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  • This movie features basically: Goten, Trunks, No. 18, Krillin, and Mr. Satan. Goku makes a brief appearance, but for the most part this movie is Goten's and Trunk's. Mr. Satan must face down a challenge and the two kids and No. 18 accompany him and do all the fighting as Mr. Satan must keep promising to pay 18 what he owes. What they find is a bio-labratory where the super strong Brolli has been reborn. Goten and Trunks must face him down with their only help Krillin and 18 and also must watch out for this purple ooze that absorbs everything in its path. This one could use a bit more, but it is one of the funnier movies in the series.

  • I had heard some bad things about this movie and it was about as bad as I thought it would be. This movie features Broly returning a second time and he's even dumber than the last time. All he said was "Kakarot" in the last movie and now he doesn't even talk at all. When he first emerges from his tank, he appears normal. Then a few shots later, we see that he turned into this goop monster. Wait, we just saw a scene with him earlier where he looked completely different. What?! The previous movie suffered from the main characters not appearing and they repeat their mistakes!

    Okay, Goku does technically appear in this movie, but it's in the last few minutes with even less screen time than the last time! It even ends with him saying he's going off to fight Broly. Why couldn't they have made the whole movie about that? It would have made more sense that way. Vegeta isn't here at all again or Piccolo or Gohan. I guess they were trying to give the spotlight to the other characters, but it just doesn't work. For the longest time, people thought this was the worst "Dragonball" movie period. Boy, were we wrong with "Dragonball: Evolution". **

  • Bio-Broly is basically another example of how a third movie in a certain movie trilogy can be a massive fail. The plot is Mr. Satan, Android 18, Goten, and Trunks are invited to a semi-tournament against a friend of Mr. Satan's who threatens to expose the Word Martial Arts Tournament champion as a fraud, but the shaman from the second Broly movie has helped him make a Bio-Human clone of Broly, and when he breaks out of his capsule, carnage is all but ensured.

    My main beef is Broly himself. While it was good he came back, he is only in his iconic form for a few seconds until he fuses himself with some dangerous fluid that deforms him into Bio-Broly, which reduces the villain to a mindless zombie. And Mr. Satan is more of a big baby in this while Goten and Trunks take center stage, the only good thing being they show they can fight without the aid of their fathers. The plot is uninteresting and feels more like a cheaply-made cash grab over the Broly character. Thank goodness the Broly movie for Dragon Ball Super gave us a canon Broly that is better than the bio-engineered abomination this one cooks up.

  • You guessed it, Broly's back..again. This really over did the character and I have to say the greatest flaw of this movie has got to be Broly. He has not a single worthwhile bit of dialogue, and he looks terrible. He spends 99.9% of the film covered in sh*t, which was just a bad idea on paper. How did it get to the screen? And where as I am pleased that the beautiful Android 18 finally gets a role in a DBZ movie, Piccolo, Vegeta, hell even Gohan don't appear at all in this one. WTF? Once more the majority OF the story's weight is on the shoulders of Trunks and Goten. I prefer them in this movie compared to the previous, actually fighting back and all. The fight scenes are in general good, although almost negated due to our raw sewage covered villain.

    the score is nothing special, you'll probably want to stick to the Japanese music in glorious 5.1 audio. Along with all the former problems , the climax is pretty lackluster in my opinion and it all comes together as a pretty dismal installment.

  • The first two Broly movies were pretty decent. The first one was insane, followed by the second, which was alright, but that's where they should have just stopped. This third installment in the Broly series known as Bio Broly is nothing but a worthless piece of crap that isn't worth the watch. The only reason I watched it, after hearing it sucked from my friends, was out of curiosity. But now that I did, I regret every minute of it. Nothing but an abomination to DBZ.

    The story is that a former rival of Hercule wants revenge for ruining his dream of Martial Arts. His plan includes resurrecting the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly as a biotechnology monster. So, Trunks, Goten, Krillin, 18, and even Hercule team up to fight this monster.

    Won't you just be excited to see Hercule fighting, great start, right? Wrong!

    Where do I begin? First off, its short, so there's so much limit inside that you never feel excited. It takes place in one single location, and the fight scene is pathetically short and stupid. Just the whole idea and premise is pointless. They could have easily concluded the Broly series with the second, a perfect ending. But no, they had to include Broly like a monster, and they also had to include Hercule. Are you joking me? Its like that's the one reason for making a third one, to include Hercule, and Hercule sucks!!!

    The one somewhat decent thing about it is that it includes Android 18, who is insanely hot! I forgot how hot she was, so when I saw her, I was like, yeah baby, do your thing.

    Other than that, this movie is not worth it. Curiosity killed the cat, well, curiosity killed my ass!

  • I loved the first Broly film. To have another Saiyan with so much power and the twist of insanity due to this power was great. The second film that followed was a massive contrast, since it had a more comedic tone with the involvement of Goten and kid Trunks. Many felt it didn't do the power of Broly justice, but I thought it was great fun to see such a villain be brought down by opponents who made you laugh along the way. Since the third instalment would also involve the same protagonists with the addition of Hercule and Android 18, I was expecting something similar.

    Having Broly come back as a mishmash between a Saiyan and robot was a good idea. Not exactly novel, but it was different from the concept of Androids, which I thought was somewhat original. Regardless, when Broly rose again, we were greeted with the same angry Saiyan, albeit with a different face. The fight scenes that ensued were unlike any other I had come to expect from Dragon Ball. Sure, there were Ki-blasts and explosions, but it seemed very contained within the environment it was set in. It also felt a bit less 'epic' than the other fights we had seen with Broly. Perhaps it may just be that the bio-form of Broly was weaker, I don't know. I still enjoyed it for its different format, but I would have appreciated something a bit bigger given Broly's power.

    I feel this movie has been underrated as a Dragon Ball movie. Just because it did not follow the typical formulation of the series, it doesn't make it bad. I enjoyed the different setup and fight scenes. The only reason why I deducted a few points was because this movie had a bit more potential that I felt it did not tap into.

  • Finally some character development. 😂

    Watched this and Broly 2 after 100 grueling episodes of Buu genociding the entire universe and I'm happy to be back to the best parts of Dragon Ball.

    Plus, Krillin and his wife's relationship needed to be fleshed out more, and this was perfect.

  • For the record, I watched this subtitled. I typically cannot stand dubbing, save for the trio of films I owned on VHS as a young lad (Lord Slug, Cooler's Revenge/Return, each helped by a more unique American score, IMO). I switched it to dub for just a moment to see the difference, and well suffice to say it's simply not the same film.

    A rich egotistical "villain," an island fortress getaway a la Bond complete with army of mad scientists and bio-henchmen, a refreshingly mute Broli who for once doesn't pout on about crying Kakarot (WTF was ever up with that? Way to kill off the "Legendary Super Saiyan's" potential as anything but annoying, IMO), a killer absorbing Blob, unique cast of "heroes" who rarely if ever get to shine, a Battle Royale, human greed, extortion (of sorts, 18's repeated upping of price), and original finish to a film's villain (i.e., no ki beams or willfully spontaneous bursts of super-power here.) For me, each of these factors in to what I find to be the most underrated (quite literally, as per IMDb score) DBZ film. This has been my short review: feel free to stop here (if anyone reads this at all) as the rest is just more in-depth and my inability to stop/love for writing.

    This is certainly one strange beast within the DBZ films, and only one of two movies I hadn't seen for some reason (Bojack being the other). Interestingly I found all the reviews relevant as it's apparent personal opinion plays a large factor. The film seems shorter than most, but I found this to work to it's advantage (short n' sweet as they say). The film largely removes Broli's demeanor or personality, but he never really had one to begin with. He's never really been entirely there to say the least, and really just relegates to pure, unintelligible evil/brute force. At least here he is treated with such, with literally one line of "Kakarot" as he dies - much better than the hundred fold repetitions of such incurred during his "Second Coming." I can see how this film would rank low among hardcore Broli fans, as has been said, but I admittedly am not. I enjoyed the first film, but it was over-hyped for me, even at the time of its release (the only DVD I actually bought, due to Broli's hype-in at the time), but "Second Coming" is my least favorite of the DBZ films (though I enjoyed the Goku/Gohan/Goten combo finale, which was much better than Goku's sudden ability to KO the UNTOUCHABLE Broli in his first film).

    This film is an amalgamation of World's Strongest (Biowarriors/mad science), the Blob (or The Raft, if you'd rather), and the Broli films, all thrown into the World Games era of DBZ. It is the only DBZ film to feature a recurring villain for round 3. It is one of the few DBZ films to not end with the not lame in itself, but lame in severe repetition, "get tremendous power/energy from out of nowhere and utterly destroy villain bit" And it sports one of, if not the most unique cast of leads/characters, giving hitherto unacknowledged/under(improperly) used characters a time to shine/do something. Krillin actually does something other than a)charge villain in straight line, b) get smacked by said villain, and c)lament "Why does this only happen to me?" Even Mr. Satan does something, and with Android 18 (so refreshing to see her), his usual annoyance is undercut because she's about the only character who openly defies his B.S about being World Champ.

    My favorite "Broli" film, and one of my favorite DBZ movies (ranking up there with Return of Cooler, Battle of Gods, World's Strongest, and Fusion Reborn). 9/10 on a DBZ movie scale, FOR ME.

  • The worst of all Broly films......the fights were completely boring...and the way that Broly died was a waste of my time (allergic to water...really?) They shouldn't have even tried to make a film if they weren't going to make a sensible plot. Not to mention that they used some of the most boring characters of Dragon Ball Z.......Trunks, Hercules, Goten, and 18....and 18 gets whupped pretty easily.......don't even bother watching this the second one...and leave it at that....the first two were amazing...the first one had an epic fight with an amazing metal soundtrack that really glued together well, the second one was a really fun movie, that was goofy, but still had a memorable ending. This's boring (even though it's the shortest of them all), and I really feel like they've made Broly the most pathetic villain because of this....DON'T WATCH IT!!

  • OK... I'm a huge fan of Dragon Ball, have been since I was a kid. I've seen it all, DB, DBZ, GT, and recently just started getting around to watching the rest of the movies I hadn't seen.

    Pros: Goten and Trunks actually fight without their parents help for once That's all I got...

    Cons: Terrible Plot Mediocre fight scenes Broly is a blob... what... lame AWFUL ending, horribly lame

    Worst Dragon Ball animated movie YET. That said, the others were all pretty decent. I'm a fan of the big power ups and the struggle to survive. I also like to see the "bad guys" go out with a big bang.

  • No Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and barely any Goku; this is pretty much a long, pointless filler episode of Dragon Ball Z.

  • Plot: Goten, Trunks, and Lazuli (AKA: Android 18) follow Mr. Satan to Mei Queen Castle (similar to the Monsoon Place in the 007 film Octopussy). There, they find a bunch of Bio-Warriors and scientists in a laboratory. However, Goten and Trunks also find a clone of Broly called Bio-Broly, and when the monster is released, they soon find out that he's just as strong as the original. With Goten and Trunks having a score to settle against Broly and the Culture Fluid absorbing everything and everyone in sight, will the two boys, along with Lazuli, Krillin, and Mr. Satan, make it out of this battle of life or death alive?

    With this being the third of four Broly films I'm watching to celebrate Dragon Ball Super: Broly's release, and the most hated of the original animated films, I was expecting my reaction to be like the rest of the Bio-Broly haters when I started this movie, specifically "This movie is terrible, what was Toei even THINKING?!" But by the end of this movie, I found out that it did NOT disappoint!

    First off, I'll begin with the upsides, starting with the plot. It was really interesting to see flashbacks to Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming (specifically the flashback with Goten, Trunks, Videl, and Maloja, and the one where Goku and his sons kill Broly), and to see what happened to Maloja shortly after that.

    Then, there's the characters themselves. Goten and Trunks (the kid Trunks, not Future Trunks) return for their second movie appearance, Krillin appears for his 11th movie appearance straight, while Broly and Maloja, the priest from the previous film, return for their last. We also get to see three good guys in the show make their first movie appearances: specifically Hercule, Android 18, and Marron. Hercule makes another appearance in Fusion Reborn, but Lazuli and Marron aren't seen again until Battle of Gods.

    Next up is Bio-Broly himself. Sure, his design for the majority of the film maybe a little too weird to put on paper and on screen (more on that later), but he can kick some Super Saiyan avocados. He's just as strong as the original Broly was in Second Coming, but combine the OG Broly's strength with bio-technology, and you've got a force to be reckoned with.

    Finally, the battles, and I personally think that they are the highlight of the film. Sure, they're mostly against the main villain, but they didn't disappoint me. Heck, Bio-Broly even put a small dislocation on Goten's shoulder with his Mouth Energy Wave attack, and the animation in the fights is GODLIKE! And they called this movie terrible.

    Now for the downsides, which there aren't many. First is Bio-Broly's design. The good thing about this is that it put FEAR in my heart when I first saw it in the 2005 trailer. He looked like something out of a horror movie! The DOWNSIDE however, wasn't how scary he looked: it was how the design looked. It's simple:

    Step 1: Take Broly.

    Step 2: Melt his skin off so you can see his chest organs.

    Step 3: Make his eyes red.

    Step 4: Cover him in melted dark green colored Play-Doh so much that you can only see the back of the spikes on his hair.

    Step 5: Put lots of blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers in Broly's mouth.

    Step 6: You have Bio-Broly.

    Now, I'm not saying that this design was bad, heck, I think it was one of the most creative and unique Dragon Ball Z movie villain designs I've ever seen! However, I just don't think it was the right design. I'd rather like it if they did the blue bio-warrior design for this movie, but kept the hair and Broly's eyes the way they were.

    The other downside is that Goku barely appeared in the movie. The only parts he appeared in were when the flashback of Broly dying happened, and at the very end of the movie on Grand Kai's Planet. I would like it if the movie was a little longer so we could see Goku and Pikkon fighting Broly in Hell.

    In conclusion, other than these two minor downsides, Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly is not only one of the most underrated Dragon Ball films (along with Tree of Might, Lord Slug, and Super Android 13), but one of the best Dragon Ball movies YET. Bio-Broly is the first horror movie based Dragon Ball Z movie I have ever watched, and it featured a really unique villain that is sadly hated among most of the Dragon Ball franchises biggest fans.

  • Some might say this movie isn't very good. Don't listen to them. See this one, not the first two Broly movies.

    Bio Broly dares to be original and different from its predecessors and is one of the funniest and most entertaining of the DBZ movies. Broly was never good or interesting in the first place, so here he could be anyone. It doesn't really matter as he is satisfactory for the film's purpose. Most importantly, Bio Broly is believable for DBZ standards. He was created by messing with science and dies in the deadly acid from whence he came, not from clichéd laser attacks, but by the brains of our heroes. Check it out. Not quite as good as some of the other movies but original enough to surpass its crappy prequels.


  • This is the worst DBZ movie ever made. What were they thinking when they made this garbage? Turning Broly into some green slim monster really. That was so stupid. Also they had him fight Goten, Kid Trunks, Android 18 & Krillin and had have him lose to them. That doesn't even make sense because they are not that strong. The first one had him fight a more realistic team to lose to when he fought Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Teen Gohan and Future Trunks. It made more sense for him to lose to Goku sense Goku is considered to be the strongest character in the show.The first one was good. The second one was OK but this one was just straight up terrible. I just recommended the first two to be watch. No one should even bother watching this garbage.

  • This is probably my least favourite DBZ Movie. I didn't like how they handle Broly's character and the plot wasn't that good. But the movie was still kinda enjoyable.

  • I have no idea why this movie is hated so much. Like okay, its not the greatest DBZ by any means, and it's not even a great movie in its own right, but worst Dragon Ball movie? Nah.

    This movie has some good things going for it, well in terms of Dragon Ball things anyway, since the story is basically just the typical Dragon Ball formula schtick. First off, it primarily features characters that get little to no spotlight and allows them to save the day for once, those characters being Goten, Trunks, Krillin, 18, and Hercule. Unlike Second Coming, this movie actually features the kids fighting Broly in a non comedic way (ehhh...well at least in a way that isn't just running away the whole time...), and when it's just Bio Broly and the kids it's fairly enjoyable.

    Another pro is the setting. This is a minor thing but just having the fight take place in a closed location is pretty cool. With that in mind, people are actually in danger and we actually get to see cool scenes like Goten stopping his fight with Broly despite having an advantage to save some scientists from the, I guess. Again, not huge but nice little touch. The action in general in this movie is kinda cool. Not "WHOA UBER ACTION BRO" cool but like, cool enough to keep me interested. Better than Android 13's action anyway.

    This is an unpopular opinion, but Bio Broly has a good, menacing design and I think it suits the movie well enough. I think the biggest problem with this movie is honestly the fact that it's a third Broly movie. If it was just some rando villain I'm guessing there's a good chance this movie would be liked a bit more.

    This movie definitely has downsides too. Aside from the obligatory paper thin plot that comes packaged with nearly every old DBZ movie, the ending of this movie is pretty eh. Trunks finds out the goo stuff kills Broly so he shoots a ki blast at a pipe and it bursts, evaporating Broly. Then later, Broly rises out of the sea but hardens to rock. Pretty lame. The beginning aint too amazing either but at least it has some charm to it.

    All in all, not a horrible horrible movie like everyone says it is. This movie is just simply an extension of the anime that lets you see the characters more. Mediocre, yeah. Worst DB movie? Far from it.




Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly

Powers / Skills

High power level

Several of Broly's original powers
Complete body manipulation
Can shoot acid from his mouth


Killing anyone he comes scross.

Destroying anything in sight.
Consume anything in his Culture Fluid.


Destroy all life.

Kill Goku, Trunks, Goten, Krillin, Android 18 and Mr. Satan.


Type of Villain

Bio-Engineered Clone

~ The only lines that comes out of Bio-Broly's mouth.

Bio-Broly is a mutated clone of the original Broly and the main antagonist of the Dragon Ball Z movie Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly.



After the death of the original Broly at the hands of Goku, Gohan and Goten, a exiled priest named Maloja found a sample of Broly's blood. He took the blood to a wealthy man named Jaguar to create an exact clone of Broly. Jaguar brought the blood sample to a scientist named Dr. Collie to create the Broly clone. Shortly after, Dr. Collie and his team of scientists managed to create a stable clone of Broly known as Bio-Broly.

Bio-Broly Revealed

Shortly after Dr. Collie completed Bio-Broly, Jaguar decided to used his money to create other powerful bio-warriors. Jaguar wanted to do that to reveal that Mr. Satan is a fraud, so he sets up a fake tournament. However, the Z-Fighters intervene and are able to defeat his warriors. So he reveals his most powerful weapon, Bio-Broly. Trunks and Goten try to destroy the clone before he is released, but Bio-Broly escapes and is soon mutated by a mysterious liquid.

Confronting the Z-Fighters

Bio-Broly attempted to kill Mr. Satan, but Android 18 and Trunks intervened and prevent Mr. Satan from getting killed, but both of them get beaten down in the process. Trunks manages to get Bio-Broly between some chemical tanks, and destroys the tanks, hoping to destroy Bio-Broly. However, this only serves to make Bio-Broly even stronger. They escape the factory, and discover that sea water causes the Culture Fluid to turn to stone, so they use a Kamehameha to blast the sea water at Bio-Broly and he falls into the water. He starts to rise, but becomes stone as he does. Trunks and Goten then blast Bio-Broly, obliterating him.

The actual Broly is mentioned at the end of the movie, where he is stated to be causing trouble in Hell, and Goku and Pikkon are sent to stop him.


Bio-Broly is even more mindless and rage-filled than his original counterpart. It's unknown how he would have turned out if he hadn't been mutated and deformed, but one may only assume he may not be any different from the original Broly. Bio-Broly has no mind or motives, he simply exists to wreck havoc and devastation all out of instinct. He attacks and kills with complete indiscrimination, no hesitation, nor reasoning whatsoever.


Bio-Broly has an incredibly high power level, though it's stated that his power level is significantly weaker than the original Broly. Like nearly every villain in the Dragon Ball series, Bio-Broly has superhuman strength, durability, and endurance. He also fly and can emit multiple Ki energy blasts. Some Ki attacks include; Eraser Cannon, Double Eraser Cannon, Bio-Hyper Beam, Mouth Energy Wave and a few others. He also can manipulate and regenerate his body since it's made out of a culture fluid.

It's also possible that Bio-Broly can transform into both the Super Saiyan and Legendary Super Saiyan forms, seeing that Bio-Broly had the physical appearance of a Legendary Super Saiyan before he mutated into his current state.


Bio-Broly as a Legendary Super Saiyan

Bio-Broly, pre-mutation

Bio-Broly Mutated

Bio-Broly, post-mutation

Bio Broly Mutated
Bio Broly Gigante


  • Bio-Broly is never referred to as such in the film, instead he's referred to as "Broly".
  • The only line of dialogue Bio-Broly says is: "KAKAROT!"
  • The containment unit Bio-Broly was in had the number 13 on it, which is symbolic of bad luck according to superstitions.
  • Out of all the movie villains, Bio-Broly is easily the most hated character of them all due to his unappealing design, the lack of Broly's formidability and his incredibly humiliating defeat.
  • As a result of his unpopularity, Bio-Broly has only appeared in two video games since the movie's release, compared to his original counterpart who has appeared in almost every single game.


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Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly

1994 Japanese film

Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly, known in Japan as Dragon Ball Z Defeat the Super Warrior!! I'll Be The Winner (Japanese: ドラゴンボールZ 超戦士撃破!!勝つのはオレだ, Hepburn: Doragon Bōru Zetto Sūpā Senshi Gekiha!! Katsu No wa Ore da) or by Toei's own English title Dragon Ball Z: Attack! Super Warriors, is a 1994 Japanese animatedscience fictionmartial arts film and the eleventh Dragon Ball Z feature movie. It was released in Japan on July 9 at the Toei Anime Fair alongside Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: N-cha!! Excited Heart of Summer Vacation and the second Slam Dunk movie. It was the third Dragon Ball Z movie to feature the character of Broly, albeit as a genetic clone.


In a laboratory, humanoids emerge from tanks after having been created by the scientist Dr. Collie who's employer, Mr. Jaguar, plans to use these humanoids to expose the "world's greatest fraud", and laughs madly as a muscular, nude man with a tail lays dormant in another tank.

Android 18 harasses Mr. Satan as he has yet to pay her for purposely losing to him in the World Martial Arts Tournament final while Krillin, Trunks, Goten and Marron wait outside. A businessman named Men-Men arrives and speaks with Mr. Satan, telling him that Mr. Jaguar, who was Mr. Satan's rival at summer camp, has requested his presence on his island laboratory to have him fight his special fighters, and threatens to expose Mr. Satan as a bed wetter if he refuses. Mr. Satan reluctantly accepts with Android 18 accompanying them to make sure Mr. Satan keeps good on his promise for payment. Trunks and Goten stow away, hoping to find a challenging fight.

On the island, a tournament is organized to pit Jaguar's bio-warriors against Mr. Satan. Android 18, Goten and Trunks ask to take part by posing as his pupils. Goten and Trunks easily defeat the bio-warriors and they observe the excommunicated shaman from the village they encountered during their fight with Broly. Trunks and Goten explore the lab and find a tank which appears to house Broly who is supposed to be dead. They confront the shaman who tells them that after Broly was killed, he found a sample of the Legendary Super Saiyan's blood and took it to Jaguar, who used it to have a clone created. Goten and Trunks attempt to destroy the clone but he breaks out of the tank and attacks them. The ensuing struggle causes a major leak of a dangerous bio-fluid that instantly devours matter. The Broly clone is drenched in the bio-fluid and becomes deformed. Jaguar orders Bio-Broly to kill Mr. Satan but Android 18 saves him and is subsequently defeated. Goten and Trunks battle Bio-Broly while the bio-fluid kills all of the bio-warriors, scientists, and the shaman.

Bio-Broly pummels Goten, Trunks, and Android 18. Krillin saves Android 18 but is also defeated. Trunks lures Bio-Broly beneath a bio-fluid tank and destroys it, showering Bio-Broly in more of the fluid which appears to damage him. They attempt to evacuate the island but Dr. Collie tells them that the bio-fluid will continue to spread until it covers the entire Earth. However, they discover that the fluid turns to stone upon contact with seawater so Goten, Trunks and Krillin each fire a Kamehameha wave at the base of the island, causing a massive wave of seawater to flood the island and turn the fluid to stone. A colossal sized Bio-Broly suddenly emerges from the sea but before he is able to attack, he too becomes solidified. Goten, Trunks, and Krillin blast him with a combined Kamehameha wave which destroys him.

In the Other World, Goku receives orders from King Kai to help stop Broly who is rampaging in Hell.

Voice cast[edit]


  • OP (Opening Theme):
  • IN (Insert Song):
    • Chīsa na Senshi~Goten to Trunks no Tēma~ (小さな戦士~悟天とトランクスのテーマ~, "The Young Warriors ~Theme of Goten and Trunks~")
      • Lyrics by Yukinojō Mori
      • Music by Tetsuji Hayashi
      • Arranged by Osamu Totsuka
      • Performed by Susumu Oya
  • ED (Ending Theme):
    • Doragon Pawā Mugendai (ドラゴンパワー∞, "Dragon Power ∞")


"Dragon Power ∞" was released as a single on 8mm CD on July 21, 1994 in Japan. It was coupled with the image song "Chīsa na Senshi~Goten to Trunks no Tēma~" performed by Susumu Ōya.

Another CD called ~Sūpā Senshi Gekiha!! Katsu no wa Ore da~ Single +1 (~超戦士撃破!!勝つのはオレだ~Single+1, ~Super Warrior Defeat!! I'll Be the Winner~ Single + 1) was released on 12mm CD at the same time as the 8mm CD. This 12mm CD features a third track, "Kung Fu Taisō" (カンフー体操), also performed by Kageyama.

English dub soundtrack[edit]

The score for the English dub's composed by Mark Menza. The Triple Feature release contains an alternate audio track containing the English dub with original Japanese background music by Shunsuke Kikuchi, an opening theme of "We Gotta Power", and an ending theme of Doragon Pawā Mugendai.


It was released on DVD in North America on September 13, 2005. It was later released in Triple Feature set along with Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993) and Broly – Second Coming (1994) for Blu-ray and DVD on March 31, 2009, both feature full 1080p format in HDremastered16:9 aspect ratio and an enhanced 5.1 surround mix. The film was re-released to DVD in final remastered thinpak collection on January 3, 2012, containing the last 4 Dragon Ball Z Movies.


Other companies[edit]

A second English dub produced and released exclusively in Malaysia by Speedy Video features an unknown voice cast.


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Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly(known in Japan as Doragon Bōru Zetto: Sūpā Senshi Gekiha!! Katsu No wa Ore da; lit. "Dragon Ball Z: Super Warrior Defeat!! I'm The One Who'll Win") is the eleventh Dragon Ball Zmovie. It was released in Japan on July 9, 1994, between episodes 232 and 233. It is the sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Comingand the final installment of the Broly films. FunimationEntertainment dubbed it into English in 2005.

Mr. Satan is challenged to a fight by an old rival, and he is taken to an island where the fight is to be held. Accompanying him are Android 18, who is making sure he doesn't skip town before paying the money he owes her for letting him win the World Martial Arts Tournament, and Trunks and Goten, who are stowaways. When they get there they find that the rival doesn't want to fight himself, but rather has created a force of genetically engineered bio-warriors to fight Satan. Unfortunately for everyone involved, one of these bio-warriors was made from the DNA of Broly, and when he is released, all bets are off.

This work contains examples of:

  • Asshole Victim: Maloja-the shaman from the previous movie-attempts revenge on Goten and Trunks by bringing Broly's blood to Jaguar, which eventually results in creating Bio-Broly. Jaguar and his cousin Men-Men are saved from the resulting destruction, but Maloja isn't as lucky when the acidic culture fluid enters his room and he speaks his last incantation.
  • Big Damn Heroes: After Bio-Broly shows up, the movie becomes something of an extended sequence of one character fighting Bio-Broly and nearly dying, only to be rescued at the last second by another character - at which point the characters swap roles. Krillin gets a more traditional example halfway through, as before that point he hadn't appeared since the beginning.
  • Blackmail: When Jaguar invites Mr. Satan to come to his castle to fight his Bio-Warriors, he blackmails him into participating by threatening to publish a story about his wetting his bed during summer camp to the papers if he refuses.
  • Body Horror: Bio-Broly turns into a green, sludge-like gooey mutation after the clone process is over. It's pretty revolting.
  • Came Back Wrong / Clipped-Wing Angel: How the cloning process worked out for Bio-Broly in the movie. The culture fluid in his cloning tank combined with him rather horribly so that he more resembled "swamp monster" than "Saiyan".
    • Also, it's implied in the same movie that Bio-Broly was actually weaker than the original (for starters, Krillin managed to last while fighting Bio-Broly, whereas in the previous movie, Broly OHKO-ed Krillin by blasting him into a cliff before Krillin could even land the first strike).
  • Clone Degeneration: According to the Daizenshuu 6, Bio-Broly starts falling apart because the culture fluid wasn't done forming his body yet.
  • Continuity Snarl / Non-Serial Movie: As a direct sequel to Second Coming, this film shares it's inability to fit into the timeline. It absolutely takes place after a version of the World Tournament however.
  • Covers Always Lie: See that cool looking poster art showing Goten, Trunks, and Android 18 firing off a Kamehameha? Android 18 uses precisely one ki blast in the film.
  • A Day in the Limelight: For Goten, Trunks, Android 18 and Krillin. They were all the main characters of this film.
  • Death by Materialism: Maloja is killed by the culture fluid while trying to steal money from Lord Jaguar.
  • Deus Exit Machina: Gohan and Vegeta are nowhere to be found in this movie. According to the guidebooks, they were occupied dealing with Majin Buu. If either were present, the movie would have ended quicker.
  • Dirty Old Man: Lord Jaguar has a a somewhat lecherous attitude towards women, as he acts rather pervertedly toward Android 18 when she and Mr. Satan arrive at his island, with #18 responding by slapping Jaguar into a wall.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: The big reason that Jaguar goes through all of this trouble, including cloning Broly? He was mad that Mr. Satan beat him in a match in the sixth grade.
    • Maloja helped clone Broly solely to get back at Goten and Trunks because they exposed him as a fraud in his home village in the last movie.
  • Evil-Detecting Dog: Jaguar has one that barks at Bio-Broly.
  • Family-Unfriendly Death: Hei, Jaguar’s dog, is essentially eaten onscreen by the culture fluid, whimpering in pain and terror as it goes.
  • Flanderization: A severe case for Bio-Broly. Whereas Broly has the capacity for critical thought and coherent speech, Bio-Broly lacks both. This mindlessness, coupled with the clone's retention of his source material's extreme levels of mental instability and rage, results in the clone being akin to a ravenous zombie that will attack anyone in sight. Hell, in the entire film, Bio-Broly only says one word, "Kakarot".
  • Forgot About His Powers: Trunks holds up Goten to see into a window. Trunks complains that he wants a turn to see... both of them forgetting that they can fly.
  • Grey Goo: The culture fluid multiplies when it absorbs a person, the stronger, the better. After absorbing Bio-Broly it expands to cover the whole island but luckily seawater turns it to stone.
  • Hollywood Acid: The culture fluid used in the cloning process turns into this when exposed to air. Naturally, during the fight, a veritable ocean of the stuff is released into the facility and the surrounding island - killing dozens of people onscreen and likely many more offscreen.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Hercule is every bit the fraud that Jaguar believes him to be.
  • Kill It with Water: Bio-Broly's weakness is water. More specifically, the fact that touching water causes him to solidify. Realizing this weakness, Trunks, Goten and Krillin use a triple Kamehameha to blast the water by the island so high that the entire island is flooded with sea water, which solidifies all the bio-liquid. When Bio-Broly emerges from the sea as a giant, then turns to stone, due to having been drenched in sea water. Seeing their chance, Goten and Trunks blast the gigantic Bio-Broly statue into smithereens, ridding the universe of Broly for good.
  • Mooning: Done by Trunks to trick Bio-Broly into a trap.
  • Moral Myopia: Lord Jaguar freaks out when he sees Bio-Broly attempt to kill Trunks and begs Bio-Broly to stop, even though he was perfectly fine with Bio-Broly beating Mr. Satan to within an inch of his life because he lost a fight in the sixth grade.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: When Lord Jaguar discovers the hard way that the Legendary Super Saiyan isn't so easily tamed; at one point, he orders Bio-Broly to stop attacking Trunks only to be attacked himself. As the culture fluid consumes his facility, when Trunks offers to rescue him, Jaguar thinks twice before accepting, believing he deserves to die for his actions. In the end, he's saved by Trunks, while expressing remorse at the consequences of his greedy ambitions.
  • Oh, Crap!: Lots of it, too.
    • Goten and Trunks when they realize Broly has been cloned.
    • Mr. Satan, when he sees Bio-Broly.
    • Android 18 when she realizes she’s suffering from The Worf Effect.
    • Maloja when he encounters the culture fluid and ends up dying.
    • All the scientists when the culture fluid is released, and as the situation becomes uncontainable.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: In the ending, after Bio-Broly's been defeated by Goten, Trunks, and Krillin, Goku learns that he has to go to Hell/HFIL due to Broly acting up and somehow suppress him, to which he ended up delaying finishing his (presumably huge) meal. The fight's outcome, not to mention the fight itself, is never revealed nor shown, as the movie ends right there.
  • Off with His Head!: Krillin attempts to cut off Bio-Broly’s head with a Destructo Disk, and the move connects. Too bad Bio-Broly had a Healing Factor.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Lord Jaguar's desperation to get revenge against Mr. Satan drives him to clone Broly, knowing the immense danger he would put the world under by doing such a thing.
  • Rich Idiot With No Day Job: Lord Jaguar.
  • Sickly Green Glow: Broly's imperfect clone, "Bio-Broly", degenerates into a green blob monster.
  • Superpowered Mooks: Lord Jaguar's Bio-Warriors.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: Cloning a super strong psychopath who hated being controlled and killed the last guy who controlled him is a bad idea, especially when you try to get him to stop doing what he loves.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Cloning Broly JUST to take out one man is the very definition of this trope.
  • 13 Is Unlucky: The 13th Bio-Warrior is a clone of Broly, who turns the lab to hell once he emerges.
  • Too Dumb to Live:
    • Hey, let's create a clone of a dangerous psychopath and command him to follow our orders! Nothing can possibly go wrong!
    • Lord Jaguar's dog... thing thought it was a good idea to attack Bio-Broly and, without looking where it was going, was promptly killed by the culture fluid.
    • The scientists who decided to try to take an elevator instead of taking the stairs to escape the culture fluid. When the elevator gets stuck, they decide to open the doors for no good reason whatsoever! No points for guessing what happens next.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child: Zig-zagged with Jaguar. He's got no problem sending his bio-warriors to fight Trunks and Goten once he realizes how strong the boys are, but he doesn't want to outright kill them.
  • The Worf Effect: Android 18 is completely unable to even slightly affect Bio-Broly after wailing on him unopposed for nearly a minute. Even multiple kicks directly to the neck do nothing. He proceeds to knock her out with one slap, leaving SS Goten and SS Trunks to engage him in a fairly even fight.

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Bio Brolly's death
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"One drop. That was all Jaguar's scientists needed to combine the best of their Bio-Warriors with Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, to create the best fighter technology can build!"
— Maloja explaining the creation of Bio-Broly to Goten and Trunks




Baio Burorī



Appears in

Dragon Ball Z

Bio-Broly (バイオブロリー,Baio Burorī), also called Drooly (ドロリー,Dororī),[1] is a mutated clone of Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan. He is the main antagonist in Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly.


In his physical form, Bio-Broly in his base and Legendary Super Saiyan forms appeared identical to Broly in Broly - Second Coming, though without Broly's articles of clothing.

As a Legendary Super Saiyan in his syrupy form, his eyes become round and red, his mouth widens, he is covered in the brown Culture Fluid with a red area on his chest, and his golden hair flattens. When he powers up, the red areas turn green, and when he takes on a Giant Form his overall color changes to become more purple.


Whereas Broly has the capacity for critical thought and coherent speech, Bio-Broly lacks both. This mindlessness, coupled with the clone's retention of his source material's extreme levels of mental instability and rage, results in the clone being akin to a ravenous zombie that will attack anyone in sight. Interestingly, despite having never actually encountered Goku, he retains Broly's hatred of him and even inherited Broly's habit of shouting Goku's Saiyan name, Kakarot. Presumably, this is the result of some sort of genetic memory. However, the clone was shown to be slower to actually react to Goku (or a similar individual), as Bio Broly took several moments to transform into his Legendary Super Saiyan form after catching a glimpse of Goten, in contrast to the original Broly, who immediately became Super Saiyan the very second he was awakened from his coma by the cries of Goten, not to mention upon seeing Goku for the first time in years, he immediately started struggling to power up and fight Goku, only being stopped by his father Paragus with some difficulty via his control crown.



Bio-Broly's lineage can be traced back several films, to the events of Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. After the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly's defeat on New Planet Vegeta, he makes a frantic escape in his Saiyan Pod as the planet is demolished by Comet Camori. Over time, the pod finally reaches Earth, soon after which Broly collapses from exhaustion and enters a sort of coma, where for seven years, the elements expand around him. Eventually, he is awakened underneath a thick pool of ice by the incessant cries of a nearby Goten, and after escaping this grave, Broly resumes his revenge-filled conquest against the Saiyans who double-crossed him, particularly Goten, as Broly's sanity has been breached so heavily since the encounter on New Planet Vegeta that he can hardly tell Goten and his now-deceased father apart. Broly is unsuccessful and is ultimately launched into the sun by a Family Kamehameha fired by Goten, Gohan, and the spirit of Goku, apparently ending the life of the mighty Saiyan.

After the Dragon Team leave the vicinity of Natade Village, the people expel the village priest Maloja, whose incompetence before the arrival of the Z Fighters led to the arrangement of a number of per-year human sacrifices. Maloja discovers Broly's blood-tarnished Saiyan Pod. Realizing what he has found, he collects a sample of this blood and turns it into wealthy industrialist Lord Jaguar, who prepares to pay the priest handsomely. The blood sample is processed by Dr. Collie's team of scientists and a clone is born.

Dragon Ball Z


Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly

When Jaguar "invites" Mr. Satan to his abode, intending to pit the martial artist against other Bio-Warriors in his collection as revenge for his defeat long ago, Android 18, Trunks and Goten follow. It is during a tour at their destination, an island where Jaguar's laboratory fortress resides, that Trunks and Goten discover an incomplete Super Bio-Warrior, uncanny in resemblance to the Legendary Super Saiyan. Before long, Trunks and Goten encounter Maloja, who confirms what he has selfishly done, before escaping to claim his reward. Meanwhile, Jaguar plans to pit Bio-Broly against Mr. Satan.

Trunks and Goten prepare to destroy Bio-Broly before he can be fully developed, but the clone simply catching sight of Goten is enough to awaken both the Saiyan instincts and the personal vendetta of his source material. Bio-Broly shatters his stasis cell by transforming into a Legendary Super Saiyan, however, the Culture Fluid that had regenerated him was not finished regenerating him, causing his physical form to not be set.[2] This horribly deforms the clone to the point that he no longer resembles his source material, as well as exposing gaping holes in his chest, showing organs that were presumably his heart, turning him not into a perfect clone of the original Broly, but instead a giant slim bio-mechanical monster. While Maloja is claiming his reward for supplying Jaguar and Collie with Broly's DNA, the now rampant and extremely dangerous culture fluid oozes upon him, killing him in the midst of an evil-banishing prayer.

Bio-Broly proceeds to rampage about the facility, destroying numerous stasis cells and exposing mounds of corrosive culture fluid to spill throughout the laboratory, drowning many scientists in the fluid, some of which begin escaping to the populated island below. He easily defeats Goten, Trunks, Android 18 and Krillin, even with the numerous advantages they gain throughout the encounter, such as Krillin cutting part of Bio-Broly's head with a Destructo Disc. Considering a new plan, Trunks looks at the Culture Fluid and how it was eating everything in its path whole. Trunks then taunts Bio-Broly, who was about to kill Goten, by mooning him and even flipping him off. Bio-Broly then looks at Trunks (who is still flipping him off) and then stops his assault on Goten and heads after Trunks. Trunks fires a blast at Bio-Broly, but then the monster dodges. Trunks, shocked, waits for his end until he (and Bio-Broly) discover that Trunks had split open an overhead container of culture fluid, drenching the monster (and the entire building) in a corrosive coat which dissolves his body.

Goten and Trunks go on to escort civilians away from the island, and with help from Mr. Satan they learn that water is the remedy to outbreaks of the culture fluid, prompting Krillin, Goten and Trunks to fire a combined Kamehameha into the sea, causing a tidal wave to flood the island and solidify the fluid, neutralizing the hazard. Suddenly, Bio-Broly emerges from the ocean, revitalized and extremely enlarged by his experience with the culture fluid. Within moments, however, he too is solidified. With this, Goten and Trunks strike the clone with enough energy to shatter him into pieces.

Daizenshuu 6's entry for Bio-Broly indicated that Bio-Broly was the one Goku and Bubbles were discussing regarding Broly acting up in Hell and Grand Kai demanding that Goku and Pikkon were to stop him, or at least calm him down.



In his physical form, Bio-Broly is referenced by Maloja as being an upgraded version of Broly (from Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming), as he is the Legendary Super Saiyan combined with Bio-Warrior technology.

In his syrupy form, he lacked some of Broly's most distinguishable traits such as his extraordinary speed and stamina. Despite lacking these features, the clone managed to retain Broly's recklessness, lack of compassion, abnormal strength, and apparent invulnerability to attacks. As Bio-Broly is a clone, he lacked Broly's battle experience and thus based fights on instinct and is effectively a mindless monster bent solely on following its destructive impulses, including his source materials deep-seeded hatred of Goku.

Soon after awakening, Bio-Broly's power shattered the culture fluid tank from which he was created, spilling the culture fluid. Once exposed to open air, the culture fluid became a very corrosive fluid that devoured any cellular matter that was not like itself and gained strength and energy as it consumed, allowing the clone to survive in it. He went on to endure Android 18's attacks with no damage or even signs of pain meaning he was at least twice as strong as her. He endured both Goten and Trunks' full power attacks with no signs of damage before defeating them with ease. He displayed no signs of pain after having part of his head sliced of by Krillin's Destructo Disk. The only weakness that this fluid possessed was that it could be solidified by water, including all the genetic material it had absorbed along with it. This glaring weakness ultimately resulted in Bio-Broly's demise.

Statements by guidebooks and authors

Interestingly, Bio-Broly is one of the few movie villains who does not follow the trend of being stronger than the antagonist of the previous film (as most villains up to that point, at least among those who fought Goku, had been stronger according to Takao Koyama). However, it should also be noted that he is still weaker than Janemba, the antagonist of the following film thus he does follow the trend of being weaker than the villain of the next film.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Eraser Cannon – A powerful green energy sphere, and the signature technique of the original Broly. He used it against Mr. Satan, Android 18, and Krillin.
    • Double Eraser Cannon – A more powerful version of the Eraser Cannon, which involves Bio-Broly firing two at once. He used this attack twice after his release, both against Goten and Trunks simultaneously.
  • Trap Shooter – Bio-Broly sends out a wave of small green energy blasts. Used against Trunks and Goten after the boys dodge his Double Eraser Cannon and attacked him with Ki Blasts. It is also one of the techniques used by the original Broly.
  • Gigantic Spike – Bio-Broly grabs his opponent's face and drives them headfirst to a wall. It is also one of the techniques used by the original Broly.
  • Bio-Hyper Beam – Bio-Broly's red Eye Lasers technique. He uses it twice in the film.
  • Regeneration: He shows this when he regenerated a part of his head that was cut off by Krillin.
  • Mouth Energy Wave – A fluctuating, green beam of energy fired from his mouth. He fired it at Goten while the boy tried to leave the battle in order to save Mr. Satan from the culture fluid.
  • Explosive Wave – Bio-Broly uses an Explosive Wave to destroy his container when released by Jaguar's scientists.
  • Kakarot! – Bio-Broly powers up as he shouts Kakarot's name in anger.
  • Body Manipulation and Regeneration – Due to being drenched in the culture fluid, Bio-Broly's body becomes malleable, allowing him to recover from slicing attacks like Krillin's Destructo Disc. This malleability is further shown when he attacks Lord Jaguar by stretching his neck and twisting his head 180 degrees in order to use his Bio-Hyper Beam to blast the catwalk Jaguar was been standing on after the latter shouted at him to stop his rampage.
  • Legendary Demon Unit (伝説の悪魔ユニット,Legendary Demon Unit) - A team ability used by two versions of Broly and Bio-Broly in Dragon Ball Heroes. The trio form a barrier and power up, greatly reducing the Stamina of the enemy team and permanently increasing their team's Power Level by 20000.
  • Super Genome Ray (超ゲノム光線,Super Genome Ray) – Bio-Broly shoots Acid out of his mouth. It is his Super Attack in his Giant form in Dragon Ball Heroes and with the name Ultra Genome Ray in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.


Physical form

Legendary Super Saiyan

Main article: Legendary Super Saiyan

As Broly's clone, Bio-Broly has access to all of his source material's abilities, including the Legendary Super Saiyantransformation. After awakening for a brief moment and catching a glimpse of both Goten and Trunks, Bio-Broly immediately ascends to this form and proceeds to use it for the rest of the movie. His method of transforming into the Legendary Super Saiyan is slightly different from his source template, as he seems to become it in a subdued manner (without breaking the containment field) off-screen while Goten and Trunks attempt to destroy him.

Syrupy form

Main article: Culture Fluid Bio-Broly's primary form appearing in the movie and video games, Daizenshuu 6 describes it only as a "syrupy form". Due to his regeneration not being completed, the Culture Fluid used to regenerate him is not able to give Bio-Broly a set physical form and so he changes into a syrupy form.

Legendary Super Saiyan

Main article: Legendary Super Saiyan

In his syrupy form, Broly is still in the Legendary Super Saiyan form, but his appearance changes; aside from his body appearing as brown/dark green liquid, it changes his eye color to red that occasionally pulsates like a heart, gives him a red section on his chest, and flattens his hair. Upon powering up, the red parts of Bio-Broly become green. In his syrupy form also makes Bio-Broly's body malleable, but greatly weakens him compared to his non-Culture Fluid covered Legendary Super Saiyan form.

Culture Fluid Absorption Gigantification

Main articles: Culture Fluid Absorption Gigantification and Legendary Super Saiyan

Bio-Broly can take on a Giant Form by absorbing more Culture Fluid into himself. This ability is called Culture Fluid Absorption Gigantification,[3] and in this form, he is known as Giant Bio-Broly.[4] It increases his power, making him stronger than he is in his regular Bio-Warrior form, and also allowing him to liquefy himself. The liquid covering him is now purple in color. He takes on this massive form at the end of the movie but is then solidified by ocean water and destroyed by Goten and Trunks.

Video Game Appearances

Bio-Broly makes his debut in a video-game and as a playable character in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in the seventh mission of the original series (M7). His Giant form is also present, being a playable character since the seventh mission of the Jaaku Mission series (JM7). During the Broly Saga and Reborn Broly Saga, multiple copies of Bio-Broly appear as enemies.

Bio-Broly is a playable character in the mobile game Dokkan Battle. His card also has a Dokkan Awakening.

Voice Actors


  • Bio-Broly (Syrupy form/Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Android 18
  • Bio-Broly (Syrupy form/Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Goten (Super Saiyan) and Trunks (Super Saiyan)
  • Bio-Broly (Syrupy form/Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Goten (Base/Super Saiyan), Trunks (Base/Super Saiyan), Android 18, and Krillin
  • Bio-Broly (Syrupy form/Legendary Super Saiyan/Culture Fluid Absorption Gigantification) vs. Goten (Base/Super Saiyan), Trunks (Base/Super Saiyan), and Krillin


  • Bio-Broly's tank has 13 on it, which is a number considered unlucky in many traditions.
    • He is the second movie villain to be associated with the number 13, the first being Android 13. Interestingly, both were created artificially and had a vendetta against Goku (as Bio-Broly retained his source material's hatred of Kakarot, while Android 13 was another Red Ribbon Android created to destroy Goku as part of Dr. Gero's vendetta over the destruction of the Red Ribbon Army), and both were even created for the purpose of a vendetta (in Bio-Broly's case, it was for Lord Jaguar to expose Mr. Satan as a fraud as revenge for the latter beating him in school).
      • Ironically, bits of his character arc resemble that of his genetic template in the latter's debut film. In particular, Bio-Broly, similar to Broly, was utilized for the purpose of settling a vendetta against one of the other main characters (in Broly's case, it was Paragus wanting revenge on King Vegeta by luring the latter's son onto a doomed planet in order to kill him via a comet, or barring that, siccing Broly onto him, and in Bio-Broly's case, it was a trump card in the event that Mr. Satan managed to defeat the other Bio Warriors planned by Jaguar as revenge for beating him in a fight); Both also ended up being created by the central antagonists of the film (Broly was the son of Paragus, while Jaguar funded for the creation of Bio Broly thanks to Maloja donating samples of the original's blood at his crash site); and both also had struggled to control the Legendary Super Saiyan only for him to turn on them late in their respective films, with Goku or a similar character playing a major role in their fighting off their control (Broly had a crown placed on him that forced him to obey Paragus's commands, only to start resisting once Goku arrived on New Planet Vegeta, and Bio-Broly initially obeyed Jaguar's orders while fighting Android 18, only to eventually turn against the latter by turning around and using his Darkness Eye Beams on the walkway they were on, with Bio-Broly catching a glimpse of Goten being a major factor in his rampage).
  • In the Japanese version of Bio-Broly's alternate name, "Drooly" is a mixture of "dorodoro", an oozing sound, and "Broly"
  • Dr. Collie's computer shows Bio-Broly's aging process in the flashback of Bio-Broly's creation.
  • Bio-Broly is the first of three consecutive villains in the film who have very few speaking lines, besides grunts and other agitated sounds.
  • Trunks' method of defeating Bio-Broly, albeit temporarily, by having him to be consumed by the culture fluid is similar to Gohan's attempts to have the original Broly swallowed by a river of lava in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming.
  • Before turning into a blob, Bio-Broly is seen with a tail, brown to be exact, which suggests that Saiyan clones keep their tails brown instead of gold (however it is possible that it was a coloring error by the animators)[5]
    • Bio-Broly is the first Saiyan to be shown transforming into a Super Saiyan form while still possessing a Saiyan tail (as the film predates Dragon Ball GT).
  • Bio-Broly's voice was slightly higher in pitch in the remastered release of his film.
  • While covered in the Culture Fluid, Broly resembles the God Warriors from Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.
  • Although Bio-Broly himself never appears in Supersonic Warriors 2, he is given an indirect reference in one of Broly's alternate sagas in that game, where Android 18 attempts to angrily threaten Mr. Satan with the Zeni prize money he owed her for her throwing the match in a similar manner to the film, only for an amnesiac Broly proceeding to fight 18 and drive her off in rage at her threatening Mr. Satan (as the latter had nursed him back to health).
  • The cover for Volume 11 of Dragon Ball Z: The Movies depicted Bio-Broly with a different design. He overall resembled his genetic template more, even retaining his earrings, but was overall colored pale green and having dark green hair, and also had slightly melted skin (though not nearly to the extent of Bio-Broly in the final release).[6]



Bio-Broly's development, as a baby


Bio-Broly's development, as a kid


Bio-Broly's development, as a teen


Bio-Broly's development, as an adult

Broly 8

Bio-Broly as a Legendary Super Saiyan


Bio-Broly approaches a cornered Trunks


Bio-Broly attacked by Android 18


Bio-Broly unfazed by Android 18's attacks


Bio-Broly attacks Android 18


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