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    Scooby-Doo and the Mystery, Inc. gang celebrate 50 years of spooks, scares and silliness in this all-ages collection of stories from the pages of SCOOBY-DOO #1, 10, 35, 68 and 72, SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP #2, 5 7, 8, 9, 12, 18, 37 and 40, and SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? #48, 51, 54, 71, 78, 79, 83, 85! Includes appearances by Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Swamp Thing, the Flintstones, the Jetsons, and a whole menagerie of super pets!


  • Graphic Novel


    Scoob and the gang go, like, out of this world in their sixth manga-sized collection! Reprinting issues #26-30 of the ongoing series, this volume includes the three-part UFO mystery "One Night in Roswell" and more!


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    Things go from bad to worse in this compendium of the best of the worst of practically everything! An array of comics' most talented artists — Eddie Campbell, Joe Sacco, Phil Jimenez, Colleen Doran, Darick Robertson and many more — turn their attentions to legendarily terrible "bad guys" (both real and fictional), artists, scientific movements, places, and historical events.


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    THE BIG BOOK OF VICE examines humanity's worst habits in all their sinful glory. Ranging from true acts of debauchery to harmless infatuations, this guilty pleasure exposes the negative aspects of alcohol, gambling, tobacco, prostitution, drugs, pornography, candy, pinball machines, comic books and video games. Also expanding its reach to touch on the dens of immorality and the greatest advocates of errant behavior, this comic-style book includes special features on Las Vegas, Sodom, Phoenix City, Larry Flynt, Carrie Nation, and Timothy Leary.


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    All your favorite Cartoon Network stars are back in one convenient manga-sized volume! Featuring the adventures of Dexter's Laboratory, Kids Next Door, Billy and Mandy, Ed, Edd and Eddy and many others!


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    Hang ten with the Mystery Machine gang in their newest manga-sized collection, reprinting issues #21-25 of the ongoing series! Featuring all the ghosts and monsters we could fit into 112 pages!


  • Graphic Novel


    THE BIG BOOK OF GRIMM retells the fantastical fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm with all of their original horror and intensity. Presented as graphically violent parables, these infamous folk tales contain moral lessons that fluctuate from the obvious to the obscure. But told through the medium of comic book storytelling, these literary classics employ their often fatal, gruesome, authentic conclusions such as the horrific death of Cinderella's stepsisters by pecking birds.


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    More adventures of the Scooby Gang in a manga-sized collection!



Western Animation / DC Showcase: Death

DC Showcase: Death is a 2019 short animated film staring Death of the Endless as a bonus feature on the Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Blu-Ray.

A Starving Artist named Vincent has lost his job and meets a mysterious woman dressed in all black, unaware of who she is and why she's interested in him.

DC Showcase: Death includes examples of:

  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Upon realizing that his cigarettes will burn down all of his unfinished works, including his masterpiece of Death, Vincent begs for Death to at least spare the painting. He then realizes that she already has and thanks her for having the chance to at least complete one work.
  • The Alcoholic: Vincent's failure at becoming a famous artist has caused him to go into a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol.
  • Bedlam House: Downplayed, but we first see Vincent as an adult while he's trying to paint the gates at Arkham Asylum with Vincent even stating he should be glad to be away from there, but we don't actually see inside the place.
  • Bittersweet Ending: On the bitter side, Vincent is dead, the cigarette in his hand burning his apartment down. All of his dreams, hopes, and unfinished works have literally gone up in smoke. However, on the sweet end, Vincent was able to conquer his demons and complete a masterpiece of Death herself, which was the only work untouched by the fire so that in some way he'll be remembered.
  • Bookends:
    • The first and last of Vincent's masterpieces were of a dark-haired angel.
    • Vincent is introduced as a happy child and reverts to his child self to head into the afterlife, smiling at Death.
  • Break the Cutie: Vincent had one hell of a life. Once a cheerful kid who loved drawing more than anything else, his dreams of becoming a famous artist ended up ruining him. His dad lambastes him and kicks him out for his passion. His art teacher is a sadist who humiliates him in front of the whole class. His wife leaves him after he becomes irritable and despondent, even though she supported him for six years. Finally, he gets fired from his job at Arkham Asylum, leaving him penniless, lonely, and drowning his sorrows with tobacco and alcohol.
  • Cue the Sun: The sun is rising at the end of the short while paramedics have taken Vincent's corpse out of his apartment.
  • Darker and Edgier: Probably one of the darkest of the DC Showcases, as it deals with a struggling artist fighting his inner demons and it ends with Vincent dying, led to a peaceful afterlife by Death herself.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Death is a sweet lady with skin white as snow and hair black as a raven, and she allows Vincent to paint her to help him conquer his demons (even stopping time so that Vincent's ghost has time to complete it), guides him to rest, and makes sure his painting of her survives the fire.
  • Dead All Along: After Vincent finishes his painting of Death, he notices that time is still...and then turns to see he's dead on the couch with a cigarette in his hand...
  • Dissonant Serenity: It's both eerie and comforting how Death remains perfectly calm even as Vincent realizes he's dead. The way she gently treats him shows that she's seen this many times before, but it also indicates how otherworldly she is.
  • Don't Fear the Reaper: It's Death, after all. She froze time so Vincent would be able to complete a masterpiece and takes his hand to the afterlife. She also fulfills Vincent's request to have his portrait of her saved from the fire and leads the now child Vincent into the afterlife.

    Death:(smiling) Shall we go then? (bends down and gives Vincent her hand) Into the mystery....

  • Double Meaning: Death's first words to Vincent are that the cigarettes he's smoking will kill him. She meant both in the sense that he dies from it, and that the fire from said cigarette will destroy all of his artistic creations.
  • Fantasy-Forbidding Father: Vincent's father disapproved of Vincent's dreams of being an artist. Presumably, he kicked Vincent out for calling him a failure who hates his life and family.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • As a child, Vincent is drawing a dark-haired girl with angelic wings, reflecting how Death appears to everyone when they're born. At the end, he realizes this and that she had already decided to save his portrait of her.
    • After her short conversation with Vincent, Death says she'll "see [him] around" while opening the door to a flashing siren while gently asking the man standing behind it if he's "ready."
    • On his way home after drinking, Vincent pauses and starts coughing.
    • The first line Death speaks to Vincent is that those cigarettes he's smoking are going to kill him. Sure enough not only does Vincent die with a cigarette in hand, but the cigarette causes a fire that burns all of his unfinished works. Speaking of, the cigarette in Vincent's mouth drops when he sees Death. Another cigarette drops off of his dead body, this time burning up his apartment.
    • From his apartment, Vincent opens the window and sees Death getting mugged by three people. When he goes out there to try and help, Death is standing in front of the door...while in the background there are police and paramedics checking up on a car crash...
    • The demons Vincent hallucinates are made of fire. They symbolize the doubt and depression he went through and foreshadow how all of his unfinished works get burned up.
  • Go into the Light: Vincent follows Death this way once he passes on.
  • Go Out with a Smile: Vincent's ghost smiles — both his adult and child form — when he realizes Death has been looking out for him and will protect his masterpiece, joining Death into the afterlife.
  • Grey Rain of Depression: It's raining on the night Vincent takes Death to his apartment to paint her and also the night that he dies.
  • Head-Turning Beauty: Vincent is dumbstruck when he first lays eyes on Death, letting his cigarette fall from his mouth, and almost immediately asks to get a chance to paint her.
  • Last Request: Vincent's ghost tearfully begs Death to spare his painting of her from the fire caused by his cigarette. He then realizes that Death will do exactly that.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Vincent didn't want to go back to school because he didn't want to turn out like his father- "A miserable failure who hates his life." By present time, Vincent is precisely that.
  • Magnum Opus: Vincent declares his portrait of Death to be the one truly meaningful work of art he's ever produced. The firefighters who came to douse the flames of his apartment agree, calling it a "hell of a thing" on top of its miraculous survival of the fire.
  • Meaningful Name: The artist of the short is named Vincent, like another famousStarving Artist.
  • A Minor Kidroduction: The short begins with a younger Vincent in his bedroom, drawing an angel with a crayon before it skips to an older Vincent putting a coat of paint on some iron bars to the gates of Arkham Asylum.
  • Missing Mom: Implied with Vincent's mom. Outside of hearing her voice in the beginning, she's never seen or mentioned in any of Vincent's flashbacks.
  • Motifs: Fire. The inner demons that mock Vincent are made of fire, Death notes that perhaps Vincent lost his "spark" for art, and all of Vincent's unfinished works go up in flames due to his cigarette.
  • Nice Hat: Death first appears to Vincent while wearing a swanky top hat. She gives it to him before leaving.
  • Perky Goth: Death appears in a black ensemble with dark hair, pale skin, and a very sweet and playful personality.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Death is incredibly pale compared to the skin tones of the people around her and has jet-black hair, setting her apart from everyone else Vincent knows. She's also so beautiful, he's utterly dumbstruck when he first lays eyes on her.
  • Rule of Symbolism:
    • The demons that Vincent hallucinates are representative of the people who made him spiral out to depression (his art teacher, disapproving dad, ex-wife, and the boss who fired him). In one moment, the demons circle him to show he's surrounded by his inner demons.
    • Vincent's first and final masterpieces were of an angel. The first one represents Death watching out for him, and the last one is Death taking him away to the afterlife.
  • Sadist Teacher: Vincent's art teacher mocks Vincent's work in front of the entire class, steps on it, and snidely tells him to pursue another "productive" profession as Vincent leaves thoroughly humiliated.
  • Starving Artist: Vincent. Even Death lampshades the tropes about his past. Justified since she's Seen It All.
  • Tempting Fate: When Death first approaches Vincent, she says that those cigarettes will kill him. He replies that it's the least of his problems. Near the end of the short, his cigarette burns up his apartment, devouring his unfinished art and threatening to burn up his portrait of Death.
  • Time Stands Still: Death creates a space beyond time so that Vincent's ghost could paint her portrait.
  • Visual Pun: Vincent's dreams of being a famous artist literally go up in flames at the end.
  • Wham Shot: Death moving to the side to reveal that Vincent's corpse dead on the couch.
    • At the beginning after Vincent is fired, his ex-boss starts to finish up the job on the gate's color. While he does we pan up to see a sign above the gate that says: Arkham Asylum.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Vincent sees Death about to be ganged up by some people and immediately goes out to rescue her. He had no idea the two people getting angry were dead...just like him.
  • Wretched Hive: The short takes place in Gotham City, the most prominent example of this in DC Comics and we see Vincent in a bar, rundown apartment, and even freaking Arkham Asylum.
  • You Can't Fight Fate:
    • Death sadly proclaims that Vincent's life was already written into the Book of Destiny — that he will die alone in his apartment, unknown, his art devoured by flames — but she came to him to give him a chance to make at least one meaningful work of art and conquer his demons before he passed on and even makes sure said art survives.
    • Same with the three muggers arguing with Death, saying that they didn't deserve what happened to them.
  1. Spinel and lapis fusion
  2. Blue impala 2015
  3. From dictionary

Hello, my friends.  As we fight through the challenges that life and the outside world continues to throw at us, there’s a constant battle that we also have within our very selves.  Through that struggle, there’s always a chance that we can make something spectacular to share.  On that note, I welcome you once again to another entry of…

Throughout this string of reviews, we’ve highlighted several characters from the greater DC Universe who don’t regularly get the same kind of mainstream attention that the more well-known folks regularly receive.  Over the years however, certain beings like Jonah Hex, Green Arrow and even Shazam (a.k.a. DC’s Captain Marvel, as I’ll always personally call him) have managed to branch out into other media projects.  This time however, we shall delve into a character who finally gets her true moment to shine outside of the grand scope of Vertigo-released Sandman comics.  As such, we’ll be dealing with the creation of something everlasting in the face of oblivion during our date with…

Originally released on October 22, 2019, this serves as a Blu-Ray bonus feature for “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines”.  If you’re interested in knowing my thoughts about that flick, click the link and find out.  For everyone else who’s staying put, let us plunge into this venture directed by Sam Liu and written by J.M. DeMatteis in order to discover what we’ll find upon our palette.

After opening on a young child coloring with crayons in his room as he builds a youthful, ever-growing drive towards his budding artistic pursuit…

Vincent Omata-There We Go!
Supervisor-Paint This Gate As Quickly As You Can!
Supervisor-Consider Yourself Pink-Slipped!

…we then shift ahead to present day where’s he grown into a young adult.  As Vincent Omata (voiced by Leonardo Nam) paints Arkham Asylum’s main gate, he’s suddenly approached by his Supervisor (voiced by Keith Szarabajka) who scolds him for taking way longer than necessary to finish this simple task.  Vincent says that he has to do this objective in just the right way and that he’s an artist, but his boss gets fed up with the excuses and fires him.  Omata then hears an internal voice asking him “How many jobs has been now, Vincent?” before he takes his leave.

Vincent Omata-Sad Talks With The Bartender!
Professor-You're A Failure, Vincent!
Vincent Omata-This Is Embarrassing!

Later, he arrives at Noonan’s Bar as the bartender talks to him about a tragic turn-of-events where a guy named Pedro arrived at his job before suddenly getting sick and then just dropped over dead, leaving behind a wife and children.  Just then, Vincent notices a familiar figure from his past who tells him that unlike Pedro, his life amounted to nothing past hopelessly “chasing dreams they’re always just always beyond your reach”.  Omata yells at the guy claiming that he “doesn’t know anything” about him, to which the bartender asks whom he’s talking to.  With the man not actually there, Vincent excuses himself to use the restroom.

Just as he’s about to enter, he sees a fiery-looking tentacle reaching out from beneath the door that quickly slithers back in.  He gets briefly shocked by it before he sits down to ease his mind with a cigarette.  As he lights one up, he’s met upon by a young woman who warn him about the fatal risk of smoking.  When he says that “it’s the least of my problems”, she asks him if he’s having a bad day before he’s stunned by the sight of her beauty.  Unbeknownst to him, this is the titular Death (voiced by Go Go Tomago & Blink herself, Jamie Chung).  Fortunately for Omata, he responds by saying that he was recently fired from a gig at Arkham Asylum, seeing it as a blessing in disguise since it now gives him more time to work on his art.  After Death picks up that he’s a “struggling artist”, he mentions how she’s somehow familiar to him and asks if she could volunteer herself into letting him paint her portrait.  Suddenly, a fiery female demon boasts how this is a thinly-veiled excuse for sex, to which he denies the claim.  However, Death didn’t hear the devious pretext and asks him what he’s talking about.  With him unable to explain himself, she gives him her top hat and begins to head out.  She tells him that she’ll see him “around” before taking her leave with a transparent man, as Vincent is met upon by his personal demons.

Professor-Your Not An Artist, Vincent!
Vincent Omata-Dejected!
Personal Demons-I'm With You Now, Vincent!

We then have a quick flashback where a Professor (voiced by Reinhardt himself, Darin De Paul) chastises Vincent’s artistic effort in front of his classmates, even saying that he’s not even good enough to get a passing grade and that he should abandon this endeavor in favor of a “practical” occupation like dentistry.  As Omata takes his leave, it’s soon made crystal-clear that the professor had become one of Vincent’s personal demons.

Personal Demons-Your A Penniless Loser, Vincent!
Vincent Omata-Family Confrontation!
Vincent Omata-You Never Understood Me, Dad!

Back in the present, Omata wearily walks back to his rundown apartment.  After reaching his work station, he’s soon approached by another inner demon who taunts him for not being financially sound and that it’s not too late to give up on his artistic career.  From there, we immediately flashback to his dad yelling at him to go back to school before Vincent talks back by calling him “a miserable failure who hates his life”, as well as his own family.  Back in the present, Omata tells this representation of his father that he never appreciated him, to which the personal demon counters by saying that it’s nothing more than an excuse to blame others for his short-comings.

Afterwards, Vincent is met upon by his lone female demon who tells him that he’s been far worse with women as opposed to art.  From there, we flashback to a failed romance as a woman named Charlotte (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) is leaving him after spending the last six years of her life supporting him both “emotionally” and “financially”.  After explaining that she’s unwilling to see him “wreak” himself, he snaps and angrily tells her to never come back once he finally becomes a successful artist.  She then says that she misses the man that he once was before taking her leave.  After shifting back into the present, Omata sits on his couch with a lit cigarette in hand before dozing off, surrounded by his personal demons.

After a quick moment where he dreams about his artistically innocent past…

…Vincent wakes up due to the nearby sound of a vicious crash.  As he looks out his window, he sees the familiar sight of Death who’s with a pair of people who tell her that she “can’t do this”.  However, she tells them that they no longer “have a choice in the matter”.  From there, Omata yells out to the two individuals to stop bugging her and leave before he contacts the cops.  By the time he heads down to confront them, he only finds Death standing there as an ambulance passes by and arrives at the scene of a car crash where it’s soon revealed that the two people were actually the newly-deceased victims.  When she asks him if he called the police, Omata says that he hasn’t since he doesn’t even have a phone.  Just as he’s about to head back to his apartment, she recognizes him from their previous encounter and asks to come inside in order to see his artwork, to which he accepts.

Shortly afterwards, they head into his apartment as Death looks over his unfinished pieces.  While Vincent’s inner demons continue to taunt him, she recognizes “an inner gift” that he’s projecting.  However, they’re lacking an “essential spark” as she asks him if he’s possibly lost as he grew up.  Omata explains that he spent several hours of his childhood drawing away on his bedroom floor and that all time from the outside world simply froze to him as he developed his own creativity.  He then says that he wasn’t “a pick-up line” when he initially tried to ask her into painting her portrait.  Despite the personal demons’ attempt to emotionally bring him down, he manages to say that he sees a certain “beauty with an incredible sadness beneath” within her and that she’s “so young, but somehow so very old”.  As he says that he’s been waiting his entire life for this moment, she says that it would be “an honor” to pose for him.

Vincent Omata-Let My Greatest Project Begin!
Personal Demons-Looming Large!
Vincent Omata-Conquering My Past!

After she takes a seat, Vincent takes his position at his easel.  With his personal demons looming large over him, he proceeds to draw out the initial details.  Despite the fiery representations of his antagonistic past continuing to mock him, Omata isn’t phased by their hurtful words as he soldiers on and renders the fine details of his project.  By the time that he shifts over to his paints, he’s regained his self-confidence and causes the inner demons to dissipate for good.


DC Showcase: Death

2019 film

DC Showcase: Death is an American animated short superhero film directed by Sam Liu, written by J.M. DeMatteis and produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment based on the eponymous character created by Neil Gaiman and Mike Dringenberg.[1] The short was included as part of the home media release of Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. The artwork for the Portrait of Death, as well as several sketch drawings seen during the end credits, were done by comic book artist Jae Lee.


The story tells of Vincent Omata, a man living in Gotham City, told in flashbacks.

As a boy, Vincent loves to draw lying on his bedroom floor for hours at a time. Ignoring his father's criticisms, Vincent enrolls in the fine arts program at Gotham University as an adult. There, his professor deems him not talented enough to succeed and cruelly suggests a career in dentistry instead. Over time, Vincent's fruitless toil as a struggling artist causes the deterioration of his relationship, ending in his girlfriend Charlotte walking out on him after six years.

The short finds Vincent painting the front gates at Arkham Asylum, where he is fired in short order for his slow pace of work and defiant attitude. He seeks solace in a bar, but is tormented by ghosts of his past in the form of fiery demons: his father, his art professor, Charlotte, and now his former boss at Arkham. At the bar, Vincent encounters a pale woman in black clothes and gothic makeup. Immediately enamoured with her, Vincent expresses a desire to paint her portrait, but the woman explains she has to go and exits the bar to the sounds of police sirens.

Vincent staggers home to a decrepit apartment. He shoots up on the couch and falls into a deep sleep, only waking to the sound of a crash.Vincent looks out his window to find the same goth woman being yelled at by two strangers. Vincent defends her from the window, but when he goes outside to help, he finds her all alone, the two people revealed to the viewers as the victims of the recent car crash. The woman offers to see Vincent's work, and he brings her up to his apartment.

Inside, Vincent is shy about all his unfinished canvases, and his demons ridicule him. The woman remarks that he's gifted, but notes that there is a spark missing from his work that he may have had long ago. Vincent explains about his childhood spent on his bedroom floor drawing, and how it felt like time stopped when he was creating. He again mentions painting her portrait, explaining that he sees something special in her. She graciously agrees to pose for him. As Vincent prepares to paint, the demons tirelessly try to distract him but he ignores them. While he paints, the demons begin to die, burning out one by one. When he is finished, Vincent is amazed with his work until he realizes that it is still evening and time has stopped.

It is revealed that the mysterious woman is Death and that Vincent died from an overdose of heroine on his couch hours ago. Distraught, Vincent posits that at least this portrait will be a worthwhile thing to leave behind. However, when time unpauses, ash from the cigarette in Vincent's corpse's hand falls onto some loose papers and sets his apartment on fire. He attempts to save the painting, but his ghostly body is unable to touch it. Vincent begs Death to stop this, but Death remarks that the end of his story was written in the book of Destiny long before he was born. As the apartment burns, Vincent asks her to save the painting as his last wish. Morphing into the boy he once was when he was drawing, he thanks her and Death leads him by hand to the afterlife. Later, after Gotham City Fire Department puts out the fire and Vincent's charred body is carried away, firefighters are surprised to find everything destroyed but the portrait.



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Titans Casts Vincent Kartheiser as the Scarecrow

Fan News

Titans Casts Vincent Kartheiser as the Scarecrow

By Tim BeedleWednesday, April 28th, 2021

It’s time to face your fears, Titansfans.

While the plot of Titans’ third season remains as well guarded as Titans Tower, we do know that it will see Dick Grayson and his team of young heroes make their way to Gotham City where they’ll tangle with one of Batman’s most terrifying foes—the Scarecrow.

While the character was first announced last year at DC FanDome, we now know the actor who will be bringing him to life. Titans revealed today that Mad Men actor Vincent Kartheiser would take on the role of Dr. Jonathan Crane, who will start the season as an inmate at Arkham Asylum.

While the Scarecrow has appeared often in animation and video games, he’s really only been brought to life twice before in live action—in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and on TV’s Gotham. The character does, however, seem to be experiencing something of a renaissance right now. Scarecrow’s fear toxin has played a key role this season on Batwoman (though the character himself has not appeared) and he’s currently the primary villain in the ongoing Batman comic. While we don’t yet know how Titans’ take on Jonathan Crane will compare to some of these others, considering the HBO Max series isn’t afraid of getting dark, it’s not hard to imagine the show’s version being our most frightening live action Scarecrow to date.

Scarecrow will mark Kartheiser’s first role as a comic book character, though the actor has a long career in film and TV that includes noteworthy roles in genre favorites like Angel, The OA and Das Boot. He’s best known, however, for playing Mad Men’s ambitious young advertising agent, Pete Campbell—a role he embodied for seven seasons to much acclaim.

Jonathan Crane is one of several well-known super-villains who will appear in Titans’ third season, and it’s currently unclear how the various villains will intersect or which, if any, will prove to be the season’s main adversary. Along with Kartheiser’s Scarecrow, season three will also see the return (after a brief season 2 cameo) of Damaris Lewis’ Blackfire and Curran Walters’ debut as Red Hood.

That's all we know as this point, Titans fans, but keep dropping by or visit our official Titans series page for all the latest news on the show. Also, be sure to drop by the DC Community to let us know your thoughts on Titans' newest baddie. Are you ready to see Kartheiser bring the fear?


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