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      Men's and Women's designer for the video game studio Bethesda. Small start-up with added roles such as Technical Designer, Soft Goods Designer, Hard Goods Designer, Graphic Artist, and Production/Merchandising. Sole Apparel Designer owning every aspect of producing custom apparel. Added responsibility of managing and leading various projects and the intern.

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      Men's and Women's designer in the video game industry. Added roles such as Technical Designer, Production Coordinator, & Graphic Artist. Maintained responsibility of owning projects from start to finish. Worked alongside Owner of the Company and Merchandiser to finalize product lines, quantities, and costing.

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      Spring Semester Teaching Assistant for the Industrial Design soft goods course: Textiles Materials & Fabrication.

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      Head CAD Designer of all men’s, women’s, and SMU Departments. Attended the annual PGA Show and all national sales meetings. Added responsibility of creating and maintaining all color, design, and server organization.

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      Contributor of apparel graphics and logo designs for the Spring/Summer 2015 season.

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      Added roles such as Asst. Technical Designer, Graphic Designer, and Product Development Coordinator. Worked alongside Owner of the Company and Buyers to design specific lines. Added responsibility of owning projects from start to finish.

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      New York, NY

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      Created costing packages, technical packages, and line drawings. Managed color inventories and color cards involving Pantone, Color Solutions, Scotdic, & HuePoint. Responsibility of overseas communications and package tracking.

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Why Bethesda Tweeted About Selling BioWare's Mass Effect Merchandise

The Bethesda Gear Store Twitter mysteriously promoted a Mass Effect shirt, despite Bethesda not being connected to BioWare's sci-fi RPG. Here's why.

BioWare fans were recently left confused when Bethesda, publisher of RPGs like Skyrim and Fallout 4, appeared to be selling a Mass Effect shirt. Despite Bethesda and BioWare's Mass Effect having no apparent connection to each other, there may be a simple explanation.

On July 14, the official Bethesda Gear Store Twitter account tweeted about a new, Mass Effect-branded shirt. This tweet was deleted, but a second, duplicate tweet later emerged, only to be deleted as well. With Bethesda's parent company, Microsoft, buying up many developers in recent years, some were suspicious, though much of the theorizing seemed tongue in cheek. Perhaps this was an accidental reveal that Microsoft was acquiring the Electronic Arts-owned BioWare; the Mass Effect games were once Xbox exclusive, after all.

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But as it stands, there is no significant connection between Microsoft, Bethesda, and BioWare. Bethesda's own, upcoming sci-fi RPG, Starfield, is as close as the company has ever come to making a game like Mass Effect. How, then, did the Bethesda Gear Store Twitter even get an image of a Mass Effect shirt, and why would it tweet it out?

What Bethesda & Mass Effect Have In Common

Bethesda is not making anything Mass Effect-related. While the tweet appeared on the account for the Bethesda Gear Store, no such shirt is for sale on the website, and the tweet itself actually linked to the BioWare Gear Store, where the shirt is now available. The Bethesda and BioWare stores are both operated by the same company: Development Plus Inc. The company has made merch for several game publishers, including 2K, Capcom, Ubisoft, EA, and Sony, and it hosts the gear store of Techland, developer of Dying Light.

The DPI website says it can "manage the entire process from concept to delivery" and that it has "In-House Marketing and PR." This means that the Mass Effect shirt was most likely created by DPI and that both gear store Twitter accounts are operated by DPI. Whoever runs the accounts seems to have simply accidentally tweeted from one when they meant to use the other. Given that both have black-and-white profile icons and are for companies that start with "B," it'd be an easy mistake to make. An ad for the same shirt with the same text was later tweeted by the BioWare Gear Store account.

This appears to have been a simple mistake made by a third party, rather than any kind of conspiracy or unannounced business deal. Bethesda is not selling any Mass Effect merch, but the shirt is still available for fans to buy via the BioWare store instead.

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I’m going to cut straight to it and start with the very best item which has been announced during the past few days which is the prototype version of the Fallout Assaultron statue and it is absolutely drop dead gorgeous at just over 8 inches tall and made from hand painted polyresin. It is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide and retails for a pretty reasonable $95. There is however, also for the same price, but this time limited to 500 pieces the classic version of this defence robot. Responses to these have been a bit mixed on social media, but as I said, that prototype version is super nice!

Further polyresin figures to be added to these 2 Assaultrons are Protectron, Nick Valentine, the Sole Survivor (male) and a Feral Ghoul. These 4 models are however open edition products at a 1:16 scale making them almost half the size of the limited edition statues, but also a quarter of the price at $25 each.

Getting back in to the realm of limited edition releases, and once again with just 200 being produced world wide is a almost 3.5 inch tall technicolor cannibal vault boy statue complete with a little diorama and makes up part of their gruesome deaths series of mini statues. This guy is available to pre order for $40. Of course we can’t close this article without a quick mention of the $20 each color changing Fallout Shelter game mugs!

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