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While many find maths a chore to do and not to mention understand most of it, there is a set of people who adore math and live to solve math problems. When it comes to tattoos featuring math equations, we find it as tough to comprehend as the ones we find in text books.  But to people who are into it, it is almost as good as their religion. They love it and adore it.

For a mathematics geek the way a formula is given itself could seem like art. While geeks are not associated with tattoos normally, their passion for their subject may drive them to show off their passion in the form of a tattoo. After all tattoos and body art is about one’s passion and what it symbolizes for them.

Here are some interesting design variations in math tattoos:

E=MC2 design in a tattoo: This is supposed to represent infinity and also possibilities that are never ending. Maybe lay people like us may not understand this but for a person into mathematics this could be very symbolic.


Tattoos with numbers: The Pi tattoo has been made to look like and form a heart like shape showing us an artistic and creative side of mathematics.


Pacman in tattoo form: We all love the Pac Man character in games and for math genius who shows a math problem being consumed by Pac Man is both an appealing as well understandable design. We must say that a lot of thought and immense imagination must have gone into the design of this tattoo.


Tattoo design with Rubik’s cube: This is something that most of us know and are familiar with. Many of us have even spent hours trying to solve the Rubik’s cube puzzle. In the math world a Rubik cube is supposed be in remembrance of a loved one suffering from cancer.


A curve tattoo that looks like a heart: A very appealing tattoo design that must be really hard to draw with such colors and dimensions


Infinity Tattoo design: This could be a really intricate and difficult design that may take up a lot of space. Another thing is that the equations on this one would be understood by few. Things like the Born Oppenheimer Approximation and the  3-Dimensional Schrödinger Equation along with a Schrödinger Equation.


Triangle with golden ratio: This is the picture of a golden ratio that is drawn in form of rectangle The ratios given on the sides of the triangle are the golden ration. May not be understood by all but pretty cool for those in the know


The tattoo with Zermelo- Frankel: This has some handpicked axioms from the set theory. The axioms which are nine in total form the base for the Zermelo- Frankel theory. These are supposed to be the foundation for the entire subject of mathematics.


For most of us who are not into mathematics this may seem like something that is difficult to understand or follow. But we all know that tattoos are about your passion and what you love. It is about expressing and committing to things that we strongly believe in a very publicly visible way. It is deeply personal and has to do with what we love.

If you are a math geek then this should definitely appeal to you. There could be a particular formula or branch of mathematics that you are particularly attached to or feel very strongly about. You could consult with a tattoo expert about the possibility of getting it tattooed on your body. This could be your own cool and personal way of celebrating your love for the subject.




















55 Science and Math Tattoos For Geeks

I have to admit I’m not the best at math or science, there are many people that simply adore these subjects! In text books science and math is just a series of equations that some lucky people find easy to understand.

These math and science geeks love the topics so much they decide to get some cool science and math tattoos. Hence if you love numbers or anything to do with science. Such as chemistry, physics, biology or complex mathematical symbols they also make for great tattoo designs.

Tattoo art that is based around numerical symbols or astrology signs or any kind of scientific sign or math mark are seen as intelligent and highly thought provoking. It is for this reason that number tattoos, astrology designs and math equations make for such fantastic ink designs. These body art styles also look amazing when paired with artistic script and flowing text characters.

Math Tattoos

If you know your sums the you will know that math tattoos are a great way to show your peers how smart you are, and they look exceedingly cool

So if you are good with numbers, science, algorithms and all things brainy and geek. Chances are that you will appreciate these really cool math and science themed tattoo designs.

If you’re a real mathematics geek and simply love science, maybe you should consider getting a numbers tattoo? These science and math tattoos showcase some amazing tattoo ideas featuring E=MC2, Albert Einstein. Plus awesome DNA artwork, numbers, science and math quotes and even the solar system.

So checkout the weird science on these awesome math tattoo designs. If you are in the mood for a similar design be sure to consult your tattoo designer or artist. At the end of the day you know it all adds up.

55 Inventive Science and Math Tattoos

E=MC2, Albert Einstein tattoo

Amazing tattoo ideas featuring E=MC2, Albert Einstein

mathematical tattoos

More mathematical calculations on this interesting tattoo design

complex calculations body art

Theres a whole lot of complex calculations going on here in this body art example

 minimalist tattoo idea

A subtle minimalist tattoo idea

math leg tattoos

I guess if your leg isn’t long enough you just have to do your sums on the other leg instead.

shoulder math tattoo

Striking colors are a feature of this shoulder math tattoo

science chest tattoos

This massive science tattoo design covers the bulk of this guys chest, impressive but not for everyone.

leg DNA tattoo

Colorful DNA tattoo leg design that if going to get you noticed in shorts.

science body art back

Very interesting symbol designs in this example of science tattoos for the back

back tattoos script

If you like all over scientific script then this could be the science tattoo creation that you have been searching for.

DNA tattoo designs

Colorful strands of DNA in this tattoo example design.

minimalist math tattoos

A minimalist math tattoo design that is not too invasive either.

science arm body art

The science of the arm, this piece of scientific themed body art runs from the wrist all the way to the shoulder.

evolution body art ideas

A oool tattoo design possibly depicting the evolution of the species over time.

script tattoos

More scientific script in this spirally tattoo example, thin lines depict formula and mathematical themes.

The instruments of science tattoo design

The instruments of science body art and tattoo idea

upper back science tattoos

More science formula tattoos with the example of mathematical body art on the upper back

Biology tattoos

This is a biology themed science tattoo depicting the characteristics of a species.

number tattoos

Code like numbers are a feature of this particular design, a sequence of code, security numbers, who knows for sure.

scientific signs

This tattoo looks inflamed and angry red, more scientific signs

The instruments of medicine

The instruments of medicine and biology are displayed here on this impressive chest and shoulder design.

symbol tattoos

Mathematical symbols and a puzzle cube are a feature of this creative design and body art.

55 Science and Math Tattoo Designs

There you have it, if you love numbers and all things science there are 55 math and science tattoo ideas to start number crunching on.

With these unique tattoo ideas you can opt for minimalist math tattoo designs or go for something bigger and bolder. It depends how geeky you are and how much you love your maths and science topics.

Be inspired and go out there and find yourself a truly awesome new math tattoo design for an empty spot on your body. Who ever said getting inked with a tattoo wasn’t so smart? Einstein would approve of these science themed body art ideas, you just know that. Inking a maths and science tattoo simply counts up on every level.

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Tattoo Sleeves: What You Should Know


Nordic lore and viking culture continue to fascinate and intrigue tattoo lovers.

Viking tattoo sleeves are intricate and use lots of lines and shapes to reproduce meaningful Nordic symbols.

Popular symbols are the Vegvisir, the Helm of Awe, and Odin, which represent power and protection, normally included in a full arm tattoo sleeve, and worn as symbolic armor. 

Black & Grey 

As the name implies, black and grey tattoos use only shades of black ink. Modern ink comes in a wide range of greys to achieve the perfect shading technique.

This style uses soft shading and fine lines to create everything from realistic portraits to abstract designs.

The beauty of this style is that the different shades add depth and dimension to the tattoo sleeve.


Traditional Japanese tattoos always have, and always will be a popular choice for tattoo sleeves.

Modernized Asian designs include symbols like dragons, koi fish, ponds, cherry blossoms, geishas, and more. These symbols can be tattooed in vivid, bright colors or black ink.

One Japanese sleeve tattoo that has particular significance is koi fish swimming up a river in hopes of becoming a dragon.

This transformation is symbolic of perseverance and overcoming challenges in life.


Some tattoos look so realistic that they could leap right off your skin and come to life.

Realistic tattoo sleeves are meant to mimic portraits, animals, landscapes, and people as closely as possible.

This style is less concerned with originality, and more with making the image appear as lifelike as possible.

Realism is popular in tattoo sleeves because the arm has a large enough surface area to fit a decently sized, realistic tattoo.


The origin of blackwork tattoos overlap quite a bit with tribal tattoos simply because they both use large amounts of black ink and thick lines.

However, blackwork tattoo sleeves also encompass gothic art, engraving, calligraphy, and even geometric shapes.

Designs for blackwork tattoo sleeves typically stem from dark art symbols like tarot cards, swords, demons, and mandalas. 

New School 

Tattoo sleeves in newschool style are characterized by bright, vivid colors, exaggerated cartoonish designs, and thick, heavy linework.

This style of tattoo is influenced by comic books, tv shows, anime, graffiti, and video games. Think of it as a highly animated version of traditional tattoos. 

Old School/Traditional

When you think of a classic tattoo, this is the style you’re most likely picturing.

Popular traditional symbols include hearts, roses, anchors, pin up girls, Ed Hardy, and more.

Traditional tattoos have years of beloved history behind them, and continue to influence new styles of tattoo sleeves.

Neo Traditional

Neo traditional tattoos depict the transition of traditional tattoos into modern ones.

As a result, tattoo sleeves combine thick, traditional linework and modern, eye-catching colors.

Common neo traditional tattoos include flowers, animals, and portraits of women.

The main difference between traditional and neo traditional is the color palette; neo traditional tattoo sleeves use vibrant, sometimes shocking, colors.


Watercolor tattoos are one of the newer trends for tattoo sleeves, and have become very popular because they are aesthetically pleasing.

The finished product of a watercolor tattoo sleeve appears like someone painted a work of art right on your skin. The gentle strokes and fine linework looks like it was done with a brush rather than a needle.

Tattoo sleeves in the style of watercolor use very little black, and rely on bright colors blending together to create the outline.

Popular watercolor tattoos include animals, landscapes, and geometric shapes.


Abstract tattoo sleeves have become very popular, especially because they can be done with nearly any color palatte.

What makes a tattoo sleeve abstract is the lack of outline or structure.

It frees up the design and allows the tattoo sleeve to flow more freely up and around the arm, adding touches of color and lines as the artist sees fit.

Designing an abstract tattoo sleeve can be difficult because the possibilities are truly endless.


Polynesian tattoos are some of the oldest forms of tattoos, and were used to tell a story of that person’s life through geometric patterns.

Tribal tattoos are one of the most popular styles for tattoo sleeves because they can easily cover large surfaces, and the final product looks intricate and cohesive.

These type of tattoo sleeves are done in all black ink, with thick lines and symmetrical, geometric shapes.


The aesthetic and satisfying symmetry of geometric tattoo sleeves is what makes them so eye-catching.

Geometric tattoos are delicate, mathematical, meticulous, and the linework makes or breaks it. Artists combine precise shapes, fine lines, dots, and patterns to create a beautiful tattoo sleeve.

Geometric tattoo sleeves are usually done only in black ink, but some people like to add color. 

The Different Types Of TATTOO SLEEVES - Which one is the best?

Top 47 Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Sacred geometry consists of far more than just temples and monuments; there is a rich world of geometric tattoo art waiting to be committed to the flesh.

Popular belief holds that universal synchronicity consists of mathematical constants that make up the blueprint of life.

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks, as well as East Indian scholars, all revered sacred geometry as a visual vessel through which to reflect on the soul’s education. Since then, geometric creations have been celebrated in all forms of art, including tattoo. From simple stacked 2-D shapes of varying sizes to more complicated overlapping designs with hidden messages, there is no shortage of inspiring geometric work to choose from.

Full arm sleeves require a great deal of time and commitment for both the artist and client, but the rewards are infinite. A tattoo arm sleeve is the ideal canvas for an expansive geometric design, in both color and traditional black and white ink. Descending honeycomb hexagons, rhombuses, and even members of the animal kingdom make for astonishing pieces.

A myriad of shapes and patterns, perforated lines and dots alike, form a memorable 3/4 length sleeve, each layered over the other in a skillful rendition of the wearer’s own uniquely higher aesthetic consciousness. Geometric tattoos are designed for the sophisticated man whose masculinity speaks to a higher power and aesthetic; there is no easy interpretation, but one of infinite possibilities.

3d Geometric Sleeve Male Tattoo Designs

This geometric tattoo sleeve is a world full of geometry all on one arm. The upper portion of the piece is made up of a variety of different sized and shaped petals. These petals all seem to come together and form one large, multi-layered flower shape. Between this section and the next is a band of blank space. Then, just beneath this band is a finely inked pattern of diamond, and squarish shapes surrounding a small flower. On top of these, however, is another layer which can only partially be seen in this photo. This layer is made up of multiple Y-shaped symbols. This is quite an elaborate piece and is a strong representation of geometric tattoos. 

3d Skull Dotwork Geometric Sleeve Tattoos Male

This tattoo sleeve is composed of a large, finely-detailed skull with a cube shape separating it into multiple smaller shapes on top of its head. Behind these elements is a framework of triangular and diamond shapes that make for a slightly more subdued background on which the mystifying skull can rest against. There are a number of other interesting details about the skull this tattoo so prominently features. For example, rather than making this skull’s eyes a simple black, hollowed out space as is done with many similar tatts, the eyes shown here area more finely shaded. Another example of an interesting detail in the skull of this geometric tattoo sleeve is fine detailing of various cracks and holes all around it. These ad a sense of heightened realism to this awesome piece. 

Amazing Mens Pattern Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Designs

This geometric tattoo sleeve is a bit less complex and compact. In fact, much of it is composed of outlines, rather than fully shaded elements. A prime example of this is the large, circular shape at the middle of the piece. Negative space makes up a great deal of this part alongside some strong line work. Surrounding these pieces are various types of shape that make up circular clusters. Further up this man’s arms are several other shapes including a spread of small black crosses. While still complex in its own right, this geometric tattoo sleeve is a bit less busy than some before it.  

Artistic Red And Black Ink Male Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Here is a geometric tattoo sleeve that boasts multiple different patterns and colors. It contains everything from a large, multi-shaped flower-esque design at the top of this man’s arm to a warping, maze-like wrap around toward where his arm meets his hand. The sheer variation of all the different elements that make up this sleeve’s complete design are rather fascinating, both by themselves and as one piece of body art. It is amazing what some of the great tattoo artists of the world can do within the space of a tattoo sleeve. 

Awesome Geometric Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Black And Grey Ink Mens Tattoo With Geometric Sleeve Design

Black And Teal Ink Geometric Sleeve Mens Tattoo Designs

This geometric tattoo runs from what appears to be full coverage of this man’s arm all the way up his shoulder and beginning to reach onto his chest. It is a sleeve that contains several different geometric shapes and designs. Some of the most notable are the black, green and skin colored cubes around the upper arm area and the small, rounded outline of clover-type shapes on the forearm. It would certainly be interesting to enquire with this man about why he chose the specific shapes and shades of colors he did as it is much more difficult to infer such information from the look or design of tattoos such as these than many other, more specific and less abstract pieces. Nonetheless, even without knowing the meaning of such works as this one, it is not hard to see the interesting and fascinating aspects of geometric tattoo sleeves such as this one.  

Blue Ink Mens Tattoo Ideas With Geometric Sleeve Design

Seen here is a geometric tattoo sleeve that is primarily made up of what is a massive, multi-leveled flower shape. This shape consists of numerous shapes, most of which are either black or one of an assortment of  majestic shades of blue. Above this giant shape is a covering of linked circles, and below is an assortment of hexagons. The blues of this geometric sleeve tattoo go a long way in making it stand out from many tattoos that are very similar to it. This tattoo is undoubtedly an eye-catcher.  

Cool Geometric Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Cool Male Geometric Blackwork Skull Sleeve Tattoo Designs

This geometric sleeve tattoo features everything from black out sections divided by minimal linework to skull-like face bearing teeth that have certainly seen better days. It is truly a mix and match of three dimensional star frames, small black diamond shapes and something at least reminiscent of leaves or flower petals sticking out from behind. Nevertheless, it all seems to go together rather seamlessly and this interesting mix of symbols and shapes makes up a strange but intriguing geometric sleeve tattoo. 

Creative 3d Geometric Sleeve Tattoos For Men

This tattoo contains a swath of long beams appearing to stick to from this man’s upper-forearm. On the edges of this design are other completely different yet complementary designs such as honey comb-like hexagon on the lower side and an interesting grid layout coming off the upper arm and onto the chest. Part of the lower arm design includes thick strips of all black. A piece on this man’s rib cage that is not necessarily meant to be related to this geometric tattoo sleeve actually brings some extra flavor to the overall aesthetic. This other tattoo is of a tree and as its branches almost brush up against the sleeve in a way that interestingly contrasts the geometric patterns with the more wavy nature of the tree. 

Distinctive Male Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Dotwork Geometric Half Sleeve Tattoos For Gentlemen

Flower Pattern Geometric Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Males

Full Arm Geometric Sleeve Guys Tattoos

This geometric tattoo is quite uniform in many ways. It is made up of numerous diamond-like shapes which, while they vary in size, are for the most part placed in a defined order. Outside of these shapes is a great deal of blacked out skin which could serve to accentuate the main patterns on the arm. When the geometry hits the chest portion of the tattoo changes its patterns but still remains complimentary to the rest of the piece.  

Gentleman With Geometric Sleeve Tattoo

Geometric Full Sleeve Male Tattoos

Geometric Sleeve And Chest Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

This geometric tattoo sleeve is nothing to take lightly as it is composed of not only two full sleeves but also a large and intricate middle portion stretching from this man’s abdominal area all the way up his neck to just below his chin. This piece is quite elaborate. Certain pieces of it match, such as the swirling empty space closest to each of the man’s hands or the webbed circles on his shoulders, whereas much of the design on the right arm is different from that of the left. All of it together as one piece, however, forms an outstanding work of art. Every tattoo is a commitment, whether it be the smallest finger accent or a full body cover. This geometric tattoo sleeve is certainly further along that scale than most ink, but it seems quite likely that this man is proud of his complex and mind-bending body art. 

Geometric Sleeve Guys Tattoo Ideas

Geometric Sleeve Male Tattoo Ideas

Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Design On Man

Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Guys

Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Geometric Sleeve Tattoos Guys

This geometric tattoo sleeve is really quite remarkable. For while it may look like many of the other sleeves before it, this one shows a particular wealth of attention paid to the layering of its various parts. The large flower-like design occupying most of the viewable side of this man’s wrist to mid-arm is an excellent example of this. The reason is that this work is done in such a way that makes certain elements of the piece pop, or stand out, and keeps others slightly more subdued. Not only that but the linework on this piece is so very precise that each layer of the symbol appears in a much more  identifiable manner. Another reason why this tattoo sleeve is a particular stand-out in a world full of similar pieces is that it has been carefully and thoughtfully laid out and balanced. In other words, this sleeve is not only made up of an abundance of different elements, these elements have also been applied to the overall piece of art in such a way that positions them effectively and displays them with pristine attention to detail. These are just a few of the ways that this geometric tattoo sleeve shows particular greatness amidst those similar to it.  

Geometric Spiral Half Sleeve Mens Tattoo Ideas

This arm and chest piece is a bit less complicated that many of the tattoos shown previously. However, this is not to say in any way that it is not dynamic and impressive in its own right. It is composed of three different primary patterns. The first, on the forearm, is a layer of multiple triangles formed into a pattern that almost looks like wooden garden fencing of some type. Above this, covering the upper-arm, shoulder and upper chest is a spiral of what could be seen in a number of ways from leaves or petals to fan blades to even some sorts of imaginative staircases. Regardless, they all form a large, interesting shape. Below them, on part of the man’s chest, lies a smaller section of multiple three-dimensional V’s. All of this together is sight to see and definitely a unique formation of shapes and structures. 

Guys Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Deisgns

Guys Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Here is another geometric sleeve tattoo that makes use of a great deal of hexagons. The shape is shown in numbers on this man’s shoulder in the form of solid black shapes and featured again on his wrist. In between there is a large, gray-shaded swirl of sorts that is also covered by a layer of thin hexagons. It seems that the hexagon is quite popular amongst geometric sleeve tattoos. A part of this tattoo sleeve that is also quite mesmerizing is on the front side of the man’s arm. There exists a large diamond shape, partially on the top half of the arm and partially on the bottom half. Within this diamond are several small shapes that surround a circle. This circle is located directly in the middle of the diamond and also right at the fold of the arm. This is one very cool sleeve. 

Guys Geometric Sleeve Tattoos

Here is one badass-looking tattoo. This geometric tattoo sleeve is full of circular bases off which multiple points extend and embellish. The top circle, the one closest to this man’s shoulder, is particularly interesting in some ways. For example, the center of this circle is occupied by an interesting triangle that appears to be intertwined in a set of various thin lines. Another interesting aspect is that the triangular shapes coming off this circle are such that they almost make it appear to look like a dream catcher. 

Guys Tattoo Ideas Geometric Sleeve Designs

Guys Tattoos With Geometric Sleeve Design

Guy With Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Design

Incredible Geometric Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Male Cool Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Here is a sick looking double sleeve combination. It begins on this man’s wrists with a heavily-detailed bracelet-like design and line work and extends all the way up his arm in the form of everything from a form reminiscent of a leaf and a bicep centerpiece that looks like a tiled flower. The shading on this piece as well as the artist’s extremely fine attention to detail truly bring out the best in this fantastic piece of body art. These are beautiful examples of geometric tattoo sleeves. 

Male Geometric Inner Arm Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Male Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Design Inspiration

Male Tattoo With Geometric Sleeve Design

Male With Cool Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Design

Manly Geometric Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Masculine Circles And Dots Geometric Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Mens Cool 3d Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Here is a tattoo built around what appears to be multicolored robotics and mechanisms. It is without a doubt a cool look and is intriguing to say the very least. These mechanics seem to be made up of a variety of different pieces, all of which are of various shapes and sizes. The pieces and their respective colors (some purple, some green, etc.) are created to look like they are joining together and forming some sort of machine, perhaps the robotic makings of a cyborg? This is a sweet tattoo. 

Mens Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Lion Head Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

This geometric tattoo sleeve displays a wide variety of different shapes and angles. There are cubes stacked on larger cubes down toward this man’s wrist. There are honeycomb-esque hexagons at the top of the piece near his shoulder. In between, however, is where things get particularly interesting. For in this area, surrounded by a background of dark shading, sits a magnificent lion’s head. This head, showing the lion’s face and great mane is made up from numerous lightly-colored shards and shapes of multiple different sizes. These shapes compose a lifelike face of a lion in a very cool way. The significance of this lion could be anything from showing courage and heart to simply placing the great king of the jungle there out of admiration.

Mens Spiral Optical Illusion Tattoo Geometric Sleeve Design

As seen previously, many geometric tattoos showcase an interesting variety of different shapes, patterns and elements that all make up one unique tattoo. This sleeve is unique in its own way, that way being how it stays loyal to one primary design. As seen above, this entire sleeve is created around the central, flower-shaped image that appears to be placed directly on this man’s elbow. The rest of the sleeve then revolves around this middle piece in a series of zigzagging lines and angles. This is an aesthetically mind-bending tatt. 

Negative Space Geometric Sleeve Guys Tattoo Designs

Ornate Floral Geometric Sleeve Tattoos Men

Remarkable Geometric Sleeve Tattoos For Males

Unique Mens Geometric Sleeve Tattoos

Some geometric tattoo sleeves appear to be a bit cluttered upon first look. This man’s piece is a strong example of such. For from a mere glance this full arm sleeve can give off a certain sense of over-crowdedness. In reality, however, this could not be further from the truth. For while this piece is without a doubt large and complex one, it is certainly not cluttered. By looking at this piece even half-heartedly, from any reasonable distance, one can see that it is actually just a particularly intricate and layered work. Despite this intricacy, however, it is still a reasonably viewable and digestible geometric tattoo sleeve. 


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