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Ali Zafar performs khattak with Gul Panra in new Pashto song: Watch Teaser

Ali Zafar performs Khattak with Gul Panra in new Pashto song: Watch Teaser

Ali Zafar has dropped the first teaser of his electrifying Pashto song featuring none other than Gul Panra.

Only a few hours after announcing bombshell news of his new cultural track in Pashto, the Rockstar hitmaker asked fans to guess the name of his co-singer, keeping her identity under wraps.

Now in a recent Instagram post, Ali Zafar has officially unveiled the face of much-adored Pashto songstress Gul Panra with an energetic song teaser.

"Yo Lo! TEASER ka maza lo!" Zafar captioned alongside the post.

"You guessed the co-singer right but you didn’t know there were two :)

Now guess the song ?" he sparked frenzy with another question.

The singer added that the song will be "releasing this Pashtun Culture Day," which falls on September 22.


New Pashto Songs - Aarman Me Ma Kawa Ma, Afghan


Songs play an extremely powerful role in our lives. They not only keep us entertained, but also help in uplifting our mood whenever the skies are grey. Be it in any language, there cannot be imagined a life without a beat of songs. While some people love listening to songs in any language, some specifically prefer their regional language. It is said that regional songs leave a hard imprint on people of their origin. Talking about regional languages, there is a lot of audience who loves listening to hit Pashto songs. Top Pashto songs are so soothing that once you start listening to them, you just cannot stop yourself from listening to them again and again.    Pashto language is a language considered to be of Eastern Iranian Group of the Indo-European family. In Persian literature, this language is known as Afghani, while in Hindustani literature, this language is known as Pathani. While Pashto is one of the two official languages in Afghanistan, it is the second largest regional language in Pakistan. Talking about Pashto music, it is commonly performed in parts of Afghanistan. The major center for Pashto songs is found in Peshawar, Pakistan. Pashto songs have a wide genre and you will find different types of music within the wide category of Pashto music. Some of the most popular genres include Tappa, Charbeta, Neemakai, Loba, Shaan, Badala, Rubayi, and Takki.    The Pashto music industry has some renowned composers and singers who will steal your hearts with their enormous voice. Some of the top composers and singers from the Pashto music industry are Haroon Bacha, Awalmir, Sardar Ali Takkar, Obaidullah Jan Kandarai, Nashenas, Naghma, Farhad Darya, Zeek Afridi, Nazia Iqbal, Rahim Shah, and many others. It is because of their endless efforts that Pashto songs are popular not just in their region but worldwide. From party to romantic to sad to sufi, Pashto music industry has it all to cater to your needs.  People eagerly look forward to top Pashto songs to come now and then so they can add them up to their best Pashto songs playlist. Some of the new Pashto songs are Mardan De Tal Abad We- Single, Starge Rawarawa Sharmege Wale- Single, Yaar Me Oda De- Single, Yara Da Sta Meene Ta Me Zra Kege- Single, Na Ma Kawa Na Kana, Filmi Zre Sandaray Vol. 1, Filmi Zre Sandaray Vol. 4, Filmi Zre Sandaray Vol. 3, Filmi Zre Sandaray Vol. 5, Zindagi Na Zarha Toor De Vo. 125, and the list continues. All these latest Pashto songs are performed by famous singers from the Pashto music industry. Hamza Jani, Afzal Khan, Nawaz Afridi, Sajjad Afridi, Nazaneen Anwar, Keshwar Sultaan, Amir Hamza, Nazia Iqbal are to name a few. If you are looking for hit Pashto songs, then you must check out our Pashto new releases songs on our website. Download and listen to the best Pashto MP3 songs in high-quality on  

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Yamee Khan New Pashto Song 2021 - Tappay ټپې - Pashto Video Songs - پشتو new songs - Tapay 2021


New pashto songs


Yamee Khan New Pashto Song 2021 - Tappay ټپې - Pashto Video Songs - پشتو new songs - Tapay 2021


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