. The right colors can make any look softer as well.

Jacket, skit and Chain

Shop Similar plaid skirt here | Chunky boots here

Shop similar : Fishnet here | White skirt, here

Adorable overall and stripe sweater

Similar combat boots here|Corduroy Overall Jumpsuit, here

Plaid high rise skirt here| Basic Round Neck Long Sleeve Crop Top here

6 . Indie grunge aesthetic

Wearing indie grunge is quite fun, it’s a nice option to wear to a festival. This is another sub-genre of grunge fashion. This style portrays the same rebellious cool look but with a mix of vintage ad alternative music references. To achieve an effortless indie grunge look consider unhemmed shorts, crop tops,  loose T-shirts, boots.

indie grunge aesthetic outfits
indie grunge aesthetic outfits
indie grunge aesthetic outfits

7 . Hippie Aesthetic Grunge Outfits

This is a comfortable look and it’s exactly what it sounds like. A combination of grunge, hippie, or boho style. Some of the garments included such as floral, long patterned skirts, chockers, and rings. aesthetic grunge outfits are a free spirit and work well with grunge.

Image: Instagram

8 . Vintage Aesthetic Grunge Outfits

This type of grunge blends together two popular aesthetics the vintage look and grunge appearance. Mixing something modern with something retro can help create this look.

Loose wide pants

Blend Vintage Grunge aesthetic

Sweater and mom jeans

School girl style

9. Y2k Grunge Aesthetic

y2k grunge aesthetic

y2k grunge aesthetic

y2k grunge aesthetic

Vintage Retro Y2K grunge

AVRIL LAVIGNE y2k grunge aesthetic

10 . Grunge Shoes

The footwear plays a major part in the grunge outfit, it completes the look and brings it all together. The typical grunge shoes are usually bulky, big, and flat. You can give your heels a break and be comfortable with trainers, such as converse or vans, combat boots, gumboots, flatform sandals, and creepers.

Grunge Outfits Ideas

Pink grunge shoes

grunge outfit shoes

Chunky Platform ankle boot

grunge outfits shoes

Grunge outfit shoes Lace Up Low Block Heelget here

grunge outfits shoes

90’s grunge outfits shoes aesthetic

Pin aesthetic grunge outfits later

grunge outfits

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Outfits hippie grunge

The term "grunge" is used to define a specific moment in twentieth-century music and fashion. Hailing from the northwest United States in the 1980s, grunge went on to have global implications for alternative bands and do-it-yourself (DIY) dressing. While grunge music and style were absorbed by a large youth following, its status as a self-conscious subculture is debatable. People who listened to grunge music did not refer to themselves as "grungers" in the same way as "punks" or "hippies." However, like these subcultures, grunge was co-opted by the music and fashion industries through its promotion by the media.

Grunge Music

The word "grunge" dates from 1972, but did not enter popular terminology until the birth of the Seattle sound, a mix of heavy-metal, punk, and good old-fashioned rock and roll, in the late 1980s. Many musicians associated with grunge credit their exposure to early punk bands as one of their most important influences.

Related Articles

Like San Francisco in the 1960s, Seattle in the 1980s was a breeding ground for music that spoke to its youth. The independent record label Sub Pop recorded many of the Seattle bands inexpensively and was partly responsible for their garage sound. Many of these bands went on to receive international acclaim and major record label representation, most notably The Melvins, Mudhoney, Green River, Soundgarden, Malfunkshun, TAD, and Nirvana. Nirvana's second album, Never-mind, was released in 1991, making Nirvana the first of this growing scene to go multiplatinum and Kurt Cobain, Nirvana's lead singer, the reluctant voice of his generation.

(Sub)Cultural Context

The youth movements most often associated and compared to grunge-hippie and punk-were driven both by music and politics. Punks and hippies used music and fashion to make strong statements about the world and are often referred to as "movements" due to this political component. While the youth of 1980s Seattle were aware of politics, grunge was fueled more by self-expression-sadness, disenchantment, disconnectedness, loneliness, frustration-and perhaps was an unintentional movement of sorts. There does not appear to have been a common grunge goal, such as punk's "anarchy" or the hippies' "peace." Despite this lack of unifying intentionality, grunge gave voice to a bored, lost, emotionally neglected, post-punk generation-Generation X.

Grunge Fashion

If punk's antifashion stance can be interpreted as "against fashion," then that of grunge can be seen as "nonfashion." The grunge youth, born of hippies and raised on punk, reinterpreted these components through their own post-hippie, post-punk, West Coast aesthetic. Grunge was essentially a slovenly, thoughtless, uncoordinated look, but with an edge. Iconic items for men and women were ripped and faded jeans, flannel shirts or wool Pendletons layered over dirty T-shirts with outdated logos, and black combat-style boots such as Dr. Martens. Because the temperature in Seattle can swing by 20 degrees in the same day, it is convenient to have a wool long-sleeved button-down shirt that can be easily removed and tied around one's waist. The style for plaid flannel shirts and wool Pendletons is regional, having been a longtime staple for local lumberjacks and logging-industry employees-it was less a fashion choice than a utilitarian necessity.

The low-budget antimaterialist philosophy brought on by the recession made shopping at thrift stores and army surplus outlets common, adding various elements to the grunge sartorial lexicon, including beanies for warmth and unkempt hair, long underwear worn under shorts (in defiance of the changeable weather), and cargo pants. Thrift-store finds, such as vintage floral-print dresses and baby-doll nightgowns, were worn with over-sized sweaters and holey cardigans. Grunge was dressing down at its most extreme, taking casualness and comfort dressing to an entirely new level.

Grunge Chic

The first mention of grunge in the fashion industry was in Women's Wear Daily on 17 August 1992: "Three hot looks-Rave, Hip Hop and Grunge-have hit the street and stores here, each spawned by the music that's popular among the under-21 set." The style that had begun on the streets of Seattle had finally hit New York and was heading across the Atlantic. Later that same year, Grace Coddington (editor) and Steven Meisel (fashion photographer) did an eight-page article and layout for Vogue with the help of a Sub Pop cofounder and owner Jonathan Poneman: "Flannels, ratty tour shirts, boots, and baseball caps have become a uniform for those in the know, and their legions are growing" (p. 254). The fashion machine was drawn to the utilitarian aspects of grunge as well as the juxtapositions of textures and the old against the new. Marc Jacobs is credited with bringing grunge to the runway with his spring 1993 collection for Perry Ellis. He was later followed by such designers as Calvin Klein, Christian Francis Roth, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Anna Sui, and Versace who all came out with layered and vintage looks made out of luxury fabrics.

Ultimately, grunge failed as a high-fashion trend because its vitality came from the unique and personal art of combining clothes and accessories from wildly disparate and idiosyncratic sources. Grunge was not easily repackaged and sold to the people who related to it because it was out of their price range and the upscale consumer was not taking the bait. Where grunge worked well was at low to moderate price points as middle-class kids across America were buying pre-ripped jeans, beanies, and flannels all the while dancing to Nirvana.

Post-Grunge World

Repackaging was also the fate of grunge music as every major record label tried to find the next Nirvana, and bands like Pearl Jam and Bush filled stadiums but paid little homage to grunge's punk roots. Nevertheless, grunge ultimately managed to revive rock and roll, redefine the music of the 1990s by bringing the focus back to the guitar, and make the word "alternative" meaningless in the twenty-first century as alternative music is now the music of the masses.

What grunge did for music it also did for fashion. Grunge opened the door to recycled clothes for everyone as a fashionable, and even a chic, choice. Grunge defined a new approach to dressing that included layering and juxtapositions of patterns and textures. The DIY approach to dress has become the norm, giving the consumer the freedom to choose, to not be a slave to one look or designer, and the confidence to create personal ensembles with the goal of self-expression through style.

See alsoHip-Hop Fashion; Hippie Style; Punk; Street Style; Subcultures.


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