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Game of Life Heads to Disneyland, The Boys Goes Tabletop, and More Gaming News

Clockwise from left: The Snallygaster Situation: A Kids on Bikes Board Game, Cat Knights, Adventure Calendar, and The Boys: This Is Going to Hurt.

Welcome back to Gaming Shelf, io9's column all about board games and tabletop roleplaying games. This week, we’ve got news about Starfinder’s first standalone roleplaying adventure, a brand-new board game about The Boys, and a free advent calendar filled with festive-theme roleplaying games. Enjoy!

News and Releases

The box cover art for The Snallygaster Situation.

The Snallygaster Situation: Kids on Bikes Board Game

Renegade Game Studios’ Stranger Things-esque ode to childhood horrors, the Kids on Bikes roleplaying game, is getting its own board game version. The Snallygaster Situation pits 2-5 players against a series of monsters trying to destroy their hometown. And according to Dicebreaker, one of the players takes on the role of the Lost Kid, who’s been kidnapped by a monster and is tasked with dropping hints to the others about its location. No other information, including a potential release date, has been released yet.

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Adventure Calendar

A group of game designers has joined forces to create a monthlong tabletop roleplaying setting and campaign called the Adventure Calendar. The free program started on December 1, with daily articles that build the world, story, and mechanics of this festively themed adventure. Once the entire program has been unveiled by December 25, it will be bundled together into a pay-what-you-want PDF. Head here for more information, and you can follow the #AdventureCalendar hashtag on Twitter for updates.

Life in a theme park. Can you imagine?

Disney Parks Game of Life

Well, this feels like something that was tailor-made for me: ShopDisney’s Holiday 2020 catalog features a new look at the Disney Parks edition of The Game of Life. It turns the traditional Game of Life board into a version of a Disney theme park, with players earning “wishes” instead of traditional money. It was originally set to come out in November, but it’s been moved to mid-January 2021.

Part of the gameplay for The Shininng: Escape From the Overlook Hotel.

The Shining: Escape from the Overlook Hotel

The Op has released its latest Coded Chronicles escape room-style card game, this time focusing on The Shining and its famous hotel of horrors. In The Shining: Escape from the Overlook Hotel, players work together (taking on the shared roles of Wendy and Danny) to navigate their way around the haunted resort and try to get out before winding up in the clutches of its homicidal caretaker, Jack. The Shining: Escape from the Overlook Hotel costs $30 and is available on The Op’s website.

Starfinder RPG Standalone Adventure

The Starfinder Roleplaying Game is getting its first standalone adventure. As reported by The Gaming Gang, “Junker’s Delight” is a first-level adventure that will have players taking on the role of “junk tourists” who are searching for riches among crashed starships. There, players will discover a science ship that crashed under mysterious circumstances—leaving behind some invaluable, and quite possibly dangerous, research. “Junker’s Delight” is set to come out in July 2021 and will cost $23.

The box cover art for Detective Charlie.

Detective Charlie

A Sherlock Holmes-esque whodunnit that stars a crime-solving kitty named... Detective Charlie Holmes. Yes, yes, and yes. Loki and Iello have announced Detective Charlie, a cooperative deduction game where players work to help Charlie Holmes interview witnesses, analyze evidence, and solve the crime of the day on Mysterville Island. It’s designed as a family game that’s good for kids, but don’t let that stop you from trying it out if the idea of a mystery-solving feline sounds like the best night ever. Detective Charlie comes out on January 21, 2021 and will cost $22.49.


Note: The covid-19 pandemic and Trump’s trade war with China have impacted board game production. We strongly advise you check with crowdfunding developers about possible delays, but don’t let that dissuade you from supporting these campaigns.


Twinkle is a competitive dice-drafting game where players build constellations using polyhedral dice. Players can receive bonuses for creating specialty paths and constellations, but also run the risk of being circumvented by others trying to do the same thing! What’s cool about this game is you can use the dice that are included with the game—or you can bring your own, giving players a chance to show off some of their dice sets in games outside of roleplaying games. Twinkle will be on Kickstarter through December 21. The minimum pledge for a copy is $37, and it’s set to come out in June 2021.

Steven Rhodes Games

Cryptozoic Entertainment has brought the retro-inspired art of Steven Rhodes to the tabletop with three new games: Let’s Dig for Treasure, Don’t Talk to Strangers, and Let’s Summon Demons. Each game is for 2-6 players and they’re designed to be simple and streamlined, with very little set-up time. However, they’re not for the feint of heart. For example, in Let’s Summon Demons, players take on the role of children trying to conjure the best-worst otherworldly creature into our realm. Whoever brings the cruelest ones across the threshold is the “winner,” although humanity may suffer the consequences. All three Steven Rhodes games will be on Kickstarter through December 24—the minimum pledge for one game is $20 while all three games (in a specialty slipcase) is a $50 pledge, and they’re set to come out in June 2021.

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The Boys: This Is Going to Hurt

1First Games has announced its debut board game with The Boys: This Is Going to Hurt, based on the antihero graphic novels that inspired Amazon Studios’ hit streaming series. In this competitive game, players take on the role of agents trying to take down the hero Homelander, who’s gone rogue. In order to do this, players have to recruit their own army of Supes, by any means necessary, and build an arsenal of weapons that can take down a superhuman. The Boys: This Is Going to Hurt will be Kickstarter through December 24. The minimum pledge for a copy is $60 and it’s set to come out in June 2021.

Cat Knights by Blood Carrot Knights

Just look at their little faces. The outfits. The little gentleman kitty with a feathered cap! Resin miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons or other tabletop roleplaying games about cats will always be a win in my book. Plus, their names are William Taillace, Furan The Destroyer, Sir Kittingham, Meowromant and Meowlord of Katzville. I’m combusting! Cat Knights will be on Kickstarter through January 3. The minimum pledge for a single figure is $26 while the complete set of five is $124, and they’re set to come out in May 2021.

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Introduction: Console Gaming Shelf

For all of us gamers we understand that organization and display can be a bit of a handful at times. Achieving the ultimate display/collection is an ongoing battle.

My goal was to create a console gaming shelf that displays my favourite and most used consoles, with LED lights!

To begin, you must draw up a plan with measurements based on the room you have and the size of your consoles, my largest console measures 11 3/4", so you might want to go 16 inches wide on every shelf (although a 12" wide shelf makes measurements a lot easier)

I wanted my shelves 9" high by 12" wide (to make sure my Gamecube had tray opening clearance).

I took a trip to Home Depot and purchased the following:

1. 1 complete sheet of 5/8" MDF - You can go 3/4" for rigidity and ease of measurements but this will make the unit heavy, will definitely require 2 people to move it around

2. 1 sheet of masonite/backerboard - I chose a white glossy finish so the LED lights really shine

3. 3 - 8' lengths of Lattice style pine trim (11/16th's)

4. 1 bottle of carpenters glue - Construction grade is always a good option!

5. 1 pack of sandpaper - I bought 200 grit but an additional 80 grit for your sander might help if you cut your wood a 16th too long

6. 1 box of black drywall screws - Great for MDF and only if you choose not to use biscuit joints, biscuits are understandably cumbersome and time consuming to install but will ensure a nice clean job without having to countersink the drywall screws and use wood filler

7. 1 box of finishing nails - just like you wood get from Ikea to nail the backerboard on

8. 1 paint roller with rolling brushes (buy a few as you will be priming then painting, more if you use multiple colours on your project)

9. 1 can of Kilz primer, 1 can of high gloss white paint and 1 can of high gloss black paint

10. 1 paint brush with some nice edging brushes to get into tight corners (foam brushes are also good)

11. 1 tube of woodfiller - Again, construction grade with 3x the bonding and quick dry time will always help

12. 1 brain with patience and a few days to make cuts, piece together, paint and finish

13. I didn't include my valence cuts as I found them around the house. Feel free to buy a few feet of painted 3/4" trim from home depot

I made these cuts with my 5/8" MDF

2 cuts at 38.5" by 14" deep (Top piece and Bottom piece)

4 cuts at 28.5" by 14" deep (4 vertical pieces you see in the picture)

6 cuts at 12" by 14" deep (these will be the shelves)

The pine lattice I used for trimming off the front of my unit with mitred cuts (will require a mitre saw to cut 45 degree angles for the corners)

I can't remember the purchase measurements of the backerboard but if you cut it in 3 equal lengths, you will get that inch gap you see in the pictures to run wires and provide more than adequate ventilation for your consoles. The backerboard, amazingly, was the exact length of my final measurements for this console shelf.

Step 1: Cutting Your Biscuit Joints

I would like this instructable to be as detailed as possible. Unfortunately I did not write down the measurements for the biscuit joints.

Best thing to remember is 5/8th's + 5/8th's equals 1.25" - This is why I cut my 4 vertical pieces at 28.25" if you subtract 1.25 from that, you get 27" which if divided by 3 equals 9" (my desired cube heights for all shelfs

You will require a biscuit jointer machine at this point, one that can make face cuts directly on flat wood (see picture of rough cuts that I made above).

The reason I posted the rough cuts picture is I don't have actual images of the cuts I made in the shelf and to remind you, it's always best to make 100 test cuts if it means the final cuts you make are going to be absolutely perfect.

Do your best to make the cuts exactly centered in 5/8" measurement.

Step 2: Staggered Your Biscuit Cuts

IMPORTANT: Stagger the cuts you make with your biscuit jointer. You will have 2 shelves connecting to one vertical piece which is only 5/8" wide. You do not want to accidentally cut through the whole vertical piece when making the biscuit cuts.

It would be best to make 2 cuts for each section a shelf will be adhering too, make the cuts 2 inches in from the edge and another one 4 inches from that, flip the wood over and make the same measurements, but opposite (inverted) the cuts you just made, this way they won't meet up.

Make the same cuts on the edge of the shelves, just make sure you know which shelf will be adhering to which cuts you made on the vertical pieces.

Again, I didn't take all the pictures I wanted too (I was strapped for work time outdoors as the Canadian weather was approaching). The pictures above are after I made the cuts, filled the biscuit joints with glue and biscuits, then clamped together for 2 hours)

Step 3: Finish Gluing and Apply Mitred Trim

It's really up to you, the steps you take to clamp and glue the pieces together. You will have to move, rotate, lay down, the unit to get the clamps to do the job they're supposed too.

I used screws on the outside corners and outside shelves, I wish I hadn't as I didn't countersink them and the screw heads stuck out. I have since removed them and filled with wood filler (then sanded down)

The image above shows the front edges mitred, finish nailed (with an electric nailer), I tapped the nails in further and wood filled those holes, sanded any rough edges and places where wood filler was used.

It's important to remember that with MDF, it absorbs paint. Make sure the edges where you cut the wood and is visible, are sanded like the dickens to a smooth finish. This will save you primer!

Note: You will see penciled lines on the outside of the unit, this is where I drew lines to know where my biscuits joints would go, this will make your life much easier

Step 4: Make a Stand!

It's always good to have a stand for your unit. I made a rectangle out of scrap pieces of MDF from my project.

Any rectangle is fine (glue and clamp one together) but don't make it so small the unit will tip side to side or back and forth. But not so large that you kick it with your toes and can't stick any LED's underneath

Step 5: Gluing the Valences

See step 7 - I glued these in too early. It makes it hard to paint them white and paint the mitred trim black.

As you can see, I cut these an inch high by 12" wide - These help hide the LED lights and gives it an awesome "tuxedo" style

Step 6: Prime It!

This is highly important with MDF! If you don't, your paint will just get absorbed into the wood, could make it swell and ruin your whole project.

Primer dries quickly in warm temperatures and will seal the wood. Allowing you to paint easily, without worry.

Some say you should prime, let dry, do a quick sanding, then blow off the dust, re-prime, let dry, then do a quick re-sand (then blow the dust off). This will help the paint adhere to the primer.

I did not do this as I felt, I don't sand the walls in my house between primer and paint, why would I with this (it does help, please see an instructable on painting/priming if you're unsure).

Be sure to do this outside, or in a garage/room with very adequate ventilation!

Step 7: Paint!

Again, well ventilated area is required

I painted the insides/shelves with the white first. It would probably best to paint the valence inserts separately as it will be difficult to cut in with the paint brush after they're installed.

Let the first coat dry then proceed with the second coat.

Since I screwed up and installed the valences early, I painted these white at the same time.

Allow sufficient drying time as you will need to use painters tape to mask off the valences and the insides of the shelves to avoid painting them black. If you don't allow sufficient dry time, the painters tape will peel of your paint.

While the white dried, I painted the outside black and the stand/underside (laying it down to achieve a good painting angle)

You will see i've already masked off the valences and insides of the shelves - I will include this picture in the next step

Step 8: Mask Off and Paint the Front Black

As you can see, the masking is complete.

I tried using newspaper in one of the shelves but decided it wasn't necessary (as long as you're careful!)

You can roll the paint on the trim and use the edging brush to get into the tiny crevices.

Now, you can peel off the masking tape as a second coat probably isn't require in the tiny crevices.

Once the front has dried, apply a second coat but be careful not to paint surfaces that you don't want black

Step 9: Installing the Backerboard and LED's

Have a friend hold up the backerboard where you will be installing it and mark with a pencil, where you will drill holes to run the LED wire through.

Drilling and cutting backerboard (masonite) is difficult as the finish will almost certainly chip away. You can run tape across the cutting edge to avoid this (harder to do where you will drill)

I had my friend hold the board down while I drilled, I drilled through the finished/glossy side first. Drilling from behind will make the chipping much worse.

Now the holes are drilled - It's time to use those finishing nails and nail the board in! Use as many or as little nails as you would like.

Once that's in, open up your Ikea Dioder RGB LED light packaging and start installing them.

Placement of the LED's is entirely up to you. I tucked them behind the valences and stuck them to the bottom of the shelves. This lets you run the wire down the side and out the holes I cut in the upper left corners.

This will create a mess of wires behind your unit (with all the console wires, it gets messy). Do your best to use twist ties of velcro strap to tidy up the wires as best you can.

Unfortunately the Ikea lights only allow 4 LED strips per module, leaving you with 3 control modules (as I needed 9 strips, I bought 3 packs of 4 totaling 12 strips). You have the option to buy custom strips, transformers and modules from an LED supplier but I didn't want to get into that.

When my wires came out of the back, I taped them to the back of the backerboard to keep the wires tight in the shelves.

Step 10: Install Your Consoles and Enjoy Your Creation

As i've said, running the wires will be a job in itself but well worth it. I put any console that required wired controlles on the left of the unit so I could lay down and play my games.

That decision is entirely up to you and your needs.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and that it was as detailed as possible. I'm not a carpenter and really just winged a lot of this. If you have any questions please ask and I will respond as quickly as possible. I would also like to see any of your finished projects (if you take pictures of the steps I didn't take, please provide and I will add to the instructable)

Happy Gaming everyone,


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25 Best Video Game Shelf For The Avid Gamer

Gaming is a great activity to unwind after a long day or simply to pass the time on weekends. If you’re a gamer, it is essential that you get furniture that helps to secure and display your precious gaming items like gaming discs, CDs and DVDs, and video game consoles. We’re here to help you make your experience a more pleasant one: listed below are 25 best video game shelves you won’t regret buying.



25 Best Video Game Shelf For The Avid Gamer - Infographics



Free-Standing Shelves





This video game shelf comes in various sizes to suit your needs. Unlike most other shelves that feature a poles-and-panels system design, this shelf has supporting panels that enhance its overall stability. It comes in two refreshing colors (espresso and French oak grey) that fits perfectly with any style. The assembly process is made easy with clear and simple-to-understand instructions that come in the package.





This Locking Media Storage Cabinet keeps modest collections safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers! Fully adjustable shelves can be set to any position to accommodate your collection, and horizontal media storage enables easy sorting, filing, and re-filing of your collection. Off-set hinge points allow 180° movement for better display and access to door storage.





A versatile unit that boasts an array of useful features, the Atlantic Mitsu 130 CD/90 DVD/BluRay/Games 5-Tier Media Rack allows you to organize and store your media collection using customizable shelving options. With its space-saving vertical design, this unit is perfect for limited spaces. This storage rack’s geometric accents offer a stylish approach to multimedia storage. 





Store and organize your media collection easily with this sleek all-in-one media storage cabinet. It’s perfect if you need more gaming shelf space for your growing collection but don’t want to get multiple shelves to accommodate it. An extended base makes the shelf extra stable, while its laminated finish makes it easy to wipe clean. Whatever your needs may be, Atlantic’s Summit Media Storage Cabinet is the ideal solution.





Keep your gaming media safe and sorted with the Triple Width Wall Storage. Designed to mimic the shape of a library, this unit has three separate compartments (each with fully adjustable shelves) that make storing your discs easy. There’s more than enough storage to go around, so don’t worry about ever running out of space. Popular and practical, you won’t be able to imagine your man-cave without it.





This FURINNO open shelf features a simple and elegant design that blends into any room of your home readily. Be spoiled for choice with an exciting range of colors that include green and light blue. This series is made of E1 particle board (safe for use) and is manufactured in Malaysia. The material is stable, durable and doesn’t smell bad. You can enhance the look of your house in no time at all with this shelf. 





This video game shelf idea is an ideal solution for your varied media storage needs. The DrawBridge media storage and organization cabinet allows you to organize and store your media collections. With its adjustable shelves, this unit is perfect for customizing your media storage display however you like it.





With its durable frame and large capacity, this sophisticated multimedia cabinet is the ideal solution for meeting your gaming/multimedia needs. A wide base lends stability to the shelf, and fully adjustable shelving allows you to customize them according to your preferences. 





The Venus 198 Media Cabinet has a stylish design with curved doors and an elegant espresso finish. This product’s push-to-open magnetic latch doors make it easy to access your collection. This cabinet has five sliding dividers and adjustable shelves for storage flexibility. Extended base and durable construction provide stability for your collection.





Get unlimited storage space with the Triple Width Barrister Tower. With room for over a thousand CDs, this tower can accommodate even commercial-sized collections. Stay organized however you like with its fully adjustable shelves, and take advantage of horizontal storage that makes sorting and filling an easy task. This tower is the perfect pick for collectors who want plenty of room to grow their collections.





Furinno Turn-N-Tube Series storage shelves come in 2/3/4/5-tiers and a variety of width and depth. This set of products also includes different fun colors and are designed to meet consumer demands of space, budget, and durability. Due to its functionality, price, and no-hassle assembly, it’s not surprising that the shelf is the most popular RTA furniture to date. This DIY project can be a great family project: there are no screws involved, making it safe and fun for adults and children alike.





This product has a contemporary wood-and-metal design that’s trendy these days. Featuring five wood shelves with wood dividers, it has wide feet to ensure greater stability. Made from MDF wood with a finished maple look, it can accommodate up to 230 CDs, 150 DVDs, or 185 Blu-ray games.





This durable media storage cabinet would make a gorgeous centerpiece for any room. To deliver the best product possible, meticulous attention was given to every aspect like its build and finish. A traditional cherry finish and double glass-inlaid doors add class without compromising functionality: a fixed center shelf and four fully adjustable shelves will meet your needs. It is indeed a versatile addition to any household.





Keep your multimedia collection stored neatly behind closed doors. The Grande Locking Media Storage Cabinet with Shaker Doors was made with style and practicality in mind. This cabinet will complement the decor style of any room and add valuable storage space.



Adjust its fully adjustable shelves according to your needs and keep out curious kids with its locking doors. Thanks to offsetting hinge points, both doors allow for 180° movement, making it more convenient than ever to reach in and grab a game disk or movie.





This lovely video game shelf sports a unique design and can store plenty of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray media. It has a two-tier (upper and lower) arrangement with eight adjustable height shelves. Formal, elegant, and functional sliding glass design provides easy access to media, whereas adjustable shelves allow for flexible storage. Overall, this is a sophisticated cabinet that you mustn’t miss out on. 



Tower Shelves





This Homfa CD storage display rack makes life more convenient by combining great design with versatility. It is made from durable high-quality particle boards which can last for years. While three of its shelves are fixed, the other 4 aren’t: adjust them however you like to fit your collection. Equipped with a wall anchor for added stability and you won’t ever have to worry about your CD cabinet toppling over.





With its modern design, Atlantic’s NESTABLE 52 BLU-RAY/DVD/GAME TOWER can easily become the focal point of any home or office. Its efficient, space-saving design provides maximum storage for CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays in a minimal amount of space. This durable media storage tower is built with steel and boasts a gunmetal finish. 





This folding tower has eight adjustable shelves that work wonderfully for any storage need. It holds multiple CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs with ease. Wire shelving is easily installed with snap-in-shelves, and a stand-alone base makes this a sturdy unit. 





This unique bookshelf is sure to elicit amazed gasps from visitors. Its tall and slender design saves space but is fully functional. Extremely versatile, this tower shelf can serve as a towel stand in the bathroom, bookcase in the bedroom, or even as a media stand next to your entertainment set.



The 11 shelves are made out of solid metal with a powder-coated silver finish. Even when time passes, this durable option will always retain a flawless appearance. This goes-anywhere storage tower features shelves that flip up for larger books to fit easily.





A gaming storage solution that will grow with your collection, the FURINNO media tower is a great video game shelf that is designed especially for small spaces. Eight shelves give you more space to organize the games, movies, and music that you love. With a narrow base specifically designed to fit side by side with other units, you can easily create a library wall to expand your collection.



Floating Shelves





This stunning ultra-slim WALI wall mount has an all-black coating and can be adjusted to free up floor space and enhance the look of your entertainment system. It is your go-to solution for holding DVD/Blu-ray Players, games consoles, and many more.





Say no to mess and frustration by opting for these beautiful organizational storage racks. The impressive, space-saving media storage shelves are perfect for small apartments with limited floor spaces. You can conveniently display, organize, and tidy up your massive collection of games, movies, and music.



This product will make your living room wall look amazing and modern. Make your life easier by keeping your media organized in one place, within reach, and easy to find.





The Atlantic 38806137 Wall Mount Game Rack is an ideal storage solution for video games and their peripherals. Its wall-mounted design saves floor space and keeps items within reach. It can hold two gamepad controllers, two drum stick controllers, a pair of headphones, and up to 10 games at once.



This gaming storage rack features a durable steel rod frame for long-lasting use, and its compact size makes for highly efficient use of space. All of the necessary hardware for mounting are included to help with the set-up.



Desktop Display Rack





The best desktop storage rack made for the Nintendo Switch, this product will organize all your accessories and keep them within reach. It is beautifully designed and can store all your games and controllers for a neater desktop.





This tree-shaped bookshelf combines home art design with functionality. It is a great storage piece that does not only display your games but also enhance your room’s aesthetic value. Its open-storage design ensures that there is enough space for all your gaming peripherals, including controllers and wireless gaming accessories.




With video game shelf options like these, there’s no reason not to get your favorite games for a mighty good time in your “cave”! Organizing your collection has never been so simple nor fun.



Shelf gaming



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