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With Ripple Effect Studios (formerly DICE LA) confirming that they are working on a mode in Battlefield 2042 that will feature “fan-favorite” maps, we here at MP1st decided to list a few of the game’s maps that we want to see in the franchise.

Note that given how Battlefield’s gameplay offers a wide range of possibilities, most of the maps here are focused on infantry vs. infantry, and as such, don’t expect wide open maps that are primarily made for vehicles here. With that said, head on below and see if you agree!

Maps list are in no particular order.

Operation Metro (BF3)

Let’s get this one out of the way first. If there’s ONE map in this entire list that we’re sure will be in Battlefield 2042, it’s Operation Metro. This is the most popular Battlefield map (like it or hate it) possibly of all-time. There’s a reason why people flock to Op Metro, and regardless if it’s a meat grinder-type of map, it has its appeal. We’re fairly certain we’ll see Operation Metro in BF2042, since it’s almost a tradition to see this map pop up in every Battlefield game nowadays.

Seine Crossing (BF3)

Another fan-favorite map from Battlefield 3, Seine Crossing showcased tight infantry action, with a few vehicles thrown in to spice things up. How fun was it firing tank shells on buildings to drop debris on enemies? We’re hoping to see this one given a much wider space to accomodate 128-players.

Wake Island (BF 1942)

The only map in this entire list from the OG Battlefield — Battlefield 1942, Wake Island has been revived again and again, and we’re fairly certain we’ll see this one in BF2042 in one form or another. It offers the perfect balance of vehicles, infantry, naval, and aerial combat all in one map! It is a pain to travel from one island end to another though.

Strike at Karkand (BF2)

While Wake Island might be the most famous BF1942 map, Karkand is possibly Battlefield 2’s most iconic one. It’s also been remastered in more recent Battlefield games, and it’s understandable why. It offers a great urban setting where players can hide in buildings as infantry, or lay waste to enemies using vehicles. It even has good sniper perches to, for bush wookies to, y’know, snipe and spot (if they ever do that).

Damavand Peak (BF3)

While Battlefield 3 offered a varied map selection, there’s none as unique as Damavand Peak. While the map starts out like your everday Battlefield map. capturing the first objective point meant players had to dive hundreds of feet down(and parachute) to the next ones, which honestly felt exhilarating at the time. Once down, there were caverns to hide in, and more. Damavand Peak felt like three maps in one, and transitioned from one area to the next in the most badass way possible.

Hill 137 (Bad Company 2 Vietnam)

Are we cheating including this since it’s from an expansion? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing we’re certain of is how awesome Hill 137 was! Conflicts engulfed the entire map in fire which burned down cover! It was a struggle fighting uphill (literally) that made capturing the objective once you reach the top, very satisfying.

Imagine 64v64 battles (heck, or even 32v32) on this badass hill with trees and bushes for cover? Yeah, that would be insane to see and we’d love to experience it.

White Pass (Bad Company 2)

Bad Company 2 had a number of snow maps, but White Pass offered balance in terms of how cover was available for both sides. The white gave a stark contrast to the usual grays and browns we see in most Battlefield maps, and we’re hoping to see this again in BF2402.

Oasis (Bad Company 2)

Bad Company 2 might not have the biggest maps, or have the most vehicles available in its maps, but it more than made up for it with tight infantry levels like Oasis. Capturing and defending objectives offerered both sides good line of sights, where not one side had the distinct advantage. It might seem like a small thing, but you’d be surprised at how many multiplayer maps can’t even say that.

Paracel Storm (BF4)

When Battlefield 4 was announced, “levolution” was mentioned as one of its latest new features, and aside from Siege of Shanghai, this was evident in Paracel Storm where we got a huge storm enter the map, obscure visibility, and even have the waves affect how you can shoot enemies, navigate nautical vehicles and the like.

Did I mention that the starting area where you storm an actual naval ship was just like a scene from an action movie? Once you’ve completed that, you’re then tasked to storm an island.

If BF3 had Damavand Peak as memorable map, BF4 had Paracel Storm.

Caspian Border (BF3)

If there was ever a map in BF3 that was the perfect showpiece as to what Battlefield stood for, Caspian Border was the map. It had structures that could be torn down, it allowed for jets, choppers, tanks, quad bikes and the like to be used freely, and it even gave infantry time to to shine in specific areas of the map where you can sneakily take out vehicles.

Regardless if it was Rush or Conquest, Caspian Border offered an amazing time for all players given the map layout, and how each objective weren’t too far from each other which meant action was non-stop.

Zavod 311 (BF4)

Zavod 311 might not be as familiar as Siege of Shanghai, or the other BF4 maps out there, but it offered different layers of engagement. Players can go up structures to snipe incoming attackers, or you can hide below deck and just mow down those who wanted to plant MCOMS. Given the map size, tanks were able to flex on the map, though not so much that infantry combat was overshadowed.

Zavod 311 might not be the most famous BF4 map, but it definitely belongs on the list.

Grand Bazaar (BF3)

While Operation Metro was seen as the premiere infantry-focused map in BF3, Grand Bazaar was a close second. Sure, vehicles were playable on the level, but the real action was always in the center that was off limits to vehicles. Players can use their grenade launchers to drop debris on unsuspecting enemies, and it was just a cluster of bodies, med packs, ammo packs and the like, as all chaos broke out.

Grand Bazaar wasn’t as “grind-y” as Operation Metro, but offered the same kind of infantry-centric intensity.

Noshar Canals (BF3)

If you played TDM (Team Deathmatch) in BF3, then chances are, you’ll have played on Noshar Canals. Heck, go to YouTube and search for “BF3 TDM montages,” and chances are, most will be from Noshar Canals. This is one of the  — if not the most — iconic TDM map so far.

Even as Conquest and Rush maps, Noshar wasn’t bad, either.

Operation Locker (BF4)

If you thought Operation Metro was grindy, wait till you experience Operation Locker! From the on-set, Op Locker was a slog (but in a fun way) to get through one objective to the next. There were the jail portion of the maps that were also a grind-fest, and of course, the tower area where walls, grenades, bullets and everything kept flying non-stop.

Some might hate these meat grinder-type maps, but there’s no denying their appeal.

Arica Harbor (Bad Company 2)

Ah, yes. In this humble writer’s opinion, Arica Harbor is one of the best Battlefield maps ever built, and it’s a shame that we never saw any other game outside of Bad Company 2 feature it.

There were mountains, buildings, and all sorts of cover, but not enough that it made vehicles useless. The fact that Bad Company offered full-on destruction played a heavy hand in making Arica Harbor a fast-paced map.

How can anyone forget that middle area where buildings, small enclaves where infantry can hide stood ground with the medic trains all assisting vehicles with their LMGs? If there was ever a map I wanted to see comeback, it’s Arica Harbor.

Well, there you have it. Needless to say, there are bound to be favorites from players that weren’t part of the list, and we want to hear about it! List down in the comments which classic Battlefield map should be remade in BF2042 and why.

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Flood Zone: Fun close quarters TDM. A familiar player can easily lose people through the rat maze that is this map. I've had fun using every type of weapon on this map, great stuff. CQ is a bit less fun owing to how easy it is to hold objectives and gain rooftop sniping spots. It's also easy for people to camp the roofs the whole game and either dominate or completely lose. Depends on what kind of camper you have on your team. I find the map a lot less fun when the water floods in. Rush is good fun, it's a nice city/street layout with a parking garage and some hilly park-like areas. I haven't noticed much of a bias towards either the attackers or defenders.

Dawnbreaker: Decent TDM map with the main drawback being how annoying the upper sniper area is. Those railings need to be more destructible by bullets to balance out that obvious camping spot. The open pathing allows too much coverage from the main building and camping spots. CQ seems a bit lacking with 32 players. Whenever the main vehicles are all dead the whole map seems really quiet. Your best option is to pick 1 or 2 objectives and defend those two the whole match. Doing otherwise wastes a lot of time being ineffective unless you have a vehicle.

Operation Locker: Fun TDM map only if you like close quarters. I feel like all the 'hallway' engagements are balanced enough that if play it smart and don't be too aggressive you can hold areas quite nicely. CQ on this map feels a bit like Metro's CQ. The main portions of the map are meat grinders in which you'd be lucky to pass by unnoticed. It's fun, if only because of the chaos, but besides that you get the exact same spawn trap situations that you get from Metro. Once a team is pushed back that far it's a pretty grim picture.

Altai Range: TDM has a decent amount of cover to move around effectively, although you may not be able to sneak around the whole map without being rushed, fun. CQ is pretty large for 32 but still works if both teams use the vehicles effectively. Plays something like a larger Rogue Transmission. Rush was fun the few times i've played it.

Guilin Peaks: One of my favorite TDM maps. It's open in the center but has enough good hill and cover placement to allow smooth maneuvering. CQ is also great; because of the smaller size it works well with 32 players. The choice of no armor and only transport vehicles also helps the infantry focused map. The largely symmetrical design works well to balance the priority of objectives and makes it so no one is too easy to hold or attack. Domination is also huge fun on this map.

Silk Road: The TDM map plays out like every classic fps map out there. Nothing particularly special about it, but not much wrong with it either. Box arena with hallway like engagement areas. CQ is a mixed bag for me. While I love vehicle play, I can tell this map is a bit too large and open for infantry to last long on their own. Especially when there's a good half of the map that campers and squat in all day. This map probably works better with 64 players.

Dragon Pass: TDM is so open that you will always find half the players just using snipers. Not much fun in my experience. CQ on the other hand is great. Somehow despite being large, line of sight for the enemies is balanced enough to give attackers a chance to get to the objectives. You would think snipers would dominate the game, and they do try, but because the map is so large your team really needs as many people capturing objectives as possible. I imagine on 64 it would play out less like commando squads and more like a battle of attrition.

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Having played Battlefield 4 for more than a month now, most players probably have a feel for the maps that work in multiplayer, and the ones that really don't. Paracel Storm, Hainan Resort, Rogue Transmission, Zavod 311 are all pretty great, Flood Zone and Operation Locker aren't great at all, and the rest lie somewhere in-between. All told, it's not a terrible selection. Nevertheless, as with Battlefield 3, the best maps are still to come.

Say what you want about EA's DLC strategy for Battlefield (and there's plenty to be said), but it does at least have the virtue of providing a relatively steady stream of solid maps to choose from. The first batch land later this week, with Second Assault updating four popular maps from Battlefield 3, and China Rising. These are the ones that jump out.

Second Assault

Operation Metro 2014

Best Mode: Rush

Pretty much everyone hated Operation Metro when it premiered during the Battlefield 3 beta back in 2011. A smallish area dominated by a central rotunda with seemingly nowhere to hide, it made for a terrible Conquest map. But in Rush mode, it transformed into a dynamic running gun battle through the rotunda, into the sewers, and back out into the Paris streets, making it pretty much everything Operation Locker aspires to be, but isn't.

It returns relatively intact in Battlefield 4, with flooded sewer tunnels and destructible ceilings being the main additions, all of its strengths and weaknesses prominently on display. It's just as crazy as ever, with the sewer tunnels being dominated by some really intense fire fights, but it's also still loaded with offense-killing chokepoints. Truthfully, Operation Metro's main virtue is as a map where it's easy to farm up experience points to unlock new weapons.

For better or worse, Operation Metro is one of Battlefield 3's most iconic maps, and its inclusion in the Second Assault pack makes perfect sense. Rush fans and XP farmers will be delighted.

Caspian Border 2014

Best Mode: Conquest

One of Battlefield 3's largest maps makes its triumphant return in Second Assault, and of the four, it's probably undergone the largest number of changes.

The main point of interest is a massive wall spanning the length of the map. The wall contains multiple towers, offering great vantage points for sniping and shooting stingers at approaching enemy aircraft. With only three real entry points, the wall is apt to be the site of some fierce combat, as attacking forces trying to break through to the capture points within.

Over at Capture Point D, another significant point of interest, there is now an underground bunker of sorts in which players can take cover from attacking enemy aircraft. The rest of the map is an open field littered with the wreckage of burned out tanks and other vehicles, which offer plenty of places to hide. The collapsing radio tower also makes a return, significantly altering the map by scattering around concrete tubes that offer convenient access points to areas like Point D.

Much as Operation Metro was the best Rush map in Battlefield 3, Caspian Border was the best Conquest map. At least, it was the map that best encapsulated the ideal of Battlefield -- massive scale, diverse environments, plenty of vehicles, and interesting things to destroy. From the looks of it, it's even better in Battlefield 4, making it practically essential for serious Battlefield enthusiasts.

China Rising

Guilin Peaks

Best Mode: Obliteration

Obliteration has proven to be a real delight in Battlefield 4. A sort of modified Rush mode, the objective in Obliteration is to pick up the bomb and deliver it to one of three enemy M-COM stations. The firefights that result are often intense, and it's really rewarding to see total strangers work together to get the bomb to its destination, often despite themselves.

Of all the new maps, Guilin Peaks proves to be the best for Obliteration. A jungle map with hilly terrain, a small village, and a network of caves, it offers plenty of chokepoints in which to intercept bomb carriers, but is balanced enough that it doesn't evolve into the bloody stalemate typical of lesser Obliteration maps. Much of that is due to the transport helicopters available to each team, which have the potential to deliver the bomb to its target almost immediately (assuming that someone on your team knows how to fly without running into a hillside).

With so much of the fighting taking place in tight quarters, Guilin Peaks proves to be an incredibly entertaining and fast-paced Obliteration map, allowing what is already a really good mode to realize its full potential.

Altai Range

Best Mode: Conquest

And finally we have Altai Range, which is outwardly pretty simple, its main virtue being that it's big. Essentially a valley with a few roads leading up to a radar dish perched upon a mountain range, it's pretty much a showcase map for the Recon class. Given the size of the open spaces, you will be breaking out that 40x scope early and often.

Other elements worth pointing out include a powerful bomber, which can be unlocked by taking control of the aforementioned radar station. This map also features the return of the dirt bike from Battlefield 3: End Game -- a quick, messy, but surprisingly fun way to traverse Altai Range's wide-open spaces. Tanks and aircraft are also available, and much of the fighting is apt to be centered around the mountain range as each team attacks and counterattacks with armor and air support.

Though not as dynamic as some of the other maps listed here, Altai Range is nevertheless a good, solid Conquest map with a decent selection of vehicles. What makes it really stand out in comparison to the vanilla maps is its scope, the valley in particular feeling bigger and more open than anything available at launch. Strong as most of Battlefield 4's initial maps might be, most of them feel a tad smallish, even with 64 players. Altai Range remedies that, thus giving PS4 and Xbox One owners a taste of Battlefield 4's overriding philosophy -- bigger is always better.

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The Maps of Battlefield 4

The Battlefield series has always been a cartographer's dream. Whereas other shooter franchises are content with densely packed arenas in which players can scurry about like well-armed lab rats, head-shotting each other over each piece of cheese, Battlefield maps have always felt like, well, like maps. Actual places, theatres of war, where terrain and elevation can play a tangible role in victory - or defeat.

With Battlefield 4, that tendency has reached its apex. The maps in this latest iteration are bigger and more beautiful, in their own scorched and ruined way. They're also more interactive, with real-world features like raised bollards that can be used to stymie enemy vehicles and elevators that will whisk you to a skyscraper roof for a truly elevated view of the warzone.

These are maps that will still be revealing new routes, fresh vantage points and cunning corners even after months of play. Here, then, is our introductory guide to the battlefields of Battlefield 4.

Siege of Shanghai

This is the map that most fans will be familiar with, since it formed the basis of the most recent beta. It's an urban map, set around a U-shaped waterfront area. The five Conquest capture points are spaced along the curve of the bay, with the central one the most tactically advantageous: whichever side claims that gets access to more options in Commander Mode.

Although you can use boats to cross the bay quickly, it's really a map where tanks are the vehicles of choice. Skilled gunners will clock up huge points here, as the streets offer long lines of sight, but anyone who can steer a helicopter between the skyscrapers intact will also do a lot of damage. Infantry will find progress tough without heavy back-up, especially at the bridges which form natural choke points. It's not entirely useless to be on foot, however, with two of the capture points located in shopping malls. One is underground, the other offers elevated positions on either side of the flag, creating a killing box that can defeat even the most heavily armoured intruder.

Siege of Shanghai's "levolution" moment is the demolition of the central tower, caused by shooting out the supporting columns at the front. It's a dramatic sight, but one that only really has a strategic purpose if you've got Commanders in play.

Golmud Railway


An early favourite, this is a Battlefield map par excellence. Broad and dotted with small hills, it slopes gently upwards to the north where small villages and farms supply the capture points in a line almost down the centre of the map. Combat here offers something for everyone, with ground troops essential for taking control of the cramped building clusters, land vehicles vital for covering the vast open spaces and air cover proving decisive with so little cover to be found.

Where cover is available, it's in the large warehouses at the south of the map. These don't stand up to much heavy punishment, but offer the most comprehensive places to hide from attack choppers and gunships.

The most interesting feature is the armoured train that carries capture point D. The train automatically moves towards the deployment zone of the controlling side, giving them the advantage when it comes to holding the point.

Mostly, Golmud Railway works because it's the sort of huge, flexible space that plays well regardless of which class you prefer and which vehicles you favour. The result is some of the best action in the game, with aerial dogfights and ground skirmishes all over the place.

Operation Locker

Set in and around a derelict prison in the Kunlun Mountains, this is the only snow-based map in the game. It's also one of the few that has limited use for vehicles, and openly favours infantry play. As such, it's perfect for Deathmatch and the new, fast and brutal Defuse mode.

The map splits almost exactly down the middle, from east to west, with one half set in the claustrophobic confines of the prison and the other set on the exposed cliffs outside. It's the interiors that offer the most exciting combat opportunities, with capture points located in cramped two-tier cell blocks and a large open circular hub with a control tower that can be destroyed as the map's levolution moment. More impactful is the simple fact that the doors in the prison can be closed, allowing players to break the circular churn by forcing pursuing players to find different paths to their target. It's a little touch that sets what could have been Battlefield 4's most COD-esque map apart from the crowd.

Lancang Dam


If any map showcases how well DICE's map design scales to suit the mode being played, it's Lancang Dam. Like Siege of Shangai, this is another U-shaped map, this time set at the base of the titular dam.

There are two main clusters of buildings, either of which would make for a fine map in a smaller-scale shooter. To the west there's a power station, full of dark corners and explosive canisters. To the east, a research station made up of multiple offices, all offering useful views over the external action but very exposed thanks to their plate glass windows. In between is a small chasm with the run-off from the dam, and a small network of roads that make good use of the land vehicles on offer.

Played on Conquest, all of this space is in play, and with a full 64-player lobby you can pretty much fill the map with meaningful action. Narrow the focus down to Deathmatch - a popular choice for this map - and everything centres around that rabbit-warren research station.

The levolution feature is as obvious as it is impressive. Land enough heavy impacts on the already-crumbling dam and it collapses completely, burying the northernmost edge of the map in rubble and triggering explosions as systems fail across the complex. It's not the most useful demolition in the game - destroying the dam takes a little too long and requires you to focus on shooting a wall at the cost of watching out for your own back - but it is one of the ones you'll want to show off when your friends play for the first time.

Rogue Transmission

Centred on a vast radio telescope array, this basin-style map allows you to fight both on top of, and underneath, the enormous radar dish at its heart. With so much of its space taken up by this gigantic smooth cup, drawing all the attention, it's easy to miss the score opportunities around the edges.

An under-construction visitor's centre, still mostly scaffold and beams, offers some much needed elevation if you can reach the top without being taken out. From there, you can spot and snipe across almost the whole map. A nearby helipad capture point provides a very handy attack helicopter when captured, and given that the dish at the centre of the map is essentially a large barrel full of infantry fish, that can make all the difference.

Flood Zone


Another popular map, if only because it offers perhaps the most umistakable example of what "levolution" can do. It's a large urban space, with a park to the east and the capture point there nestled in the middle of small hills. Across from there is the on ramp to an elevated freeway, on the other side of which is a gas station. To the west, the map offers many four- or five-storey structures, and a sprawling shanty town sprouting across the rooftops. In the middle, a car park offers a dangerously exposed capture point.

It's a wet map, with ankle deep water all over, as if you're fighting in the aftermath of a monsoon. At the north of the map, just down from the gas station, is the levee which offers the levolution feature that gives Flood Zone its prosaic name. Destroy the levee and the water pours in, rising almost one story high and changing the nature of the battle completely. Land vehicles become useless, unless you can get one onto the freeway which offers a long straight shooting gallery over the rest of the map, but boats and amphibious vehicles become vital, allowing for incredibly quick movement around spaces that were previously dry land.

This isn't a map where you want to be caught on foot, however. Once the flood hits, any infantry not above the water level in the shanty town are easy prey for the miniguns of RHIB boats or helicopters as they swim slowly from place to place.


It would be unfair to call Dawnbreaker Battlefield 4's least interesting map, as in any other company it would be a pretty great addition. It's another urban map, but one that lacks Siege of Shanghai's sense of scale, or Flood Zone's dynamic shift from land to water, and horizontal to vertical.

As the name suggests, this map is set as the sun rises making it the closest to a night map in the game. It's a city map with lots of long open streets, making it a veritable buffet of points for tank and gunnery experts. With all the capture points at ground level, cruising between the skyscrapers, crosshairs at the ready, is a great way to deplete enemy tickets.

Matches on Dawnbreaker can be fun, but it's a standard sort of fun for Battlefield and the only truly interesting capture point is in the Embassy, set slightly apart from the rest. It's here, in the gloomy interiors and bottleneck gateway entrances, that your skill at dominating the enemy will truly be tested.

Paracel Storm


Battlefield 4 makes water a key feature, promoting sea vehicles from half-hearted addition to tactical necessity. Nowhere is this more clear than on Paracel Storm, a tropical map with vast expanses of open water and clusters of sporadic land masses to the east. It's a map that demands shrewd dominance of the waves to keep the enemy on the back foot.

One of the capture points, often overlooked in the rush to get to the familiarity of land, is found on a wrecked battleship, where the exposed deck is great for taking down incoming boats and choppers, but equally leaves those doing the capturing open to attack from above.

Other fun capture points spread across the derelict military base include one in an abandoned firebase, where concrete trenches are perfect for shotgun fanatics, a barracks, and at the very far end of the map, a dockside area where infantry and boats can go head to head. The more fiendishly inclined player can shoot out some of the wind farm turbines out to sea and set a ship adrift, which then crashes into the mainland.

The key feature here, though, is the storm of the title, which brews and breaks with uncanny realism. The subtle shifts in light as the skies darken, the first spatters of rain as the heaven's open, are just the overture to a truly fearsome tempest which impacts everything from boat handling to simple visibility. It's suitably apocalyptic, and shows that DICE is thinking about more than just making buildings fall down.

Hainan Resort

Hainan Resort perhaps suffers for being too similar to Paracel Storm in setting, but it plays very differently with a greater emphasis on land battles than sea.

At the southeast of the map there's a tangle of sandy pathways and grassy dunes. Past that lies a marina, and a capture point out in the open inviting attacks from both land and sea. At the opposite end, a close grouping of resort bungalows hides another capture point, with raised wooden walkways and bridges that allow stealthy players to belly-crawl past enemies. Bullets tend to shred this environment in minutes, however, so don't expect much cover when taking this spot.

Expect most of the fighting to centre around the hotel in the middle of the map. The Gold Coast has a central capture point in its under-construction reception area, with a mezzanine level around it and multiple points of entry that make it a ferocious infantry spot. This is a map where vehicles tend to dominate around the edges, while ground troops do the hard work in the centre. Throw in a few helicopters and fighters and you've got a fairly linear map that offers more variety than you might think.

Zavod 311


A derelict factory complex is the setting for this map, which is large without offering many open spaces. There's junk everywhere, not to mention ample foliage cover, making it one of the few sizeable maps where infantry can get from one end to the other without being too exposed.

Worker's habitation offers your first hotspot, just to the east of the map's centre. The capture point here is surrounded by two-storey homes, but the cover they provide quickly falls apart as the buildings take damage. At the opposite end of the map, butting right up against its western perimeter, a cluster of railroad cars hides one of the trickiest points to hold, surrounded as it is by multiple angles of attack and few long lines of sight. Sneaky players can even hide in the boxcars, closing the doors to stay out of view.

It's the two enormous factory buildings in the middle of the map that attract all of the attention, generally. At ground level, they offer dingy arenas where capture points are fiercely contested. Head for the various ladders bolted to the outside walls, however, and the map's strategy deepens. There are several rooftop levels, all of which provide the sort of aerial advantage that can turn the tide of a match, but also provide no cover at all. Maintaining a useful force of spotters, snipers and anti-air troops on these rooftops is the best way to dominate here.


Maps bf4 best

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Despite being nearly 3 years old, Battlefield 4 is still going strong as one of, if not THE leading first person shooter on the market. A massive launch that completely backfired made a lot of players lose hope but a number of free weapons, DLCs, battlepacks and maps have proven that DICE really cares about making Battlefield 4 work. It won’t be long until Battlefield 5 has arrived, it’s quite crazy to think that they can improve on Battlefield 4 but it’ll have even better graphics, more destruction and more fun. As a final salute to Battlefield 4, here’s the best maps in the game (including DLCs)!

10. Hammerhead


The Final Stand DLC was met with mixed reviews, on one side it was a hugely immersive DLC that brought us into the futuristic version of Battlefield with the introduction of the hover tank. On the other side, the maps weren’t that well designed and infantry combat was scarce. Of all the Final Stand maps to stand (pun intended) out, it would have to be Hammerhead as it does have really good infantry and vehicle combat.

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9. Propoganda


This is a great map that is included in the Dragon’s Teeth DLC. It’s set in North Korea, you’re in the middle of a desolate city filled with monotone structures and tons of government propaganda. The map includes huge infantry choke-points, a few fully destructible objectives, a moving train and an overall great map to play on for every playstyle.

8. Operation Mortar


Operation Mortar is a very beautiful map that has a huge island in the middle and several small islands surrounding it. The beauty of this map creates a huge amount of immersion and is a really fun map to play on, particularly on the Carrier Assault gamemode. It has a large underground complex which is amazing for close-quarter infantry combat but boats and even helicopters can get inside, which makes it even more awesome!

7. Siege of Shanghai

The debut map used in the beta is one of the most recognisable maps in the game. It has a huge skyscraper in the middle of the map which is a great objective for infantry combat, it produces some epic moments when you try and take the point with an attack or transport helicopter. The large amount of flanking routes, choke-points, vehicles and destructible terrain make this map full of awesome ways to get around the map, whether you play infantry or vehicle warfare.

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6. Paracel Storm

The moment the storm rolls in on this map is one of the memorable first-time experiences of any first person shooter on the market today. It starts off as a pretty normal island map, taking objectives and fighting as normal. What truly makes this map so great is when the storm rolls in and the map completely changes. Calm seas become monstrous, long-range warfare becomes more difficult, vehicles have a harder time spotting and taking out enemies, this map is a true Battlefield experience. There’s also a really cool Easter Egg too but I won’t mention what it is, in case of spoilers.

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5. Operation Outbreak

Battlefield fans have been calling out for a jungle map for a long time and DICE finally delivered after cocking up the launch so much. Even though it’s a huge map, it’s mostly focused on infantry gameplay which makes it really enjoyable. There is no reason for vehicle users to be disappointed as there are several vehicles available for you too!

It’s a beautiful map with great gameplay that suits all playstyles but the best thing is; it’s free!

4. Golmund Railway

This map is perfect for those who enjoy vehicle warfare, each side gets a large amount of vehicles to choose from as they battle it out over this fairly open land. There are small towns around the place for infantry and a moving objective to spice things up a bit. This map works really well with all kinds of gamemodes, even rush!

3. Caspian Border

The Battlefield 3 classic returns in the Second Assault DLC and provides a beautiful, fun, well-designed level for players to enjoy. Large-scale destruction, works well with all gamemodes, vehicles, infantry warfare, this map has everything. There are some very slight Easter Eggs as the remnants of the battles on the BF3 map are still there to see!

2. Silk Road

Silk Road is a map that comes with the China Rising DLC and has been met with numerous positive reviews and player feedback. The map is a large-scale desert map with small military bases dotted around, it focuses largely on vehicle warfare but there are some aspects of infantry fighting. Overall it’s a good balance, it’s arguably the perfect map for the Conquest game mode and also perfect for running people over or getting jihadi jeep kills. It’s a really fun map with great game-play that just falls short of top spot for reasons that will become clear once you see the map that is first.

1. Operation Metro

Another great map to come out of the Second Assault DLC, Operation Metro was a great map before but had flaws, the new Metro is a different story. Some parts of ceilings are now destructible, more flanks have been added and the addition of the elevator was welcome. The 3200 tickets, 64 player servers are less of a “prone and bipod combo” and more of an action-packed, objective based fight. The large majority of the map is CQB which makes it very attractive to those who just want a quick, infantry based battle. This is surely the best map in Battlefield 4!

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