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For years now, Jakks Pacific has been at the forefront of Sonic merchandising, with numerous plushes and figures of the blue blur and his cohorts. That won’t be stopping any time soon, either, as the companies have renewed their licensing partnership.

As part of the announcement, a variety of plush and figures have been shown off, with one of the most notable additions being Sonic 2’s Mecha Sonic.

Joining the chunky robot are a couple of other Classic figures, like Eggman, a laughing Sonic, and Mighty. Each comes with an accessory, too.


As for the plushes, we have modern Sonic and Shadow as well as Classic Super Sonic and Knuckles!


Jakks Pacific’s extended partnership with the brand will last through 2022.

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Jakks Sonic Action Figure

Sonic toys and action figures are becoming more and more popular and one of the hottest selling figures on the market. There’s no question why. Sonic has blessed us with his presence in video games, cartoons, and movies, since his appearance in the 90’s, becoming a household name for generations.

Sonic the Hedgehog was released as a platform game released by Sega for the Sega Genesis console. It was released in North America in June 1991, quickly becoming a hit amongst children around the world.

The idea of Sonic was formulated in 1990 by Sega of Japan President Hayao Nakayama who felt that Sega lacked a flagship series and mascot to compete with Nintendo’s Mario.

30 years later Sonic is still zooming around the world and has developed legions of fans from all around.

For those looking for the best Sonic the Hedgehog action figures, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the best Sonic toys you can buy.

1. Bendable Sonic Action Figures Wave 1 by Jakks Pacific

Standing at 4 inches tall, the Sonic action figures from Jakks Pacific are one of the best selling Sonic toys in the world. These authentic figures have bendable limbs and each one comes with a disk accessory. Spin the disk accessory or unfold it to reveal the sidekick!

Price: $38.99


Bendable Sonic Action Figures Jakks Pacific

Classic 1991 Ultimate Sonic Action Figure by Tomy

The Ultimate Sonic action figure is a collectible toy that allows you to customize Sonic’s look! Taking on Classic Sonic’s 1991 original styling, this new figure is a 5.5” tall action figure allowing for multiple posing options from the game! Switch out Sonic’s facial expression with interchangeable faces or switch out Sonic’s hands with hand accessories, all included with this figure toy. The Sonic the Hedgehog action figure also comes with a display stand with storage for all of your unused accessories!


Sonic Boom 2-pack, Spacesuit Sonic and Parallel Universe Villain by Tomy

Zooming straight out of Sonic Boom Season 2, The Tomy Spacesuit Sonic action figure includes two detailed and highly articulated 3-inch figures modeled after their appearance in the show.

Price: $29.99


Sonic The Hedgehog Infinite, Zavok & Sonic Toys 3-Pack by Tomy

Another Tomy hit! The Sonic The Hedgehog Infinite, Zavok & Sonic action figure 3-pack is a popular choice amongst collectors.

Price: $99.99


Sonic The Hedgehog Infinite, Zavok & Sonic Action Figure 3-Pack by Tomy
Sonic The Hedgehog Infinite, Zavok & Sonic Action Figure 3-Pack by Tomy

Jazwares Sonic and The Black Knight Excalibur Sonic Action Figure

The Jazzwares Excalibur Sonic is one of Sonic the Hedgehog’s transformations appearing in Sonic and the Black Knight.



 Heading Jazwares Sonic and The Black Knight Excalibur Sonic Action Figure

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If your children enjoy a game of Monopoly, but they are also mad about Sonic, then they will have tremendous fun with the Monopoly Sonic Edition as it takes the original game down a new path with the inclusion of many Sonic characters.

Monopoly joins Sonic the Hedgehog characters in this exciting game complete with Sonic themes, characters, and artwork. Rather than using the standard Monopoly play tokens, players choose from Sonic, Tails, Amy, or Knuckles as their token. In this edition, players win rings, buy properties such as Planet Wisp and Rooftop Run, and beat Bosses to earn points. The accompanying dice are different from those in the standard game, with one die numbered from two through seven for a faster game and a boost die with labels. Complete instructions, all the tokens, cards, rings, and the Sonic/Monopoly game board are also available in the box.

What we love

  • The game has been reinvented to peak the interest of a new generation of players
  • Instead of the original tokens, you play with real Sonic characters

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Younger players might find it difficult to grasp the rules of the game
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