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Yes Pedego bikes are made more for thier rugged and stylish beach cruiser look rather than for performance. The Interceptor is supposed to be the model to have the performance built in since it was originally designed for the Los Angeles Police Department. But the 2010 Interceptor I rode was pretty underwhelming. It probably did get up to 24... (I dare say 26mph) but it sure took it's time to get up there.

For more speed I would upgrade to higher voltage batteries and controller that can handle the higher votage. It will, however, make the green-yellow-red LED battery indicators lights on the handlebars useless.

The small controller is located on the rear rack, underneath the battery. It's most likely just a small 6-FET controller. I would replace it with a Lyen 12-FET controller that can run 72volts and beef up the shunt traces to improve acceleration.

The Interceptor's battery is a 52-volt (14s) LiPo pack with 10Ah capacity. I would then run another 6s 10Ah battery pack in series with that original battery to make it a combined 74-volt (20s) 10Ah LiPo pack. It's really not that hard to do although you'd need a new or separate charging system.

BTW the Interceptor is just a rigid frame with no suspension (other than the tires) so going 30+mph and hitting a pothole is going to hurt pretty bad so I suggest you lower your tire pressure to soften up the ride. :shock:

Ypedal wrote:" shunt mods " only increase amps, not voltage, so the bike would accelerate faster off the line but would not result in a higher top speed..

More voltage = more speed..

Adding a 12v pack to the existing battery in series would likely do the job but there are factors to consider, will the controller take this ?.. does the throttle have an LED indicator set for 36v ?,.. does the bike have lights that rely on 36v to the controller ?.. etc etc etc...

basically.. if you want to go fast.. get a kit.

if you want to opena box and ride, and be happy with pre-built , the pedego is a good deal " as is " ..


Interceptor – Platinum Edition

The Pedego Interceptor: Platinum Edition is for those who refuse to settle for less. It makes America’s best selling electric bike even more lovable with premium upgrades.

Pedego Interceptor: Platinum Edition
  • Smooth Ride

    A high-end suspension fork allows you to effortlessly glide over bumps in the road. A simple lockout switch saves energy when you don’t need the suspension.

  • Stop On A Dime

    Top of the line hydraulic disk brakes stop on a dime with the greatest of ease. The levers are easier to pull than normal disk brakes, and they feel more responsive.

  • Easy Pedalling

    A larger front chainring and deluxe 10-speed drivetrain provide fluid shifting and comfortable pedaling – even at high speeds.

Breathtaking Performance

What really sets the Interceptor apart is it’s supercharged performance. It’s recognized worldwide as one of the most powerful electric bikes on the market, and it’s just plain fun and exciting to ride.


A state-of-the-art 36 Volt battery uses the same advanced lithium-ion cells as an electric car. It weighs less than a housecat and can take you up to 60 miles ( 96 KM ) on about 14 pence worth of electricity.


A whisper quiet, 250 watt motor delivers best in class acceleration and hill climbing. The sensation of power it gives you is exhilarating.

Small Details Make A Big Difference

Small Details Make A Big Difference

Comfort & Style

Cruiser frame geometry provides a comfortable, upright riding position

Relaxed Handlebars

Wide, swept back handlebars allow you to sit back and relax

Bright Lights

Built-in front and rear lights for your safety and convenience

Balloon Tyres

Kevlar-belted tires help prevent flats and give you a nice, smooth ride


Twist-and-go throttle, 5 levels of pedal assist, and LCD display with USB charger

Interceptor – Platinum Edition

Pedego Interceptor: Platinum Edition

“Price is what you Pay.
Value is what you get.”

Pedego Electric Bikes are not the highest or lowest priced.
They are the greatest value.
  • The peace of mind of an industry leading warranty
  • Smart design and exceptional quality that lasts
  • Friendly customer care that goes the extra mile
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20 modifications to my Pedego Interceptor

Here are a couple more pictures:

The glove mirror, adjustable and wide angle

km glove and mirror.jpg

Pedego Interceptor and/or City Commuter OEM seat at 10.5 inches wide

km saddle2.jpg

Aftermarket Pizza pan seat at 12.5 inches wide

km saddle1.jpg

Aftermarket Pizza pan seat at 12 inches long

km saddle.jpg

Seatpost and shim. Seatpost at 27.2 mm. Shim at 28.6 mm outer diameter and 27.2 mm inner diameter

km seatpost.jpg



Pedego Element Spec Review – 2021

In-Depth Review


Element Green
6061 aluminum is a very popular aluminum alloy used in eBike construction. 6061-T6 is the best variant due to its fantastic durability and minimal weight. 6061-T6 is the go-to alloy variant for aircraft manufacturing. As a result, the Pedego Element is an extremely sturdy and long-lasting eBike. This bike is better able to withstand the occasional mountain trail crash compared to other, more basic 6061 eBike frames.
Despite the full eBike motor setup, the Pedego Element weighs just 57 lbs fully assembled, making it one of the lighter eBikes we’ve reviewed. Available in six different colors, we’re sure all types of riders will find a version of the Pedego Element to love.

The Pedego Element is currently only available in one size. But it does have several customization options that make it a good fit for many adult riders.

One thing to note: The controller box is built into the base of the seat post tube, which restricts fully lowering the saddle. For our part, we think that riders between 5’2’’ to 6’2’’ can all comfortably ride the Pedego Element. However, with some customization, a few inches from our recommended height chart would be added or subtracted.

We also want to note that while Pedego lists the Elements weight capacity at 250 lbs, its strong build and capable motor means it should be capable of supporting 50+ lbs more as long as you’re careful in how you distribute your weight across the ebike.

Motor & Battery

The Pedego Element is a class 2 eBike, with pedal and throttle activated motor assistance up to 20 MPH.

The Pedego Element has a Pedego Dapu rear-mounted 500 W / 45 Nm torque motor. While it doesn’t have quite enough power for challenging mountain trails, it is sufficient if you stick to light to moderate climbs or stick to tackling hills in the city.

As a rear-hub motor, be warned that the Pedego Element can feel a little bit jerky when you initially start pedaling or apply the throttle. Having the engine and other electronic components centralized in the rear tire area also weighs the back half of the bike down, so be careful when lifting it from the back.

If you choose the base battery, the Element also comes with a Pedego branded lithium-ion battery. The 500 Wh battery has a max range of about 45 miles with a full charge in optimal settings, so typically expect 30 to 35 miles on a single charge with the Pedego Element.

If you want a bigger range, you’ll have to upgrade the battery. We recommend this upgrade since a new battery can take the Element to over 50 to 60 miles on a single charge. If you stick with the base battery, though, the Pedego Element does come with a 3 amp charger. You can recharge the battery from 0% to 100% in just three to four hours. The charger is a bit better quality than what we typically find from other entry-level eBikes at this price point.

Display/Assist Modes

To change your motor settings, you’ll rely on the BigStone C300U 2.5’’ LCD display mounted on the left handlebar. Besides being large enough to easily read while you ride, the LCD is backlit, so you can make use of the display during the day or at night. Changing your various settings and readouts is done with just a few button presses, the full list of readouts available below. We want to mention quickly that the display comes with a USB Type-A charging port, with 5 Volt/600 Milliamp charging. If you have a mount, you can plug in and charge your cell phone while riding with the PEdego Element electric bike.

Pedego Element Display Riding Readouts, Metrics, and Settings:

  • Assist Level (Six Settings + Walk Mode)
  • Battery Level (Five Bars)
  • Current Speed (In MPH or KMH)
  • Max Speed
  • Motor Power Output
  • Trip Distance
  • Trip Time
  • Odometer

This is a class 2 eBike, so you can use the pedal-assist system or throttle assist system to activate the motor. The motor will help you accelerate to 20 MPH before it shuts off automatically. There is a speed cap in place, so you can use the Pedego Element without any additional licensing. If you’re riding an easy trail or on the road and hope to go even faster than the speed cap, you can do so just by pedaling manually, with the motor kicking in if you fall back below 20 MPH.

Element White
The Pedego Element also stands out in that it has six different pedal assist modes you can choose from. Lower pedal assist modes minimize energy drain for maximum riding range, although they are slower to accelerate. Higher pedal assist modes will push the motor harder for more power and acceleration but drain the battery quicker.

Switching pedal assist modes is easy, so try each of them out as you determine which mode is best for any road condition. Just be aware that the pedal-assist mode does not affect the throttle itself. To change the throttle speed cap, you go into the controller settings to manually set it instead.


  • On Streets- The Pedego Element is a hybrid eBike, meant for riding in the city, light mountain trails, sandy beaches, and most other terrains. As a result, it isn’t as fast as dedicated city commuter eBikes but does handle well while riding on streets. Its large, fat tires provide natural shock absorption that will give stable riding over well-maintained roads and cobblestone, loose gravel, and potholes. If you don’t mind the slower acceleration, the Pedego Element is a fun eBike to handle as you cruise around town.
  • Turn Radius- The Pedego Element has short and thick tires, so it struggles if you’re trying to make a tight turn. While it may not have a tight turn radius, it does make up for it somewhat with its enhanced stability, making it less likely to fall over when trying to make a sharp turn. As long as you’re careful and take your time, you’ll be able to navigate through your typical business entryway or narrow alleyway.
  • Low Speed Handling- At around 57 lbs, the Pedego Element is a bit cumbersome to handle at low speeds. However, a couple of features are included to make it easier, especially if you have some life left in your battery. First, you can set your eBike to Eco mode, providing low power assistance as you pedal so you can focus on your handling. Second, when dismounting off your eBike, make use of the walk mode by holding down the button for a few seconds. Walk mode will provide motor assistance without pedaling, helping you push your eBike along if you have some energy left in the battery.


Discussing the drivetrain, the Pedego Element has a Shimano Hyperglide HG20 7 Speed cassette with a 48 T chainring, connected via a KMC Z51EPT chain. As a 7 speed eBike, it doesn’t have as many gearing options as we’d like, but this is an entry-level bike that isn’t meant for anything more than light to moderate trail riding.

What’s great is that the steel chainring also has an aluminum alloy chain guide, which helps protect the chain from debris while also guiding the chain along when shifting. You’ll rarely suffer a chain drop.

The drivetrain itself doesn’t require much maintenance throughout the year. Electric bikes, especially with hub drive motors, do tend to chew up chains more quickly than traditional bicycles due to the added strain of the motor. As long as you keep an eye on the chain and clean the drivetrain properly, your eBike should stay in good shape whether you ride through the city or on the occasional trail.


Good stopping power is vital in a bicycle, and for the most part, we’re impressed with the braking system included with the Pedego Element. The eBike features Shimano BR-M375 mechanical disc brakes with 160 mm Rotors for both the front and rear tires. While not as advanced as hydraulic disc brakes they’re sufficient for this eBike.

The 160 mm rotors are more than capable of a quick and steady stop if you’re riding in the city. And they’re good enough if you are riding downhill on many mountain bike trails. The brakes do struggle if you go on anything more extreme due to the lack of extensive suspension support. This causes the eBike frame to rely even more on the braking system on its own. Just stick to the terrain it’s meant to be ridden on, and you’ll find the Pedego Element’s Shimano braking system to be highly dependable.


Element Blue
The Pedego Element is reserved mostly for light trail and city riding due to the total lack of a suspension system. Because it does have large, 20’’ by 4’’ tires, it’s naturally more stable on bumpy roads than your typical thin city commuter eBike. For the most part, if you don’t try to ride on anything too challenging, you don’t need to think about adding additional suspension support.
The eBike is compatible with many suspension seat posts, especially those within the 30.4mm to 27.4mm range. A suspension seat post can make riding over cobblestone and other small rough patches more comfortable. Still, the average casual rider should be fine with the Pedego Element as is.


The Pedego Element comes with extra-wide, oversized Wellgo B239 plastic platform pedals with reflectors. The reflectors make you easier to spot while riding. The large size means the pedals will support taller, heavier riders with ease.

Plastic pedals are typically inferior to aluminum alloy pedals. But because this is an entry-level eBike we aren’t surprised they went with the less expensive plastic pedals. The Pedego Element isn’t meant for tough riding, so you’ll rarely risk a crash that would shatter the pedals.

We think the plastic pedal platforms are adequate for the typical cyclist who picks the Pedego Element. However, think about upgrading to aluminum pedal platforms down the road for a better riding experience.

Grips and Saddle

Many components make the Pedego Element an exceptionally comfortable eBike to ride wherever you travel. The thermoplastic rubber grips are well designed. Even though they weren’t built to be ergonomic, they’re still cushy enough that you can grasp them for several hours without irritating your hands.

Unlike other grips on entry-level eBikes, they’re also locked on with a hex wrench rather than just glued on. While this means it takes a bit more work to replace the grips when they get worn out, the trade-off is they’re tighter and are better to hold onto because of it.

Outside of the grips, the Pedego Element also has extra-wide aluminum alloy riser handlebars, with a 640mm width to support larger riders. Since it’s a one-size-fits-all eBike, both the handlebars and seat post are adjustable. This ensures that short and tall cyclists can both enjoy the Pedego Element without much additional customization.

The saddle is a mountain bike style saddle made out of a single density lightweight foam. Very heavy riders might find the saddle a bit small, but it’s comfortable enough for an average weight adult rider to sit in even for extended trail rides.

Wheels and Tires

Element Black
Finally, we want to talk more about the tires. The Pedego Element has Custom Kenda Black Wall 20’’ x 4’’ tires, with 36 hole aluminum alloy double-wall rims and 12 gauge stainless steel spokes. There isn’t much in terms of puncture protection on these tires, so you’ll want to pay extra attention when riding on a trail known for causing flats.

In terms of the PSI, the tires have a recommended inflation range between 5 to 30 PSI. 5 PSI is well suited for cruising on the beach, while 30 PSI is meant for more general-purpose riding. While it’s unfortunate that there isn’t more protection for these tires, they should perform well and provide good traction and stability if you just keep an eye out on what’s ahead of you.

We would also like to see some reflective taping added to the eBike in the future, a small detail that can make a big difference when it comes to reducing the risk of suffering a collision.


The Pedego Element has several components and features you can upgrade after purchasing the eBike. Some of these features, like a headlight and the full metal fender set, are both highly recommended since they improve rider safety while also better protecting your equipment.

Pedegeo has developed a large number of other accessories as well. While they might not be critical, they’ll improve your eBike riding experience. Some of our favorite accessories include:

  • Pedego Headlight
  • Pedego Full Metal Fenders
  • Pedego Rear Cargo Rack
  • Pedego Commuter Bags
  • Pedego Handlebar and Rear Baskets
  • Pedego Child Seat
  • Pedego Handlebar Mirror
  • Pedego Charger Caddy
  • Pedego Lock


Element Orange
The consensus among the team at Best Electric Bikes is the Pedego Element is an excellent option for those who are just getting into eBikes and want something they can ride almost anywhere without having to swap out their bicycle.

The 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame is very high quality and can withstand the rigors of a mountain bike trail but with customization options to support short and tall cyclists alike.

The Pedego Dapu 500 W motor is excellent when you need a little extra help climbing a hill, with dynamic control due to the 6 level pedal-assist system and throttle.

The 7-speed drivetrain features a chain guard that helps it stay clean and reduces the risk of a chain drop, with full fender coverage an optional add-on for even more bike protection. Additionally, the braking system is reliable, with the Shimano 160 mm rotors having the stopping power to help you slow down quickly and steadily.

The bike could use more safety and lighting gear as part of the stock model, and the range is admittedly a bit limited at 40 to 45 miles per ride. Even so, if you want a trustworthy entry-level eBike that offers good performance no matter where you ride, we recommend checking out the Pedego Element electric bike!

Thank you for reading our spec review of the Pedego Element electric bike! Please leave a comment below if you would like to see a full performance or video review for this bicycle.


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